Part Eight

"Hi, Jeff, what a shame! You just missed Angelica.
She and Mr Gonzales just left to go shopping way
down in the city!" 

Nearly two months after the teenage lovers had met and promptly fallen in love, the icy hand of winter suddenly and unexpectedly relaxed its grip on the Chicagoland area. The temperature on that day, a Saturday, was, according to the morning Tribune, going to soar into the upper 50s. Maybe even the lower 60s. For an early March day in the Windy City, such temperatures were considered balmy. Even by 10:30 in the morning, the jagged, dirty piles of snow that littered the landscape had begun to diminish.
    Still, savvy Chicagoans knew that a heavy March snowfall or two could wipe out all trace of this hint of spring before winter was gone for good. Even some more below-zero temperatures were possible. Because of that possibility, a warm March day like the one at hand was too rare a gift to waste indoors. On a day like this, Chicagoans would eagerly get outside to luxuriate in the warm weather while it was still around to be enjoyed.
    Jeff was no different — he knew the drill. The young man grabbed a basketball out of the garage, flipped it into the back seat of the Bonneville, and drove off in the direction of the high school. He was sure that some of his pals would be shooting buckets on the outdoor courts. It would be fun to join them.
    In spite of the lingering morning chill, Jeff drove with the driver's window open. He could actually smell the heady scent of spring in the air. The first warm day after winter was so wonderful — even if winter was technically still hanging around and would undoubtedly roar right back in. The rich, loamy aroma rushing through the open window was intoxicating!
    As he approached the turnoff to the high school, Jeff suddenly realized that a day like this was much too wonderful to squander on playing hoops with the guys. This gorgeous harbinger of spring was better shared with Angelica. Accordingly, the young man headed straight up Potter Road in the direction of the Gonzales apartment. Thank goodness he had managed to get his priorities straight before he had arrived at the basketball court and gotten involved in a few games of horse!

Jeff often dropped in to see Angelica on Saturday mornings. Usually, he called ahead from home. Sometimes he just took a gamble and showed up unannounced. After nearly two months as an inseparable couple, their relationship permitted such casual visits as a matter of course. On account of his sudden change of plans, therefore, Jeff decided that today he would just take his chances. It would, he hoped, be a nice surprise.
    If his gorgeous, ultra-buxom sweetheart had not already had breakfast, they might drive over to the Walker Brothers pancake house on Green Bay Road in Wilmette and share an apple pancake. If she had already eaten, a trip to Pan Dees on Northwest Highway for some coffee or hot chocolate would be fun. On the other hand, a quiet, hand-in-hand walk in the forest preserve might be just the ticket. Or some combination of the above. Either way, they could enjoy each other's company and make plans for what they were going to do that evening — that is, during that part of the evening that preceded the time Jeff's Bonneville would be parked in its accustomed slot behind Angelica's apartment building. The script for that part of the evening was set in stone!
    No matter what they decided to do, however, the important thing for Jeff was to spend as much time as possible with the huge-breasted Latina knockout. And vice-versa! Jeff and Angelica had fucked their brains out the night before in the back seat of Jeff's car. So what else was new? Nonetheless, Jeff couldn't wait to see her again, even though it had been barely ten hours since his last explosion of semen had whitewashed the walls of Angelica's convulsing womb. The two sizzling hot lovers simply could not get enough of each other! They were joined at the hip — among other places! — and if possible growing even closer.

It was not Angelica who answered the door of Apartment 2-H, however. It was her mom.
    "Why, hi Jeff," the monumentally buxom, extravagantly beautiful young mother exclaimed in a warm tone. "How ya doin'?"

Oh, oh! Mrs. Gonzales' friendliness is gettin' a little worrisome! And how come she answered the door? Mr Gonzales is always the one who does that. He doesn't want his wife or daughter to risk getting ogled by strangers at the door. Makes sense to me. And it's not just to protect them. Hell, a Fuller brush man could drop dead on the spot after a glimpse of either Mama or Angelica!

    "Hmm ...fine, Mrs Gonzales, thanks! Is Angelica in by any chance?"
    "Oh, Jeff," she replied in a disappointed tone, "what a shame! You just missed Angelica. What is it now ... eleven? They left less than ten minutes ago, I'd say. She and her father went shopping way down in the city! They're on their way to West 26th Street to load up on some Mexican groceries 'n stuff. That's too bad — you could've gone with them. They would have enjoyed the company."
    Mrs Gonzales was wearing a thick terry-cloth bathrobe. In spite of its thick fabric and commodious cut, her massive, utterly massive tits were jutting through the garment like twin basketballs. Larger than regulation basketballs. Like over inflated beach balls, maybe. The bulky garment utterly failed to disguise the fact that the still-young Latina beauty was breathtakingly, almost incomprehensibly busty. And equally gorgeous as well.

God! Short of a suit of armor, Mrs Gonzales couldn't be wearing anything that would do a better job of hidin' her assets than that lumpy ol' bathrobe. Yet you can still tell how gigantic her tits are. I know I've seen 'em before — lots of times! — but every time I eyeball 'em I still get knocked for a loop! They're so huge!

    Even though the bathrobe was tightly cinched, Jeff's senses were assaulted by the impossibly deep, preposterously long cleavage that was lavishly spilling out of the top of the conservative, severely tailored dressing gown. What a fantastic build the woman had! It was absolutely beyond belief!
    And then there was her stunningly beautiful face! Jeff knew that in Angelica he had a girl friend in a billion. No complaints there! Still, there was no getting around it — her mother was ever so slightly more beautiful than her daughter. Not to mention a whole lot more buxom! Jeff had steeled himself not to even think of those facts, let alone to ponder acting upon them. Still, there it was! It was a fact of life! If there were a more buxom and beautiful woman anywhere on earth than Maria Gonzales, the young man would be shocked! He'd have to see it to believe it!

Nonetheless, or perhaps because of those very facts, Jeff was absolutely ready to bolt! An apartment containing Maria Gonzales, himself, and no one else was no place for him to be. Especially in light of the steamy looks the overdeveloped beauty had been directing his way recently. Not to mention the sneak peeks he had, in spite of himself, directed her way from time to time — when he was sure of not getting caught, that is. And then there was the super-friendly look she gave him when she opened the door a few moments ago. What was the old saying: If you don't want to slip stay out of slippery places? It was plainly time to head to the basketball court.

Gotta get out of here! Even though that bulky ol' robe isn't particularly revealing, those giant tits could make anything look sexy! Mrs Gonzales would even be a turn-on in a barrel! Time to say thanks a lot, goodbye, and I'll call Angelica later about when to pick her up this evening. Get those feet movin', Jeff!

    "Umm ... well, thanks, Mrs Gonzales. When do you think Angelica will be back?"
    "Let's see," she replied, "it usually takes them at least three hours to get down there, drop by all their usual haunts, and then drive home. In fact, normally they stop off for lunch during their shopping, so that they're usually gone four hours at least. I wouldn't expect them back until, oh, three at the earliest. At the very earliest. Could be later, too."

Yeah, that's about right. I've made the trip with 'em a couple of times so I know the timetable. Several hours of basketball over at the high school will fill up the time. That means it's time to say bye-bye and scoot!

    Mrs Gonzales was still smiling warmly at Jeff. A little too warmly, perhaps? The young man was wearing khaki shorts and a loose tank top. His rippling muscles and sleek legs were fully evident. The buxom young mom's eyes were actually shining in apparent appreciation of Jeff's bodybuilder physique and leading man good looks. He could sense her sparkling eyes lasciviously roaming up and down his body. It was definitely time to hit the road!
    "Okay, Mrs Gonzales," Jeff replied a little nervously as he edged back toward the apartment building corridor. "Thanks. When Angelica gets home, would you ... um ... tell her I stopped by and that I'll call, say, um, around three or so?"
    "Sure, Jeff," the giant-breasted beauty responded, "I'd be glad to." She then paused and subtly but sensually licked her full, succulent lips. "But, say ... so you won't have come all this way for nothing, why don't you come in for a quick cup of coffee?"

Oh, my God! What a bad idea that would be! I've gotta turn around and scram! Pronto!

    "Umm ... Thanks, but I should really go, Mrs. Gonzales. I was, er, going to meet some of my buddies over at the high school to play some, you know, basketball?"
    "That sounds like loads of fun on a warm day like this," Mrs Gonzales brightly observed. "But it would be fun for us to chat for a few minutes. I mean, it's rude to just run off!"

Oh, shit! I sure don't want to be impolite! What a pickle! I certainly can't be rude to my girlfriend's mother. But I absolutely shouldn't really stay, either. How do I get out of this one? Gracefully, that is! The main thing is to keep my eye off Mrs Gonzales and on the bottom line — which all adds up to ... I gotta bolt!

    "I certainly don't mean to be rude, Mrs Gonzales. It's just that my buddies are, you know, waitin' for me and...."
    "But if they're waiting for you, Jeff, what would have happened if Angelica had been home? You wouldn't have run off then, would you?"

Shit! She's got me there! Looks like my training in Aristotelian logic isn't gonna help me here! Hell, that argument sure went down the drain fast!

    Jeff had gotten a bit red in the face. He was beginning to look very uncomfortable and embarrassed. "I supposed I wouldn't have," he mumbled.
    Mrs Gonzales smiled tolerantly at the young man. "Look, Jeff, I was just about to make a pot when the doorbell rang. Why not stick around for a quick cup of java? Just for a few minutes? It'll keep you warm if it starts to get cool out there on the court?"

Shit! She sure ain't makin' this easy! Maybe I should stay for a few minutes ... just a few? ... just to be polite, you know? Anyway, how I can I get out of it? She's being so insistent! I suppose that so long as she has that bulky robe on, it'll be easier to keep from starin' at her. Who am I kidding? Her tits are so huge that even that big, thick old robe can't hide 'em! What a fucking pair! Maybe I can pick out a spot on the wall over her shoulder and keep staring at that! Hell, I can handle it for a few minutes.

    "Umm, okay," Jeff helplessly allowed. "Just a quick cup would be fine. Great, in fact. Thanks a lot, Mrs Gonzales," Jeff concluded in a noticeably wary and hesitant tone. He hadn't felt this awkward and jittery around a woman since who knows when!

"Why don't you sit on the couch while the coffee perks," Mrs Gonzales suggested brightly. "And while it's brewing, I'll go change out of this horrid old bathrobe. I can't believe it's after eleven already and I still have my robe on. I should be better dressed than this when I'm entertaining company. Even if," Mrs Gonzales grinned, "you're really more family than company, Jeff."

Oh, shit! I was counting on that "horrid old robe" to keep me from eyeballin' Mrs Gonzales' killer body. If she puts on some clothes that are short or tight or something, I'm gonna be in big trouble! No doubt about it — I'm gonna have to chug-a-lug that coffee and run!

    Jeff sank heavily down onto the couch. He was extremely apprehensive about Mrs Gonzales' reappearance. No matter what she put on, he knew her stupendous curves were going to be a whole lot more noticeable once she had changed out of the robe. There was danger ahead! Yet as treacherous as he knew their coffee klatch was going to be, Jeff could feel the sap rising in spite of his better judgment. He vacillated between feeling he should simply run out the door and call Mrs Gonzales later from a phone booth somewhere to apologize and finding himself shamefully eager to discover just how the gorgeous young mom was going to adorn her charms. Damn, damn, damn!

"I'm sorry I took so long to get ready, Jeff," Mrs Gonzales announced in a soft, sultry, and almost slurred voice.
    The young man looked to his left to see Mrs Gonzales suddenly reappear in the archway separating the living room from the hall to the bedrooms and bathroom. Jeff's eyes got big. Huge! All of a sudden he was glad he was sitting on the couch. Had he been standing, his legs would surely have collapsed under him!
    Mrs Gonzales had certainly gotten rid of her robe. And how! She was now wearing the sexiest, most revealing outfit Jeff had ever seen — or, even in his most feverish sexual fantasies, been able to imagine. The stupendously buxom young mom had donned a tight, off-white, ultra-ultra-short dress. Jeff was not sure what sort of material it was made of; the cloth was very clingy, though. It did not miss a single one of Mrs Gonzales's many curves. To make things even more alluring, the ivory shade of the material complemented beautifully the buxom mom's luscious, creamy complexion. She looked sensational!
    To call the outfit a mini-dress was wildly short of the mark; even the term micro-mini did not do the trick. The hemline seemed to be so high that it barely covered her pussy. Jeff was willing to bet that it left a whole lot of her rump uncovered as well.
    Jeff's uncertainty about the exact length of the hemline of this tiny little dress was unavoidable. The problem was that Mrs Gonzales's massive, massive tits were hanging well below the hem of her dress. Her pendulous hangers extended to her upper thighs, some three inches or so below the hem of the dress. This shocking mass of tit meat so obscured the front of the dress that Jeff was forced to guess at the length of its hemline. There was no doubt, though — the dress was so impossibly short as almost not to be there at all. Wow!
    This apparent high hemline was arousing enough by itself. Jeff's mouth really started to get dry as his eyes roamed up to Mrs Gonzales's tiny waist — and beyond.

