Part Seven

"Jeff, dearest,I didn't even know it was possible
to love another person so much!"
"I feel exactly the same way about you, Angelica,"
Jeff responded with a passionate groan. "I'm so happy!" 

Jeff and Angelica's relationship had gotten off to an intense, even scorching, beginning. Hot fires, the saying goes, burn bright but go out quickly. Not this fire! Things did not simply reach a plateau, let alone a decline; the teenagers' bond continued in the following weeks to get even stronger, deeper, and more committed.
    The randy youngsters had made love three times in the back seat of Jeff's car that first Saturday evening together. After church the next morning — Jeff daydreamed about his girl friend during the entire Choral Eucharist — the young man raced from St Mary's Episcopal Church in Park Ridge to the nearby village of Niles. He had arranged to pick up Angelica after Mass at Our Lady of Ransom Roman Catholic Church in order to bring her to his house for dinner.
    Jeff pulled up to the church in search of his sweetheart. He spotted her immediately. The young girl looked absolutely fabulous. In fact, the second he spotted her in front of the church, Jeff felt a thrill course through his body. He had a feeling it would be a long, long time before he could see Angelica after a short absence without being stunned anew by her shockingly beautiful face and impossibly curvy body. Heck, he wondered if that day would ever come! He hoped not!
    The overdeveloped teenager was wearing a tailored, waist-length coat which she had left unbuttoned. The bright red wool garment was undoubtedly left open by necessity. The young beauty's gigantic bosom would have made buttoning it up a physical impossibility. Angelica was clearly wearing one of the skirts she and her mother had picked up the day before at Golf-Mill. It was much more modest than the micro-miniskirts that had comprised her El Paso wardrobe; still, its hemline was at least three inches above the knee and showed off plenty of luscious leg and thigh.
    The gorgeous Latina was wearing a loose blouse. Well ... it had been manufactured to be loose at any rate. The garment was undoubtedly the most modest top in her collection and thus the best she could do by way of church-goin' garb. Angelica's effort to look demure was a spectacular failure, however, because the outline of her gigantic tits was fully — more than fully — in evidence; her massive bosom erotically ballooned inside the inadequate amount of blouse material against which it was straining. Unless she had her blouses made to order, Angelica's tops were always going to be more than seriously overstuffed.
    Angelica was standing alone and obviously waiting for Jeff. The smitten young man immediately noticed that he was far from the buxom teenage beauty's only admirer. He could tell that a lot of the departing male parishioners were hanging around in front of the church to sneak looks at the fabulous young girl. Jeff knew exactly what they were thinking. "Who the hell is that girl? I sure hope she starts coming to Mass regularly! And if she does, well, I'm gonna become a more faithful communicant!"
    Even the Irish-looking young priest, his colorful chasuble flapping in the breeze, had positioned himself so as to enjoy a clear sight line in Angelica's direction. Jeff chuckled. Apparently the pastor of Our Lady of Ransom was not a pansy like some of the Roman priests he had heard about. No, from the way he was eyeballing the impossibly buxom young girl, this youthful priest decidedly was not one of them! The priest seemed be interpreting his vow of chastity to permit indulging in the hoary axiom that even when you're on a diet you can still look at the menu! Whatever — the looks he was sending Angelica's way were aggressively heterosexual and non-celibate in the extreme!

Sunday dinner at the Welds' was a great success. Not that there wasn't a slight bump in the road to start with, though. Jeff thought his father was going to keel over in shock when he first saw the heavily breasted young beauty. He was barely able to croak, "Nice to meet you," when Angelica was introduced to him. That reaction earned him a brief but sharp glare from Mrs Weld.

What's goin' on here? Why the look? Hmmm ... I wonder if Mom stumbled across that stash of big tit magazines in Dad's dresser drawer. That could explain the dirty look when Dad went to pieces on account of seeing Angelica's gigantic tits. But who could blame him — she's a whole lot sexier than anything I've seen in any of those magazines!

