Part Two

"Wanna come up for a Coke?"
"Oh, yeah, baby, you know I do!"

Jeff's reveries lasted the couple of blocks from the school parking lot entrance to the corner of Dempster and Potter. While stopped for a red light, he looked over at Angelica. She had gotten off her knees after licking Jeff's ear and slid over to the right. She had moved so far in that direction that she was sitting sideways, with her back leaning against the passenger door.
    As he examined Angelica's huge bosom, Jeff could see the well-defined outline of her oversized bra through her tight yellow sweater. It was so huge.
    Angelica's body looked as if it had turned to jelly. Her legs were widely spread. She had extended her left leg across the seat in Jeff's direction. Her right leg was arranged so that her right foot was tucked up into her crotch. This meant that her right knee had flopped down almost below the level of the seat cushion. The sight, as Jeff discovered while sneaking a peek, was very arousing!

God! Look at the way her skirt is hiked all the way up to ... there! Wow! If Angelica's right foot wasn't tucked into her crotch, I could see her panties! Again!

    Angelica seemed oblivious to the performance she was putting on. She had a lackluster, preoccupied look on her stunningly beautiful face. She frankly looked as if she were in some sort of sexual stupor.

Angelica is so ... limp! Like a rag doll. I can see right up her skirt; she's just lettin' it all hang out! I remember body language like that on some of my old after-Pam girls. It was usually just before we went in their houses to fuck. Do you suppose ...?

    "Where to, Ms Gonzales?" Jeff brightly enquired.
    "I live east of the high school ... um ... up around Dempster and Greenwood? On Carol Street? That's a block south of Dempster. An apartment complex. Go down Dempster to Western. Hang a right and then a left on Carol. We live at 1422."
    Jeff did as she had instructed. Angelica sat in silence. She was closely examining Jeff's handsome face as if for clues to what was going to happen next. On a normal date — especially a first date — this sudden silent scrutiny would have boded ill for the rest of the engagement. This particular silence felt so comfortable, though, that Jeff knew — intuitively but certainly — that everything was still just fine between them. Ill-defined, to be sure, but fine.

I think I actually want to invite Jeff up to the apartment. God! The first day we met? I've never done anything like that before. I just want to be with him so much! But it's just got to be for some talk. Well ... maybe a little hugging and kissing, too. Nothing more, though! We just can't let things get out of hand! But I just wanna be with him ... so much!

    Jeff soon pulled up in front of 1422 Carol Street. "Here it is, baby."
    Angelica sat up, slid her fabulous butt along the seat till she was close to Jeff, and looked up wide-eyed at her new friend. She reached over, took hold of his right hand with both of hers, and gave it a couple of loving squeezes. She paused for a moment. She was thinking, thinking hard. Trying to decide! Finally, she said, "Jeff, wanna come up for a Coke?" She was still holding onto Jeff's hand with one hand but had graduated to stroking the inside of his wrist and even running her hand up his jacket sleeve in order to rub his forearm with the fingers of the other hand.
    Are you kidding? Jeff had no doubts. None. Non. Nein. Nada. "Oh, yeah, baby, I'd love to! you know I would!"

Cool it, Jeff. Don't sound too eager! You'll scare the poor girl to death!

    Angelica paused again before speaking. "Honey, I've been thinking about that invitation the whole way home from school. I keep wondering if it's a good idea seeing that we've just met today. Heck, we've only known each other for a few hours! I kept saying, yes, no, yes, no, yes, no, to myself. Then I switched to good idea, bad idea, good idea, bad idea." The stunning Latina girl pulled a face. "I can't even remember where I ended up. It was like pulling the petals off the daisy only forgetting what the last petal told me to do."
    "I know, baby, I know," Jeff murmured.
    "Well, I've finally settled on yes, it's a good idea. Tentatively, though. Very tentatively. Jeff, I only think it's a good idea if you realize how easily it could become a really bad idea. Does that make any sense?"

Yeah, it makes perfect sense. What you're saying, beautiful girl, is that it's a good idea if we hug and kiss for a little while but a totally bad idea if we end up in bed fucking. That probably puts playing with your giant tits somewhere in the doubtful or we'll see category. But yeah, I can live with that, 'cause the more time I spend with you the more I realize that I'm not in this for instant gratification. I think I just might be in for a long haul with you, baby!

    "It makes perfect sense," Jeff replied after a moment's reflection. "How can I put this? I'd love to come up for a Coke and if I do I won't do anything that would make you regret the invitation. How's that?"
    Angelica's face was brightened by what Jeff was discovering was one of her patented dazzling smiles. They were so brilliant, so blinding, they seemed to light up the sky. Jeff had already discovered they were guaranteed to make his blood fizz. "That's just the answer I was looking for. You're such a great guy, Jeff." The overdeveloped beauty leaned in to plant a soft kiss on Jeff's cheek. The thrilling pressure of her massive bosom against his arm made Jeff look forward to the visit to the apartment with even more rampant desire.
    The shockingly buxom Latina teenager then settled back into her seat. She adopted a brisk, businesslike expression. "There are some logistics to run through, though. Is there a phone booth handy, honey?"
    "Sure is — a couple of blocks away. The Shell station at Dempster and Greenwood," Jeff assured her. "They have a phone booth."
    "Great! You could call me from there to see if it's okay for you to come on up. I really do think my parents are at work but you never know ... what if they're not? Mama said to call her when I get home. It's late; they could be getting worried already. How 'bout, I run upstairs and call 'em. Then, you can wait, say, ten minutes and call me from the pay phone? I'll know by then if it's okay for you to come upstairs."
    Angelica rummaged around for a bit and finally fished a scrap of paper from her purse — it happened to be the hall pass she used to go from class to the Deans' Office — and scribbled on the back. "Here's my telephone number," she said. "I hope you want it," she added mischievously, "but maybe not ... after all, you didn't ask me for it at school when we met."
    Jeff turned a little red. "Aw, honey, I was just so flustered I forgot."
    "You're forgiven," Angelica grinned. "Now, I'll run up and check things out. Then, you can give me a call."
    "Sounds like a plan," Jeff agreed. "Tell you what. As soon as you head upstairs I'll head for the gas station. First, I'm going to call home to tell my mom I'll be a little late. Then, I'll call you."
    Angelica smiled in return. "Sound's great! I'll be waiting for your call, sweetheart."

Jeff drove to the gas station and pulled up beside the phone booth. He went inside the station and induced the gas jockey to change a dollar bill into ten dimes. Those pay phones were junk; it paid to have extra dimes in your pocket just in case. He used the first of them to call home.
    "Hi, Mom, this is Jeff. Hey, I forgot but I have a paper due tomorrow ... For Mr Koehler, Mom. It's supposed to be on an article by some professor named Holt from the University of Virginia on the causes of the Civil War. I've read the article but totally forgot the paper was due tomorrow ... Yes, I know; it's not very responsible of me but I can still get it done. I'll just have to spend the evening at the library writing the darn thing ... No, you don't need to bring me my portable typewriter; I can use one of the library's in the typing room ... No, Mom, I'll just run across the street to Piper's ice cream parlor and get a hamburger and a malt if I get hungry ... No later than ten or so, Mom; that's when the library closes ... Love you too, Mom."

Man! These concerned moms are too much. And mine's the worst! Anyway, she seems to have bought it. This gives me until ten, if I should get so lucky as to need all that time. Fortunately, the paper I told her about is a real assignment; it's just that I've already finished it. If Mom and Dad are curious I can produce it for their inspection. As the wise man said, the best lies to pull on parents are the ones that are mostly true!

    Jeff checked his watch. It had been almost ten minutes to the second since he dropped Angelica off. A second dime went into the slot. With a trembling index finger Jeff dialed her number. The sound of the first ring sent thrills coursing through his body. God, please let it be Angelica who answers! And, God, while you're at it, let the news be good — please?"
    "Gonzales residence."
    Thank God! It was Angelica! But was she alone?
    "Hi, Angelica. It's Jeff. How are things on the home front?"
    "Great! Mama and Daddy are definitely at work. I just talked to Mama and she said they wouldn't be home until really late. 1:30, at the earliest. They told me to do my homework and to order a pizza for dinner."
    "Do you ... um ... have to baby sit any brothers 'n sisters?"

God, what a bald, stupid thing was that to say! My runaway mouth again! It's like asking, "Are we going to be alone so we can do some more huggin' 'n kissin' 'n stuff? She already told me her parents were at work. Heck, I don't even know if she has any sibs. Why couldn't I just leave it at that?"

    There was a slight pause as Angelica sighed. Unhappily. "Nope, no brothers and sisters around here to take care of, Jeff", she announced in a flat tone. "I'm an only child. It's just me 'n my parents."

What kind of a question was that? If Jeff was trying to be sly, he just failed. Utterly. How creepy! Why couldn't he just be straightforward? God! Jeff could just have answered that question himself when he walked into the apartment and saw we were alone. It sounds like, "If I come up, are we going to be able to make out 'n junk?" Well, the answer is yes, Jeff, we are ... or were ... gag! Or could he have meant, "If there're going to be a bunch of brothers and sisters running around, maybe I'll check you later?" Double gag! No, that doesn't sound like the Jeff I'm getting to know, either. I think he just has a tendency to blurt things out once in a while before putting his brain in gear. Running off at the mouth syndrome. We're gonna have to work on that....

    "Oh, that's great!" Jeff responded a little nervously. "I was ... um ... you know ... just wondering, is all. Idle curiosity? Just wanting to know everything about you, you know, about your family 'n all?"
    "Right," Angelica crisply responded, her voice heavily limned with doubt.

Triple gag! Oh, Jeff, I can't imagine a weaker excuse for a question like that! Frankly, it makes me wonder if this is a bad idea. Still, I did invite him and it's probably too late to rescind the invitation. If I want to keep workin' on the relationship, that is. Plus, I don't want to call it off 'cause I'm so awfully hot for the guy. It's just that ... these occasional creepy interludes give me second thoughts. But I think it's too late to turn back now even if I wanted to! So here goes!

    Angelica took a deep breath. "Anyway ... my parents didn't tell me I couldn't have any guests, so.... Would you still like to come on up for that Coke, Jeff?"
    "You bet I still would!"
    "It's Apartment 2-H. You can park in one of the visitors' spots in the back lot. We're the second apartment on the left at the top of the stairs. That's everything except...."
    "Except what?"

Except I'm gonna forget about that dumb brother or sister question and pretend I never heard it! Somehow, I just don't think that's the real Jeff. Better not be, anyway!

    "Except I can't wait to see you, honey!" she gushed.

Whew! I think I've survived that stupid brother 'n sister question! Know what? I've really put my foot in my mouth today. And not just once, either! I think the problem is that I'm dishin' up lines for Angelica like the ones I used on my slutty Pam replacements. Well, Angelica is not a Pam replacement. She's the real deal! The most gorgeous 'n wonderful girl I've ever met. I just gotta stop mouthin' off as if she were Helen Wilson or Wendy Waterman, one of those recreational chicks I bedded down after my breakups with Pam. Jeff, my man, you're about to spend some time with the girl of your dreams! Maybe lots 'n lots of time. Unless you blow it, that is! So let's work on keepin' a lid on it, fella!

Jeff walked up the back stairs of the building. As he put his car keys into his pocket, he realized he had jammed the scrap of paper with Angelica's phone number into the same pocket. He took it out to give it a better home.

I should really keep this in my wallet so I don't lose the number. What's this? ... she wrote the number on the back of a hall pass ... let's see ... why that little vixen! This hall pass is from room 226 down to the Deans' Office. She was asking me how to get back to the very room she had started out from! She knew where it was all the time but just used it as an excuse to meet me. Wow! That's okay, though, 'cause it's nice to know when a girl's really interested in you! Gives you, like, sort of a tactical advantage.

    In spite of the lift to his confidence from his discovery of Angelica's little room 226 ruse, Jeff's legs were still shaking badly as he knocked on the door to Apartment 2-H. He was so ready to spend a whole lot of quality time with Angelica. The anticipation was so ... overwhelming! He checked his watch; it was 4:30. There was going to be plenty of time to get acquainted. Yet he was so nervous! Funny how a totally confident cunthound's self-assurance could suddenly drain away when a girl who looked like Angelica, and with whom he seemed to be so compatible, suddenly came bounding into his life.

Jeez! I've never been this nervous around a girl before. Ever! Especially not with one of my post-Pam honeys. But even though I'm really, really nervous, I have this sense that things are going to go really, really well. I also have this feeling that I'm on the threshold of a very important new stage of my life. That I've met someone who's gonna be really, really important in my life. What a weird combination of feelings! Plus, when you get right down to it, I'm so turned on by Angelica I can't see straight!