Look at those tits! They're covering up her entire body! They're so huge! I can't believe what I'm seein' — her gorgeous, gorgeous face up top and a sensational pair of legs below — well, most of her legs, anyway! — and in between nothing but a giant pair of tits. Un — fucking — believable!

    The top of the dress consisted of two strips of material, each about four or five inches wide, which traveled up and over the center of Mrs Gonzales's gargantuan bosom. These strips appeared to start at the ultra-buxom mom's waistband, to travel downwards under her swelling, hanging bosom for at time until, having reached the base of her tits, they reversed direction and headed northward in the direction of her neck.
    These strips made the dress top look more like a sexy thong-style swimming suit than a garment intended for dry land. The material up top was so skimpy that Mrs Gonzales's back (which Jeff could not see) just had to be entirely bare; the same was true of the center of her chest (which Jeff decidedly could see) between the strips of cloth. The dress did — just barely!— pay lip service to modesty in that the narrow bands of cloth covered up the buxom mom's nipples and adjacent portions of her tits. Her huge, milk chocolate areolae — Jeff guessed they were nearly the size of dinner plates — were much more than just peeking out on either side of the bands of cloth, however. The truth is that way over half of the sexy, puckered flesh was on full display. Jeff's eye's bugged out as he contemplated the improbably huge and bulging mounds of tit meat that swelled fantastically out of either side of those strips.

How can tits be so goddamn massive? Mrs Gonzales is nothin' but tits on legs! Angelica is fantastically built but this ... man! ... this is just beyond belief. Mrs Gonzales must have the biggest tits in the world! At least on a really slim body like hers, anyway. Just lookin' at 'em could make a fellow blow seed! Wow!

    Mrs Gonzales's truly colossal tits covered her entire chest from just below her neck almost all the way down to her upper thighs! Nor was that all — her puppies were so huge that they extended far beyond the width of her trunk, by six inches at least. And nearly all of that tit flesh was totally bare and thus on display — wanton display, at that. Had his mind been collected enough to do the math, Jeff would have estimated that some 90% of her tit meat was bare on account of the skimpiness of the dress. What a sight to behold!
    The two clingy bands then circled around her neck to hold up the miniscule little dress top. They appeared to be tied in a bow — for easy removal and access, it suddenly struck the awestruck young man. He felt as if he were dreaming — how could a dress possibly be this sexy? The answer was swift in coming — only when it was adorning a body like Mrs Gonzales's!
    Jeff could tell that he was literally drooling at the sight of this seemingly impossible sight. It was not simply the gigantic size of Mrs Gonzales's bosom; it was also the fact her tits were so firm! They didn't appear to sag even slightly, even though the overbuilt young mom wasn't wearing a bra. Man! How could tits like that actually exist? Jeff had for months been feasting on Angelica's giant hooters; one would think he would be able to take a huge pair in stride. Guess again — the size of these monsters put even Angelica's massive chest in the shade. Jeff was overcome with equal parts shock and lust.

Oh, man! This is just unbelievable. Those tits! They're way bigger than watermelons. Hell, they might even be twice the size of a watermelon. A big watermelon, that is! And then there's that dress! It's a whole lot sexier than if Mrs Gonzales had walked out here in the nude. Look at the way she's thrusting those unbelievable whoppers in my direction. That's a woman who's just beggin' for it! But I can't — I just can't! I gotta get out of here! Right this minute!

    Mrs Gonzales stood motionless in the archway while Jeff stared, utterly slack-jawed, at the incredible vista before him. The overly curved beauty was wantonly arching her back as if to offer her massive breasts to Jeff as a love offering that was his for the taking.
    The giant-breasted woman did have a slightly apprehensive look on her shockingly beautiful face. Plainly, she was worried that wearing this tiny little garment was too far — way too far — over the line. She had decided, however, that she was going to go for broke. Jeff was going to get the fullest look possible at her goodies. There had to be no doubt that all of her was his for the taking. To that end she had showcased those assets in the most erotic manner possible. After that? She was going for broke ... all or nothing! It was going to be Jeff's call.

Look at those goddamn bazooms! They're hangin' so low! And so wide! I can actually see 'em jiggling a little while she stands there, stickin' 'em in my face. She's absolutely killin' me with that dress. I bet she worked it up so she could show off her big cans. That's the whole idea of the dress, I bet! And now she's puttin' on a show for me. Oh, shit!

    Needless to say, Mrs Gonzales's killer legs, sleek thighs, and ultra-enormous puppies were on full, wanton display. Jeff could feel his mouth go dry as he stared, slack-jawed, at the unbelievable vista Mrs Gonzales was presenting. Oh, man! What's more, she continued to stand there motionless — well, motionless except for her subtly jiggling tits — for Jeff's inspection. She wanted him to check out her stupendous goodies. Could be little doubt that the merchandise was available for the taking?
    Jeff's bugged-out eyes had finally made the journey up Mrs Gonzales's shockingly voluptuous body to her gorgeous face. As their eyes met, a wave of understanding flowed between them. He knew and she knew that any woman who put on a dress like that was looking to get fucked! In an instant, they knew the score: She was his, if only he'd say the word and get to work. Now, they both knew it was Jeff's call! Everything was out on the table at last!
    When Jeff had in the past eyeballed the shape of Mrs Gonzales's tits under a sweater or a blouse or even the thick old robe she had been wearing when he arrived, the young man had naturally been struck by the huge size of Mrs Gonzales's basketball-plus-sized tits. Now, however, he was more than amazed — he was thunderstruck! With most of its vast expanse fully exposed to his disbelieving eyes for the first time, the ultra-buxom mom's nearly naked bosom was turning out to be much, much bigger than Jeff had ever imagined. The vast size of her knockers was just unbelievable!
    Her swollen tits looked like elongated, fantastically oversized pears. They were so amazingly wide! Her doublewide globes of breast flesh protruded on either side of her slim trunk by six inches — maybe more! Jeff sat in stunned silence looking at this incomprehensible sight. Even for a guy used to Angelica's massive cans, this sight was beyond belief!

Man! I can't keep my eyes off of that dress — it's unbelievable! Those tits! They're even more unbelievable! Is she comin' on to me or what? Wow! I've got to get out of here, though! She wants it so bad — no doubt about that! But ... but I can't be the guy to put it to her. I just can't! It would ruin everything with Angelica! Come on, Jeff, move them legs and vamoose! But shit! I'm so stunned at this sight I can't even get up to start runnin'!

    Jeff sat in paralyzed silence. He couldn't move; he couldn't speak. He could only continue to stare at the wanton show Mrs Gonzales was putting on. Her areolae! Wow! Dinner plates? Actually, they were about the size of pie pans, and were well over a foot in size.
    As Jeff's burning eyes continued, laser-like, to bore in on Mrs Gonzales's swollen chest, he noticed that a very prominent pair of nipples was punctuating the two bands of cloth encircling her tits. Man! No doubt about it — Mrs Gonzales's nipples were totally erect. Jeff was willing to be that the super-breasted young mom must be very aroused for her nips to be making noticeable indentations like that! Well, join the club! Jeff's own arousal level was heading for the stratosphere! He helplessly noted that his dick was beginning to take notice. But, hell ... faced with a sight like this ... what's a cock to do?

In spite of his best intentions to look away, Jeff continued to stare with unrelieved intensity and lust at Mrs Gonzales's eye-popping breasts. How could he not? They were so unbelievably massive! And being so wantonly flaunted! Jeff's eyes were just riveted on the massive balloons of tit meat. The way the overdeveloped young mom was arching her back and thrusting her massive globes of tit flesh in his direction was only making things worse. The poor young fellow was getting short of breath. More seriously, he could feel his cock start to react with some seriousness of purpose. The way these colossal honkers occupied the gorgeous young mom's entire chest all the way from just below her neck down to her sleek, killer thighs was unbelievably arousing. Why, oh why had he agreed to have that cup of coffee?
    Jeff was willing himself not to react. Sad to say, he was having a singular lack of success. But what man with even a trace of testosterone in his system could remain indifferent to firm, massive balloons like this? Especially when they were part of a package that included an impossibly curvy body and an incomprehensibly beautiful face. Jeff sat like a stone, helplessly drinking in Mrs Gonzales's outrageous, and almost entirely revealed, buxom beauty. Hell, he was a human being with normal urges. How could he do otherwise? The best he could do now was to look but not touch. Especially don't touch!

After showcasing her fabulous figure in the doorway for a minute or two — to Jeff it seemed like an hour! — Mrs Gonzales slowly walked into the living room. Her nearly unfettered bosom seriously rippled and undulated at every step. Jiggle, quiver, bounce, and shake! The way her massive tits galloped and swayed as she tottered along was almost too arousing to bear.

God! She's actually wearing heels. High ones, too. They must be 5" at least. The way they make her tits jiggle and float is too much! Yet her tits really look firm! Jiggly and firm at the same time? Is that possible? Well, seeing is believing!

    For a terrifying moment, Jeff was afraid that Mrs Gonzales was going to come right over to the couch and sit down. How would he have handled that? Instead, she stopped midway between the hallway arch and the kitchen doorway, pivoted, and offered Jeff an extended sideways glance at her ultra-voluptuous figure. She was arching her back nearly to the breaking point to accentuate the outward thrust of her oversized bosom! The young man was stunned to see that the swell of her massive tits was notably greater than the width of her svelte trunk. Jeff almost groaned aloud at the sexiness of the studied pose and the boner-building view of her fabulous goodies it offered.

Man! Look at the sideways view of her fuckin' tits she's givin' me! From this vantage point, they're completely naked. Wow! They're about twice as wide as her body! At least! They're hangin' lower than her waist. At least! They're the size of two watermelons! At least! And the way she's archin' her back makes 'em especially stick out! I bet more than half of her weight is tit! Man — what am I goin' to do? The sight of those giant tits is drivin' me crazy!

    "Just relax for a second more, Jeff, honey, and I'll get us that coffee," Mrs Gonzales purred.

Jeff, honey? Oh my God! Where is Mrs Gonzales goin' with this? As if I didn't know! Shit, shit, shit!

    Mrs Gonzales then turned to walk into the kitchen. The resulting view of the Latina stunner from the rear was even sexier than the just-concluded side view she had so carefully engineered. Her micro-mini-dress was so short that Jeff could actually see the swell of her tight, smooth buttocks as the little garment swung from side to side. The dress only covered the top third or so of her ass crack. The rest of her killer butt was hanging free below her hemline. Nearly her entire ass was bare. Jesus!

Look at that ass! It's so tight and shapely! And bare! Angelica's got a perfect tight little butt but Mrs Gonzales's rump is just as perfect. And the way she swings it.... it's makin' me start to drool! ...'n to leak in other places, too!

    The buxom young mom did not just walk along, needless to say — she was swinging her pert little ass as if it had been mounted on ball bearings. She was putting on a show — no doubt about it. In view of the shortness of the dress and the display of naked flesh it permitted, Jeff could tell that the young mom was not wearing any panties. God!
    Most exciting of all, six inches of floating, mostly bare tit flesh stuck out on either side of her body. It swung and swayed in response to her footfalls. The sight of this floating mass of jiggling breast meat was unbearably sexy. This time Jeff groaned aloud. He hoped Mrs Gonzales had not heard him!

Any more of this and I'm gonna shoot my load! What an ass she has! The way she's swingin' it! The sight of her giant tits wobblin' and floatin' from the rear! I could never dreamed that a woman could show off so much tit from the rear. Not even Angelica! What a show she's puttin' on!

    When he was sure that the Latina beauty was in the kitchen, Jeff reached down to massage the growing lump in his shorts. It was on fire! He knew that Mrs Gonzales was absolutely off limits; at the same time, however, he was going to be in need of some relief if the show she was putting on got much sexier! Jeff wondered if he could excuse himself to go to the bathroom to take a leak and then beat off! One thing was for sure — something was gonna have to give pretty soon! He was in agony!

Mrs Gonzales soon returned from the kitchen. She was carrying a tray with two steaming mugs of coffee, a pitcher of cream, and a sugar bowl. Jeff was amazed at how far Mrs Gonzales had to hold the tray out in front of her body on account of the swell of her monstrous tits. She was so huge!
    While waiting for her return, Jeff had scooted down to the far end of the couch. This little act of self-defense was of little aid, for after putting the tray down on the coffee table, Mrs Gonzales sat down squarely in the middle of the center cushion. She was at most a foot away from the young man.

Oh, no! If her tits were exciting when she was standing up ... well, they certainly lost nothing when she sat down. Look at the way they fill up her lap. Lap, did I say? They cover her lap, her thighs, and almost her knees! Jesus! They look so ready to be fondled! I'm gonna faint in a second!

    Mrs Gonzales handed Jeff a mug, picked up her own, and leaned over to click her mug against his. In the process her stupendous cleavage became even more prominent. Jeff could almost feel its enveloping warmth. When she leaned back against the back of the couch, Jeff noticed to his distress that the overly buxom mom had somehow managed to bridge half the twelve inches that had formerly separated them. Mrs Gonzales was now sitting at most six inches away from the sweating, trembling young man.

I can't believe what a play she's makin' for me! What the heck am I gonna do? I can't take her up on it! Can I?