    Once Mr Weld had regained his composure, the dinner became a smooth, enjoyable affair. Mrs Weld's fried chicken was a success; so too was her strawberry shortcake. The Welds, Jeff, and Angelica then moved to the family room to relax over coffee and get better acquainted. To that end, the four chatted for about an hour. By the time Jeff left to drive Angelica back home, it was clear that the young girl had totally captivated the Welds.
    Given the contents of his sock drawer, it was a matter of course that Mr Weld would have approved of his new girl friend. Even Mrs Weld, however, seemed to intimate that she found Angelica a more than worthy successor to Pam Fox. And she was a good friend of Mrs Fox and a declared Pam Fox admirer! The couple had apparently passed muster with both sets of parents. Whew!

It was getting close to twilight when Jeff pulled the Bonneville into its now traditional parking place behind Angelica's building. It was a late winter afternoon, not quite dark enough to ensure privacy. Besides, Angelica's parents were upstairs and expected their daughter to arrive home any minute in order to begin her homework for Monday's classes. Angelica had all of her studying left to do because she had spent nearly the entire weekend either shopping with her mother or spending wonderful hours with Jeff. The truth was that her schoolbooks were still packed away in her backpack untouched as a result. It was time to hit the books.
    Still, the young lovers took time to passionately soul kiss and fondle each other for a few minutes before heading upstairs. There was no way these two oversexed, deeply infatuated teenagers were ever going to be able simply to park the Bonneville, turn off the ignition, jump out of the car, and head up to Apartment 2-H without playing with their fabulous bodies for at least a little while! Not the way they felt about each other. Besides, what's a little groping between friends?

Jeff and Angelica fell into a comfortable pattern, assuming that so prosaic a characterization could be applied to their thrilling, magical relationship. Jeff picked Angelica up for school every morning and brought her home in the afternoon. Usually, that meant walking through the door of Apartment 2-H around 3:15 or so.
    Jeff came up too, of course. Not simply for a Coke — the lovers were well past any need for subterfuge to justify going up to Angelica's apartment — but for some hot, impassioned loving. The sizzling teenagers were typically naked within a few moments of entering the apartment and were passionately fucking soon after that. They normally sucked and fucked for at least three hours after school. Jeff would shoot his gun three or four times, while Angelica would come fifty times or more. Of course, there was a price to pay — her giant tits were usually covered with bite marks and hickeys. Jeff just couldn't keep his trembling hands, eager mouth, and oversized cock off his girl friend's colossal jugs. But it was okay; Angelica expressed nary a word of complaint.

Jeff's after-school commitments as a school leader naturally preempted — or at least altered — this schedule a couple of times a week. Increasingly, Angelica had become part of that program as well. Hillary Rodham had taken the young Latina newcomer under her wing. Jeff and Angelica had even double-dated a couple of times with Hillary and her boy friend John Smith.
    As a result, and additionally because of (a) her relationship with Jeff; and (b) the undeniable fact she was not Bob McCormack, Angelica had been warmly welcomed into Student Council. She was welcomed, that is, by everyone but Student Body Vice-President Pam Fox. Pam did not actually oppose Angelica's appointment (she must have known that any opposition on her part would be seen as unacceptably vindictive), but she did look awfully glum when the unanimous vote to accept her as a member was taken. Jeff noted with satisfaction that Pam's hand was the last one to be raised in support of Angelica's appointment; what's more, Jeff gleefully noticed, she only raised it at all — haltingly at that — when she realized that every other Student Council member's hand was already in the air.
    Angelica's charm, brains, and energy made her tenure an instant success. Already, Hillary was suggesting that Angelica might want to consider running for secretary of the student body for next year on a slate that would include Dick Sandberg for president and Hillary herself as a vice-presidential candidate.
    "Oh, Hillary," the young girl protested with a roll of her eyes, "I'm so new here at Maine East. The election's only a couple of months off. Not enough people know who I am for that."
    Hillary grinned. "Don't worry about a thing, Angelica. Everybody knows who you are — believe me! In fact," Hillary added, "you've become so popular I think you'd be a shoe-in. Heck, Angelica, having you on my slate would increase my chances of winning the election! Dick's too. A whole lot! You could help me! Us! So think about it, okay?"
    After hearing about Angelica's wide range of activities at her high school in El Paso, Hillary suggested that the buxom beauty might also want to try out for next year's cheerleading squad. "That's the best way, you know, to get known at a new school. Everybody knows who the cheerleaders are. Plus you did it at your old high school, so you've got experience ... and talent, too, I'm sure. I'll bet you'd be great. Angelica, you're so beautiful on top of it all, I'm sure you'd get picked."
    Angelica grimaced. "'On top of it all is right!' Thanks for the vote of confidence, Hillary, but I think I'd better pass on that one. There's ... there's just so much of me these days, if you know what I mean. Even more than when I was a cheerleader in Texas. All that jumping around 'n stuff? I just don't know! Frankly, back at Bowie High, I sometimes thought I was a distraction from the game. At least, people acted that way. The guys, anyway. I'm not sure I want to go through all that again! Plus now it would be worse 'cause I'm so much bigger!"
    "You're so firm, though, Angelica. And so beautiful, too! I bet you'd do just fine!"
    Angelica grinned. "I'm firm but not all that firm, Hillary! I think I'd better stick with school politics."