After a short pause during which Angelica was probably looking through the peephole to make sure it really was Jeff who had been knocking, the door swung open about a third of the way. Jeff slipped sideways though the gap and closed the door behind him. He could see that Angelica had moved back a few steps into the living room after opening the door. She was looking at him with smoldering eyes. Well, that made two of them!

Oh, man! Look at those tits! They hang down ... forever! This is just unbelievable!

    "Hi," Angelica said in a small, very shy voice. The couple were experiencing one of those weird moments at the beginning of a relationship when a briefly established, mutual comfortableness and ease suddenly revert to bashfulness on account of a short separation; they simply lack the reservoir of familiarity from which to draw in order to pick up exactly where they had left off. Instead, they have to backtrack for a few moments to regain the lost ground their separation had created. Jeff was willing to bet they would slip back into their earlier comfortable familiarity in no time at all.
    "Hi, yourself," Jeff responded with a timid grin.
    "This place is such a mess!" Angelica complained. "I was just about to clean off the sofa so we could have a place to sit down." The Latina beauty had walked over to the couch and begun to toss newspapers, magazines, and like debris on the coffee table in front of it.
    As Angelica bent down to clear off the mess, Jeff's eyes bulged out of their sockets. He could not believe how low her tits were hanging. Even though the massive globes were captured inside her tight sweater, they still dangled way, way down. He knew he really should not be staring yet he could not will his eyes to look elsewhere. Man!

Wow! When she leans over, her tits nearly scrape the couch cushions. They're so big! Amazing! I've never seen tits hang that low before. Wow! They weren't hangin' that low at school or in the car, were they? And look at those thighs too. They're so luscious! Her skirt's so short that when she bends over I can see everything! Oh, man!

    Once the pile of reading material had been redistributed to the coffee table, Angelica began to straighten up. Her gorgeous face bore the slightest tint of embarrassment; she knew full well that Jeff had been hungrily examining her fabulous body while she had been cleaning up. The stricken look on his face loudly broadcast the certainty he had become absolutely unhinged by her almost shocking facial beauty and impossibly curvy and voluptuous body.

Ain't I the incorrigible one! I can't believe I put off clearing the couch so I could let Jeff get a good look at how low and free my tits hang without a bra! I bet he's never in his life seen a pair of hangers like these! Am I a naughty girl or what!

    Well, Angelica was certainly far from surprised by the effect of her bosom on Jeff; after all, she had been experiencing similar reactions since she was ten years old! She was proud of her face and figure but getting lasciviously stripped to the bone by nearly every male eye she encountered could be a bother sometimes. The difference now was that she wanted to be stared at. She wanted Jeff to be knocked for a loop by her fabulous physical assets. She wanted ... well, she'd worry later about what else she wanted. From the staggered look on his face, her wishes — all her wishes — had been granted.
    In fact, they had been more than granted! Once Angelica was standing upright, she took a few steps toward her visitor. She immediately noticed that the sight of her fabulously huge bosom had made Jeff's jaw literally drop!

Man! I think I'm going to faint! I just answered my own question. Her tits are hanging much lower than they were at school. Definitely! Wow! Look at how they wobble and float while she walks. This is too much! They're quivering and bouncing a whole lot more. She must have taken off her bra! Man! I can see her nipples. They're sticking out through the sweater like ... like ... hat pegs! Wow!

    If Angelica had intended to keep some sort of a behavioral lid on this visit, she was certainly not going about it in the right way. The frenzied look on Jeff's sex-stricken face made her stop in her tracks. The way this guy was lusting after her goodies would have been scary if it hadn't been so welcome.
    Perhaps involuntarily, the buxom teenager began to feed the fire. Just as in the Deans' Office, Angelica began to arch her back and thrust her massive breasts in Jeff's direction. There was no doubt about it — the overdeveloped Latina was definitely signaling with her gigantic bosom. Angelica seemed to be saying, "Come on over and take a gander at these giant whoppers, big guy!" Her lips were slightly parted. As Jeff continued to stare, she actually licked her thick, luscious lips. She was staring back at him with an equal intensity. Man!

Jesus H Christ. I can't believe those goddamn tits! They're just so huge! Even though they're wobbling and galloping inside her sweater, they're still so firm! They're at least the size of honeydew melons. Maybe as big as small watermelons. Whatever! Enough with the analogies already. They're just unbelievably huge no matter what fruity label gets hung on them.
God! I guess I only just took that bra off in time! I can't believe these tits of mine, they feel enormous today! They must be hanging down miles and miles. From the look on Jeff's face I'd say there's no doubt about it! It's a good thing I put this tight sweater back on or they'd be down to who knows where!
No doubt about it — they are definitely bigger than they looked at school. I wonder if that's what happens when you don't have a bra on. Maybe! They're swelling out beyond the sides of her body more than at school — that's for sure! And I'm sure they're bulging out a lot more in the front, too. Angelica's tits are even huger than I had realized. Oh, man!
Wow! I only took a couple of slow paces and they're wobbling all over the room! I must look like a total disgrace! At least, I hope I do!
Whatever! What really matters is that I've just got to get my hands on 'em. Soon, if not today! I wonder why she took her bra off? 'Cause it was too tight? Maybe although the way her tits wobbled at school it couldn't have been too tight. What if it was so I could have better access to her tits? Wow! Maybe! It could mean that tit play is on the menu. Oh, man, I think I'm going to collapse right here on the spot!
I need to be in his arms again, but I can't walk over to him with my tits as wobbly as this! He's going to have to come to me.

The couple had been silently staring at each other for what seemed like hours! Their minds were racing. Their raging feelings about each other were so overwhelming that the two of them just needed time to stand and silently process these data. There would then be plenty of time to do something about those feelings.
    Angelica sensuously and suggestively licked her lips one more time. Then the giant-breasted teenager broke the silence. She spoke in a tiny little voice. It was no more than a whisper. "Hey, Jeff, are you going to come in and stay awhile or what? How come you're just standing by the door? Don't be a stranger! Close the door! Come on over and say hello! I've been missing you a lot already, honey."

God! What am I saying? Look at all my good intentions going right down the drain! As we speak! Didn't I promise myself there'd be nothing more than a Coke, some talk, and a kiss or two? Get a grip, girl! Who am I kidding? That was then ... this is now! I feel so weak, so buzzy! All I want Jeff to do right now is to come on over, take me in his arms, and start hugging and kissing me nonstop! Nothing else matters! Hmmm ... maybe having him pressed up real tight against my bosom is what I want, too. They feel so awfully big now. Jamming them up against Jeff's muscley chest would be so exciting! So arousing!

    Jeff smiled. He clicked the door shut. Before beginning the thrilling journey to the center of the living room, however, the handsome teenager paused to take advantage of the distance between them to drink in the wonders of the stunning Latina beauty one more time. From top to bottom, that is. The experience made Jeff lightly shake his head in wonderment. The truth is that Angelica was such an astonishing physical specimen that Jeff had to keep mentally pinching himself to convince himself that, yes, she was real! Really!

Wow! She is so incredibly gorgeous! This amazing girl is certainly the most beautiful girl I've ever seen. In my life! And I mean in person, in pictures, or in movies. She might actually be the most beautiful girl on earth, for God's sake! And that's not just my horniness showing. That's for real! A fact! Before seeing Angelica in the flesh I don't think I could even have imagined that such beauty was possible. She's just impossibly gorgeous!

    And these thoughts spoke only to Angelica's assets above the neck! When you threw in her beyond-fabulous body, it was clear that she was one in a billion. At least! She had curves that Jeff was sure an anatomy course book would declare physically impossible. Above all, the text would flatly declare unfeasible the mixture of Angelica's slim, trim body and amazingly overdeveloped breasts. And if you threw in her twelve year old-looking face — wow! — then we're talking totally and utterly impossible! Shit! The human body just doesn't come in models like that. Except the books were wrong. The proof was standing right in front of Jeff. And the proof was about to be put to a hands-on test, or so he hoped. Wow!
    Jeff was a very self-assured lad but he would never have considered the possibility that, as fabulous he considered Angelica's good looks to be, she was thinking identical thoughts about his appearance. It simply would never have occurred to Jeff to wonder if he was the most handsome and desirable fellow Angelica had ever seen. But he was. He had simply blown her away. In truth, each was the other's sex fantasy.
    But not only that; each was finding the other to be absolutely kind and gentle and loving and honest. Each was rapidly becoming the object of the other's love fantasy as well!
    Jeff raggedly sighed as he contemplated Angelica's outrageous beauty and voluptuousness. In English class today, Mr Ford had quoted some modern cynic as saying that love is "an agreement on the part of two people to overestimate each other." As he hungrily devoured Angelica with his still-disbelieving eyes, he realized that this was certainly not the case with the shockingly buxom Latina beauty. Her fabulous qualities were impossible to overestimate. He was suddenly struck by the thought that even if he and Angelica were together for years, a thrill would still course through his body every time she walked into a room. Overestimate Angelica! Not likely! Giving the drop-dead gorgeous girl her just due would be a more likely problem.
    By the same token, Angelica would have agreed with Jeff's take on the quotation. She would have expressed the view that it was impossible to overvalue Jeff's qualities. He really was the most handsome and built guy she had ever seen.
    Yet his personal qualities seemed to outstrip even his physical attributes. He was just perfect! Well, a little full of himself sometimes but she could take care of that! Maybe she already had! A little run-off-at-the mouth too but that could also be dealt with. Or lived with. Maybe just a little devious, too? But when Jeff gained faith in their relationship — she was already assuming that there was going to be a relationship — she was sure that tendency would disappear. She hoped so, anyway. The young girl already had her Improve Jeff mental checklist at the ready. But she was sure — well, she hoped! — it was not going to get any longer.
    These small character defects were mere trifles. The important thing was that in the big items Jeff's character was just sterling. Angelica could just tell it was. She just knew! He was so good and kind! And honest — at least in the big things; she didn't mark off his little demonstration of deviousness from the total. If all that weren't enough, she was quickly finding herself so gone over Jeff that being even being in the same room with him made her head hurt. His absolute hunkiness had simply knocked her for a loop. How amazing that on her very first day in a new school she would bump into a guy who had it all. A guy who might actually be The One.

Jeff is such a hunk! I'm starting to get dizzy again just from lookin' at him. To think I thought Eddie was the biggest stud on Earth! Sure, he was awfully good-looking 'n all but Jeff's in a different league. Hell ... a different universe! And when we move into character issues.... They're not what's makin' my head hurt but they're still awfully, awfully important. Most important of all in the end! And Jeff's miles ahead on that score, too!

And so the two ultra-randy teenagers stood there, stock still, just staring at each other. Their hungry eyes were avidly drinking in, no, positively devouring the most desirable sexual object each had ever seen. At the same time, each could feel the presence of lots of very tender feelings as well. The more they stared, in other words, the more likely it was becoming that some extremely tender love and hot sex was in the offing. The very near offing. There could be no doubt that the resulting mixture of frenzied physical attraction and developing emotional attachment would be positively... volcanic!
    Jeff was breathing very heavily. Angelica must have been doing the same because even though she was standing stock still, Jeff could see that her massive bosom was lightly quivering and jiggling. Jeff shook his head once again to break out of this sensual trance. It was time to get this show on the road. He started to walk the ten steps or so that separated him from the fabulous Latina beauty. It was plainly time to start touching and experiencing. As he reached the young girl, he tenderly put his hands on her shoulders and looked down into her large, welcoming green eyes.
    The two started lightly but hungrily racing their hands up and down their arms and shoulders. This preliminary touching was so erotic, so expectant. It promised so much. The two sex-stunned teenagers were so ready to touch, to kiss, to caress ... and who knows what else! The air in the apartment was almost sticky with the prospect of their upcoming sensual and emotional union. Angelica's eyes were closed, her mouth slack, her lips parted. Jeff placed a gentle, momentary but infinitely loving kiss on her shapely, voluptuous lips. He then pulled back and stared unblinkingly at the young beauty with utter adoration! He was falling in love so deeply ... so quickly!
    "Can't you do better than that, honey?" Angelica whispered in a tiny, eager voice. Her partially open mouth had plainly been eager for a more serious kiss than that.
    "I sure can, sweetheart. Just watch."

Jeff leaned back down and gave Angelica a kiss that was in its inception as soft and gentle as its predecessor. This time, though, he did not pull back but began lightly but sensuously to slide his generous lips against hers. He could feel Angelica moving her body strongly against his as the intensity of their kiss increased. Waves of electric sensuality began arcing between their mouths ... their bodies. This kiss was going places!

Wow! how is it even possible for us to kiss standing up? I mean, there's such a huge wall of tit meat separating us! Can we actually get close enough to do some really serious kissing?