Mrs Gonzales smiled warmly at Jeff. "I'm so glad we're able to visit like this, Jeff," she began. "You've been going with Angelica now for, what, almost two months? — and we've never really had a chance to chat — just the two of us, I mean."

You bet we haven't, Mrs Gonzales, and that's no accident. It's called self-defense!

    The buxom mom all of a sudden got a concerned look on her face, as if she had just that minute become aware of the effect the wanton display of her stupendous charms was having on the young man. "Oh, Jeff, I hope this outfit I have on isn't too, well, you know, casual?"
    "Umm ... er ... ugh ... hmmm ... No ... I mean, not at all!" Jeff stammered.
    "I'm so glad," Mrs Gonzales continued. "It's just such a warm day, and the apartment is so sweltering? I didn't want to crank up the air conditioning when I figure winter's probably gonna be back in a day or two, so I thought this dress would be sort of appropriate... Spring-like, you know." The improbably buxom Latina once again arched her back and thrust her huge breasts at Jeff. "I wouldn't wear it in public, of course, 'cause I guess some people could think it's a little, you know, revealing but at home with someone who's, you know, almost ... family!"

Revealing! What would make you think that, Mrs Gonzales? Revealing? The only thing more revealing would be no clothes at all 'n frankly, that wouldn't be as much of a turn-on as that unbelievable dress.

    "It's ... great ... hmm ... appropriate ... um ... very becoming!" Jeff was so discombobulated as to find it difficult to utter a coherent sentence. The fact that Mrs Gonzales had started to lean her voluptuous body in his direction was tattering the small amount of composure he had managed to retain.
    "Mr Gonzales and I are so glad you and Angelica are a couple, Mrs Gonzales continued, as she fell back into the couch. "You're just so perfect for each other. Especially after that horrid fellow Eddie she dated in El Paso. Mr Gonzales and I were fit to be tied! I'm sure she's told you all about him?" Jeff dumbly nodded his head.
    "Eddie was totally inappropriate in so many ways," she went on. "He was much too old for Angelica — and that's only the beginning! It's so great instead to have your daughter goin' with a top student who's just about her age and also a wonderful, kind, considerate guy." Mrs Gonzales leaned over even farther and patted Jeff's bare knee. "A guy who's really handsome, too," she murmured. Mrs Gonzales gave Jeff's knee a little squeeze. "That's just to let you know we approve, Jeff," she concluded. "Totally!"

When Mrs Gonzales had leaned over to pat Jeff's knee, the young fellow noticed that her massive bosom had nearly touched his thigh. When the overdeveloped mom leaned back, Jeff noticed as well that the gap between their bodies had somehow been reduced to three inches at most. At this rate, Mrs Gonzales was going to be sitting in his lap before Jeff had finished his coffee!

God! She's gettin' closer! That means her tits are gettin' closer, too! I can't help sneakin' a peek at 'em. With her leanin' over like this, they're now coverin' her knees! They're so soft and ... pillowy! Jesus! They look so ... grabbable! Jesus! They're certainly close enough to grab! Help!

    "I should tell you, I guess," Mrs Gonzales continued in a low tone, "that Angelica shares everything with us. With me, anyway. I mean just everything!"
    Jeff gulped.

Oh, God! Is this goin' where I think it's goin'?

    Mrs Gonzales looked deeply into Jeff's eyes. "That includes things about the two of you. Intimate things. I hope you don't mind." The giant-titted Latina began to speak in an even a lower tone. "That includes the intimacies you two share, Jeff." The gorgeous young mom paused for a moment. "I'll be frank, Jeff. Your sexual relationship is what I mean. The way you two make love just all the time."
    The buxom mom pulled back a bit from Jeff. She had started to arch her back once again. Again, Mrs Gonzales was thrusting her massive jugs in Jeff's direction. Because she was doing it while nearly sitting in the young man's lap, the effect was even more electrifying than before.

Oh, those tits! They're definitely the size of two watermelons. Each! I can't take my eyes off 'em. Look at the way her nipples are makin' those straps stick way up from her tit flesh! The way her giant cans wobble and shake while she talks! How much more of this can I take?

    "'Course," Mrs Gonzales went on, "any mother would much rather not have her teenage daughter be sexually active at all but after Eddie ... well, you know, once a girl has been sexually involved with one boyfriend, it usually sets the course for her later relationships. The horse is out of the barn for good, it seems. At least it was for me," she confided with a sigh. "All you can do is try 'n make sure she's protected — which my parents didn't," she added. At this point, Mrs Gonzales leaned back in toward Jeff.
    Jeff was turning beet red. He was absolutely unable to respond to these comments. Instead, he sat paralyzed in his corner of the couch.

She's leanin' in! Here they come again! One of these times she leans in, my hands are gonna start grabbin' tit. Involuntarily, I mean. Much more of this 'n I'm gonna lose control. Little head to big head — We gotta get outa here! Now!

    Mrs Gonzales's voice was now only slightly above a husky whisper. "So long as Angelica is going to be sexually active, I'm so glad it's with a guy like you, Jeff. Angelica tells me you're such a considerate, giving lover. Someone who really respects her. Just the sort of guy I'd want for my daughter to be intimate with — if she's going to be intimate at all, that is."
    The ultra lush Hispanic beauty sensually licked her lips. "By the way, Angelica has also told me what a fabulous, fabulous lover you are. What an exciting lover! Just world class! She tells me that the sex between you guys is just ... super ... just so great!"
    "Hmmm?" Jeff gargled.
    "Yeah, the horse is out of the barn, all right. And speaking of horses ... I have to tell you, Jeff, that Angelica has told me all about what a ... hmmm? ... unbelievably well-developed lover you are, too, if you know what I mean." Jeff could not be absolutely certain but he thought that Mrs Gonzales might have given him a subtle wink at that point. "She tells me," the huge-chested mom continued in an even lower voice, "that you can do things to her with your ... um ... fabulous equipment that, well, she never even dreamed possible." Mrs Gonzales paused and looked deeply into the young man's eyes. "That's so great, Jeff. Angelica is such a lucky girl!"

As she uttered these words, the mega-busted mom's right breast had actually begun to lightly brush Jeff's shoulder. He thought he was going to faint on account of this proximity to Mrs Gonzales's giant udder. It was time to scram! Way past time to scram, when you get right down to it.

Oh, wow, her tit actually touched me. It's so soft. So firm, too, though. I'm gettin' so stiff! I'm gonna cream in my jeans if I'm not careful!

    "Um ... Mrs Gonzales ... I really have to go now, I think. I really do! Like right now?"
    "Hush, Jeff. I know your friends are waiting for you over at the high school. But just hear me out — okay?"
    Jeff silently nodded. Why was he finding it so hard to spring up off the couch and run for his life?
    The overly curved young mom now began to speak in even a lower tone. In terms of everyday speech, her words were barely audible but Jeff could hear them as well as if they were being broadcast over a loudspeaker. He was really focused on the mega-breasted young mom. "I have to tell you, Jeff, that there's a couple of things that really bother me when Angelica talks about your love life."
    Again, Jeff could only nod; he had long since lost his power of articulate speech.
    "First," Mrs Gonzales continued, "like I said, a mom really would prefer her daughter to save it for marriage, or at least wait until she's engaged. It's really so much better that way, really it is. In the long run. So it's, you know, a little disconcerting to get a blow-by-blow account from your high school-age daughter about her love-making."
    Jeff nodded dumbly. He was looking down into his lap. No way was he going to look up to see if that "blow by blow" usage had been accompanied by a tiny, ironic smile! Instead, he focused disconcertedly on the growing tent taking form in his groin area.
    "But her being sexually active is not a big issue, Jeff, not any more at any rate. That's not a battle I could win with her anyway, so I don't even try. We've got her on the pill, so that so long as she only spends time with an okay guy — and that's you for sure, Jeff — Mr Gonzales and I will be satisfied." Mrs Gonzales was nearly whispering now. "No, Jeff, honey, the worst part is that it's so frustrating to listen to Angelica talk about your hot lovin'. That's 'cause," she quickly added while locking her eyes on Jeff's, who had made the mistake of looking up at this point, "that's 'cause it's been so long since I've gotten any lovin'." Mrs Gonzales then began to mash her huge bosom against Jeff's trunk with real force. "Any lovin' at all, baby!" she added in a soft, alluring whisper.

Oh, God! I knew this was comin' I just knew it! Look at the way that huge tit is billowing out and squashing itself against my body. I can feel her tit meat so strongly! Even through my tank top. Her tit is so warm, so soft, and so firm! So huge! It's so thrilling! I can't be doin' this, though — I just can't! Somehow, I've just got to let her down easy and then get out of here! Before disaster strikes! But if it's so dangerous, why can't I pull back?

    "Oh, Mrs Gonzales," Jeff croaked. "I'm sorry if that's so but ... but I just don't think we oughta be talkin' about this. Not at all! I mean, it's just so private, you know, between you 'n Mr Gonzales? I feel for you, really I do, but, golly, it's really none of my business? So I think I really should go. Really! Like right now!"
    Mrs Gonzales smiled warmly and placed a hot palm on Jeff's bare knee. She leaned with even greater force into his body. She seemed not even to have heard his plea!
    Jeff knew very well indeed what the right thing to do was — or, better put, what not to do! This knowledge was not preventing him from going totally and utterly crazy, however! His groin was getting hopelessly warm! His cock was absolutely on fire! It was harder than granite. In other words, his big head was sending out responsible and sensible directives: Get out! As for his little head, however — it was beginning to strike out in an entirely different direction. The poor fellow was being torn in two!

"I ... it's that ... um ... we....!" Jeff was doing his best but his responses were beginning to sound more like gargling than human speech!
    "But it is your business, Jeff, baby," Mrs Gonzales pushed on. "Really it is. Let me lay it on the line, Jeff. I'm so unbelievably horny ' 'n needy that I could just scream! It all has to do with Mr Gonzales, although it's not his fault," she quickly added. "Not really. His high blood pressure is so high ... so unstable, too. The doctors are afraid he's on the brink of a heart attack or a stroke. They've tried everything but they just can't get it under control."
    "That's really awful 'n everything," Jeff broke in, "but Mrs Gonzales...."
    "Shush!" Mrs Gonzales interrupted while gently touching his cheek with her warm palm. "Hear me out!"
    "The problem," she continued," is that the only medicines that work at all have made him totally impotent. I mean, I love my husband dearly but he just can't get it up anymore. Not even a little bit. And that's driving me crazy 'cause we used to have such a wild, non-stop sex life. Just like you 'n Angelica do now," she added.

I'm sure as heck not gonna ask what all of this has to do with me! That's all pretty clear! I've just gotta keep my cool and get out of here! I just wish I wasn't getting such a stiff boner from being so close to Mrs Gonzales! She is so sexy! So beautiful! So buxom!

    With those words, Mrs Gonzales again leaned back, arched her back and thrust her giant globes in Jeff's direction. Against his better judgment he glanced at her chest — I mean, how could a fellow not sneak a look? — and suddenly noticed that the straps of the dress were wandering a bit off center. Her long, stiff right nipple was now actually exposed! Much more of this and the young mom's basketball-plus-sized monsters were going to be falling out of her dress altogether.
    Mrs Gonzales had begun to stroke Jeff's thigh. His upper thigh! Before long she was going to encounter his stiffening love hose!
    Jeff did his best to maintain some semblance of control. Or something like it, at any rate! He tried to sit as still as a statue. Yet his cock kept stiffening! It was now as hard as tempered steel! It was throbbing with desire.
    "You see, baby, sweet, sweet, Jeff, I just need some relief! So bad! I just have to do something! And right now, too! I mean, Mr Gonzales tries to satisfy me, you know, orally 'n such, but that's just no substitute for the real McCoy. I don't think I'm lettin' out any family secrets when I tell you that when I'm out in public I get hit on just about all the time. 'Cause of my looks 'n figure 'n stuff. If I went lookin' for a guy to help me with my ... problem ... I could be with a real handsome young guy in under a minute! Really, I could!"
    Jeff nodded solemnly. There was no doubt about that! "Mrs Gonzales, really.... I gotta go!"
    "Maria ... call me Maria just for today ... okay, Jeff?"
    The young man once again dumbly nodded his head.
    "But I won't cheat on my husband like that, honey. I just won't! I love my husband and I won't start an affair even though I'm so hungry for some lovin' I'm ready to jump out of my skin! Besides, we're really workin' on the problem. There are some experimental drugs out there that might keep Mr Gonzales's blood pressure in check without his, er, side effects. But if that doesn't work, I just don't know what we're gonna do." Mrs Gonzales paused a moment in evident frustration. "I don't know what other options there could be. Jeff, this situation is serious! Something's just gotta happen! Soon! Or I will go lookin' for that guy on the street or at work or whatever. Really I will! I'll have to!"
    Mrs Gonzales's thigh stroking suddenly but momentarily brushed Jeff's straining cockhead. The over stacked beauty fairly hissed with passion at this encounter. "Oh, honey," she moaned. "I just need some lovin' from you 'cause you're such a hunk 'n all! Just once is all. That would be enough. Never again! The main thing is you're family ... sex with you would be okay, sweetie ... it wouldn't be cheatin' ... not at all, honey ... you're the answer, baby ... it'll be okay ... there won't be any repercussions ... it's totally safe ... besides, it's just for today and never, never again.... just to keep me from goin' crazy! It's just, like ... therapy!"
    Jeff looked over in horror. "Oh, Mrs Gonzales...."
    "Maria, darling .... Tomorrow I'll be Mrs Gonzales again, okay, but today? Let me be Maria."
    "Maria ... I just couldn't! It would be just wrong 'n all. I just can't!"
    "Oh, Jeff," Mrs Gonzales pleaded, "Won't you help a poor woman like me? I'm in such need! Please? Just this once? Never again? Just to tide me over until my husband's problem can be dealt with? Please say yes, precious! Please! It might even save my marriage!"
    The much too buxom Latina was now tracing the full length of Jeff's massive, granite-like cock through his shorts with her hot hand. Her enormous bosom was utterly jammed up against his body. Jeff could tell from the undulation of her giant tits that her breathing had begun to get hard — if not ragged! The young man knew to a certainty he should throw himself off the couch and run — but he could not!