No way, Hillary! I've been there, done that! Getting chosen for the cheerleading squad would be fun in a sense — what a great way to poke that bitch Pam Fox in the eye! But I really don't think so. Cheerleading was okay — barely okay — when I was fourteen or fifteen. Even then, I was getting awfully buxom to be jumpin' around leading cheers 'n stuff. The way my big titties would float up and down as I jumped? Mercy! I remember during my last year how the guys in the front row would all pant 'n drool 'n junk. Some of 'em would even howl! No more of that, thank you! If I were to stuff my big ol' titties into a cheerleader's sweater — assuming they come big enough to fit me — the games would just turn into a circus. I bet we'd sell out every single game! And not just at home, either ... I bet every school in the conference would have heard about my huge bosom? Their stadiums and gyms would be packed, too! I can just hear the hooting and whistling already. Uh, uh — not for me! I don't mean to brag or be full of myself but ... that's just a fact! My huge bosom's a fact. And the reaction people have to it? That's a fact! It would be awful! I mean, I remember how our teams at Bowie started playin' to full houses all of a sudden! No mystery there! It's nice of Hillary to suggest it but ... I gotta take a pass!

    Hillary nodded sympathetically. "I understand perfectly, Angelica. Your feelings about this are the important thing, kid, so if you'd feel funny about it...."

On those days taken up with after-school activities, the couple were still able to get to Apartment 2-H by 4:15 or 4:30. That left plenty of time for an abbreviated but still torrid period of lovemaking. Jeff and Angelica enjoyed being active in school affairs but there was no way they were going to let those activities preempt their lovemaking altogether — even for a single afternoon!
    The young man often wondered if his parents had suspicions that his relationship with Angelica had become sexual. A moment's reflection provided the answer — how could they not? What on earth did they think he and Angelica did every afternoon, let alone during the evenings the couple were together? Plus, it took but a look at the couple's body language to reveal that these two were involved! Still, Jeff's parents had never quizzed him on such matters before he had met Angelica, even when he had dated obvious sluts during his periodic breakups with Pam. The closest it had come to the surface with Angelica occurred one evening at dinner when his father gave Jeff a quizzical look when neither Mrs Weld nor the buxom beauty, who had been invited to have dinner with the Welds, was looking. The look seemed to ask, "Are you getting any of that, son?" Based on the evidence in the sock drawer, that was no idle query! God! Was his father actually jealous?
    No answer was required, however, for Mr and Mrs Weld were clearly of the "see no evil, hear no evil" class of parents — at least so long as things were going smoothly. Jeff guessed they just deferred to his judgment, which had been pretty good in the past. Based on their track record, Jeff did not think he was going to run into any problems with his parents on the are-you-getting-too-involved-with-Angelica score. So long as the lovebirds kept their grades up and avoided scandal, i.e., kept from getting caught in the act or scaring the horses as they used to say in Edwardian England, they were on their own.
    The young man also wondered what Angelica's parents thought — or knew! They certainly knew that their fabulously beautiful and impossibly buxom daughter was unsupervised for some nine or more hours a day after school. They also knew — had to know! — that she had really flipped over her new boy friend. Thus, they must know she had both the motive and the opportunity to engage in an almost unlimited amount of sex with the young man. Hell, they had her on the pill, for Pete's sake! But how much did they actually know in fact? What did Angelica herself share with them? Or with her mother at least? That was a subject, Jeff quickly decided, he could not discuss with Angelica. Not now, anyway! No way was he willing to raise that issue!