    They could. Angelica seemed well aware of the difficulties her massive bust could pose in a torrid embrace. In a second, she had risen up on her tiptoes and absolutely welded her fabulous body up against Jeff's. The sex-struck young fellow could feel her enormous breasts flattening out as the overdeveloped young beauty jammed her fabulous body harder and harder against his. Angelica's lack of a bra was helping things happen!
    Their bodies were so jammed together as nearly to be one. Angelica had wrapped her arms around Jeff and was running her hands though his hair. Jeff's arms were around her as well; he was passionately rubbing the young girl's back.

Wow! There sure is no bra strap this time! Angelica did take off her bra. I sure hope that's an invitation to grab a little tit later on. I've got to play this very, very carefully but so far all the signs seem to say "go." It really looks as if I might get my hands and mouth all over those giant whoppers! Sooner rather than later! Oh, Angelica!

    In response to this passionate embrace, the young Latina's mouth began to open more widely. Jeff's did so as well. Angelica did not settle for merely parted lips, however. Less than a second later her mouth had sagged completely open. Jeff's followed suit. Nary a second after that, Angelica's long, wet tongue had plunged into Jeff's welcoming mouth. As her tongue sensually wiggled and wagged inside his mouth, Angelica had begun to slide and even to grind her thick, voluptuous lips against Jeff's. The hot young teenagers were now wildly and passionately French kissing.
    As before, saliva was running out of their utterly wide-open mouths and down their cheeks and necks. The overly randy teenagers had started softly to moan. Wet sucking, slobbering noises had begun to resound throughout the living room. Jeff and Angelica were simply devouring each other's faces! They had picked up where they had left off in the school parking lot. From the intensity of the kiss, it seemed certain they intended to go on from there! And to think this was only the second full-scale kiss of their relationship. Jeff hated to think what their kisses might be like once they got really well acquainted!
    As the all-consuming soul kiss went on and on, Jeff found his right hand sliding farther and farther down Angelica's back. Almost without realizing how it had happened, he suddenly found his hand resting lightly on her rump. Then, almost as a reflex, Jeff began to rub and squeeze Angelica's luscious ass.

Wow! I can't believe I'm actually working out on her ass! I didn't even know this girl four hours ago and now I'm squeezing her ass cheeks? They're so trim, so firm! Yet they're so soft and giving at the same time. I've never seen or felt a rump like this. It's got to have more curves per square inch than any butt on earth! What a fabulous build this girl has! Wherever you look! Tits, butt, thighs, legs — you name it. It's all perfect! Angelica's got a monopoly on curves.

    Angelica reacted to this assault on her ass by grinding her pelvis even harder into Jeff's groin. Clearly, Jeff had not crossed any boundaries by caressing her rump. The buxom Latina beauty might have some limits in mind for this wild make-out session, but clearly feeling up her ass — at least through her skirt — was not on the forbidden list. Message sent and received!

Well, we certainly crossed that line in no time flat! Jeff's hands are so big, so strong ... yet so gentle and loving. I should have said, "no, dear," but it feels so awfully good! God! I love having my butt squeezed so much! Especially by a guy I'm really fallin' for!

    The young teenage beauty was actually preoccupied by another issue. She had noticed that the lump in Jeff's pants against which she was passionately grinding was awfully large. On account of the way they were kissing and all, the guy figured to have a serious hard-on but this lump was way beyond anything she had ever felt before during a hug and a kiss with other guys. It seemed to be in a different league altogether. Just what sort of equipment did this guy carry around with him, anyway? Angelica smiled to herself. Maybe Jeff was going to turn out to be just perfect in every way!
    Angelica's short skirt had ridden up so high on account of Jeff's rubbing and caressing that he soon found his hand under her skirt. He was now rubbing and squeezing her fabulous ass cheeks through the thin medium of her silken panties. They were made of some slick material against which Jeff's hand, which was now squeezing Angelica's buttocks with an almost maniacal fervor, erotically slipped and slid.

Whoops! So much for that boundary too! They seem to be falling like dominoes! At least Jeff's still rubbing my butt though my panties. Well ... he's gettin' a little bare skin, I suppose, but it's mostly still cloth. How long will that last, though. Answer this question, girl? Do you even care any more?

    And so the kiss went on and on and on. Angelica's mouth was now utterly and totally slack. She was moaning and groaning with growing lust and unabashed delight. Jeff reached down with his left hand and began to squeeze her other ass cheek. The sex-crazed fellow was now giving Angelica's ass a two-handed workout. He knew that any second now he was going to slip his hands inside her panties. The prospect of feeling those impossibly shapely globes of firm flesh with his bare hands was making his cock even harder. Angelica was such a hot bitch! Such a piece of ass! Such a turn-on!

Oh, man ... I'm just gettin' out of control! Jeff is, too! Got to stop ... just for a second, anyway. Plus, my legs are getting so sore 'n shaky from all this standin' on my tiptoes to reach my mouth up to Jeff's.

It may have been Angelica's sense that Jeff's hands were about to plunge inside her panties, and that this act would traverse some unspoken limit which she intended to enforce. On the other hand, she might simply have gotten tired of standing on her tiptoes and passionately hugging and kissing for some fifteen strenuous if thrilling minutes. In any case, the Latina beauty broke the kiss and dropped down into a flat-footed stance. She continued to stand very close to her new boyfriend — her huge breasts were still strongly flattened up against his trunk — but clearly it was time to break lip suction for a time.
    "Some kiss," she whispered. "Wow!" The gorgeous young kid then leaned back and smiled. "Our second kiss! Can you believe it?"
    "No, I can't ... except when I look at you and see how beautiful and wonderful you are, then I can. Honey, you are so great!" Jeff responded.
     Angelica smiled. "You're the great one, Jeff. I can't believe how fast I'm falling for you. Or that I'm admitting it out loud! It's happening so fast!"
    "Same for me, baby," Jeff whispered in reply. "What's the phrase? Head over heels? That's what's happening for me, for sure. Already, it's like we've been going together for years!"
    Angelica smiled. "Exactly, Jeff. Exactly."
    The overdeveloped teenager then stepped back and took hold of Jeff's hands. "Thirsty? Should we have that Coke I promised?"

Uh-oh! I think she thinks we need a break to keep things from getting out of hand — so to speak! Actually, I was about to stick my hands inside her panties. A short cooling off period might be in order, if it makes her comfortable. I think I might chug-a-lug that Coke, though!

    "Sure," Jeff whispered back. "Can I help?"
    "Nope, you go over to the couch and sit down. The kitchen's a shambles 'cause we're still moving in." She chuckled. "I know you well enough for a kiss but not well enough to let you see how messy our kitchen is." Angelica giggled. "Go sit down! And that's an order, Jeff!"
    One glance at the living room provided strong evidence that the family had just moved into the apartment. A long couch covered with an uncommonly ugly slip cover bearing a Southwestern motif, a coffee table, and a big screen TV constituted the full complement of its furnishings. Dozens of boxes and crates were piled along the walls waiting to be opened and emptied. The only decoration to have been placed on the wall to date was a large picture of our Lady of Guadalupe. At least, Jeff thought, there was plenty of space to sit on the couch and talk ... or whatever!
    Angelica soon emerged from the kitchen with two cans of Coke. Even the couple of minutes during which she had been out of his sight had somehow made Jeff forget just how gorgeous this girl truly was. It was as if Angelica's beauty was so far beyond the norm even for beautiful girls that a guy could doubt the reality of what he had seen only seconds before. That is, unless his eyes were continually drinking in her beauty and thus continuously revalidating his data, a fellow's mental image of Angelica could simply fade away. Even in a couple of minutes! Her gorgeousness, in other words, was simply too extreme for a guy's consciousness to retain. That probably explained the thrilling shock of recognition Jeff felt when the improbably beautiful girl returned from the kitchen with the drinks.

God! I had forgotten just how beautiful she truly is! How could I have forgotten in so short of time. Maybe because her looks are just so ... impossibly fabulous!

    Jeff noticed that Angelica's skirt, so very short to start with, was still hiked up on account of his wandering hands. It now barely covered her pussy. What a turn-on!

Oh, man! Her skirt is still hiked up. I can see the top of her thighs — they're so luscious! I can actually see her panties, too. Wow! Angelica sure is letting it all hang out!
From the look on his face, Jeff is really enjoying the show. I really should have pulled my skirt back down but, shoot, I know he's going to hike it right back up after we start hugging and kissing on the couch. I guess that's why I pulled it up even farther! I'm such a shameless hussy! Now, take a deep breath, and....

    The sight of her monstrous tits stretching out her tight, yellow sweater was making Jeff's breathing a little labored. If anything, it seemed as if her colossal whoppers were actually a little bigger than when he had first entered the apartment. Did that make any sense? In any case, what a sight they were! Not the mention the way they strongly jiggled and quivered in response to her every step. What an unbelievable pair.
    As the impossibly buxom kid approached the couch, Jeff could see that her overly packed sweater was emphatically punctuated by her very stiff nipples. Jeff knew that girls' nipples got very erect when they got excited — just like a guy's cock got hard. Jeff knew his hard-on was about to blow out his zipper. It looked as if Angelica's nipples might do the same to the woolen fabric of her sweater. Jeff had certainly noticed her nipples before but now they were longer and stiffer than ever. They were two totally aroused people, Jeff realized anew.
    "Most of our dishes are still packed away, so I skipped the glasses and ice. Is that okay?" the overripe teenager asked.
    "No problem," Jeff responded.
    Angelica handed Jeff a Coke can and sat down beside him. On top of him was more like it! Her already hiked-up skirt was now basically bunched up around her waist! Her slick, translucent pink panties were in full view. He could actually see the pronounced outline of the muff between her legs. It looked very full and dark. On top of that Jeff could see a huge, spreading wet patch between her legs; it was making the material almost transparent.
    Angelica must be as hot as he was. Yet she seemed nonchalant and unconcerned about the straight-on beaver shot she was offering. This was another sign, Jeff decided, that things might be about to get a whole lot hotter still.

What a minute! Pink panties? She was wearing black panties when I was peeking up her skirt going up the stairs back at school! I noticed 'em, too, when she dipped down to pick up her junk off the floor in the Deans' Office. In the car, too. What on earth...? God! Of course! I've been leaking pre-cum into my drawers ever since we started getting friendly at her locker. I bet she got hers wet as well. So wet she had to change 'em as soon as she got home! Wow! What a turn-on! Plus, when I look closely I can see that this new pair is already wet, too! And not just wet but soaked! What a double turn-on!

    This discovery came as no surprise to Angelica. She knew she had been shamelessly offering up beaver shots from the very start. She was not about to stop now.

I know he saw my panties at school! Once by mistake in the Deans' Office and once by no mistake at all on the stairs! Then I made absolutely sure he saw them in the car! I could have grabbed another black pair when I threw those sopping wet ones in the hamper, but what the hell! I wonder if he's noticed? Pink ones get beautifully transparent when they're wet — the way they are now. They're so wet I can smell 'em from here! I'm sure Jeff can too! Oh, baby, I'm getting so hot 'n bothered! So open! Know what? If I didn't have such a thick thatch of pubic hair I bet Jeff could look right up my vagina. How's that for open! Oh, Jeff!

    "Did I remember to thank you for the ride home?" Angelica asked in a small, tiny voice.

As if! What a slutty question to ask? Have I no shame?

    "I think you already did," Jeff replied. "Back when I walked into the apartment."
    The overdeveloped Latina got a look that mixed seriousness and mirth. "No, that kiss was a general, all-purpose kiss that expressed in general terms how gone I am over you, baby. Nothing more. But nothing less, either. So here's your specific thank you very much for the ride home kiss." With that, Angelica leaned over and gave Jeff a tender kiss on the cheek. She leaned back and smiled. Both knew that this almost chaste kiss was but the most tiny of appetizers for the lip-lock that was about to take place.
    The couple sat and sipped their Cokes. Angelica was so stunningly beautiful that it was all Jeff could do to keep from groaning out loud with lust and desire at the very thrill of her proximity. He had tried to check out the whole of her luscious thighs after she sat down but once again it was no go; the view was too obscured by the shapely mass of tit meat resting in her lap for that purpose. Angelica was so big!

