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Tina Small video clips

Tina Small needs no introduction to BE afficionados. Her beautiful face, lovely long golden hair, and amazing body have captivated everyone who has seen her. Sadly, Tina is no longer active, and what exists of her now, is all that ever will exist. There are various rumours about where she is and what she is now doing, but whatever it is, she's entitled to her privacy, and we shan't intrude on her life today.

There is very little material from the time when she was an active model. You can see much of that in the Tina Small Galleries, because most of what exists is still photographs, and low quality at that.

But Tina has also been captured on video. This is very difficult to find, but the intrepid Ladybumps explorers have combed the globe, as it were, and come up with some video of Tina that you might like to see.

Like the stills, some of it is rather poor quality. Some of it was shot with a domestic camcorder, under conditions of poor light. Other sections of video have been artistically intercut, superposed, cropped and colour-altered. There's nothing that can be done about that now, except to regret what might have been. I could have decided to leave out the poorer quality material, but I can almost hear the agonised screams of "gimme, gimme" if I did that. Some of it is Tina's face, or Tina's legs. Should I leave that out? I don't think so!

The big conundrum, the great controversy; was she real or was she fake? For sure it's easier to fake a still than to fake video. But video can still be faked; these clips show, for example, how to fake someone riding a bicycle. But the key question, was Tina faked? Watch the video, you'll have to decide for yourself. Watch Tina as she bicycles, dances, boxes, spins, bounces, and moves around.

I do the digitisations in the best quality possible; what you see here, is as good as the tapes, as good as it's going to be. Files tend to be three to four megabytes, for downloading convenience. So here you have it: Tina on video.

DescriptionTypeWidth Heightmin:secfpsSoundKBDate
Tina Small, part 1 mpg35228800:3030Yes 361518/05/1998
Tina Small, part 2 mpg35228800:2130Yes 260025/05/1998
Tina Small, part 3 mpg35228800:3030Yes 361401/06/1998
Tina Small, part 4 mpg35228800:3030Yes 361908/06/1998
Tina Small, part 5 mpg35228800:3030Yes 361415/06/1998
Tina Small, part 6 mpg35228800:3030Yes 361422/06/1998
Tina Small, part 7 mpg35228800:3630Yes 439129/06/1998
Tina Small, part 8 mpg35228800:0930Yes 120406/07/1998
Tina Small, part 9 mpg35228800:3030Yes 361413/07/1998
Tina Small, part 10 mpg35228800:3030Yes 374020/07/1998
Tina Small, part 11 mpg35228800:3030Yes 361427/07/1998
Tina Small, part 12 mpg35228800:3030Yes 361403/08/1998
Tina Small, part 13 mpg35228800:3030Yes 361410/08/1998
Tina Small, part 14 mpg35228800:3030Yes 361417/08/1998
Tina Small, part 15 mpg35228800:3030Yes 361424/08/1998
Tina Small, part 16 mpg35228800:2430Yes 293531/08/1998
Tina Small, part 17 mpg35228800:1130Yes 143107/09/1998
Tina Small, part 18 mpg35228800:1930Yes 239514/09/1998
Tina Small, part 19 mpg35228800:1930Yes 397621/09/1998
Tina Small, part 20 mpg35228800:3030Yes 361428/09/1998
Tina Small, part 21 mpg35228800:3030Yes 361505/10/1998
Tina Small, part 22 mpg35228800:3030Yes 361412/10/1998
Tina Small, part 23 mpg35228800:3030Yes 361419/10/1998
Tina Small, part 24 mpg35228800:3030Yes 361426/10/1998
Tina Small, part 25 mpg35228800:3030Yes 361502/11/1998
Tina Small, part 26 mpg35228800:3030Yes 361409/11/1998
Tina Small, part 27 mpg35228800:3030Yes 361416/11/1998
Tina Small, part 28 mpg35228800:3030Yes 361423/11/1998
Tina Small, part 29 mpg35228800:3030Yes 361430/11/1998
Tina Small, part 30 mpg35228800:3030Yes 361407/12/1998
Tina Small, part 31 mpg35228800:3030Yes 361414/12/1998
Tina Small, part 32 mpg35228800:3030Yes 361421/12/1998
Tina Small, part 33 mpg35228800:3030Yes 361428/12/1998
Tina Small, part 34 mpg35228800:3030Yes 361504/01/1999
Tina Small, part 35 mpg35228800:3030Yes 361511/01/1999
Tina Small, part 36 mpg35228800:3030Yes 361518/01/1999
Tina Small, part 37 mpg35228800:3030Yes 361425/01/1999
Tina Small, part 38 mpg35228800:3030Yes 361501/02/1999
Tina Small, part 39 mpg35228800:3030Yes 361408/02/1999
Tina Small, part 40 mpg35228800:3030Yes 361515/02/1999
Tina Small, part 41 mpg35228800:3030Yes 361422/02/1999
Tina Small, part 42 mpg35228800:2530Yes 301227/02/1999
Tina Small, part 43 mpg38428807:4725Yes 7020513/08/2002
Tina Small, part 44 mpg38428804:1425Yes 3811713/09/2002
Tina Small, part 45 mpg38428810:3325Yes 9513213/10/2002
Tina Small, part 46 mpg38428815:2825Yes 13958913/11/2002

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