Jeff spent a lot of time at the Gonzales apartment, needless to say. Some of it, however, was when Angelica's parents were actually home. On account of Mr and Mrs Gonzales's work schedules, the coast was almost always clear during the week for Jeff and Angelica to spend as much time making love in Apartment 2-H as the kids' busy schedules would permit yet as their high-powered libidos would demand. Still, Jeff often dropped in on weekends when Mr and Mrs Gonzales were home to visit with Angelica and her parents.
    Occasionally, Jeff accompanied the family to Mass at Our Lady of Ransom and then had dinner at the Gonzales apartment after church. Jeff enjoyed spending time with the Gonzales family. He liked them and they seemed to like him. They clearly considered him a fit companion for their daughter. In fact, they had begun to treat him like the son they'd never had.
    There was a little discomfort in spending time with the Gonzales family, though. It was caused by a need to avoid staring at Mama! She was so beautiful and so extravagantly buxom! Although Jeff was deeply in love with Angelica — no slouch in the beauty and buxom department herself — Jeff was objective enough to admit that the mother was marginally but unquestionably more beautiful than the daughter. Their legs and butts were about equal — which is to say equally fabulous. When it came to their bosoms, though, it was no contest. Mama's tits were bigger — much bigger! — than her daughter's. In addition, they were just as firm as her daughter's. Mrs Gonzales's bust was consequently beyond belief!
    Although Mrs Gonzales was in her mid-thirties, the baby face looks she had bequeathed to her daughter made her look more like 21 years of age or so. She was so young looking, in fact, that she and Jeff would have made a believable couple. That meant, on the other hand, that Mr Gonzales absolutely looked like his wife's father. Maybe even her grandfather! The poor guy!
    Except for the very short skirts she favored to showcase her fabulous legs and butt, Mrs Gonzales tended to wear loose tops, probably in order to de-emphasize her colossal bosom. The attempt failed, even more abjectly than her daughter's occasional efforts in that direction. Jeff had never learned Mrs Gonzales's actual cup size or measurements — no way would he ask Angelica about that! — but they sure stuck out a lot more and hung down a lot lower than Angelica's. What a pair she had! The truth, therefore, was that Mrs Gonzales was just a little more beautiful and a whole lot more buxom than her daughter. No wonder Jeff made a point of looking in every direction but hers!

On account of his strikingly handsome face and sleek, muscle-packed body, Jeff was accustomed to being checked out on a regular basis by the women he encountered in his daily life — young and old. As a result, he was not surprised to notice Mrs Gonzales giving him the eye from time to time. Heck, for Jeff that was a matter of course. All the mothers of Jeff's girlfriends had given him appraising looks — sometimes even hot, lingering ones. Jeff had once caught Mrs Fox, a born again Christian whom he would have thought spiritually incapable of lusty thoughts, sneaking a look or two. And as for his slutty take-a-break-from-Pam girls — well, their mothers tended toward the slutty side themselves. The looks they gave Jeff bordered on the positively lascivious!
    The problem was that Mrs Gonzales seemed to have joined the club. Many of the looks the impossibly buxom mom was bestowing on Jeff were no longer simply appraising or even complimentary but had started to become a little on the smoldering side. They appeared increasingly to go beyond the merely appreciative, as if she were actually ... well ... interested in him in a sexual sense! Even more worrisome, these looks tended to take place only when Angelica and her father were not in the room, as if Mrs Gonzales's interest in Jeff had somehow become their own little secret — or at least a secret she was necessarily keeping from her husband and daughter.