For the most part, the new friends simply sat and stared at each other. They certainly liked what they saw. Jeff especially liked the way Angelica's tight sweater and scanty skirt showcased her fabulous body. "I really like your outfit, baby," Jeff remarked. "It's so becoming."
    Angelica seemed vaguely rattled by this comment. She even got a bit flushed.
    "What's wrong, honey? Did I say the wrong thing?"
    "No, no. It's just that...."
    "Just what, sweetheart?"
    "Well, back at school I didn't quite tell you the exact truth, Jeff. Not the whole truth, anyway."
    "How so?"
    "Well, do you remember asking if I had been down at Dean Iliff's office getting my schedule set 'n junk and I answered yes?"
    "Well, that's not quite true. Not completely, anyway. I sort of rearranged the time line, that is. You see, I did go down to see Dean Iliff about all that stuff but that was when I got to school this morning."
    "So what were you down there for this afternoon?"
    Angelica was now positively blushing. "Well, Mrs Aegerter, my American History teacher, sent me down there 'cause ... 'cause she said my skirt was too short? She actually wanted the office to send me home to change! Or maybe send me to detention for the rest of the day. I just couldn't believe it! Getting sent down to the office on my very first day in a new school...."
    Jeff exploded in sympathy. "Mrs Aegerter! I had her for American History last year. She's the one teacher in four years at Maine East I couldn't get along with. I had a 99 average in her class and she gave me a B+. Said I wasn't 'an A-person'. Whatever that means! Are you kidding me? She's just one rotten old witch!"
    Jeff was really getting warmed up. "Honey," he added, "your skirt's not too short at all." Jeff paused. "I mean, it is short, I guess, but lots of girls wear short skirts. It's the style these days. And with legs like yours, anything longer would be a crime." The young man paused. He was having trouble articulating his thoughts in any sort of coherent fashion. "'Course," he blurted, "I guess it really is the shortest skirt I've ever seen 'cept maybe on American Bandstand? ... er ... no, that's not what I mean. What I really mean is, it's short all right but very becoming."

"Shortest skirt I've ever seen?" Well, that tears it! No doubt about it, then — my skirt really is slutty. I appreciate Jeff's trying to rationalize all that for me but even he can't get around it. Not really. I love the way he tried to scramble back from the brink but there's no doubt about it, girl — you need some new clothes — and right away, too! 'Course, there's no law that says I can't wear my existing wardrobe for Jeff in private. Or at parties away from school 'n stuff. I love the idea of showin' off my body for him! Hmm ... actually, I think I'd even like the idea of other people seein' me puttin' it all out for Jeff just so long as they know the show wasn't for them!

    Angelica smiled, albeit a little wanly. "Thanks for the support, honey, but Dean Iliff had me stand up for inspection and she told me that my skirt definitely was shorter than the Maine East dress code permitted. By about three or four inches, in fact. She said she certainly wasn't going to send me home on my first day at a new school, though. I could hardly be blamed for breaking a rule I didn't know existed. She didn't even bring up detention. She just said to go back to class but to wear something a few inches longer tomorrow."
    "End of problem?" Jeff ventured.
    Angelica giggled. "Well, kind of! You see, the skirt I have on was sort of middle of the road back at Bowie High School. Some of the girls wear even shorter skirts. They're really too short to believe! I've got some like that. Truth is, I wore my longest skirt 'cause I wanted, you know, to be on the modest side for my first day at a new school? I think I might have an old skirt in the bottom of my dresser that will fit Dean Iliff's specifications for tomorrow. Maybe even Mrs Aegerter's!'
    Angelica then chortled. "You should have seen the look on the old witch's face when I walked back into class wearin' the same skirt. She looked like she'd sucked on a lemon. The old bat wouldn't even look at me for the rest of the period. I loved it! 'Course, tomorrow will have to be different. Maybe I can borrow one of Mama's skirts, 'cept hers are awfully short, too."

Wow! So her mother wears short skirts too! Her mother must really be something! I mean, Angelica is more than fabulous enough for any guy but, still, it's going to be verrry interesting to see what her mama looks like. Like mother like daughter, maybe? Her mother sounds like a real hot number to me!

    The young beauty smiled a little wanly. "I'm sure we can work something out just for tomorrow. Then Mama and I can go shopping this weekend and I'll be legal ever after." The giant-titted girl sighed. "It's no fun getting busted for wearing so-called revealing clothes," she concluded. "It's like they're telling you you're a slut or something."

I know she's no slut but... but the skirt is awfully short. No gettin' around that! Plus, they way she's been showing off her goodies 'n huggin' 'n kissin' 'n stuff on the first day we met could seem a little slutty, too. If you didn't know better, that is. Except I can just tell that she's not like that at all. Not really! It's just that we're hitting it off so well. That's all. I'm sure that's all there is to it! Heck, I'd be willing to bet she's never done anything like this before with anyone!

    "Honey," Jeff solemnly pronounced, "with your looks 'n figure 'n all, anything this side of a barrel is going to be revealing!"
    "Thanks, sweetheart," Angelica smiled in return. "You really are so sweet, so loyal, and so supportive. Thanks for just being you!" With that statement, the Latina beauty put down her barely touched drink and swiveled her overly voluptuous trunk toward her new boyfriend. She gently ran the palms of her hands up and down his chest. Jeff placed his drink on the coffee table next to hers. It seemed as if this conversation was over! Communication of a more tactile nature was about to resume!

Angelica leaned heavily into her new boyfriend. Jeff could feel her monstrously huge tits once again flattening like giant pancakes against his chest. His cock instantly returned to its fully locked and upright position!
    It certainly looked as if a new kiss was about to begin. Angelica, though, had a bit more to say before any lip locking resumed. "Do I dress like a slut, baby?" she asked in a whisper. "Tell the truth, now."

Man! What kind of a question is that! I guess you could say her outfit is a little slutty. Actually! After all, she wears the shortest skirt I've ever seen at Maine East. And 'cause her sweater is super tight, the sight of her gigantic tits packed inside the sweater is almost unbelievably erotic. On the other hand, she says the skirt's an average length at her old high school, so to dress like a slut there, you'd have to wear much shorter skirts than this. Since this is her first day at Maine East, she really should be judged by the standards of her old school, not her new one. Plus, even though the sweater's tight, her tits are so gigantic that anything she wore up top would be fantastically arousing. What's more, she's wearing a high-neck sweater. If it were low cut or something or showed lots of cleavage that might be a different story. But there's no cleavage showing at all. Actually, her sweater is just like the ones all the girls around here wear. It's just that it's packed so full of tit. When I think about it, her tits must be twice the size of my most stacked slut girlfriend from the past. At least! So, what does that all add up to? Simple: Angelica doesn't dress like a slut! Not at all! Well, not really!

    Jeff had managed to think all this through in less than a second. He plunged right into his answer; too much of a pause, he well knew, could be fatal. "Of course not, baby. You're wearing the kind of stuff you wore at Bowie. At Bowie you were middle of the road. Until you find out how things go at Maine East, the Bowie standard's the one that counts. Plus, you're a smart, sweet, high-principled girl. You are absolutely the farthest thing from a slut I could imagine."
    Angelica leaned in and lightly kissed Jeff on the lips. "Thanks, baby. That makes me feel better." Then she paused in thought for a moment. "Up to a point, that is. Things are moving so fast with us, though, Jeff. I wonder. Am I acting like a slut?"
    Jeff did not need to rehearse this answer! "Oh, honey, no. No! Absolutely not. Just no!"
    "We're getting awfully friendly awfully fast, though," Angelica responded with great seriousness. "Sounds kinda slutty to me!" she grinned.

What's going on here? I thought she's really worried she's acting slutty and wanted me to convince her she's not. God! But now she's acting as if she wants me to say she's actin' slutty. This girl is so hard to figure out! But the truth is, she's not acting slutty. Not really! And that's the bottom line! At least I think so!

    "Listen, baby. You gotta look at what's goin' on here. The second we laid eyes on each other, we went bonkers."
    "Like love at first sight?"
    "Maybe ... well, really strong, absolutely total infatuation, anyway."

I think I'm makin' some really good progress at being totally honest. If Helen Wilson or Wendy Waterman had suggested love at first sight, I would have agreed instantly. Anything to smooth the path into bed! But with Angelica I want to be honest ... not overstate what's happening between us! But not understate it either ... 'cause there are some really, really strong feelings being developed here. No doubt about that! I think callin' it really strong, absolutely total infatuation is right on the money.

    "Hmmm ... that's kind of complicated," Angelica observed. "Frankly, I like the sound of 'love at first sight' better." The buxom teenager thought for a moment and then grinned. "Okay, have it your way — whatever it was it was sure strong and it was sure sudden. I'll settle for that."
    "Let's put it this way, honey. Have you ever gotten involved like this with somebody the first day you met 'em?"
    "Never. Well, not like this, anyway. No way!"

What a relief! This isn't something she does with other guys. It's just us! It's like lightning striking. But striking twice. Her and me. What are the odds on that? One in a billion?

    "Me, either!" Jeff added.

Lie, lie, lie! I can think of three girls I fucked the first day we met. All après-Pam cunts. But it was just like scratching an itch. I never felt about them like I'm totally starting to feel about Angelica. So I'm telling the truth on some level. The important level, that is! At least, I've never gotten physically and emotionally involved with a girl in this way on the first day we met. So if I'm lying, it's only a little white lie.

    "So," Jeff continued, "you're saying you've never gotten involved with a guy so fast before?"

She's telling the truth. I can just tell she is!

    "Well, then you're not a slut. You just don't fit the definition."
    Angelica grinned. "QED!" The incredibly buxom beauty then smiled wickedly. "And that's that, right, Jeff?" The overdeveloped Latina looked up with an expression of mock devotion on her face, and gushed. "Oh, Jeff, my hero — you're so ... logical!"
    Jeff certainly knew he was being put on this time. "Well, it is logical," he grumped. "You're just not a slut and that's that!" Jeff had taken Introduction to Philosophy in the fall semester; it included a weeklong section on Aristotelian logic. Jeff prided himself on his ability to be mercilessly, syllogistically, logical. His skills in this area were nothing to joke about! Still less to be mocked!
    Angelica leaned her fabulous body into Jeff and softly kissed him on the lips. "Hey, hey, hey! Don't get testy! But you are missing the main point."
    "Which is?"
    "Which is, I don't want to be a slut. Not really! Not in the usual sense of the word. But, I do want to act slutty. Sort of, anyway. But only with you! What I mean is, I want to be your slut. But nobody else's. Can you understand that?"

Wow! We're getting in really deep waters here. I think if I can successfully paddle to shore, though, I'm gonna become one very lucky young man!

    "Honey," Jeff ventured, "if you act slutty with me but not with anyone else, then you're not being slutty 'cause a slut is someone who acts that way with everyone! Or with lots of people, anyway. Or at least indiscriminately."
    Angelica smiled tolerantly. "You old logician, you! Well, sweetie, I think you got about two-thirds of the point. That's enough of an introduction to woman-think for today anyway, 'cause right now I want to start acting slutty with you! Remember?"
    "I sure do," Jeff replied. This was, of course, a bald-faced lie but the young man had no interest in pressing the point. His interests at the moment were decidedly less didactic!
    "Precious," Angelica moaned, as she slammed her fabulously voluptuous body up against Jeff. Then, with her eyes closed and her hot, expectant mouth wide-open, she moved against her man to begin what she hoped would be the most passionate kiss of her life. And his, too!

God! Maybe there's hope for Jeff after all. Hmmm ... I really should stop being a bitch, though. All I want to do is kiss this guy. Not bust his balls. Just kiss him, and kiss him, and kiss him.