"Oh, Jeff," Mrs Gonzales wailed as she stroked and squeezed the improbable length of Jeff's tool. "When Angelica told me you were really hung, I believed her, of course. but figured, you know, that at her age she really didn't know what big was. Not really! But golly, baby ... you're just huge! Huger than huge. I never expected anything like this! Oh, honey! You sweet, sweet kid!"
    The buxom mom's thick, juicy lips were now only inches from Jeff's. They were parted. Her eyes were closed. Jeff knew that if he were to move only an inch or two in Mrs Gonzales's direction, a fantastically passionate soul kiss would be in the offing. What was he going to do then? The truth was that Jeff longed to kiss Mrs Gonzales. Hell ... he wanted to swallow her face! He dreamed of crushing his open mouth against her juicy, bloated lips and then jamming his long tongue down her waiting throat. Yet Jeff knew that if he did that he and the giant-breasted mom would be fucking within minutes. He just had to control himself! Somehow!

I'm losin' it ... I'm losin' it! I gotta keep fightin' ... keep thinkin' 'bout Angelica .... darling, Angelica!

    "Wha ... What about Angelica," Jeff protested. "I just can't do something like this to her. I just can't! I love her way too much for that!"
    Mrs Gonzales leaned back a bit. She continued, however, to rub and squeeze Jeff's fossilized cock. "Oh, baby, that is so bogus! Don't you think Angelica thinks it's awful that I'm deprived like this? She knows how crazy I'm gettin'. We talk about it all the time. Don't you think she'd want me to get some relief? Don't you think she'd rather have me get a ... therapeutic, one-time ... treatment from you — almost a member of the family, for God's sake — than to let myself get picked up by some guy on the street or in a bar or at work or something? Some guy who might not settle for just once but start callin' or comin' by or stalkin' me or worse? Oh, honey, I just know Angelica would approve! She'd know it's the best answer! She's be all for something that would save the marriage. I guarantee it!"

That is such a crock of shit, lady! Angelica approve? Come on, Mrs Gonzales? I know your daughter and so do you — she'd go berserk if she caught me makin' love to you. I shiver just thinkin' about it! I'd be lucky if she didn't cut my nuts off. You're just sayin' anything to talk me into it. The problem is ... it's gettin' harder 'n harder to say no!

    Jeff kept his face rigidly facing forward. He knew that if he turned even slightly to his left, he would be wildly French kissing the gorgeous, buxom Latina in a flash. The problem was that all the torrid, erotic feelings he had experienced about Mrs Gonzales over the months but which he had managed to repress were now beginning to bubble up to the surface. Hell — they were beginning to overwhelm him!
    Still, Jeff was managing to be physically unresponsive — all but for his erect cock, which had a mind of its own. Mrs Gonzales, though, had found a way to deal with that! She had gotten on her knees, pivoted her lush body to the right, and started painting hot, open-mouthed kisses on Jeff's cheek. In between kisses, she wantonly licked the side of his face. Oh, this woman was hot!
    While her lips and tongue were busily working out on Jeff's cheek, her hands were active as well. Her left hand was frantically squeezing Jeff's huge erection through his shorts while the fingers on her right hand were running through his hair. Jeff could tell that the ultra buxom Mom was absolutely losing it! She was not alone! The young man could feel clots of pre-cum oozing out of his titanium hard, mule-sized cock. Much more of this and he would be losing it too. If he wasn't already! And then what?

Gotta make the big effort here. Gotta go!

Jeff was trembling with desire. He was overwhelmed with sexual need. His cock was so full of hot spunk; it was so ready, so primed! It felt as if it had been broasted! He was crazy with lust. He was ready to spurt torrents of hot sperm into the very depth of her cunt. He wanted to fuck Mrs Gonzales so very badly. For so many reasons. She was so beautiful. She was so unbelievably buxom. She was so obviously ready, so wantonly willing! Plus, it would be so exciting — it would be a window on what it would be like to fuck Angelica fifteen years down the road.
    Jeff's cock was throbbing — aching even — with a need to make love. It was no longer a matter of wanting to fuck Mrs Gonzales. No, it was getting to the point that he needed to! All the more reason to leave the apartment right now!
    The young man began to edge off the couch. "Mrs Gon ... er, Maria ... no! Just no! No! I gotta go! This is just all wrong!"
    As Jeff nearly shouted these words and began to leverage his body into a standing position, the hot-blooded Latina looked up at the young man. Her lust-distorted face was filled with despair and dismay.
    "Oh, no, Jeff! Don't go! Stay! It's so ... right! Don't do this to me! Please!"
    "Mrs ... er ... Maria ... just no! I mean, I've really thought about 'n all. I'd love to ... be with you! Who wouldn't? Heck, you're so ... gorgeous!"
    'Well, then," Mrs Gonzales replied, "just do it!"
    "No, I just can't," Jeff pronounced. I'm absolutely sure. It would be wrong. It would put my relationship with Angelica into jeopardy. That I simply won't do. Heck, that's the thing I care most about. Above all else. I love her with all my heart! So I can't, that's that, and I really have to leave right this second!"
    "Oh, Jeff ... I ... I ... are you sure? Couldn't you just....? Just this once?" Mrs Gonzales had a look of defeat on her stunningly beautiful face. Yet from the fossilized state of Jeff's cock she had been only moments before so sure of success!
    Emboldened by what seemed a hint of acquiescence on Mrs Gonzales's part, Jeff stood up and edged toward the door. "Yes, I'm sure, Mrs Gonzales. You're beautiful 'n built 'n I like you and all that and I sure feel for your situation but ... but ... on account of Angelica it would just be impossible! It would be such a huge mistake!"
    Mrs Gonzales looked distraught. Her chin began to tremble. Tears started to trickle down her cheeks. Her body began to shake. Her giant bosom began to heave. She was crying!

Oh, shit! I can't stand it when a woman cries! Especially about sex. What do I do now?

    "Oh, Jeff!" Mrs Gonzales had begun to sob. "I ... I ... I'm so humiliated! Here I've just thrown myself at you 'n gotten rejected 'n all for nothing. What'll you ever think of me now?"
    "Aw, come on, Maria," Jeff responded in a soothing tone. "I understand why you did it 'n all. You should understand where I'm comin' from, too. The truth is you're a beautiful, beautiful woman. If you weren't Angelica's mother, heck, I'd love to spend time with you like you want."
    Maria looked up with a tiny, wan smile on her face. Her cheeks were glistening with tears. She sniffled and then wiped her eyes.
    "You're really such a sweet kid, Jeff."
    "I'm sorry I made you cry," Jeff replied, "but you just have to understand. And don't worry ... I'll never breathe a word of what happened today to anyone. This is strictly between us." The young man edged back to the sofa, sat down, and gently patted Mrs Gonzales on the knee.
    Maria leaned in and gently kissed Jeff on the cheek. The pressure of her massive bosom against his body was not making things easier for the young man. Why did he sit back down? Wouldn't he have been wiser just to have kept going and worry about apologizing later? Probably. But it looked as if Maria was going to accept his refusal to have sex with her. Maybe, just maybe, he had weathered the storm!

The impossibly buxom young mom pulled back and patted Jeff on his forearm. Even if the issue of sex had been seemingly resolved, the two were still sitting awfully close. Their bodies were, in fact, still totally jammed together. Although Jeff felt the crisis had passed, his cock was still as stiff as ever. Being close to the outrageously beautiful and voluptuous woman made that inevitable!
    "I guess I understand, Jeff," Maria said. "Even though I really don't know what I'm going to do about my ... problem. I mean, I have to do something about it, I really do." The beautiful, overstacked Latina pursed her lips. "I guess I'll have to start lookin' around, as much as I hate to do that...."
    "Oh, no! Maria! Don't do that ... it would be awful for Angelica, for one thing. Not to mention Mr Gonzales...."
    "Well, honey ... if I can't keep it in the family ... then I'm sorta out of options. Something's gotta happen ... it just does ... and soon! Or I'm gonna explode!"
    "Oh, hell, Maria. This is awful! I understand, I really do. But I just can't!" Jeff wailed.
    "I said I understand your feelings, too," Maria replied in a soft voice. "I do! Even if I don't like it. Not one bit! I guess I have to respect your decision, though. Before you leave, could you do at least one thing for me, though?"
    "Name it!" Jeff said with a heartiness born of relief.
    "Wipe away these tears on my cheeks. Make it all better, baby. With some kisses, that is ... kiss 'em away? It'll make me feel better. Really it will, Jeff."

Oh, shit! That sounds dangerous to me! But if I don't ... she'll probably start crying again and I can't handle that. And I guess I did say, "Name it." Okay ... I'll kiss away her tears and then I am truly out of here!

    Jeff leaned in to plant some small kisses on Maria's tear-streaked cheeks. On account of her massive cans he found it difficult to get close enough to begin the job. Maria smiled. She was well aware of the problem. "I know I'm hard to get close to on account of my huge breasts. Let's try this." She put her right hand behind Jeff's neck and pulled him close. At the same time she mashed her massive tits against his torso. "Better?" she asked.
    "Hmmm." Jeff murmured. This added proximity to the gorgeous Latina and her massive tits was getting him even more aroused. He began kissing away the tears on her left cheek. Maria closed her eyes and began softly to moan.
    After about the third kiss, Maria began once again to rub Jeff's groin. Seconds later, she was once more running her hand up and down the improbable length of his engorged cock, stopping only to squeeze it from time to time. The young fellow was as hard as a rock.
    Jeff stopped kissing her cheek and began to pull away. This little gesture was getting out of hand!

Oh, shit! What's that saying about out of the frying pan and into the fire? Kissin' away her tears is one thing; lettin' her play with my hard-on is another. I'd better wind this up and vamoose!

    "No, Jeff ... don't pull away," Maria groaned. She pulled the young man back against her gargantuan milkers with even greater force. 'Finish the job, honey," she breathed.
    Jeff sighed, hesitated, but then leaned back in. With moments, Maria's left cheek was dry. "Now the other side, baby," she whispered. "Then we'll be done."
    Jeff dutifully compiled. In order to reach the right cheek, however, the two had to shift their bodies. In the process Maria strongly rubbed her enormous breasts up and down Jeff's body several times. Now the overly buxom mom was not the only one who was breathing hard!

As soon as he had finished on the right cheek, Maria locked eyes with Jeff. "Thanks, baby ... you're so thoughtful ... so sweet!" the overbuilt young mom then planted a soft kiss squarely on Jeff's lips. "Here's some payback, sweetie. One for you, honey." Maria pulled back and then leaned back in. "And how 'bout another ... and another ... and another. Oh, baby!"
    On the fourth little kiss, Jeff responded in kind. In spite of himself. Lightly but unmistakably. It was really nothing more than a reflex reaction, but no matter — he was now tumbling down the slope!

What did I do that for? After all this sayin' no, I'm startin' not to care what happens. I'm gettin' so horny! Maria's so built 'n beautiful. All of a sudden I need her so bad! I mean, even the strongest self-control runs out after a while!

    Maria leaned in a fifth time. Instead of kissing Jeff once again, she slowly drew his lower lip into her mouth. The young man began to shudder and moan. Maria sucked on the succulent wedge of flesh while simultaneously tonguing it from the inside of her hot, steamy mouth.
    The huge breasted beauty slowly, ever so slowly, released the lip by drawing it through the bottoms of her teeth. She then wantonly licked Jeff's upper and lower lips for a few moments. Jeff was now moaning even louder. Then, her mouth only an inch or so away from Jeff's, Maria opened her mouth and fastened it to his slack oral cavity.
    Jeff's mouth instantly sagged open. In less than a second their fat lips were slipping and sliding against each other with consuming passion. An instant after that, their mouths were open so wide that jaw break would have been the next stage. Maria's long, wiggly tongue had begun to search Jeff's hot mouth. No sooner had her tongue withdrawn but Jeff's darted inside her mouth. The pent-up sexual frustration caused by Maria's outrageous figure, stunning face, ultra-sexy dress, and roaming hands were now taking their toll on the otherwise well-intentioned young man. Simply put, he was well on his way to becoming a goner!