It also seemed to Jeff as if Mrs Gonzales's choice of clothes had become a little more, well, revealing of late! Her skirts had always been short but when he had first met the family the buxom nurse had as often as not worn her nursing skirts and dresses, which had longer hems than her civilian skirts. Sometimes she even wore pants. Now, however, it seemed as if she wore micro-miniskirts nearly all the time — at least when Jeff was around.
    The change was even more noticeable up top. Mrs Gonzales had worn loose blouses or T-shirts for the most part when he had started going out with Angelica. More and more often, she had begun to wear sweaters. Tight sweaters! And even when she wore blouses, they tended to show off a whole lot more cleavage than before.
    Jeff wondered as well if she wasn't wearing a different kind of bra these days. Her colossal tits seemed to hang lower than when they had first met. They definitely hung below her groin. Sometimes, they seemed to hang below her pussy all the way to her thighs. What a sight to see — that is, when Jeff dared to sneak a look!
    Her immense breasts seemed to jiggle a lot more, too. Angelica had explained to Jeff all about tight bras versus loose, stretchy bras, and how a stretchy brassiere might be just the thing for certain occasions, while a tight, support-giving undergarment might better fit situations in which a well-endowed girl wanted to keep her jiggling to a minimum. Mrs Gonzales, it seems, was opting for Plan B — the jiggling effect.
    Angelica herself plainly noticed the change. "Golly, Mama, you're really bustin' out all over today," or "Good grief, Mama, they'd send me home from school if I had that outfit on," were typical expressions of apparent disapproval from her daughter. It must be noted that the comments had no apparent effect upon Mrs Gonzales's choice of outfits.
    The truth is that such comments were rare but the fact they were made at all convinced Jeff that his girlfriend was acutely aware of the changed pattern in her mother's apparel. Whether she connected it to a display of interest on her mother's part in Jeff was not clear to the young man. And you'd better believe he was not going to bring it up! Still, Angelica was as sharp as a tack; he had encountered few people so aware as the buxom young Latina. She knew the score, all right — she just had to!
    Jeff noticed as well that Mrs Gonzales had recently begun to touch him a little on his arm or shoulder during their conversations. She did it infrequently — again, almost always when Angelica and her father were out of the room or with their backs turned — but she had started doing it consistently. The touches were brief and sort of neutral; still, the fact they happened at all seemed to contribute to a conviction on Jeff's part that Angelica's mother was becoming more than a little interested in him. A little too interested, in fact!
    This expression of interest was absolutely unwelcome! Worrisome, when you got right down to it! Jeff loved Angelica, not her mother. He would never hit on Mrs Gonzales — never! — and so this interest she seemed to be showing in him could not have a happy outcome. For one thing, Angelica would undoubtedly become increasingly bothered by it. For another, Mr Gonzales would eventually have to become aware of it, too. In the end it could only put a lot of strain on his relationship with Angelica, which was in the last analysis the only bond that mattered.

Yet Maria Gonzales was so beautiful, so buxom! She really did make Jeff's blood fizz in spite of himself. One day during study hall Jeff mused about what it would like to have an affair with Mrs Gonzales. It probably would be fabulous; after all, she narrowly bested her daughter in beauty and convincingly in buxomness; besides, her additional years of sexual experience would make her a veritable firecracker, Jeff adjudged. And then there was the suspicion that she and her husband were not getting it on any more! She would be an absolute wild animal in bed! Of course, he would never act of these reveries; heck, even daydreaming about Mrs Gonzales was dangerous business. Still, her stupendous charms made it difficult not to think about it just a little!
    Jeff knew that messing with a girlfriend's mother was about the worst idea possible. He had first realized that truth while taking out his slutty take-a-break-from-Pam types. How much more true was it when he actually loved the daughter in question as opposed to using her simply for sexual release!