Within seconds, Jeff and Angelica were wildly and even frantically French kissing. This kiss involved no preliminaries, no build-up. Instead, the young lovers' wide-open mouths had just slammed into each other! These besotted kids were totally out of control with frenzied desire!
    The Latina beauty's lip gloss-slick lips were so soft, so cushioned! Of course, all trace of the lip-gloss was long gone on account of the passion with which the young kids had been kissing. The couple's lips were slipping and sliding against each other with almost debilitating force and ardor. Their faces were so slippery with saliva that their hot lip mashing was rendered effortless. Yet they were grinding their mouths against each other with such force that, after a bit, Jeff could sense a slight loss of feeling in his lips. He was sure his lips were becoming puffy and swollen. And so what? These kids were just impossibly hot for each other!
    The threat of wearing out his lips was not a factor to consider, for Jeff was on a mission. His hot, wet tongue had been passionately making an extended play for his sweetheart's tonsils ever since their lips had first met. As the face-consuming kiss went on and on, the lust-frantic teenagers felt as if sizzling jots of electricity were arcing between their passionately engaged lips and mouths. Drool was just pouring out of their mouths!
    The couple's hands were wildly yet cautiously engaged. They were wildly and mutually rubbing and caressing their arms, their backs, their hair, their heads, and their legs. Jeff had even begun to caress Angelica's unbelievably soft and shapely thighs. As they kissed and kissed, he torridly ran his hot right hand up and down the outside of Angelica's killer left thigh.
    Even though their kissing was frankly out of control, the teenagers were still honoring some implicit limits. Jeff, for example, was ardently rubbing Angelica's thigh but he stopped short of the point where her panties began. He quite deliberately did not caress the even softer inside flesh of her thighs. That was a direct route to her pussy, and it was not, he felt, yet time to go for the gold. He was finding it increasingly difficult to control himself, though, because Angelica was swiftly becoming the girl of his dreams.
    Still less, Jeff was sure, was it time to start grabbing tit. He was more certain than ever that the extraordinarily endowed young girl was very wary of guys who went right for her bosom soon after they had started making out. No, Jeff was going to give these two most fantastic of Angelica's erogenous zones a wide berth — at least for the present. He would wait for some sort of signal from her before he placed his hand on these colossal mounds of flesh. So far, that signal had not been sounded. But when it was ... oh, man, was he ready! And was she going to be in for it! Her tits were gonna be in trouble!
    Angelica was showing similar caution. She was rubbing and caressing Jeff everywhere. Almost everywhere. Everywhere, that is, but in one place. During their hugging, especially during their frontal embraces, the Latina beauty had already felt a lump of almost impossible dimensions down in Jeff's groin area. She was sure that someday — maybe someday soon — she was going to examine and then experience that distended lump in all its majestic, oversized glory.
    Today just could not be that day, however; this was something Angelica had decided on the ride home from school to be an absolute given. They just could not play with their genitals today. As a result, Jeff's groin had become a forbidden zone to which the otherwise passionately engaged girl would not go. Not today, anyway. It was hard for her, too, for Jeff was turning out to be absolutely The One! They had met only hours before, yet Angelica could sense herself falling more deeply in love by the second. Jeff was just so fabulous! Any thought of limits was becoming so ... problematic!
    Even with the best of intentions, ardent but cautious young lovers can find it exceedingly difficult to stick to the Plan. This is especially true when they are simultaneously falling head over heels in love. As their kissing became progressively more torrid, Jeff found it difficult to pull back each time his hand stroked Angelica's soft, impossibly shapely thigh. At length, his hand crept higher and higher. Soon, it was under her skirt and was kneading her panty-clad buttocks.
    Jeff already been there, done that, of course. This time, though, he found his trembling fingers positively creeping inside the leg holes of her panties. His fingers excitingly explored the few inches of her bare rump that such access allowed.
    It did not take long, in fact, for Jeff to move things along even faster ... and farther! He removed his thrusting fingers from inside her leg hole and resumed caressing the whole of Angelica's astonishingly curvaceous but still panty-clad butt with the flat of his hand. Very soon thereafter, his fingers slipped inside the waistband of her panties. In less than a second, his entire hand was inside that garment. In an instant, Jeff was frantically kneading and squeezing Angelica's bare ass cheeks. First with one hand and, less than a minute later, with both.

Oh, God! I can't believe Jeff's fondling my bare bottom! Or that I'm letting him do it! There's another rule out the window! How long have we known each other? Who cares? It feels so great! I bet I couldn't even stop him if he started touching me between my legs! I bet I wouldn't want to stop! Besides, then I'd have an excuse to rub that big lump in his pants. Actually, I want to do that right now anyway. But I just can't! Can I? Oh, Jeff! What's happening to us?

    These succulent half melons were so soft, so curved, and so luscious. The ecstasy he was feeling as he wildly kneaded the young beauty's bare rump served to increase the intensity of Jeff's kissing. The frantic young man was now moaning as his frenzied tongue wildly mouth-fucked his new sweetheart.
    Angelica was not at all sure that allowing her bare rump to be fondled and squeezed in this way was a good idea. Before the couple had even gone out on a first date, yet. In fact, she knew it was a very dangerous idea. And you know what? She didn't care! It felt so wonderful! Should she ask Jeff to take his hands out of her panties? Could she? Not when their presence felt as glorious as this. And especially not when what she really wanted was to up the ante even more!
    The gorgeous Latina teenager knew the couple were rapidly approaching the dreaded slippery slope. Hell, they might be helplessly tumbling down the steep incline of sexual frenzy already. She knew this much for certain — the unimaginable thrills she was feeling on account of Jeff's wild kissing and frenzied ass kneading made calling things to a halt, well, simply not an option at this point in time. Not any more!

God! What I really, really want him to do is to stop messin' around. I'd really, really like him to put his hand right between my legs. Inside the front of my panties, even! He's takin' it sort of slow and I appreciate that. I certainly can't ask him to touch me like that. Not on the first day we met during our first make-out session. But I still want it so much....
My hand is shakin' so bad! Man, do I want to stroke her cunt. But I can't ... I just can't! Not today, anyway! That could blow the whole deal. She'd be shocked! Pissed off, probably. Patience, Jeff. Keep yourself under control! All in good time, lad, all in good time.

Angelica was getting exceedingly, almost frantically aroused. Her right hand had unconsciously moved up to her massive left breast. She had begun to softly caress that oversized mound of yielding flesh. Her tits were in such a bad way! Whenever she got really, really aroused, Angelica's outsized bosom badly needed lots of serious fondling. When she was completely 'round the bend — like now — her stiffened nipples demanded lots of rubbing and mashing. Her colossal bosom was in such need of loving attention right now that the overdeveloped Latina thought she was going to start screaming any second! Had she ever been this hot before in her life?

Uh! ... uh! ... uh! My tits are starting to ache! They need to be squeezed, fondled ... mashed! I'm getting so impossibly hot! Oh, Jeff ... lover! What are you doing to me? Whatever it is, do it some more. Jeff, grab my tits, please!

    Angelica knew in her heart that having allowed things to get this incredibly hot and heavy, she was either going to have to kick Jeff out of the apartment right this minute, or allow things to become considerably more torrid. Carnal, even! Her decision? It wasn't even a close call. Anyone with the most rudimentary knowledge of teenage hormones knows the answer to that one!

Angelica gently broke the utter lip-lock into which the young kids were welded. Jeff could hear a wet sound signaling the end of the suction between their hot, fused mouths. The new lovers looked at each other with heavy-lidded incomprehension. Neither could believe how involved they had gotten. And how fast!
    The shockingly beautiful young girl reached up and tenderly touched her new boyfriend's cheek. Jeff had stopped wildly squeezing Angelica's super curved ass but kept his hands inside her panties. He continued gently to stroke her soft, rounded, bare ass flesh.
    "Unbelievable, isn't it?" she whispered.
    "Sure is!" Jeff whispered in return.
    The couple then just stared hungrily into each other's eyes. The ultra-buxom Latina beauty took a deep breath. Here goes nothing! "I really appreciate how considerate you're being, precious," Angelica continued. "So thoughtful ... so careful not to cross the line ... well, not too many lines," she giggled.
    Jeff just smiled.

Where is she going with this? I think I'd better keep quiet and just see where things are headed. If there was ever a time not to let my mouth run away from me....

    "What I mean is ... well, I mean, you've probably noticed, I guess, that I'm kind of big up top...?"
    Jeff smiled again. "Baby!" was all he said. Heck, he was so shocked and thrilled by the direction things were taking, that was all he could say!
    "I mean ... they're a whole lot bigger than normal, you know?"

God! Is "Baby" all he can say? I mean, the size of my tits is really embarrassing! I wish he could say more than just 'Baby.' 'Course, I know the effect they have on guys. I guess it's up to me to move this conversation along.

    "Thing is," she continued. "Some guys figure that if we kiss a little 'n stuff, well, that's a signal it's okay to feel me up." The oversized beauty paused. "Well ... it's not! It's definitely not!" she sternly announced. "Until I really get to know a guy my breasts are definitely off limits! That's a fact," she added.
    The couple smiled at each other. "You've really steered clear of my breasts, Jeff. It's like you just knew it would be a real turnoff for me if you let your hands wander too much right off the bat. At least in that direction. You are so, so ... empathetic, baby! So ... respectful!"
    Jeff smiled again, this time deeply into his new girl friend's eyes. "Honey, I do respect you. It's as simple as that. Plus, I promised you I'd do nothing to make you regret your invitation."
    "And you haven't, baby. God, you sure haven't!"
    "'Course," Jeff added a little boldly, "that doesn't mean that I don't want to ... in the worst way, actually."
    "Shush!" Angelica put her finger to Jeff's lips. The randy young fellow sucked the digit into his mouth and began to tongue it. Angelica frowned. This sort of behavior was not conducive to a logical exchange of ideas!
    The drop-dead gorgeous girl then paused to collect herself. God, did Jeff know how to push her buttons! She seemed to be a little flushed and breathless when she finally continued. "Thing is, sweetheart, after a while it's really okay for the right guy to feel me up." Angelica was now looking into Jeff's eyes with undisguised desire and devotion. "In fact, some times, it's more than okay. A whole lot more than okay! Sometimes," she moaned, "it's absolutely necessary!"
    Jeff was on the verge of groaning with passion. Still, he said nothing.
    "So, baby, here's the story." Angelica took a deep breath and paused for a few seconds. "You're that right guy. Even though we just met today. I want you to feel me up. I need you to feel me up. So bad! My breasts are so sensitive. 'Specially when I really, really get involved with a guy. Like right now. My breasts are just screaming to be touched, and fondled, and squeezed ... you know, like, just loved all over? Right now they need your lovin' so bad, dearest! You just don't know how much, honey!"
    Jeff thought that this tit talk was going to launch a gusher of sperm inside his pants. This was so sexy! Man! This was the most erotic moment of his life! "I need to feel 'em real, real bad, too," he croaked, his quavering voice thick with passion and desire.
    "Feel me up, then, lover," Angelica moaned. "Love up my big, big titties, dearest. Really love 'em up big time, precious Jeff! Just maul 'em, big guy! Work on 'em, baby! Don't waste another second!" she groaned.

A sound resembling a low groan or perhaps even a growl escaped from Jeff's parted lips. He tremblingly moved his shaking right hand to Angelica's knee. It was going to be only a short trip from there to the swollen mounds of tit meat that were resting in her lap, awaiting his passionate attention. He wanted — he needed! — to feel them up so very badly! There was nothing more important on this earth than to get his hands on these quivering mounds of tit meat!

Holy cow! This is so amazing! Before today — before lunch! — I had never dreamed tits this big could even exist. Especially on a girl this slim and unbelievably gorgeous. And now the most beautiful 'n buxom girl I've ever seen or even imagined is actually begging me to give her giant monsters a feel. A big feel! Only a few hours after we met! Oh, my God! This is going to be heaven! Oh, baby, your wish is my command! Is it ever!

    Jeff began his assault on these colossal globes of flesh by softly rubbing Angelica's knees. He was using that portion of her body as a staging camp from which to mount his assault on her unbelievably massive tits.
    At the same time, even this rest stop had its pleasures. Angelica's knees were perfectly rounded and luscious. Jeff realized anew that the preposterously beautiful girl was just perfect everywhere! Even her knees were super-sexy!
    The tit-struck young fellow then gently caressed the inside of her right thigh. In response, Angelica ever so slightly parted her legs. She threw her head back and moaned.
    Jeff stopped far short of her pussy, however, because for the moment he was after different game. He moved his right hand to the top of her thigh and stroked and squeezed the portion of that sleek flesh that was not covered by an excitingly abundant mass of tit meat.
    The young man was thrilled by the way Angelica's huge tits distended her bulging yellow sweater. By throwing back her head to moan in response to Jeff's fondling, Angelica had caused her massive tits to protrude with even greater force through the overmatched wool of her tight sweater. The already giant swellings had become even more pronounced! The extreme bulk of her massive tits was stretching out the sweater to an astonishing, eye-popping degree. Man! It was as if she had stuffed water balloons inside her sweater. The tit-stunned fellow had never seen or even imagined excitingly firm whoppers like these! Still, Jeff knew from their many hugs that these fleshy monsters were for real! And now ... they were his!
    Jeff then turned his trembling hand over and began to edge his palm under Angelica's giant tight tit. It was so heavy! Yet it was breathtakingly soft! He started moaning at the top of his lungs with passion and pleasure. His first feel of Angelica's colossal tits was so thrilling!
    The spreading bulk of tit meat completely covered Jeff's hand — and then some! The young fellow had very big hands; they were a key to his success as a tight end. But they had meet their match. Angelica's soft, firm melons were not just a handful. They were much more than a handful!
    Angelica's giant tit was so much more than a handful, in fact, that Jeff could do little more than flex his fingers against the under portion of the spreading tit; he simply could not get a very good handhold on its soft, hot, overabundant mass. Plus, the massive udder was so incredibly heavy! Its pressing weight made it difficult to feel up the giant gland to any appreciable extent.
    Jeff slowly pulled his hand back out from under its heavy but velvety captivity. It was time for a different approach, one better fashioned to the preposterous size of Angelica's bosom. He grabbed hold of the colossal tit with both hands. In this fashion, he was able to knead and squeeze the huge pile of tit meat with real energy and effect.
    The tit-mad fellow was now wildly mauling the sweater-clad whopper. He was in a total frenzy. He was not only squeezing the long, swollen shaft of the astoundingly large tit but also rubbing its areola and wildly mashing its nipple. The nipple, which so thrillingly distended the sweater, was very long and remarkably hard.
    Jeff was giving the shockingly buxom kid some of the breast relief she so urgently needed. In return, he was getting lots of the thrilling tit love he so badly required. As a result, the lovers were moaning and even screaming in unison at the thrill of their mutual pleasure.
    Angelica had leaned over and extended her hot, wet tongue. She began passionately licking Jeff's ear. In between licks, she laughed, "You're right, sweetest Jeff. Loving up my tits really is a two-hand job!" The buxom teenager paused for a second. "And you're doin' such a great, great job, honey!" she added.

