A Fantasy
Richard O Steele

Copyright 2004 © Richard O Steele. All rights reserved


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Al, Editor of Research & Development magazine, devoted countless productive hours to editing this work. Over the years Al has become as much a collaborator, wise counselor, and friend as an editor. He has offered countless plot suggestions that have kept the story line on track. Not that I accepted all of Al's suggestions but when I encounter a change in the text for which one of Al's ideas was the midwife, I invariably conclude, "Yep ... Al was sure right on that one!" Thanks to Al's high literary standards, limitless patience, and unflagging encouragement, it is a fact that Much More Than A Handful is a better edited and proofread work than most mainstream novels. Of course, readers should credit Al for the good stuff and blame me for the rest. I'd dub Al the Maxwell Perkins of adult fiction but why limit him in that way? For me, he's the reincarnation of Maxwell Perkins ... period!


Jeff was absolutely and hopelessly dizzy with lust. The hapless young man was so incredibly hot and bothered that his stomach was actually starting to feel queasy. That was certainly a first! God! The seventeen year-old high school senior had never been this sexually aroused before in his life! Just never! His straining, throbbing cock was getting so stiff he wouldn't have been a bit surprised to see his throbbing, swollen peckerhead burst right through the heavy denim material of his Lee jeans like a rocket lifting off from Cape Kennedy, the newly minted name for what until recently had been called Cape Canaveral. He was in sheer agony! Delicious agony, of course! The poor fellow was teetering on the brink of creaming in his jeans. Jeff had never been this revved up ever! Never!
    Not that the cause of this discomfort was much of a mystery. Jeff had always been a tit man but he had never seen a matched pair of humongous whoppers like this! Impossible! The super-melons at which he was staring were so massive! Yet so unbelievably shapely and firm, too! And because absolute killer legs and a stunning, almost impossibly beautiful face were also part of the package, well ... it was a wonder he hadn't already coated his underwear with generous sheets of sticky jism. As it was his jaw had dropped nearly to floor level. This was simply unbelievable!
    Jeff could tell that his eyes were actually bugging out in shock and amazement. He was breathing hard. He was trying not to stare but ... Wow! He was so fantastically aroused, in fact, that he felt like letting out a shriek of sexual agony. He knew his reactions were extreme but so was the provocation. This girl was truly that fabulous!


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