Some of those mothers had indeed come onto him a little — and sometimes a lot! In particular, he remembered Kimmie Wilson, Helen's mother. If Helen had a pair of F-cup tits, her mother must have sported G- or H-cup hooters — at least. They were so huge and firm! Kimmie made a point of giving Jeff a big frontal hello hug whenever he came to the house to pick up Helen. The pressure of her massive jugs against his chest felt so exciting. On the other hand, the dirty look Helen gave her mother in response would have stripped paint off a battleship. This must be a game Kimmie, a divorcée, played with a lot of Helen's boyfriends. Helen never said a word about it but from the strained look on her cute, pug face as Jeff and her mother disengaged, it was clear she was furious with her mother!
    Jeff ran into Kimmie in the parking lot at the Thompson's Dairy on Touhy Avenue one Saturday afternoon soon after he had Helen had broken up. He was standing between parked cars, about to insert the key into the door of his Bonneville. The buxom mother walked into the gap between the two cars, gaily greeted the young man, and then gave Jeff one of her patented frontal hugs. Because of their positioning, the couple were secluded from onlookers.
    "Hi, Jeff," she gushed. "It's so nice to see you." Kimmie adopted a mock pouting look on her face. "I really miss seeing you since ... well ... you know. I was really sad about that 'cause you and Helen were such a cute couple."
    "Yeah, well I was, too," Jeff replied. "But these things happen. Young love and all that, you know," he grinned. Jeff was doing his best to keep things light!
    Kimmie chuckled. She had not fully disengaged from the hug. The buxom mom was standing so close! The young man had his back to the wall of the store while Kimmie was facing him. She was wearing a tight pair of jeans. Up top she had on a V-neck sweater out of which an explosion of tit meat was visible. Her cleavage was very deep. She placed a warm hand on Jeff's forearm. Her firm, erect tits were less than an inch from Jeff's chest. The young man could feel his loins stirring! What a pair of tits she had!
    "If you're not busy, Jeff, would you like to come on over for a soda this afternoon? It would be nice to see you again. Just 'cause you 'n Helen broke up is no reason to be a stranger!" By this time Kimmie's huge bosom was lightly brushing against Jeff's chest.
    "Umm ... er ...." Jeff was getting discombobulated. And yet interested, too. Still, he knew a bad idea when he heard one. "Umm ... Mrs Wilson...."
    "Kimmie, please!"
    "Ummm ... Kimmie, I'm not sure that would be a good idea. I mean, Helen and I didn't exactly have a pleasant break-up, you know, and...."
    Kimmie leaned against Jeff with a little extra force. Jeff could feel her huge, firm breasts getting squashed against his muscled chest. "Well, that doesn't matter, baby, 'cause Helen's spending the weekend with her father in Crystal Lake. It would just be the two of us havin' that drink." The buxom woman gave Jeff a wink.

Jesus! Kimmie's not just hittin' on me, she tryin' to pick me up. God! Her tits are so huge! She's sorta cute, I guess, but her face is kinda old ... leathery ... lots of wrinkles ... on account of her smokin', I bet ... plus she smells like an ashtray ...ugh! ... I can smell booze on her breath, too ... yuck! ... Helen used to tell me her mother was usually half in the bag by noon ... I can believe it. Today seems to be no exception! I could sure feature lovin' up those tits and then fuckin' her brains out. But, God, those wrinkles ... that cigarette smell ... that boozy breath ... and then the phone calls 'n junk I'd start gettin'! I don't think so!

    Jeff's voice was a little shaky. "I ... I ... I still think it probably wouldn't be a good idea, Mrs Wils ... er, Kimmie. I mean, if Helen ever found out?"
    Kimmie now leaned heavily into Jeff's body. She reached down and cupped his balls. She seemed to stiffen as her hand comprehended their huge size. "Oh, she'd never find out, honey," she whispered. "Believe me!" Kimmie than leaned closer and gave Jeff's ear a provocative lick. Her breath was getting ragged. "Come on, you big hunk ... it'll be great. Better 'n great. What do you say, baby?"
    Jeff was in agony. He wanted in so many ways to fuck Kimmie to death! And to love up those massive tits while he was at it! But those wrinkles ... that cigarette smell ... that boozy breath.
    "Kimmie, I'm really honored by your invitation 'n all but I just don't think I should. Really I shouldn't. Plus my parents expect me to come right home from the store. I hope you understand?"
    Kimmie pulled back, a downcast look on her face. "Sure ... I guess I do, honey." She then stepped back and put on her game face. "Anyway, Jeff, it was great seeing you! And if you ever change your mind about that soda, Helen's at her Dad's every other weekend! The offer is always open!" She blew Jeff a kiss and walked away to her car. The way her tight buns swiveled inside her skin-tight jeans almost made Jeff regret his decision!