This is just so unbelievably exciting! How could a tit get so gigantic? I think the biggest pair I ever played with before today were F-cups. Yeah ... Helen Wilson's — the girl I took out after Pam and I broke up last summer. Her jugs were just huge! She's totally flat chested compared to Angelica, though. Hers are twice as big — at least! These fleshy whoppers are just a dream. I wonder what size they are? Whatever! I sure can't get enough of 'em!

    Angelica's encouragement made Jeff totally lose it. He took hold of Angelica's colossal left breast with both hands. His squeezing, stroking, mauling hands wildly grazed everywhere. Within seconds there was no portion of the sweater-clad mass of tit flesh that had not been ravaged by his frantic, fondling hands.
    Naturally, Jeff's eager, uncontrollable hands quickly moved back to Angelica's gigantic right tit. He was soon wildly rubbing and fondling that oversized gland. Then it was back to the left tit. Jeff could simply not get enough of Angelica's overflowing abundance of tit meat.
    As he moved from tit to tit, Jeff filled his hands with as much of Angelica's super-abundant tit flesh as his large hands could handle. But her oversized milkers overflowed the capacity of his hands. His hands were big. But Angelica was bigger! For sure, she was much more than a handful.
    "Oh, honey, that's so great!" Angelica moaned. "Harder, though ... squeeze my tits harder! Lots harder! Don't be gentle — they won't break! Rub my nipples, too, precious ... they're so sensitive! Really feel 'em up, precious — big time!"
    The tit-crazed fellow did his best. He went back and forth and back and forth from breast to breast. Jeff was rubbing, squeezing, fondling, mauling, and massaging the gorgeous Latina's startlingly massive bosom like the wild man he had become. How could tits be this huge but yet so soft and yet so firm all at the same time. Jeff's mind could not unravel this paradox but his frenzied hands certainly knew the reality of what they were feeling. Angelica's colossal tits were huge, soft, and firm. You didn't have to explain it; it was enough just to experience it. Truly, Jeff said to himself, you had to be there! And, unbelievably, he was!

This passionate tit play got Jeff and Angelica so hot that in short order the couple were again tongue fucking each other's mouths as Jeff rubbed and fondled her colossal tits. If their kissing had been fervent before, you can only guess how ardent it had become once Angelica's giant udders had been put into play. The teenage lovers were just consumed with scorching lust for each other. God! Their searching tongues just couldn't stop lashing deep inside their mouths. By now, both Angelica's sweater and Jeff's shirt were soaked with saliva that had gushed out of their mouths, run down their cheeks, streamed down their necks, and then trickled onto their clothes
    Jeff just couldn't stop wildly kissing and fondling, kissing and rubbing, kissing and squeezing, and kissing and mauling. The act of simultaneously French kissing his new sweetheart while feeling up her massive tits was so exciting!
    The loud sucking noises caused by their face-swallowing kisses reverberated throughout the living room — and maybe beyond. The slurpy sounds of lip suctions being formed, broken, and then reformed were erotically bouncing off the walls. It would be hard to imagine that a couple could physically kiss more deeply or ardently than these two hot new lovers. They were so thrilled with each other's bodies and with each other's souls. This was deep, torrid love in the making!
    Their kissing was getting more and more sexy. Jeff had started drawing Angelica's thick lower lip into his mouth. He would suck and suck on its impossibly soft sweetness for a minute or two. Then, he would lazily but thrillingly release the sexy hunk of soft flesh by gently scraping the bottoms of his teeth against the inside of her lip while slowly, ever so slowly, drawing back and gradually freeing the swollen ribbon of flesh from its oral captivity. Angelica would start to moan even louder as the retreating mass of soft lip flesh got drawn through and simultaneously scraped by the medium of her lover's teeth. This part of their kissing was so thrilling that Jeff could feel clots of pre-cum oozing out of his cockhole in response.
    The young man then repeat the thrilling process with Angelica's upper lip. As soon as he had finally released the sweet, bulbous wedge of flesh, their wide-open mouths would brutally but lovingly slam up against each other as if magnetized. Their bodies were already so in tune that even though, on the occasion of each new kiss, their lips were a foot or more apart as they began the journey that ended with their mouths violently smashing together, the ultimate correspondence of their mouths as they savagely met was always right on target. It was always a perfect match. Even at this early stage of their relationship, Jeff and Angelica were really learning a lot about each other's bodies and how well they fit together.

Jeff was wondering how well they might fit together in other respects. He had promised himself before entering the apartment that he would not go for the grand prize — not today, anyway. Relationships that end up in bed right away have a habit of running off the rails very quickly — it just gets things off to a bad start. Jeff knew whereof he spoke, too; that's exactly what had happened to a number of his post-Pam relationships.
    Yet even though Jeff knew the wisdom of this vow, he was finding it incredibly difficult to maintain his resolve. Angelica was so beautiful, so buxom, so sweet, so smart, so loving ... and so hot! His cock was like steel; it had never been this hard before in his life. His resolution be damned — he just needed to fuck the overdeveloped young Latina so very badly. He's worry about the repercussions later.
    Jeff was getting so horny that he was nearly sobbing with desire. He had reached the point of frenzied arousal at which fucking Angelica was all that mattered. He knew it would be bad — perhaps fatal — for their relationship if they made love today. Angelica was so wonderful; he felt in his bones that he and the gorgeous young Latina could develop a deep and lasting relationship — if only he played it cool. If he could only restrain himself, they might be good for the long haul.
    All that was all well and good. But being cool and sensible didn't matter any more. For now, Jeff only wanted — needed! — to fuck Angelica! To hell with the consequences.

Angelica's resolve was weakening as well. When she had first considered extending an invitation to Jeff to come up for a Coke, the possibility that the visit might end up in bed was horrifying to her. It was not quite so horrifying any more. In fact, it had great appeal. What's more, that appeal was growing by the second!
    As Jeff's hot tongue fucked her mouth and his big, strong hands thrillingly fondled her sweater-clad breasts, Angelica got more and more aroused. The deeper his busy fingers sank into the soft flesh of her massive jugs, the more sexually frantic she became. As a consequence, her hands began almost unwittingly to roam. Somehow — she was not aware exactly how it had happened — she found herself fondling Jeff's groin. As her hot little hand rubbed and squeezed that area, she momentarily stiffened. The bulge in his jeans was so huge! From their frontal hugging and kissing, Angelica had felt evidence that her new boyfriend might be really hung. But this bloated lump seemed to suggest something beyond the merely well endowed.

My God! Eddie had a good-sized lump in his pants when we got hot and heavy. It was one really sexy snake. Like eight or nine inches, I'd guess. But this thing! Wow! It makes Eddie's lump look like a worm! I can't even imagine what it would look like if it hanging free and clear. Scary! Exciting, though!

    This massive bulge was obscene! Yet as she ran her hand up and down the improbable dimensions of this granite-like, swollen bulge, Angelica found herself anxious, even driven, to expand her explorations. Any beautiful girl with breasts as huge as hers knew that squeezing a fellow's cock was a highly dangerous practice unless getting fucked was your ultimate aim. Yet the overripe kid could not keep her hands off this seemingly massive tool. It was so great. And so was Jeff!
    The result was that Angelica was getting very confused. She knew that making love to a guy she had just met was foolhardy. To do so on her first day at a new school was worse — it transcended mere foolishness. Yet she was beginning to feel that there was nothing more in this world that she wanted or needed than to get laid by Jeff. She was so wet! She could feel cunt juice just gushing out of her pussy. She was willing to bet that the slipcover was just soaked with her love juice! More than anything in the world, she just wanted to get fucked! And right now, too!
    Except she had promised herself to wait. At least until they had gone out for a good while and knew each other well enough to justify that final intimacy. She just had to honor that pledge. Girls who gave it up on a first date — or, worse, even before a first date like this! — typically never heard from the guy again. She was so infatuated with Jeff. She wanted to see him again and again and again. It was worth saying "no" this afternoon to insure a lot of "yeses" down the road. But if it came down to it — and Angelica knew very well that it was inevitably going to come down to it — could she really say "No"? Did she have it in her?

As these parallel thoughts continued to move the couple both toward and away from greater intimacy like shuttlecocks, Jeff and Angelica continued their passionate kissing. If anything, it was getting even more torrid. As their searching tongues wildly plunged in and out of their lust-slackened mouths, Angelica's hand slid down to cup and rub Jeff's crotch. There was no doubt about it; Angelica was getting super hot for Jeff's genitals. And Jeff knew it!

I've just got to take charge here. It's obvious we're both crazy about each other. We both want the same thing. There's no point in putting if off. What are we waiting for? We just have to make love, and that's that! If we really care about each other, that is — and I sure as hell know I do! Going to bed right after we meet doesn't have to be fatal. Not necessarily. It's not inevitable. Not if we're really sincere about how we feel. And I sure know I am! And I can tell Angelica is too. So let's go with a few more preliminaries and then show each other how we really feel about each other! In living color! Heck, I bet some couples have made love during their first meeting and done just fine. I'd bet on it!

    When the kiss finally broke, Jeff kept kneading Angelica's colossal bosom. "Your breasts are so great, honey," he moaned. "I just can't get enough of 'em!"
    "So I've noticed," Angelica smiled. "And I'm so glad, too," she added in a whisper.
    "I'm going to take off your sweater, precious," Jeff whispered. "I really need to love up your bare breasts. To kiss 'em. To lick 'em. And to suck 'em, too."
    "Oh, honey," the overripe Latina moaned. "But...."
    "I think you want me to do that," Jeff quickly responded. "I bet you need me to do that, too," he added. "Just as much as I do!"
    "Oh, Jeff!" Angelica paused in thought. Her impossibly beautiful face showed signs of seriously conflicted emotion. She still was determined that the couple would not make love — not today, that is. She knew that getting naked above the waist was dangerous. With shockingly huge, gorgeous puppies like hers it was positively reckless. It made keeping that other pledge so very much harder.
    On the other hand, what sense did it make to let Jeff maul her sweater-clad breasts but then object to letting him do the same to bare flesh? Besides, Angelica so yearned to feel Jeff's hands on her bare tit flesh! And his tongue and mouth and lips, too! She just wanted it too much to say no. She could say "yes" to above the waist and "no" to below the waist. Couldn't she? Sure she could!

We can't make love! Not today, anyway! But surely I can let him play with my naked tits. He wants to. I certainly want to! Okay, it's dangerous, especially since I bet he's never had his hands on a pair like mine. And it won't be just his hands, either! His mouth 'n lips 'n tongue will be going crazy, too. But I can say "yes" to above the waist and "no" to below the waist, can't I? What am I saying? My tits almost hang to my waist as it is! Especially when they're as swollen as they are this evening. They've never been this huge in my life! That means that "yes" to one probably means "yes" to both. What am I going to do? Oh, Jeff, darling....

    Angelica looked deeply in her fellow's eyes, smiled a dazzling if anxious smile, and whispered, "You're right, honey, I do want those things. In the worst way. So go ahead and love 'em up, precious."

