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Hello, I am UncleSL.

I have written stories for LH-ART, Special Interests, and Competitive Enterprises. I found that I have a knack at working with artists, and that it is great fun seeing my stories in illustrated form. Diana the Valkyrie has set up this website for me in order to showcase the artists I am actively associated with.

Each artist shown here is available for custom work. As I travel a lot, I request you email the artist directly, and CC me at

Rates for custom work vary depending on what you want. We have been doing some portrait work of female bodybuilders, illustrated stories, and requests where folk want "that special someone" drawn into a story or picture.

Boxing, wrestling, catfighting or just posing ...

You name it, Uncle can find an artist to do it.

Uncle SL (who you might have known under the name Uncle Sleezy, but now he's gone respectable), has started up an Artists Agency. I've made an Uncle SL web site and the artists he's representing have already started to get commissions. If you want some artwork done for a project, or just for your own enjoyment, you can see examples of the work of about a dozen artists, and you can commission them to do art to your preferences. Contact the artist directly (I put the email addresses in the Galleries, or write to Uncle SL.

And if you're an artist, it means that you no longer have to starve in your attic. You can get actual money for doing what you enjoy doing anyway. Maybe not enough to retire on, but the fact that people are willing to pay for something you made, gives you a very warm appreciated feeling. People rarely thank artists for giving their work for free. Contact if you want Uncle to represent you.

If you're a story author, and especially if you write about a particular character or characters, you might enjoy seeing your character coming to life with the artist's pencil. Plus, if you like, maybe we can try to sell the illustrated books in the Mall to other members.

Here's a list of Uncle's artists, and each one has a Gallery on the web site, so you can go see examples of what they do.

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