What a thrilling kisser Maria is! She's so hot! This is so great! But I gotta stop! This could get out of hand! Well ... just a little more kissin' 'n then I gotta go. Really!

    The wild French kiss went on and on; Jeff could hear wet slurping sounds as their mouths opened and closed on each other like beached fish gasping for air. The noise of their passionate kissing was bouncing off the walls of the apartment. This sort of oral fusion was not exactly what he had in mind when he kept trying to fend off the giant-breasted mom. But it sure felt great!
    Things soon got even more thrilling. Maria slipped her hand first inside his shorts and then inside his skivvies. It was as if her hand were radar-directed. In an instant she was jacking off his bare cock.
    Jeff could feel Maria stiffen as she made her initial contact with the giant naked tool. Her kissing became even more frenzied. It seemed as if he could hear her hissing in reaction to this skin-to-skin contact with his massive dick. The heavy-breasted mom was plainly having difficulty processing the reality of Jeff's unbelievably huge genitals.

Oh, her hands are so hot, too! Why am I letting her jag me off, though? Now we are gettin' out of hand! But the way she's pullin' on my pud feels so great....

    The ultra-buxom beauty finally broke the kiss and pulled back an inch. "Feel me up, honey." Maria was moaning as if in pain. "Grab some tit, sweetheart. My tits are just aching to be touched. Petted. Mauled. Love 'em up, precious! Just do it, darling." With a little moan, Maria then reclamped her hot, wide-open mouth on Jeff's and resuming fucking his mouth with her long, wiggly tongue.

I'm so hot! I've still got to get out of here but I just can't stopped kissin' Maria! Maybe I'll let this go on for a just a little while longer. Maria's kisses are so fantastic. And the job she's doin' on my cock is beyond belief. I think I just gotta grab some tit. I just gotta! Just for, you know, the record, to see what they feel like? I don't think I can help myself. Maybe a little kissy face 'n tit grabbin' will get it out of my system? Then I can go?

    Jeff placed his palm on as much of Maria's thigh as was not covered by her gigantic bosom. He then turned his hand over and edged it along her sleek thigh. Finally he had managed to wedge his hand under her mountainous bosom. The sheer weight of the monstrously gigantic tit resting on her thigh was just astonishing! Angelica's giant tits were a load but these ... these whoppers were in a different league altogether.
    While continuing to deeply French kiss the buxom mom, Jeff edged his other hand under Maria's other tit. Soon both his hands were rubbing and squeezing the underside of her enormous milkers. It was thrilling yet their size really made it difficult to gain much purchase of the swelling piles of meat. Their size was so overwhelming.
    Maria pulled back from their kiss. Strands of saliva stretched like cobwebs between their slack, passion-swollen mouths. "Baby ... oh, baby!" she moaned. "It looks like you're having a little trouble dealin' with my bosom, sweetheart, 'cause it's so awfully huge? Here, let me help. I'll work this big tit out of my dress for you, precious."
    The incomprehensibly buxom mom reached down and began to work her giant left tit out from behind the band of cloth that was more or less — though in reality less than more — holding the swollen mammary in place. Even though the strip of cloth was relatively narrow, the bulbous gland was so huge that the task of extricating it was not an easy one. Maria tugged and pulled at the massive globe of firm, hot flesh for a few moments.

Jesus! Look at the way Maria's pullin' and pushin' on that giant tit! It's so thrilling to see it getting pulled 'n squished 'n mashed like that. Man! I think I wanna do some of that! As soon as she frees it up, that's just what I'm gonna do! I've just gotta get some of that!

    At last, the doublewide watermelon-sized gland was free. Maria gently dropped it in her lap with a plop and arched her back so as to showcase the swollen hooter for the bug-eyed young man. The massive tit was unloosed from its captivity and ready for the taking. Jeff's taking, that is. This tit was ready to be loved! It was yearning to be fondled and sucked. It was so ready for Jeff's hot hands and searching mouth, lips, and tongue.
    "Love my tit, honey ... feel me up, precious ... squeeze it ... lick it.... kiss it ... give it a real lovin' ... nurse me, baby ... Oh, Jeff, my own!" Maria was sobbing with sexual need and eager anticipation.
    Jeff was instantly all over the heavy, bloated globe. In about one second, and necessarily using both hands, the young man was ardently rubbing and squeezing the stupendously giant shaft of flesh. He alternated between nursing the super-stiff, elongated nipple and wantonly licking the pie pan-sized, milk chocolate-colored areola.

Oh, wow, this tit is so huge! It takes two hands just to hoist it so I can feel her up. Even then it's so heavy! What a load! It feels like some kinda ... pudding that's gettin' hard in the refrigerator or something. It's so awfully big in size, too — while I'm cradling it, my hands 'n fingers don't even meet. God! It feels so great to squeeze 'n rub Maria's giant tit! It's so soft ... so ... almost rubbery, too. Maria is so goddamn firm! As much as Angelica! Look at the indentations my fingers make 'n then how the marks disappear instantly when I move on. God. I just can't stop squeezing 'n rubbing this giant hooter! I just want to love it and love it and love it.

    As he passionately worked out on the impossibly huge breast, Maria continued to stroke Jeff's mega-cock. He could feel lots of pre-cum dribbling out of his cockhole. Maria could feel it too; she cupped some of it in her palm and used the sticky fluid to lubricate the shaft of his granite-like cock. Oh, this woman knew the score! This was all so exciting — both Jeff and Maria were moaning at nearly the top of their lungs.

Wow! This tit is so great! It feels so great to kiss it and lick it, too. There's so much to lick — a fellow could dry out his tongue before gettin' Maria's tit all wet. Her areola's so puckered and rough! It feels so thrilling against my tongue! Hmmm ... now I'm gonna suck that stiff nipple. It's so long! Hmmm ... it goes right in! God, it's so hard — like rock! Hmm ... Maria's just gushing tit cum — it tastes so sweet! Now, let me tongue her nipple with my lips 'n tongue for a while. God — now she's really moaning. Now, it's time to suck again. Golly, I can hardly gulp down her tit cum fast enough to keep up with it. Hmmm ... gotta remember to keep squeezin' and rubbin' while I'm lickin' and suckin'. Oh, Maria ... you are too much!

    Jeff then lifted his mouth from the base of Maria's tit — it was so gigantic it gave the word "massive" a bad name! — and began another incomprehensibly passionate French kiss with the beautiful young mom. Jeff and Maria's mouths were open to the breaking point. Spit flowed freely from mouth to mouth as their tongues frantically searched and licked their oral cavities. The kissing was so passionate that their loud, slurping sounds kept getting louder and louder!

I don't know if I've ever been more excited in my life. Even with Angelica! Maria is such a hot bitch! I know this is wrong 'n I know it's my fault. All's I have to do is get up and walk away. But being with Maria is so thrilling! Can't stop now! Gotta go with the flow!

    As the kiss went on and on, Jeff buried his right hand in Maria's oversized left tit. It was so huge! The young fellow's squeezing hand was actually getting lost inside the vast expanse of soft yet firm tit meat. How could a tit be this big? And to think there was another one just as big still trapped — well, more or less trapped — inside the tiny little dress.

Jeff and Maria continued to devour each other. Their tongues could not stop searching deep into each other's mouths; nor could the young man resist rubbing, squeezing, and even pummeling the buxom mom's bare tit. His plan to say goodbye and bolt was inoperative, a distant memory. Was there any chance he could resurrect it?
    At this point, the overdeveloped young mom decided to up the ante. She reached up and untied the bow behind her neck. The two bands that had heretofore attempted — more or less — to contain her stupendous bosom, now fell limply away from her chest. Both of Maria's gigantic breasts were now entirely bare and resting in her lap and on top of her thighs. Jeff's playing field had just doubled!
    "Squeeze my other breast, Jeff, dearest," Maria softly moaned. "Lick it 'n kiss it too! Just like you've been doin'. You've been doin' such a great, great job, precious! Keep it up 'n nurse me, baby!"
    The sex-struck young man was soon cradling Maria's giant right tit in his shaking hands. He frantically licked and kissed the oversized milker while at the same time squeezing and fondling its hot, spreading flesh. Maria had thrown her head back and was screaming with pleasure. "You're doin' so great, honey! Keep it up," she moaned.

Oh, man — I thought that other tit was exciting. Goin' for two's even better — no doubt about it! It's also a double watermelon, for sure! Wow! Double your pleasure, double your fun! My hands just won't stop squeezing! Hmmm — it's time to lick and suck her nipple 'n gulp down some of her tit cum. Her nipple looks like it's made of stone — Maria is so hot! And so am I!

    Still, however much this tit play was driving her up the wall, Maria was able to maintain her focus on the main goal — Jeff's genitals. The overdeveloped young mom kept squeezing and rubbing his hot, concrete-hard dick. She had also graduated to cupping and fondling his enormous balls.
    Maria was sure Jeff and she would be fucking in no time. After all, Angelica, so awfully inexperienced in these things even after her time with Eddie, had seduced Jeff in an afternoon. Maria knew that with her experience, closing the deal with Jeff would be a piece of cake. There was no reason why her daughter should be the only one in the family with access to a thick, fourteen-inch cock! Especially when mom has the experience to make the best use of it. Mother knows best!
    The thought of fucking Angelica's boyfriend suddenly hit Maria with full force. The idea was perverse — yet so awfully exciting, too. In fact, the very idea of her daughter making love with this super-stud was a real turn-on, too. The prospect that the mother would be doing so in mere minutes was arousing as well. Maria found herself all of a sudden getting so hot that she nearly came right on the spot.

Instead, it was Jeff who stiffened. But he did so out of self-realization and fright rather than orgasmic frenzy. The enormity of the situation he was in struck him anew. For some reason, he was able to pull back and look at the situation with a bit of objectivity. Then it hit him — how could he let himself get so carried away? This situation was horrible! Fatal! Certain to end in disaster! He had to pull himself together and bolt!

Earth to Jeff! What the hell am I doing? Much more of this 'n we're gonna be fuckin' right here on the couch. Jeff, you fool! What ever made me think a little kissin' 'n tit play would be okay? Who am I kiddin'? This is gettin' out of hand. All this kissin' 'n tit grabbing is doing is making me hornier. Much more of this and we'll be fuckin' for sure! I gotta go before I ruin everything!

    "Honey, what's wrong?" Maria asked. She could feel the young man's abrupt change in body language. Alarm bells went off. This was no time for second thoughts!
    Jeff's mind wildly raced as he feverishly considered his predicament — and his options. He was agonizingly caught on tenterhooks of indecision. Perhaps better put, he was getting pulled apart by two equally irresistible compulsions.

Yes, no, yes, no — stay, go, stay, go — fuck, don't fuck! Oh, shit! Shit! SHIT!

    Through an exercise of the will of which Jeff would have doubted himself capable, the young man dropped the massive breast into Maria's lap and jerkily rose to his feet. There! He did it! Now if he could only make it to the door!
    "Baby — what are you doin'?" Maria wailed in shock.
    "Gotta go! Gotta go! Gotta go!" Jeff mumbled as if repeating this mantra was the key to his escape!

Had Jeff bolted for the door the second he had reached his feet, he might have made his escape. But he hesitated, partially out of ambivalence, partly out of compassion. That he did so in part out of kindness and concern for the buxom young mom's feelings was commendable but irrelevant; what mattered was that this moment of delay was all Maria needed. The terminally horny Latina beauty was not about to lose her lovin' at this stage in the proceedings! Almost desperately, she reached up and with a facility that amazed even her, pulled down Jeff's shorts and underwear. In one quick motion, the young man's shorts and skivvies were around his ankles. In response, his massive cock sprang out of his shorts like a coiled spring.
    Maria looked on in shock at the sight of this jerking love snake. Even while she was fondling the giant pud inside Jeff's shorts, she never dreamed that it was really and truly as gigantic as this! Jeff was truly the size of a mule! Even during her mother/daughter conversations with Angelica — not to mention her stolen glances over the months at the young man's groin area — had she ever dreamed the handsome fellow would be as hung as this! Jeff was the answer to her dreams!
    The buxom mom quickly recovered from the shock of encountering Jeff's massive pud in its full, undraped glory. In less than a second, she reached up and took hold of Jeff's throbbing, thrusting boner with one little hand. She cradled his huge balls with her other hand. "Oh, sweetheart," she gasped as she stroked and fondled the giant member and scrotum, "you are so huge, so stiff! I've never seen a guy this hard before. Or this huge, either. Oh, baby! Just try to leave! You're stickin' around! No guy as stiff as this is goin' anywhere except you know where!" The hyper-bosomed Latina shook her head in amazement. "In fact," she added, "it makes me wonder how Angelica could possibly have fucked a giant tool like this! How it could fit, I mean. Oh, precious!"
    With a growl, Maria leaned in and began to lick the giant, throbbing pole. At the same time she got to her feet and placed both hands around its impossible girth. The circumference of the thick cock was too great for her hands and fingers to bridge. She momentarily let go of the oversized cock, whisked off Jeff's tank top, and threw it across the room. The shockingly buxom woman then reclasped her hands around Jeff's throbbing shaft and resumed moving its taut foreskin up and down.
    With both Jeff and Maria standing, the young mom's mouth was around the level of the young man's dickhead. With a moan, Maria began licking pre-cum off its glistening skin. At the same time, her hands continued shamelessly jacking off the granite-hard dick.