Jeff was so hungry to attack Angelina's bare whoppers that he had not fully considered the logistics of getting at them. She was not wearing a bra, he knew, so he would not have to contend with the many hooks that held together her massive, undoubtedly industrial strength brassiere. But her sweater was so tight and her tits were so huge and swollen with passion that taking off that garment might prove difficult.
    As he hungrily stared at her wool-clad monsters, Jeff realized that Angelica's giant cans were much too big, and the sweater too tight, for him simply to pull the sweater up and over her immense bosom.
    Rolling the sweater up and over seemed to make more sense. With trembling hands, Jeff started to roll the skin-tight sweater up the dramatically steep slope of Angelica's enormous udders. The over-dimensioned young beauty gave him a wink. He assumed that meant he was on the right track. He certainly felt that he was!
    Angelica's breasts were so massive that it took Jeff dozens and dozens of rotations to get the increasingly rolled up sweater up and over her big milkers and then bunched up around her neck. God! It was sure fun rolling the sweater all that distance, though. Naturally, Jeff did as much tit grabbing during the process as sweater rolling. Finally, though, the sweater had been pulled up over Angelica's head and her fantastically huge breasts were now unclad and on display. The sweater was unceremoniously flung on the floor.
    Jeff leaned back for a second and just drank in the amazing sight of the overdeveloped Latina's naked puppies. His breathing was shallow and labored. Man! Angelica's colossal bosom seemed even larger in the flesh than when it was bulging out of her sweater. No doubt about it now — each ultra-huge globe of tit flesh really was bigger than her head! Her tits hung down so very low. Jeff had certainly never been with a girl whose mammary glands were so massive that they rested in her lap while she was sitting. Man! They were so huge; yet they were so firm, so solid! Jeff just sat slumped on the couch looking at them with dropped jaw and frenzied desire. He was in awe.
    The young Latina had a look of sensual pain on her surpassingly gorgeous face. The overdeveloped beauty was in sexual agony. She was now arching her back so as to thrust her massive globes in Jeff's direction. On account of her heavy breathing, the giant cans were quivering, jiggling, and gently swaying from side to side. Angelica was shoving her bosom in Jeff's direction with such force that it looked as though her spine could snap! It didn't take a genius to see the direction things were headed. Jeff certainly knew the score. This girl not only wanted but also needed not just to be felt up but also to have her bosom absolutely ravaged and mauled. And then some! Well, no problem ... he was the man for the job!
    The tit-stunned young man tentatively reached out and lightly, even gingerly, placed his shaking hands atop the naked splendor of Angelica's huge fat tits. They were so soft and so warm! Jeff then tried to encompass the circumference of her swollen left udder with his big, hot hands. His hands, as big as they were, could not manage to encircle the oversized hanger of tit meat. Its base was so huge, so meaty! Jeff switched gears and attempted to cup the gargantuan globes with his open hands. A whole lot of hot tit flesh overflowed his hands but was able in this way to begin his assault upon Angelica's fantastic bare bosom,
    In this way, Jeff was able to able to squeeze, fondle, and pet the shockingly huge expanse of breast flesh. In fact, he did so with increasing vigor and passion. Jeff was particularly thrilled by the fact that so much of the volume of the hot, welcoming tit exceeded the grasp of his hands. Accordingly, his crazed hands ardently slid up and down the obese shaft of mammary tissue as if they had minds of their own.
    Before long the tit-struck young man was moaning and groaning with overwhelming excitement. He could sense yet more thick clots of pre-cum leaking out of his cockhole in response to this thrilling experience. His underpants must be caked with the stuff. Truly, Jeff had never before enjoyed sensations like these!

Jeff then lifted the heavy globe of tit meat to his mouth. He began to lick Angelica's huge areola. Wow! It was shockingly huge — the size of a saucer. Its ever so slightly puckered flesh was the color of milk chocolate. Within seconds, Jeff was wildly licking and lapping the somewhat rough, agonizingly erotic flesh. He was moaning and groaning with passion.
    Just holding the massive shaft of tit was nearly as exciting as licking it. It was so heavy and soft. It was so exciting to knead and to squeeze. In some ways it was like holding a giant blob of thickening pudding in your hands. Yet the massive tit had a solidity and firmness that was equally thrilling. Naturally, Jeff's crazed fingers were sinking deep into the luscious shaft of flesh as he hysterically kissed and tongued Angelica's oversized areola. This young man was out of control! He was sobbing with desire.

I think it's the firmness of Angelica's tits compared to their size that's especially thrilling. Lots of teenage girls have really firm, almost rubbery tits. Lord knows I've handled lots of 'em — even some pretty big ones — during my post-Pam escapades. But I figured that tits this big would just have to be soft — maybe even flabby. But they're not — they're as solid and firm as if Angelica was only, say, a B-cup. That's amazing — and exciting!

    As big as Angelica's areola was, it did not take long for Jeff to stake out a claim to her nipple. It was so erect! The nipple was as thick as a fingertip and about half an inch in length. Jeff began passionately to lick the erotic knob. To his surprise he found that the nipple was as hard as stone. Maybe harder! This girl was really excited. Aroused!
    The sex-stunned young man passionately licked the stiff, red nipple for a few moments and then eagerly sucked the fossilized protuberance into his hot, wet, welcoming mouth. He moaned as he nursed and nursed his giant-breasted sweetheart. All the while, of course, Jeff kept kneading and squeezing the massive globe of hot, soft flesh.
    Angelica was really getting into Jeff's impassioned breast love. She was heavily panting and moaning. Her face was flushed with passion. Her pelvis was mindlessly rotating. She was arching her back and pushing her huge breast into her new boyfriend's sucking, nursing mouth with real force. "Love my tit, baby. Just keep loving it," she breathed. "Keep squeezing, too," she added with a groan. "It feels so great! But don't forget the other one, darling."

Wow! Jeff really knows how to love up my tits! He's so great! Eddie liked to play with 'em a lot but he could never do things like this! He could make me feel good but her sure never made 'em feel so ... crazy! Wow! Is Jeff a keeper or what?

Jeff feasted on Angelica's harder than stone nipple for a few minutes more. He punctuated his frenzied nursing by licking first her areola and then the entire expanse of her enormous tit. He followed by raining little kisses over every square inch of the swollen gland. Then, he sucked into his hungry mouth as much of the buxom Latina's tit meat as it could hold. The breast flesh itself squeaked in protest but nary a word was heard from Angelica — she loved it! Jeff kept it up until the massive tit had been thoroughly loved.
    The feel and heft of Angelica's huge tit in his hands and lips and tongue was so thrilling that Jeff decided to up the ante. In one smooth move, he ripped his polo shirt up and over his head and flung it on the floor. He was now bare-chested. He knew he and the giant bosomed Latina girl would soon be hugging again. He wanted to feel the bare flesh of her thrillingly massive tits jammed up against his naked, muscular chest when they did. Feeling the prick of her erect nipple against his chest would be even more exciting. Skin to skin! Rubbing the gigantic hooters against his heavily muscled chest was on the menu as well. For good measure, he also eased off his shoes and kicked them toward the growing pile of discarded clothing in front of the couch.
    Once the couple were both bare-chested, Angelica leaned back and examined Jeff's physique. The young man could tell she really liked what she saw.

Wow! Look at the build on Jeff. He is just completely buffed and toned. Look at his chest muscles! He's so sculptured! God! Those biceps, too — they're just bulging. What definition! He must be kind of a serious body builder; yet he's not ridiculously pumped up like some of those beach bums on steroids 'n stuff. He's just slim 'n trim but really muscular, too. God! Everything I learn about Jeff screams that he's the guy for me! Jeff's just got it all!

    She leaned in and began to lick his chest. The astonishingly buxom kid then opened her succulent mouth and fastened her generously thick lips on his right nipple. She began to suck the nipple with the same ardor Jeff had, moments before, lavished on hers. Then, after a couple more lazy licks on his chest, she nursed Jeff's left nipple with an equal frenzy. His nipples had gotten hard, too.
    Angelica detached herself from the nipple and looked deeply into Jeff's eyes. She was heavy-lidded and her mouth was sagging. She was overcome by sexual pleasure and need. It was clearly time for another kiss.
    First, Jeff reached over and took hold of Angelica's huge right tit. There was none of the tentativeness associated with his assault on her left breast. His crazed fingers were instantly sinking deep into the vast expanse of soft flesh. It was so thrilling to see his fingers make such serious indentations into the soft, warm tit meat but then see those deep marks instantly disappear as the firm tit flesh miraculously sprang back into its pre-fondling shape once his fingers had moved on to maul another portion of the huge udder. He was so excited that he was literally growling!
    Jeff was soon licking the buxom Latina's areola and then sucking on her fossilized nipple. To his surprise, a discharge of some sort had started to flow out of the teat. Angelica had gotten so excited that she was starting to leak serious amounts of tit cum. Wow! Nearly as much sexy liquid was drizzling out of Angelica's nipple into Jeff's mouth as if her giant tit had been full of milk! Jeff was sucking and swallowing like a wild man.

What the hell is going on here ? Milk? What on earth? How could Angelica be leaking milk? Naw, it's gotta be something else. Sure is sweet 'n exciting, though. She's moaning so loud, too! Is this what happens when girls get really, really excited? Leak stuff out of their tits? Man! This sure never happened to me before. Angelica's got to be the hottest goddamn bitch on earth! Oh, man, I just gotta keep sucking down this stuff! Wow! Angelica's sure the girl for me!

    After gulping down what seemed like gallons of tit cum, Jeff leaned down and gave Angelica's overdeveloped right milker one long, lazy lick from the nipple to the very top of her cleavage. His eager lips then continued their journey upwards and slammed into the girl's slack, drooling mouth. The couple were soon French kissing with a crazed passion that defied definition.
    They were hugging with an equal fervor. Jeff had placed his big hand on Angelica's slim back and was vigorously pulling her trunk into his. In the process he could feel the thrilling bulge of her swollen bosom against his heavily muscled chest. Even more exciting, he could feel the stab of her fossilized nipples indenting his chest as he pulled the giant breasted girl against him with greater and greater force. It was especially thrilling to feel her colossal tits flatten and spread well beyond the width of her torso in response to this pressure. Hell, they had expanded well beyond the width of Jeff's muscle builder's body! Just hugging this girl was fabulously arousing! The effect was to make their kissing even more ardent.
    Jeff then reached under Angelica's massive, spreading hangers and placed his hand on the sides of her body. He then began slowly swiveling her trunk from side to side. This movement made her swollen udders strongly rub against Jeff's chest. The feel of the soft, oversized, pillowy tits slipping and sliding against his body was indescribably thrilling. The fact he was able to shift her giant breasts from side to side in this fashion while not breaking the frenzied soul kiss made things all the more exciting.
    After a few more minutes of this face-swallowing French kissing, Jeff jammed the tip of his tongue under Angelica's voluptuous upper lip and ran the tip from side to side along the entire length of her gum line. He repeated the loving gesture several times — back and forth and back and forth. He then repeated the process with her lower lip and gum line. Then he repeated it. And repeated it again.
    Angelica loved this gum play so much that she did the same for Jeff. And not just once, either. These young lovers were simply devouring their faces!
    The over the top teenagers soul kissed with their mouths so unbelievably wide open that any more passion would have courted mutual jaw break. Their jaws gave off cracking sounds in the process. Loud sucking and slurping noises bounced off the apartment walls as Jeff and Angelica switched to opening and closing their mouths on each other as frantically and desperately as beached fish. As their mouths passionately opened and closed, they simultaneously twisted and pushed and rotated their lips as if trying to grind them into sawdust. Man! How did these two oversexed teenagers learn to kiss like this? Or were they so overwhelmed with lust that it just came naturally?
    Jeff continued to knead, fondle, and even to pummel the gorgeous Latina's immense tits as the kiss went on and on. They were so amazingly malleable! He did not miss a squeeze. He continued to be amazed at how the huge appendages could be so soft yet so firm at the same time.
    At the same time, feeling up his new girl friend was not without its difficulties. Her tits were so large that even with his big wide receiver's hands, Jeff could not come close to cupping the vast expanse of a tit in the palm of his hand. After all, they had more volume than a football. Truly, Angelica's massive jugs were much more than a handful! Instead, Jeff simply grabbed as much tit as his oversized hand could contain and squeezed and fondled that portion of captured flesh. Then, he moved on to another portion of her enormous bosom and repeated the action with a new handful of tit meat. The entire process was so arousing that the young man unloaded yet another prodigious flood of pre-cum inside his skivvies.
    Jeff then gently released the huge tit and moved his hand behind Angelica's head. At first gently but then more forcefully he pulled her wide-open mouth against his. While they kissed and kissed and kissed, Angelica positioned her overly buxom body so that her watermelon-sized tits were firmly squashed up against Jeff's heavily muscled trunk. Because their mouths were grinding against each other with such force and energy, her giant, pillowed udders were once again erotically slipping and sliding against Jeff's chest and even his stomach with real power. The way those giant, puddled, sliding globes of tit flesh molded themselves to the muscularity of his torso as they kissed and kissed and kissed was far sexier than anything Jeff had ever felt before in his life! Angelica was heaven itself!
    Nor was this exciting only for Jeff. The feel of having her massive tits utterly squashed against Jeff's chest was thrilling for Angelica as well. The pleasuring these two were giving to each other!

This wild kissing and torrid breast play was driving Angelica so wild that her self-control began to ebb even more. Her hands had begun once again to wander in quite dangerous places. She had, in fact, resumed rubbing and squeezing the giant lump in the front of Jeff's crotch. After a time, she wanted more!