That was the last Jeff ever saw of Kimmie Wilson! But as he reminisced about the encounter he asked himself if things would have turned out differently if Kimmie had not had those wrinkles ... had not smelled like an ash tray ... had not been three sheets to the wind. What then? In all honesty, Jeff had to admit he probably would have taken her up on the invitation and said, "Damn the consequences."
    Yet now a much more beautiful and incalculably more buxom woman was showing a similar if considerably more muted interest. She certainly was wrinkle-free, didn't smoke, and didn't drink to speak of as far as Jeff could see. What did that say about his future response to Mrs Gonzales?


    As Jeff quickly realized, the situations were totally different because he was still going with Angelica. What's more, he was not just "going with her" in the sense he had once dated Helen Wilson but was head over heels in love with Angelica and interested in the long haul with the beautiful, buxom, smart, funny, sweet young girl. No, exploring the nature of Maria Gonzales's interest was so far out of bounds that it was dangerous even to think about it. Case closed, Jeff said to himself — thoughts like that will never cross my mind again!

And so for Jeff and Angelica, life continued to be wonderful. They loved each other in so many different ways but — let's face it — for Angelica Jeff's leading man looks and giant cock were real draws, while for Jeff Angelica's massive bosom and stunning looks were most thrilling parts of the package! It's true that he found it hard to keep his eyes off Mama's giant hooters but Angelica's colossal jugs were certainly big enough to satisfy his lust for an abundance of tit flesh.
    What's more, Angelica actually seemed to be getting bigger! The difference between her bosom and Mama's was ever so slightly but perceptively decreasing. Or so it seemed to Jeff. On one Monday — a Student Council day, which, Angelica seemed to think, called for a little more modesty in dress than other days — the buxom Latina had worn her plain blue blouse. Angelica always filled out her blouses — there's an understatement! — but this time it seemed more overstuffed than usual. Jeff stared at the blouse in amazement and Angelica caught him looking. She knew he couldn't keep his eyes off her chest but this time his leer seemed to have an additional basis.
    The couple were supposed to be paying close attention to the committee reports being delivered by various Council members. Jeff and Angelica, however, were daydreaming about figures that had nothing whatever to do with the boring presentations that droned on and on from the speaker's lectern.

God, she looks gigantic in that blouse! It's the one she wore on her second day at school, after getting hauled up before the Dean for supposedly dressing like a slut on her first day! That blouse was tight then but it's practically bursting now! She's getting bigger all the time. She said her chest was 47" when we first met but that she grew four or five sizes when she's turned on. I'd be willing to bet she's more than 50" most of the time now. She must be! That must mean she's at least an S-cup! Is that even possible?
This shirt is sure getting tighter! Before long it's gonna be gaping between the buttonholes. You'll actually be able to see my cleavage through the gaps! This is the last day for this blouse, you'd better believe! Admit it, Angelica, it's not that the blouse is shrinking, it's you getting bigger. This is the biggest bra I could find in my lingerie drawer and it's nearly exploding! I can't possibly mention it to Jeff — although I'm sure he's noticed. Look how he's staring at my chest! — the poor guy is bug-eyed! — 'cause I must be more than fifty inches all the time now. Fifty inches sounds so huge!
She never talks about her cup size or her bust measurement any more. I wonder if she's sensitive about reaching fifty inches. Let's face it, her mother's way, way, way more than fifty inches, so Angelica's sure to have to get past fifty inches, sooner rather than later. Should I ask her? Do I dare? For now, though, stop staring at them, man. Look into her eyes ... anywhere but at those gigantic tits!
It's not like Jeff to keep quiet about something so close to his heart as the size of my tits! Not with his runaway mouth! The poor dear must be going through agonies of suspense. Yet I honestly don't know what my bust measurement is right now. I'm so huge I don't think I want to know! But if I'm going to be spending all this time fucking his brains out, I'm definitely going to need some new bras. Heck, the way my tits swell up during Eighth Period every day just thinkin' about makin' love with Jeff right after school is agonizing! It's definitely time for Mama and me to find a replacement for Sra Valdez — and right away, too!