Oh, man! I think I missed my window of opportunity! I've never had my cock handled quite like this! Even by Angelica. I don't think my legs would work to walk me out of here now! Not while cocksuckin' like this is goin' on!

    While working out in this fashion, Maria simultaneously leaned in and pushed a massive breast against Jeff's body. The tit was so huge and hung so low that it began pressing heavily against the full length of his raging cock while the giant-titted mom continued manually jacking off the bloated shaft and licking its oversized cockhead. The impossibly buxom young mom then began rubbing her abundance of tit flesh against Jeff's shaft. Up and down, and side to side. Each movement seemed to make the young fellow moan even louder.

God! The way she's lickin' my cockhead! Jackin' me off, too! 'N then pressin' that huge, huge mam against the full length of my cock, and then actually jackin' me off with her tit. Man! This is too much! Or maybe not enough. All I know is — I want more!

    Wow! What's a fellow to do? Jeff, his resolve of a few moments back a seeming dead letter, leaned his raging dick into the welcoming warmth of Maria's spreading tit meat. Simultaneously, he reached behind the giant-breasted beauty and began to caress her tight but voluptuous rump. Maria shivered with delight and anticipation. This kid was finally getting with the program. At last! Things were going to be so great after all! Maria just knew it!

Maria continued to clasp Jeff's thick, throbbing shaft with both hands. God! The thrusting tool was so incredibly hard that it seemed as if it were made of cast iron! She slowly eased her succulent lips over the teenager's giant dickhead and sucked his pre-cum into her mouth. Jeff was so hot that the creamy liquid was fairly gushing out of his cockhole. The salty, delicious taste was escalating Maria's sexual frenzy. She just had to get this giant pole inside her body! Somehow! And before long, too! She doubted the frenzied young man would be changing his mind at this point — but you never know!
    The overdeveloped young mom then opened her mouth nearly to the breaking point in order to get Jeff's astonishingly huge cockhead all the way into her mouth. She bobbed up and down on the plum-sized knob for a few moments. Next, Maria poised her mouth about an inch above Jeff's beet red dickhead. She slowly opened her thick, luscious lips and let a generous splash of drool cascade all over the oversized knob and run down the straining shaft. Jeff's jerking cock was now glistening and slippery and ready for some more of Maria's hot loving.
    Maria went to work on the lubricated, amazingly thick shaft. She forced her head down and found she was able to slide about six inches of Jeff's rock-hard cock inside her hot, wet mouth.
    This was deeper than Angelica had ever been able to travel down Jeff's dick. In point of fact, it was a whole lot deeper than Maria herself had anticipated being able to go. The young man started moaning at the top of his lungs. Letting Maria suck his cock like this was such an utterly foolish idea — yet it was so thrilling!

Oh, man! I think I just got tricked into something. This is not what I had in mind! But it feels so fantastic! I think I'm just about a goner is what I think! I don't think I can fight this. No way!

    After a dozen or so hot, wet, silken trips up and down the young teenager's mule-sized shaft, the super-buxom mom stuck her tongue as far out of her mouth as it would stretch. While keeping her tongue fully extended, she resumed bobbing up and down on Jeff's throbbing dick. The young man, needless to say, had long since abandoned any idea of saying goodbye and running out the door! Shoot baskets with the boys? I don't think so! Not when he had been transported to utter bliss like this! His big head still knew he was courting disaster but his little head (not so little in his case!), had taken full control of the situation.
    Jeff was going to have to go with this blowjob — no way could he bolt now! Would it be possible to let Maria suck him off and then leave? To do everything but fuck? Would that serve to salvage some modicum of faithfulness to Angelica?

Oh, man! I can't possibly leave now! But maybe after she sucks me off? Before we fuck? Would that mean we didn't have sex? That this was just, you know, foreplay? If I leave when Maria's finished blowin' my glass, could I really and truly claim I never had sex with her? Could I look Angelica in the face 'n say that? Well ... why not? I mean, that's technically true! Course, I gotta make sure this thing doesn't go beyond a blowjob for that to work. Shit! How's that ever gonna happen? Maria's so hot, so beautiful, so fucking huge! How am I ever gonna keep from dippin' my wick? Oh, man, Jeff. You are in some kinda trouble!

    The effect of Maria's augmented cocksucking was so electrifying! Jeff not only had the overpowering thrill of feeling Maria's soft, cushioned lips sliding up and down his utterly stiff dick, but experienced as well the velvety softness of her long tongue gliding up and down his giant pole. The slick warmth of Maria's mouth and tongue on his granite-like pud was amazingly exciting. Jeff had never dreamed that a cock could be sucked like this. Maria was so hot!
    Maria was by now taking an amazing nine or ten inches of cock down her throat. This was for Jeff much deeper than anyone — Angelica, his post-Pam girls, you name it — had ever gone before. The young man was in agony — delicious agony!
    The buxom mom could tell the effect she was having on the young man. This is what he needed — torrid loving from a mature woman who really knew what she was doing. And then he could return the favor!
    The huge-titted mom was now going so deep that there was no longer room for her hand to continue jacking off Jeff's foreskin. Instead, she merely rotated her hand from side to side while at the same time squeezing the massively thick shaft. Her other hand was devoted to cradling and fondling the young kid's massive balls.

Ohmygod! Maria's hot mouth! Her tongue — it's like velvet! Those thick lips goin' up 'n down my cock! They're givin' me electric shocks! Those slurpy, sucky noises she's makin'! Those sexy whimpering sounds I can hear comin' from deep down in her throat! Oh, man! The way her hands are workin' out on my cock 'n balls! Wow — Maria's sure been here before! Jeff, ol' boy — much more of this and Maria's gonna be swallowin' the big meal! I'm so excited! Not to mention those huge tits — they're just unbelievable! I can't keep my hands off 'em!

    While Maria sucked and licked, Jeff was frantically rubbing and fondling the overly buxom Mom's huge tits. They greatly overflowed his squeezing hands but the thrilling feel of her hot, spreading tit flesh within his grasping hands made the blowjob even more exciting — if possible!
    After five minutes or so of this steamy cock loving, Maria slowly pulled up and off. She locked eyes with Jeff with a look that was made up off a combination of lust, love, and awe. "I love you," she mouthed.

Oh, man! I know I'm a goner! How on earth did I get myself in a fix like this? Whatever — it sure feels good, though. Maria can really suck a cock — that's for sure! But what's this "I love you" shit? Damn! I don't need that! I thought this was just gonna be ... therapy?

Maria could tell that she had just about gotten Jeff reeled in. It shows what experience can accomplish. The couple were going to be fucking in no time flat — she was sure of it. It was now time to close the deal. And Maria Gonzales knew just how to do it. Taking in another four or five inches of cock was all it would take.
    The over endowed mom went down on Jeff's iron-hard shaft a couple more times just to get back into her rhythm. Jeff — a goner if there ever was one — was passionately moaning at the top of his lungs; his cock had never been sucked like this before — not in real life, not in his dreams, not ever!
    The impossibly buxom Latina took a deep breath, relaxed her throat, and purposely gulped as she went down on the giant cock for a third time. This time, she went for the gold! It was deep-throat time!
    At the moment of the gulp, Maria felt Jeff's massive cockhead bump past the back of her throat. For a moment, the young mom nearly froze. Jeff's cock was so awfully thick that it was getting wedged in her throat! Pull off! — pull off! — every fiber of her body seemed to be screaming. Instead of paying heed to this moment of panic, as her reflexes and sense of self-preservation were demanding, Maria did the opposite; she forced the massive hunk of male meat further down her throat.
    For a moment, her powerful pushing and the stout resistance created by the obscene girth of Jeff's cock were in equilibrium. Finally, but only after a considerable increase in effort, Maria felt the enormous, harder than steel love snake slowly, ever so slowly, begin to slide further down her throat. She increased the strength with which she was jamming the cock down her esophagus. At last Maria found she could jam it down the rest of the way. Down it went! All the way down! She had managed to swallow every single amazing inch! All fourteen inches! The buxom mom's shapely lips were flared out against the base of Jeff's cock. Maria had gone down as far as it was possible to go. And Jeff's dick? Its tip was somewhere in the neighborhood of her stomach, she guessed. It sure felt like it at any rate!
    Even though a sick feeling in the pit of his stomach kept reminding Jeff that this was wrong, wrong, wrong and it was probably all his fault besides, he still felt faint from passion. The thought of getting deep-throated had hardly ever crossed his mind; he had always assumed that his cock was simply too long and too thick for that to ever happen. Guess again! Maria — huge-titted Maria — was taking the whole thing down her throat. Amazing!
    Maria had the rhythm down pat. She was able to pull out to the point at which her succulent lips were wrapped momentarily around Jeff's oversized dickhead, After a moment's pause, Maria would go down once again, pausing only momentarily to gulp at mid-journey. A second later the entire slab of pork would be down her throat and beyond. After a dozen or so swallows, she discovered that she could slide her tongue up and down the shaft at the same time she gulped, just to increase the excitement. What a blowjob the young Adonis was getting!

This is so thrilling! I'm actually gettin' deep-throated! She's swallowing the whole fucking thing! I never dreamed ... thought it was impossible ... way too big for this ... but it's happening ... I can feel it ... wow, being all the way inside Maria's body like this is so exciting!

    Perhaps it was too exciting! As Maria continued to suck and swallow, she suddenly felt Jeff's cock, amazingly stiff and even fossilized to begin with, start to get even harder. It was turning almost into steel.
    Shit! Maria suddenly realized that Jeff was about to blow lunch. That was not part of the plan! Not at all! She wanted that load inside her twat. The giant-busted mom hurriedly disgorged the massive shaft, pulling off with a loud "pop." The young kid's slippery, forearm-thick prick was wagging and jerking. A small clot of creamy jism had even slurped out of his cockhead and started to run down his throbbing, quivering shaft. This kid was one suck away from a monumental spunk-flinging orgasm.
    It was time to adjourn to the bedroom and start fucking. Getting hosed was the whole idea, for Pete's sake! If only, Maria thought, I didn't swallow that ... thing once too often. But a geyser of male seed did not follow on the heels of that single clot of jism. In addition, Jeff's cock stopped jerking. It appeared that Maria had pulled off just in time. Whew!

Jeff had been lost somewhere in a sexual dreamland while getting deep-throated. The abruptness with which his buxom temptress pulled off his cock made him look up in dismay and bewilderment.
    "Wha ... wha ... what's up?" he asked in a soft, slurred voice.
    "You are," Maria smirked. "But now it's time to head for the bedroom 'n fuck, baby," she whispered. "I really need you to fuck me, honey. I need you to fuck my eyes out. You know, rattle my brains, darling. Do it for me, precious. Just ream me out, darling. Do it to me right now!"
    Any remaining resistance to this seduction had been sucked out of Jeff's body! Or at least out of his cock! Jeff shakily got to his feet and started toward the hallway. He was on automatic pilot. Maria followed, pausing only to wriggle out of the tiny dress and fling it onto a chair. She longed to embrace and fondle the young man while they were en route to their love chamber but she decided to forgo the pleasure. The important thing was to get Jeff in bed and fucking! Tout de suite! After all, they were on a tight schedule. Besides, she wanted to give the young fellow no time to have any second thoughts or regrets. He had almost up and left the apartment too many times already. It was time for Maria to close the deal! Little did she know but it was already closed!

Oh, Angelica, baby! I tried! I tried so hard! But everybody has his limit and I just went over mine! My Blow-Jobs-Aren't-Really Sex fallback strategy just got shit-canned. I could only take so much! And now I've failed. I'm gonna fuck your mama, darling Angelica! I just can't help myself!

The massively buxom mom threw herself backwards on to her bed. Even before her back had touched the bedspread she had spread her legs to a degree an anatomy book would have rejected as impossible. Had any woman ever offered herself to a lover with greater wantonness? Eagerness? Desire? Necessity? Her thick, dark thatch of pubic hair was utterly soaked and glistening with an abundance of cunt juice. This woman was so awfully ready to get fucked! She was utterly in need!
    Moving almost like a zombie, a sexual slave, Jeff got down on his knees and crawled in to start eating out Maria's snatch. Even in his sex-stunned state, he knew that a whole lot of preparation was required before a dick as big as his could navigate a woman's pussy.
    "No!" Maria hissed. She was so eager to fuck that any delay at all — even getting eaten out by a handsome young stud like Jeff — was extremely upsetting. "Forget that stuff! Mr Gonzales can do that any old day! And he does! It's great but it's not what I need! Not today, anyway!" She looked up and smiled. "Look, honey," Maria added in a softer, loving voice, "I am so fantastically open, so dilated, that you don't need to prep me. I've been ready to get fucked from the first second we were introduced in the kitchen way back when. I'm so fucking ready! I've been ready since ... forever! Ready for you! Just stuck that big ol' thing in my vagina and start strokin', lover! Just fuck me, baby!"