God, I'm going bonkers! I want so much to feel Jeff's cock. His bare cock. All I want to do is to slip my hand down the front of his jeans and cop a feel. A big feel! It's crazy, though — any girl who grabs a guy's cock is sure gonna be hard pressed to say "No" when the fellow wants to put that big ol' thing to some serious use later on. But I'm so crazy 'bout Jeff, I'm not sure I care 'bout that stuff any more. All I know is, I just have to feel it!

    Angelica was not the only person feeling weirdness and distress. Jeff's monster hard-on had actually become burdensome. It was so horribly bound up in the crotch of his jeans that matters were getting painful. The poor fellow was actually becoming crippled from the extended life of his erection. The extended make-out session might even put blue balls on the agenda. Without breaking the kiss, he deftly reached inside his jeans and rearranged the straining love muscle so it ran more or less sideways. His bulbous cockhead was now bulging out around his left jeans pocket.
    Her awareness of that action pushed Angelica over the edge. As soon as Jeff's hand had retreated from inside his jeans, the young Latina's hot little hand took its place. She just had to slip her hand inside Jeff's waistband and search for that outsized tool of love! Almost immediately her roaming hand encountered Jeff's giant boner. As her hand traced its astonishing length, Angelica gradually realized that her new boyfriend's cock extended more than the length of a ruler. How was this even possible? As she finally encountered his shockingly bulbous dickhead — it was the size of a cue ball, maybe bigger! — she broke the kiss and let out a low, guttural moan. "Oh, baby! This just can't be real!"
    Angelica then slid her fingertips up the fourteen inches of solid, granite-hard cock until she had found its base. Both lovers knew on some deep level that this moment marked the beginning of their true intimacy; there could be no turning back now!
    They gasped with delight as the heavy-breasted girl's hand tried to encircle Jeff's monumental hard-on. In fact, her hand was too small and Jeff's cock was too thick for her hand to encompass its improbable girth. Its thickness was roughly the circumference of the Coke cans from which the couple had earlier been drinking. Angelica's little hand could encircle little more than two thirds of its thrilling eight-inch circumference.
    As Angelica's hand tried to close around the stunning circumference of Jeff's straining penis, he could feel her body tense and her kissing become even deeper and more frenzied. The Latina beauty was kissing with such fervor that she seemed to be trying to suck all the air out of her new boyfriend's body. Clearly, she had just discovered the mother lode!
    After squeezing the thick shaft several times, Angelica began wildly rubbing her hand up and down the prodigious length of Jeff's horse-sized cock. The kiss went on and on but the low guttural sound in the young beauty's throat had become a feral growl. Moments later, what had up to that point been simple rubbing became considerably more focused. The overbuilt Latina had now actually begun to jack off her new boyfriend inside his jeans. The feeling for both of them was heavenly!
    The teenage lovers broke for air. They stared at each other in wide-eyed amazement. Neither had been this sexually aroused before. Not even close! At the same time, neither had ever before encountered sexual equipment of these dimensions to play with, either!
    Jeff was wildly squeezing and pummeling one of Angelica's massive tits. The way it welcomed the deep indentations of his grasping fingers was so thrilling. Still, the staggering bulk of the swollen udder simply overflowed his large hand. The hand that so easily gathered in a football thrown his way during a football game was finding his new girl friend's breast too much to handle! What a pair of tits she had!
    "Oh, baby," Jeff moaned, "You're much more than a handful. That's so exciting!"
    Angelica looked up and smiled. She was ardently squeezing as much of Jeff's giant cock as her little hand could encircle.
    "Honey, my right hand tells me that you're the one who's much more than a handful."
    Jeff smiled. "Guess what, honey — we're both much more than a handful. There's no doubt about it!"
    "It's part of what makes being together so great," Angelica breathed.
    The time for talk was over. Jeff went back to fondling Angelica's giant tit. She continued squeezing his python-like member. The couple augmented this thrilling sex play with a return to passionate, spit-swapping French kissing.

Jeff decided that turn about was definitely fair play. If Angelica were going to play with his gigantic joystick, well, he would return the favor. The important point was to be quick about it. Too much tentativeness would give the gorgeous Latina time to have second thoughts and to mount some objections.
    As Angelica lovingly pulled his foreskin up and down, Jeff deftly slipped his right hand up her already hiked-up skirt and quickly plunged it inside her panties. He could feel the young girl tense slightly as his hand plunged inside that garment but she did not miss a beat — her kissing and cock play continued uninterrupted.
    The more than buxom young girl was so hot! Her cunt was just dripping with sex juice. Her panties, her tiny skirt, and even the slipcover were all soaked with sexual discharge. Jeff had never encountered a pussy as wet as this. This girl was unbelievably primed for sex. And so was he!
    Jeff began to gently massage Angelica's cunt lips. They seemed very puffy and swollen; he was willing to bet it was because she was so hot and bothered. As his fingers lightly traced her outer vaginal structure, the buxom Latina started to squeeze his horse-sized cock with increased vigor. Then, as their face-swallowing kiss went on and on, a low gurgle started deep in her throat. It soon got louder and louder.

Wow! I'm a complete goner! But so what? Jeff is sure the guy for me! This is so wonderful, 'cept it's making me so weak. I can't even move. I can barely keep holding onto his penis!

    Angelica certainly did not protest, let alone get up off the couch, at this invasion of her privates. Instead, she had slumped against the back of the sofa in an act of utter submission to her new boyfriend and lover. The bewilderingly buxom beauty was even spreading her legs to give Jeff better access to her gushing twat.
    With a swiftness and stealth that amazed even him, Jeff whipped off Angelica's tiny, sex-soaked panties and threw them on the floor. He deftly but gently inserted his middle finger into her dripping pussy. He was amazed at how open it was; in fact, her drenched cunt fairly sucked in his finger as if by a vacuum cleaner! His mother's Hoover had nothing on Angelica's welcoming pussy!
    Jeff was astonished at Angelica's wetness. His finger was making sloshing sounds as it slipped in and out of her dripping cunt. In fact, she was so open that he quickly added his index finger to the mix. Two digits instead of one were now finger-fucking the impossibly gorgeous young Latina.

Oh, oh ... Oh! Jeff's finger is so long 'n so thick! God! It's so big it feels more like a cock than a finger! Wow, he sure knows how to use it ... this is a whole lot better than Eddie ever did with his finger. Oh, this is so exciting! Oh, oh ... oh! Now he's using two fingers. Wow! This is so great! Oooooooh! It feels so gooooood! Jeff is so fabulous!

    Angelica's incredibly curvy little rump was now migrating all over the couch in response to Jeff's energetic finger-fucking. Her mouth was drooling and little whimpers escaped from her throat. Her face was flushed, almost mottled. Jeff could tell she was nearing orgasm.
    Just by chance, Jeff had curled his fingers upward while finger fucking Wendy Waterman, his first semester replacement for Pam. He had managed in the process to massage what he later found out was her G-spot. It had driven Wendy wild. Too wild, in fact, because Wendy refused to accept the inevitable when he and Pam got back together a week or so later. Wendy continued to call the house and drop him notes in the mail for weeks after they had broken up. Finding a G-spot, in other words, was sometimes a dangerous business. Unless, as he did with Angelica, he meant business!
    Well, Jeff had known before he had come up to the apartment that Angelica was no mere temporary replacement for Pam. This was no interim affair. No, this girl was the genuine article. Jeff wanted to drive her as wild as he had driven Wendy. And, he was willing to take the consequences! All of them! Long term and short term! With pleasure!
    Jeff therefore curled his fingers and massaged the inside of Angelica's vagina. Within seconds, the gorgeous Latina was screaming. About ten seconds after that, she absolutely exploded on his hand!
    The overdeveloped teenager started to shudder and shake. Her body was stiffening almost as if she were in a fit. She was jerking and jumping uncontrollably. Jeff could sense long ripples of sexual exhilaration coursing up her body from her toes to her head. Jeff kept on thrusting and massaging, and Angelica kept on shuddering and stiffening and spasming.
    Wave after orgasmic wave washed over the young girl. For a full ten minutes her body was totally controlled by this unending series of cums. She had the shakes. Long ribbons of drool escaped the corner of her mouth. The young girl was incapable of anything resembling human speech. Instead, animalistic grunts and groans had become her sole mode of expression.

At last, the electric spasms subsided. Angelica, her hand still circling Jeff's oversized cock, looked up at her lover with a mixture of adoration and amazement.
    "Oh, honey ... baby! I've had orgasms before but I never realized they came in that voltage! Oh, honey! Don't you know that if you do that to a girl ... you'll never get rid of her? Ever?"
    "That's the idea," Jeff murmured.
    "Oh, darling ... precious," The buxom Latina whispered. "I'm ... I'm just ... yours!"
    "Good," Jeff responded, "'cause guess what, baby? There's more to come. Lots more!"

God! I want to eat her out so bad! I just have to! Plus, if we're gonna fuck — and we're just gonna, I know it! — I've gotta get her really, really open. I think the time to start is now while she's still rockin' 'n rollin' from that finger-fuck. God! I'm so crazy 'bout her. Jeff, my man — this could be love!

    The lust-obsessed young man rolled off the couch and got on his knees in front of the couch. He gently pulled Angelica by the thighs until his head was between her legs. The musky smell of her sweet, drenched young pussy was overpowering. God, her dark muff was so thick!

What an amazing muff! It's so thick, so ... luxuriant! Most of my after-Pam girls shaved their cunts a little. Wendy Waterman actually shaved it completely about a week after we started fucking. Angelica has an amazingly thick muff but just lets it grow. I think it shows how comfortable she is with her body. I like that! 'Course, with a body like hers, what's not to be comfortable with?

    The lush beauty immediately knew what was in store for her. She started moaning with anticipation and desire. This was in particular a very bad idea ... but so what? In her heart, Angelica knew that this trip to her muff was but the prelude to even more exciting lovemaking down the road. Once her lover's tongue had entered her twat, could his giant love stick be far behind? So what? She had given up all pretence of holding back. She was eager for anything Jeff could send her way!
    Jeff could see love juice sparkling all over her abundant thatch of pubic hair. A new puddle of cunt juice was already forming on the slipcover even though Angelica had been in this position for less than a minute.
    The sex-stunned girl was so ready! She was spreading her legs nearly to the breaking point. In the act of being pulled along the couch, Angelica's micro-miniskirt had gotten bunched up around her waist. Jeff had a straight shot at her swollen pussy lips.
    Jeff began by softly and lovingly licking Angelica's inner thighs. The taste of the rivulets of cunt juice running down her thighs was so tart and tangy! She moaned in response. After a few trips up and down that surpassingly soft and tender area, he moved to the center of her womanhood and started flat licking her cunt lips. As he slowly, ever so slowly, approached her vagina, Jeff could feel Angelica begin to quiver in anticipation. The young man worked his fingers and tongue through the thick muff of pubic hair. He could see love juice drizzling from between her swollen, almost purple, cunt lips.
    The effect of this attention on the buxom teenager was so strong that she reacted as if she had suddenly been plugged into an electric socket. At the touch of Jeff's tongue, undulating waves of orgasm rippled through her fabulous body.
    "Ooh!" Angelica screamed and screamed and screamed. After a few more licks, Jeff curled his tongue and began to gently lap at her clitoris. The gorgeous teenager was immediately seized by another round of overpowering orgasms. She simply could not stop stiffening and quivering.
    Jeff secured a handhold on her almost spastic body by grabbing hold of her luscious rump. Unlike her massive tits, Angelica's tight ass cheeks were actually but excitingly less than a handful! The young man began to concentrate on his new girl friend's pussy. While squeezing and fondling her fantastically curvy buns — he simply could not leave them alone! — he gently spread her pussy lips with his tongue.
    The task was easily done because her vaginal lips were so slack and open. Jeff stiffened his tongue and plunged the unnaturally long ribbon of flesh deep, deep down into the reaches of Angelica's steamy, dripping cunt. The stiff hairs of her thick bush were tickling his face and even invading his nostrils. It didn't matter though ... Jeff was on a mission!
    The sex-stunned teenager rolled his tongue in circles around the depths of his sweetheart's cunt walls. Angelica's pussy was so slimy and soaked that cunt juice ran freely running onto Jeff's tongue and then into his mouth. The young man had to keep frantically gulping to keep the flow of love nectar from filling up his mouth or even choking him. All the while, Angelica was screaming and bouncing up and down on the sofa; as a result, Jeff found it difficult to keep his tongue inside her soaked vagina. "Ugh! Argh! Argh!" the overripe young girl screamed.
    Angelica was now in perpetual orgasm. She had had that one special boyfriend back in El Paso but she never had experienced sex like this. Not even close! Jeff was a lover beyond anything she had ever dreamed of. He was simply beyond imagining! She was being racked from head to foot with relentless, sex-drenched, overpowering feelings that before tonight she hadn't even known were possible.


Part Three
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