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Welcome to Ladybumps! This is a section of the website devoted to the two most noticable characteristics of the Valkyrie. No, not her biceps.

Ladybumps stories

First and foremost, we have stories, a large number of stories of a larger number of very large women.

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This is where you'll find all the news articles.


This is NewsThumbs, which gives you access to just the pictures, using thumbnails. This makes it easy to avoid spam, and find the pictures that you want.

Ladybumps is hostessing Newsletters

First, there is R&D. This now enormous newsletter carefully compiled by Some Sort of Dog is available via this web site - look at the letters, visit Vast Magazine, and read the latest installment of the Saga of St Cat's School for Young Ladies, or of Axolotl's stories.

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    The Ladybumps Art Galleries

    These grew so much, they are on their own page.

    Ladybumps Movies

    A selection of appropriate video clips for you to download and play. And there's the Tina Small video clips

    There's also the Norma Stitz movie theatre

    And more?

    What else would go under Ladybumps? Have you written a story? Drawn some suitable artwork? Should I put up some Ladybumps Art Galleries? Video clips? Send your comments on the site, and any suitable material to

    But please don't send me anything from E.L. Publications. Their artwork is copyright, and it only means I have to take it off again when I find out that it's theirs.