On those weekday afternoons when school politics did not encroach upon their time together, and the teenage lovers had the place to themselves, Jeff would leave Apartment 2-H to go home for dinner around six or so. Essentially, the trip home amounted to fulfilling the requirement to check in with his parents. Mr and Mrs Gonzales were on the three to twelve (or longer) shift, so Angelica would often simply heat something up in the microwave and then spend the rest of the evening studying in the quiet of the apartment. Once or twice a week she would have dinner with the Welds on Elm Street. Jeff's parents — especially Mr Weld who was now on his good behavior while in Angelica's presence — were happy to have their son's sweet, smart, and beautiful girl friend as a regular dinner guest. After they had heard about Angelica's solo microwave dinners — "the poor kid; she must be terribly lonely all alone in that apartment way up near the hospital!" — they would not have had it any other way!
    After helping Mrs. Weld with the dishes, the couple would typically grab their backpacks and stroll uptown to get some studying done at the city Library. When the library closed at ten, the lovers would stroll back up Prospect Avenue from the center of town to Jeff's house, whereupon the young man would drive his girl friend home.
    Naturally, Jeff's Bonneville would find its way as if on autopilot into the parking slot between the dumpster and the fence. Because Angelica's parents occasionally got off work early, the buxom Latina had decided that inviting Jeff up to the apartment for a goodbye kiss — and inevitably much, much more! — was way too risky. The couple would instead adjourn to the back seat of the Bonneville to say their goodnights. That exchange of goodbyes characteristically saw Jeff avidly sucking and licking Angelica's massive tits while his obscenely thick, long cock mercilessly drilled her dripping, convulsing pussy. Some goodnight kiss! Even when Jeff and Angelica had things to do during and after school, their times together inevitably seemed to wind up with some torrid lovemaking. It was a given! It was a rare day when the couple did not make love — and not just once, either.
    Weekends were characteristically spent doing a lot of traditional boy-takes-girl-out-on-a-date-type activities. Basketball games, parties, movies, school dances all kept the lovers busily occupied. Given that the couple were hardly deprived when it came to lovemaking, Angelica was glad they spent most of the weekends in large groups. It allowed her to meet people and get more firmly integrated into the Maine East community. More important, it was just plain fun to spend time with Jeff, his friends, and her new friends doing typical teenage things. Of course, the evenings invariably ended up in the back seat of the Bonneville in the rear of 1422 Carol Street. That was invariably the most wonderful part of the evening.
    Everything was great! It was thrilling to be alone with Jeff but it was also loads of fun to be with Jeff in a group. She really loved her new boy friend in both situations! And then she spent some time alone with her new girl pals while Jeff had occasional nights out with the boys. Their relationship was so balanced, so healthy!

Things were going so well with the couple that Jeff and Angelica would sometimes — albeit independently — have to pinch themselves to make sure it was not all just a dream. Things were so wonderful! They were passionately in love and were able on account of her parents' circumstances at work to make love dozens of times a week so as to give full expression to that love. Yet they also spent lots of fun time with other people; they also had the satisfaction of being heavily involved in school activities. In addition, they had their own lives, their own friends, and even some time to themselves.
    "Jeff, dearest," Angelica said one evening in the back seat of the Bonneville between couplings, "I didn't even know it was possible to love another person so much!"
    "I feel exactly the same way about you, Angelica," Jeff responded with a groan. "I'm so happy!"
    Was this a made-in-heaven relationship or what? Well, only time and the long run would tell. Notwithstanding, it would have been difficult for Jeff or Angelica to imagine a more ideal relationship than the one they shared at the moment. The two just seemed made for each other — physically, of course, but also spiritually, intellectually, and emotionally as well. They were an ideal match. As a result, things between the two teenage lovers were just ... perfect!


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