Jeff leaned back on his haunches and, holding his ultra-erect cock with both hands, aimed his huge cockhead at Maria's thick muff. As he leaned in toward the sex-crazed Latina, it was clear there was going to be some very hot sex ahead.
    The young man paused for a moment to ogle the massively buxom young mom. The sight of her enormous bosom covering her chest, stomach, and groin was so arousing! The way the giant piles of flesh were quivering and rippling in response to her gently rotating, fuck-ready hips was nearly too much to stand, as well.
    Maria, however, could not stand even this slight delay; she reached down, grabbed Jeff's shaft, and impatiently began to pull it into her soaked pussy. "Stuff it in! I need it! So bad!" the overly buxom Latina screamed. " Bury that sucker! Right now! Don't waste a fucking second!"

I'm in the soup now! Too late to stop! All I can do is fuck 'n fuck 'n just not think about anything! Just shut my brain down and drill this unbelievable woman!

    The combination of Maria's grasping hands and fully dilated cunt pulled Jeff's dick down her vaginal canal with the force of a vacuum cleaner. The young man was amazed! His cock had never gotten jammed up a cunt as fast as this! But the woman was so open! So much in need!
    At the speed his ultra-engorged cock slid down Maria's super slick cunt, Jeff could tell that he was going to encounter Maria's cervix in no time flat. Surely that barrier would require a little careful negotiation. To the young man's astonishment, however, his huge dickhead roared right through Maria's cervix without a hitch and with nary a pause. The giant-breasted woman was so amazingly dilated and ready! Her cervix was nearly as dilated as in childbirth. Wow! Jeff's massive tool had made the journey from her cunt lips deep into her womb in less than a second! He had never encountered a babe as hot and ready as this before!
    No sooner had Jeff fully buried his cock in Maria's uterus than the heavy-titted beauty let out a gurgling scream and began uncontrollably shuddering and shaking. Her beautiful face was beet red and contorted with sexual frenzy. Her entire frame was stiffening. Her eyes had even rolled back into her head. Rivers of drool were cascading out both corners of her mouth. This woman was having an orgasm for the ages! Jeff was not sure he had ever seen a woman have a monster cum like this — even Angelica at her most aroused! There could be no doubt about it — Maria had certainly been in need of a hosing!

This is so great! Look at those giant tits! They're coverin' up Maria's entire body! They extended down to her pussy — almost coverin' that up, too. I'm lucky there's room to stick my cock in. Look how those whoppers bounce 'n jiggle! They're all crisscrossed with light blue veins, too. I hadn't really noticed that before. They're so huge they probably need some extra blood supply. Kinda like why I have all those thick veins in my cock, I guess.

Unfortunately, the highly sensual prep work Maria had lavished on Jeff's cock in the living room, when combined with the thrill of seeing the woman's watermelon-plus-sized tits ripple and gallop in response to her shuddering cum, not to mention the thrillingly warm, wet feel of her drenched cunt, took Jeff over the top as well. As he was pulling back after his first fuck stroke to begin a second thrust, he could feel a searing tickle winding up deep in his anus! He was coming! Oh, no! Not yet!
    Too late! Almost at the same moment, Jeff felt indescribable thrills and unimaginable chills spread from his loins and then up and down his arms and legs. Jeff's giant, thrusting cock, so amazingly stiff and rock-like already as a result of Maria's deep throating, began to get much harder still. It was bloating as well in anticipation of an almost impossibly abundant production of semen. His tool was turning into granite; to the buxom mom, it felt as if Jeff had replaced his plunging cock with an iron rod! How could something made out of mere flesh be so hard and stiff?
    The super-hung young man was now matching the volume of Maria's grunting and growling. These unbelievably strong shudders and thrills were not only coursing through but also utterly overrunning his body. All the feelings for Maria he had so carefully suppressed over the months were now coming to fruition. Were they ever!
    The developing orgasm was so amazingly powerful! The shudders and chills increased at an unbelievable rate of speed and intensity. Suddenly, Jeff felt a huge load of seed rocket out of his plunging cock and splatter all over the quivering walls of Maria's womb. His ejaculation was so powerful! So punishing! He was so hot! The sex-struck young man grunted as the incredibly urgent, unbelievably long, astonishingly thick, and very sticky rope of spunk suddenly slammed into Maria's waiting cunt with unremitting force. Jeff had become so super-frantic with lust that his long, long blast of jism was splattering at almost inhuman speed all over the walls of Maria's convulsing cunt and uterus. Not bad for a fellow who only a few minutes earlier had been trying to run out the front door but who was instead plunging his giant tool in and out of the preposterously buxom mom's dripping reproductive system at almost inhuman speed!
    The impossibly strong blast of cum would not cease! It continued to produce a steady stream of creamy jism for more than twenty seconds. Once it finally stopped, it was succeeded almost instantly by another violent pulse of rich male seed of equal duration. And another. And then another. And yet another. In fact, before long, the extremely large volume of spunk Jeff had blasted inside the giant-breasted mom had totally filled up her womb and vaginal canal. It was gushing back through her pussy lips onto the bedspread.
    Maria was in the throes of an unbelievably powerful orgasm. It was the longest and most intense of her life! She was shaking and shuddering in unison with her hot young lover. Jeff's cum was over a minute long and he was far from depleted. Yet another abundant blast of rich, hot, sticky spunk was spewing out of his cockhole to replace the sticky fluid that had gushed out of Maria's pussy onto the bedspread.
    The coupling simply would not end! Jeff could not stop grunting and groaning as he continued to drill the inconceivably buxom young mom. This sexual experience may have been totally foolish and wrong but — man! — was it thrilling or what?
    Maria's cum was unbelievably in still in progress at the three-minute mark. Still, it was the sort of non-stop orgasm one might expect from a highly-sexed, giant-breasted beauty who had not been fucked since who knows when.
    As Jeff continued to arc load after load of rich spunk down her pussy, the gorgeous young mom had begun to weep and wail. When he was good to go, her husband was a fantastic lover. But truth be known, it had never been like this! Not even close! This was so great! If only Jeff had been able to hold it a little longer! But even this abbreviated loving was so thrilling! In fact, the kid's seemingly endless outpouring of jet-propelled jism was making this coupling increasingly less abbreviated! Notwithstanding Jeff's more or less premature ejaculation, the mind-boggling length of his orgasm was pushing his overall performance time into the acceptable zone.

Finally, at about the six-minute mark, Jeff's orgasm began to taper off. Soon, only occasional dribs and drabs of spunk continued to leak into Maria's sperm-ravaged cunt. Even Jeff's shudders and thrills were becoming a memory.
    As the lovers finally stopped humping, Maria looked with glistening eyes at Jeff. He was so handsome, so virile, so ... perfect. Truth be told, Maria guiltily felt more than a little satisfaction in having seduced Angelica's boyfriend so that the torrid sexual experiences Angelica had related could now be hers as well. Was that a betrayal of her daughter? Maybe. Was she, perhaps unconsciously, getting even with her daughter for being so self-absorbed and insensitive as to recount her sexual escapes to a woman for whom, in light of her enforced celibacy, they caused real pain? Possibly. Had she been motivated in part by jealousy of an inexperienced daughter who had somehow enticed a shockingly good-looking guy with a body-builder's physique and a giant cock into her bed? Could be. Had she gained satisfaction from learning that at age 34 she could still compete for young studs like Jeff? No doubt about that. In any event, Maria felt blissfully satisfied for the first time since ... well ... Mr Gonzales's last full-fledged performance!
    It had been perfect. Well, almost perfect. If only Jeff had not come right away. Still, his orgasm did last a full six minutes; that certainly helped make up for his quick trigger. She had to admit that when he was up and running, Mr Gonzales often never made to the six minute mark even when measured from the moment his cock first slipped into his wife's pussy. No, with an unbelievable stud like Jeff, things could be altogether satisfying even when his gun began to shoot on his second fuck stroke!
    In any event, Maria knew that she had only herself to blame for the brevity of the coupling; it was, after all, her deep throating that was the architect of his premature ejaculation. She should have gone down just a few less times. Oh, well ... it was great while it lasted. And might there be more? Dare she hope?

"That was so wonderful, Jeff, honey," Maria breathed. "You're such an exciting lover."

Well, there's no fightin' it now! It was great! No gettin' around that! Kind of a quick launch for me but still great! Kiss 'n run? I'm not gonna leap out of bed and run for my car. Nope ... I'm gonna lie here and enjoy Maria's fabulous body — at least until it's time to start worrying about Angelica's return from the city. I've done a terrible thing but ... I did do it, after all. Too late to worry about it. So at this point I'm just gonna ... enjoy!

    Jeff smiled. He was too overcome to speak. Instead of pulling out, he left his softening cock inside Maria's pussy. He wordlessly leaned down and started a face-swallowing French kiss with the buxom mom. The kiss went on and on. Maria's tongue slipped in and out of his mouth with such sensuousness. It was a real turn-on. And then there was the thrill of feeling between their bodies the huge mounds of tit flesh that nearly made it impossible for the lovers to kiss at all. As the kiss became more and more ardent, Jeff began to moan. And grow!
    "Honey!" Maria exclaimed. "I think you're getting stiff again. Already! Oh, precious, that is so great!"
    It was true. The thrilling pressure up and down his trunk of Maria's massive bosom coupled with the couple's torrid soul kisses had made Jeff's rest period a notably short one. In less then five minutes after the end of their first coupling, Jeff's cock was fully erect and his hips had once again started to pump. "How great," Maria thought. "I'm gonna get my brains all loosened up more than once after all!"

Here we go! I can't possibly fuck Maria once 'n then refuse on moral grounds to do it again five minutes later! What's the old saying? In for a dime, in for a dollar? Well, I'm in — that's for sure! — so I might as well do a little bit more in and out! Anyway ... it feels so great!

Round two was a lot longer than round one. Forty minutes by the clock. Yet Maria was in orgasm about 90% of the time. It was nothing fancy — Jeff fucked her missionary style for the entire coupling — but it was still great. The extreme girth of Jeff's massive tool was working on Maria's nerves like they had never been worked on before. Even more exciting, the latticing of veins around his oversized cock rasping against her nerve endings was exponentially increasing those sensations. Not to mention the unexplored depths to which Jeff's cock was plunging! It felt as if he were fucking her lungs! The buxom mom was so aroused that each fuck stroke made a sucking noise. She was so soaking wet that Jeff's mega-cock and her convulsing, soaked pussy had formed a love suction! Their lovemaking was so thrilling and over the top that Maria was actually afraid she might lose consciousness! The first coupling was exciting but this second one was the brain-loosening fuck Maria had dreamed of ever since she had first heard about Jeff's giant cock. The formerly horny young mom was in heaven!

"Uh ... uh ... ugh!" Forty minutes on, Jeff was again whitewashing Maria's cunt and womb with long, sticky ropes of hot spunk. In light of the prodigious production that took place during his first cum, Maria would have understood if Jeff had been able to produce only a few drips of seed.
    Not this fellow! It felt as if Jeff had deposited a second pint of male seed in the depths of Maria's body. What a guy! Maria knew that by seducing the young man she had broken faith with her daughter. Yet she had been so in need! And their loving had been so satisfying. Even if it was a one-time deal. Which it was, of course. Wasn't it?
    "Thank you, Jeff, baby," Maria whispered when their bodies had finally come to rest. "This time with you has been so wonderful, so special!"
    "Uh, uh," Jeff whispered back. "Thank you ... or thank us! It was so great."

I don't know if I've ever had a stronger orgasm. Maria's gorgeous face and gigantic tits sure did the trick! Look at her now. Lyin' there on her back, her massive, massive tits covering her entire body. They're even covering up her cunt! Man! Look at the way those giant hooters are quivering in response to her heavy breathing. Wow! I know I gotta go but I just gotta grab some more tit before she kicks me out! Lick 'em and suck 'em, too. Am I hooked on 'em or what?

    Maria looked at the digital clock; it read 12:54. "I suppose we'd better watch our time. We've got an hour and a half at least — probably two and a half hours — before Angelica and Mr Gonzales get back but still, we sure don't want to push it."
    "That's for sure," Jeff agreed. He shuddered at the thought of the consequences of getting caught in bed with Mrs Gonzales. The young man had resumed kneading and fondling Maria's gigantic breasts, so that cautionary thought soon slipped away. Soon he was kissing, licking, and sucking the stupendous expanse of tit meat. He did not act like a fellow who was in any hurry to eat and run!
    "I do feel guilty about seducing you, Jeff," Maria giggled. "But when you dropped by and I saw my chance ... I just couldn't resist. Can you forgive me?"
    "Shush!" Jeff commanded. "There's nothing to forgive. It was all my fault, after all!" The young man got a dreamy look in his eyes and smiled. "I couldn't believe that dress! It took a lot of balls, er, courage, to put it on. I could have run out of the door in a panic, you know!"
    Maria laughed. "I know! I had fixed up that dress for Mr Gonzales once in hopes of stimulating his performance. He really liked it but.... No dice! I had stashed it in the back of the closet so when I went back to change I decided to go for broke. All or nothing" She smiled as she brushed her lips against Jeff's mouth and then licked his lips. "Looks like I lucked out, eh, baby? Forget the nothing! What we just had was definitely the All!"

