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You may want to know exactly what LH-ART is. For the last 15 years we have been anything and everything to do with MUSCULAR FEMALE AGGRESSION and STRENGTH FEATS in the illustrated (drawn) media. We are super-strong GIANTESSES growing bigger right before your eyes. Savage, sexy CAT FIGHTERS tumbling over and over in a heated battle for dominance. Dangerous, muscle-packing women and heroic JUNGLE GALS. Girls and women stronger-than-their-boyfriends showing them that they can defeat them and bring them in line in fabulous MIXED-WRESTLING. Once little housewifes working out at the gym and then DOMINATING their now out-classed husbands. Fantastically muscled FEMALE DOMINATRIXS and the many men and women they master completely. Anything your fevered mind can conjure up related to these subjects we are or can be. We are also a vast FIFTY plus year collection of clippings and photos and rare video of women with strength from the CIRCUS BIG TOPS to MUSCLE BEACH. Early female physical culture clubs and PRO and AMATEUR WOMAN WRESTLERS.

Welcome to LH Art

IF any or all of these concepts intrigue you and you are an ADULT (18 years of age or older), continue on and see and learn more about how to obtain our publications for yourself or order Custom Art and Stories of your own personal Female strength fantasies!

There's a good selection of LH Art books available via Diana the Valkyrie's Shopping Mall

Here's the latest LH Art flyers, just being mailed out in the middle of November, 1997.

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Can't wait and want to order our fully illustrated 50 plus page main catalog right now? Then send $5.00 ($10.00 for people outside of the North American continent and local islands) and your name and full mailing address and we'll send you one via AIR MAIL/PRIORITY MAIL (We can even Fedex it to you if you want. See information on the cost of that service on the ORDERING PAGE). Our address is

P.O. BOX 129
Lawai, HI 96765-0129

You can phone or fax us at (and pay with your MASTERCARD, VISA or AMEX) at this number:
(808) 332-9802
Email us at lhart@aloha.net

Visit the web site.


We can offer you Custom Artwork. The way this works is that first you send in your request for original Custom Artwork. You should include the idea for your image, and if you have them include any rough drawings or samples for reference for our artist to work from. If you want one or more of your characters to look like someone remember to send in a picture or clipping of them as well.

YOU MUST ALSO PAY FOR AT LEAST ONE SAMPLE PAGE IN ADVANCE. The prices start at $50.00 per page and go up from there. If you think this is rather expensive, others offering similar services have their rates start at $100.00 per page! Current artist who are available to take on these request are: LH, BILL QUICK, LOSARRO, and LEE BURKS, GEORGE D. RAND and DAVID C. MATTHEWS to a limited extent.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not draw any pornographic type of request. It's all right if you want nudity and a little straight or slightly bent sexual action, but we will not do anything overtly sexually demented or excessively violent. It also takes our artist a good two to three months to produce artwork and stories that equal or surpass the length of most of our published stories (20 to 24 pages on average). Simple sketchescan get finished fairly quickly (2 to 3 weeks), but our artist are spread out all over the world, and it takes a little while to get all the logistics worked out.

On the following pages are examples of the artist available to do Custom Art.

When you decide who you would like to draw and/or write your fantasy, send us a story or detailed description of what you want and any sample drawings or photo references you have. If you want your drawing(s) on standard letter sized (8.5 x 11")paper add $50.00 for the price of a sample page (or your drawing if one is all you are ordering). If you want the drawing to resemble someone, or to be in full color, or to be on larger sized paper, or to involve subjects you are not sure we would want to draw or not, write first with your details and we'll give you a price-quote for a single page or your whole story if you've got an idea how many pages you want. Also if you are thinking of publishing your Custom Art request yourself or by another those print rights will have to be negotiated as well. So if we've managed to confuse you enough already just write or call for further explanations. Thank you and enjoy

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