Jeff and Maria fell back into soul kissing and feeling each other up for a few more exciting minutes. Their lips were puffy from their deep, protracted lip locks.
    When their lips separated, Jeff smiled at his buxom seductress. "That blowjob you gave me ... that deep throating ... wow! I never dreamed anything could feel so good! Plus," he added while fondling his massive love hose, "I never dreamed anyone could ever go all the way down on it the way you did. That was ... unbelievable!"
    Maria laughed. "I bet you were surprised!"
    "Where on earth did you ever learn to suck a cock like that?" Jeff boldly inquired.
    The overly buxom mom laughed again. Then she blushed. "I shouldn't tell you this but I practiced on Mr Gonzales. He's just amazingly hung. Jeff, you're the biggest I've ever seen but Mr Gonzales isn't all that far behind." Maria reached over and took over the job of fondling Jeff's cock. "Women differ on this, you know. Some women hate big cocks 'cause they hurt or whatever. For some of us, though," Maria got a dreamy look on her face, "we figure the bigger the better. I know I sure do! You better believe it ... the thrill of feelin' a huge cockhead passin' through my cervix ... the extreme pressure of a really thick shaft against my cunt walls ... gettin' my womb splattered with oceans of sperm ... for a gal like me ... oh, baby! there's nothin' better!"
    By this point, Maria was vigorously jacking off the young man's relaxed, relatively limp cock. "When I met Mr Gonzales I was awful young but I was really tired of gettin' hit on every waking moment of my life. Guys were just flockin' around like flies every second I was out in public. I suppose it was flattering but as a regular diet it got old real fast. Getting married was a way of saying goodbye to all that nonsense. Plus, Mr Gonzales was so mature, so handsome, 'n so kind!" Maria then smiled. "I think all those qualities would have been enough to have convinced me to say 'yes' when he proposed. But I gotta tell you, Jeff, that thick, foot-long dick of his helped close the deal!"

Yeah, but I bet for him Maria's gigantic honkers closed the deal. 'Course, her drop-dead gorgeous face probably didn't hurt. Hmmm ... I wonder just how built she was back then? Wonder if I find out just how big she was? Bet there's no harm in asking.

"I know that Angelica's always gettin' hit on," Jeff observed. "I'm not surprised it was the same for you. Being so built 'n beautiful 'n all," he added. The young man paused for a breath and then pushed on. "Were you, you know, always ... umm ... really built? Like while you were growing up?"
    Maria smiled. "Like compared to Angelica, you mean?"
    Jeff blushed. "N ... n ... no," he stammered. "Just, um ... in general."
    The buxom young mom winked at her young lover. "I know that's what you meant. I just couldn't help teasing you a little, is all." Maria then got a faraway look in her eyes. She let go of Jeff's gigantic love snake and began to explain. "Yes, I've always been huge. Really huge! I stared developing in the third grade — can you believe it? I was all of eight years old! I was a G-cup in sixth grade! The high school guys in the neighborhood were all askin' me out but my parents said, 'No way!""

An G-cup in sixth grade! That's definitely bigger than Angelica's was! I bet Maria was really beautiful then, too. Could I imagine bein' in high school and askin' out a sixth grader for a date? If she looked like Maria must have looked back then, I sure could!

    "And, you just kept on developin' 'n developin', I guess?" Jeff ventured.
    "You know it!" Maria giggled. By the time I was a sophomore in high school, I was probably a 32S-cup. That's my guess."
    "Your guess?"
    "My guess, baby," Maria replied. "Course, I did know my bust was more than 50 inches 'cause I couldn't fit into a size 50-inch blouse any more." The overdeveloped Latina had begun once again to fondle Jeff's limp dick. The massive love snake began to show signs of recovery in response to this attention. "It's also my guess," she continued, "'cause by this time I had to have my bras custom made. At the place my mother got hers." Maria smiled. "Mama was even bigger than me. She was twice my weight, though," she added. "After that," Maria continued, "I just kept growin' and growin' until shortly after I got married."
    "How about when you were pregnant 'n nursing 'n stuff?" Jeff was determined to get the whole story!
    Maria laughed. "Oh, my goodness! I got much larger. It was unbelievable!"

God! I can't imagine what that her tits must have been like when she was nursing. I mean, she's unbelievable now!

    "How much bigger?" Jeff pushed on. Maria gave her lover a playful swat. "Honey, there aren't enough letters in the alphabet to answer that question." The hyper-buxom young mom giggled at the thought. "The alphabet only goes up to Z, so that's as far as the Senora goes, but really, that's only a very rough guide. Let's just say that when I was nursing, my breasts, if they were hangin' free — which they almost never did — hung to my knees."
    "My God!" Jeff blurted.
    "Yep," Maria agreed. "Thank goodness they went back to normal when I weaned Angelica." The buxom young mom leaned in to give Jeff a kiss on the cheek. "That's normal in quotes, of course. Normal for me is what I mean." Maria winked. "I'm quite aware that's not normal for anyone else!"
    "How big are they now?" Jeff asked.
    "Like I said, baby, I'd really have to guess. The last time Angelica and I had bras made back home, Sra Lopez told me I'd be something like a 36Z if the brassiere had been store bought — assuming that stores sold Z-cups, which they don't. Or maybe even bigger. She just couldn't be sure."
    "That's just fabulous," Jeff exclaimed.

Maria then began to grin. "You don't fool me one bit, Jeff Weld. You're askin' all these questions 'cause you're wonderin' just how big Angelica might get down the road."
    "No, no!" Jeff protested. "Well, I guess I am interested in that too but, really, I just want to know those things about you, too."
    Maria smiled again. "Well, I appreciate the attention but I do know you'd like to have a guess about the future of my daughter's bosom as well." The giant-breasted mom paused in thought. "I was always several cup sizes bigger than Angelica at an equivalent age. I think she's an O-cup or something like that now. I don't really think she'll get to a Z-cup — or more — like me. I doubt it. For one thing, she could be fully developed already — though I doubt that. But even if she isn't, the fact she was always a few cup sizes behind me at an equivalent age makes me think that she'll top out at a T-cup or something along those lines."
    Maria paused and licked her lips. "Is that gonna be big enough for you?" Jeff nodded dumbly. Maria licked her lips again, this time even more sensuously. "How 'bout me? Am I big enough for you?"
    "Oh, baby," Jeff moaned.

This tit talk was very arousing. The lovers' bodies slammed together. They ardently French kissed and fondled each other's remarkable bodies for another few minutes. Jeff began finger-fucking the gorgeous young mom. His plan was to substitute a much larger object in a few moments. Or perhaps that object could be placed in some other hot, warm orifice.

Fucking Maria was so great but that deep-throat blowjob I got was more fabulous still. I wonder if she'd go down on me again. Maybe suck me off till I come? Swallow my load, even? Do that like, you know, as one for the road?

    It was not to be. In between moans, Maria glanced at the bedside clock and jumped out of bed. "Honey, I'd like to make love again but you've just got to go! We've still got lots 'n lots of margin but I don't want to push the envelope. And neither do you! It's just not worth takin' a chance, honey. It's too risky! Think of the downside. Oh, my God! Let's not even think about that!"
    "I thought you said Angelica would approve?" Jeff said with a smirk.
    Maria swatted Jeff in the shoulder. "Wise ass!" she retorted. Then she thought for a moment. "Actually, I think she might approve — at least in some theoretical sense. I'd sure hate to put it to the acid test, though." The ultra buxom beauty pulled a face. "And then there's Mr Gonzales. There's no way he would approve, theoretically or otherwise! So let's say finis to this wonderful, wonderful encounter."

The sex-stunned lovers slowly ambled out to the living room to retrieve Jeff's clothes. Unlike their earlier express trip to the bedroom they stopped frequently on the return leg of their journey to share deeply searching kisses and sensual caresses. They had become obsessed with their world-class bodies!
    These ardent little rest stops were most invigorating. By the time the lovers had made it to the living room, Jeff was stiff once again. Totally stiff! The sight made the buxom mom groan with desire.
    Although Maria had actually begun to fantasize about whether this little session might not actually be repeatable down the road — maybe just one more time if she got really, really horny again? — she thought more realistically that perhaps she'd better take advantage of this unexpected erection before it lost its steam and walked out the door, thereafter to be available only to her daughter. Use it or lose it!
    "Jeff, sweetheart," she began, "I know you've really gotta go but a gigantic hard-on like that is a terrible thing to waste. What if we did it one more time? ... out here in the living room? ... from the rear, I mean? ... so you can go really, really deep?" Maria smiled lustily. "The feel of your giant cock inside my womb is so great, Jeff. From the rear you might be able to fill it up completely, precious."
    "That sounds so great, Maria," Jeff replied. The young man was no mood to argue! Even in the early afternoon a nightcap was often appropriate.

Maria leaned over and squarely planted the palms of her hands on the sofa. Her huge tits — so, so big! — were puddled on top of the seat cushions. Maria was so huge!
    For Jeff, the sight of her spreading bosom was so thrilling. Not to mention the incredible curviness of her almost impossibly fine ass. It too was adding stiffness to his already engorged cock.
    The young man eased his throbbing cock down Maria's dripping, stretched-out cunt. On account of their two earlier couplings, Jeff's dick slid effortlessly right down into the far reaches of her womb — no problem!
    Jeff began thrusting, stroking, and grunting. What an eye-popping view he was getting of Maria's super-curved ass. The way her amazing globes of ass meat moved in rhythm to Jeff's fuck strokes was overwhelmingly arousing. Plus, Maria's steamy cunt was so wet and warm.
    The buxom mom was groaning with pleasure as well. Their lovemaking was once again so hot that Jeff's raging boner had resumed making wet sucking sounds as it reamed out Maria's dripping pussy. The fact the hot young Latina was clenching her convulsing vaginal walls around Jeff's thrusting cock was helping to create this sexy suction of love.
    The huge breasted mom had once again slipped into continuous orgasm. The lovers were moaning and groaning in unison as their bodies slapped together in the perfect rhythm of fully synchronized loving. Jeff could actually feel his cockhead punctuating the far wall of Maria's shuddering womb. He was going unbelievably deep.
    "Take me deeper ... much deeper," the huge-breasted beauty screamed as Jeff's pelvis slapped — whap! whap! — against her impossibly luscious, ultra-curvy ass. "Put that fucker up my throat, precious ... I need more cock... lots more ... stroke it deeper, baby!"
    Maria was losing control. Long ropes of saliva stretched from her mouth down to the seat cushions. Her hair was dripping with sweat.
    Jeff reached down to rub and squeeze Maria's giant hangers of breast flesh. The tit meat was so hot, so soft, and so arousing. And so huge! Oh, man — what a pair she had!
    This little bit of tit play took Jeff right to the edge — and then all the way over. The sex-stunned teenager was now slamming his throbbing cock into Maria's cum-wracked pussy at almost a maniacal pace. He had started to come. Yet another set of unimaginably intense thrills and searing chills were now coursing through his body. Suddenly, an astonishingly urgent shot of hot, creamy spunk catapulted out of his jerking cock and rocketed down into Maria's shuddering pussy.
    In response, the heavy-breasted mom started sobbing and screaming. "It's so fucking good! Oh, sweetheart! I love your jism! I love you. Oh, baby — I'm so hot! God! Don't stop! Ever! Oh, lover!"
    The orgasm went on for a couple of minutes. Not bad for the third coupling in –what? — less than two hours? Jeff blasted rope after rope of hot jism deep into Maria's convulsing womb. He had produced so much semen that rivers of love goo were just gushing out of the buxom mom's ravaged twat and dripping down her legs onto the carpeting. A little cleanup was going to be in order as soon as Jeff had left. Well, that would not be a first for that area of the apartment!

Their frenzied humping slowed and then ceased. Maria stood up, turned around, and smiled crookedly at Jeff. "Oh, honey, I love you so much!" she wailed. "You're such a fabulous lover!"

Love? Shit! I was afraid of this! How am I gonna handle this down the road. One look at Maria tells me she'll never settle for this one time. No way, Jose! She's gonna want more and more and more. Even if she doesn't I just know we're gonna be actin' funny around each other. There's no way around it. Angelica's a really smart, observant girl — she'll figure something's up in a second! I bet I'm screwed! In more ways than one, I mean! Why couldn't I have just held off a little longer and stayed out of the sack? Shit, shit, shit! It has been so great 'n all but, still, it never should've happened. Plus, it's all my fault! What am I gonna do?

    The huge-titted beauty walked up to Jeff to begin a passionate hug. She thrust her hands into her cleavage and spread her breasts to either side in order to go deeper into the embrace. She slipped into young kid's arms, lifted up her fully opened mouth, and began an epic French kiss. Because of their positioning, Jeff was able to rub and fondle Maria's massive Z-or-more-cup tits as they erotically bulged out on either side of her trunk. He alternated by reaching down and cupping her tight, super-curved ass cheeks. The face-swallowing, saliva-swapping kiss went on and on.
    Their lips strongly rubbed and slid against each other. Spit flowed from mouth to mouth. The lovers seemed mutually to recognize that this kiss was It — that after they broke this clinch, Jeff really, really had to go — it was imperative! As a result, they were making it a kiss to remember!


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