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Every night at 5am, Lucretia the Links Valkyrie checks all these links, and updates the table. "Added" is when I added the link to the list, "Status" is the status of that page when Lucretia tries to read it. If it says "Server down", that could be a temporary problem, but if that condition persists for a number of days, then it could be that died and gone to wherever web sites go when they die. But don't give up just because Lucretia couldn't wake the server up, it might be that it was only down at time she tried it.

"Updated" is when the page that Lucretia checks says it was last updated. This, of course might be misleading for a number of reasons. First, the site might be changing all the time, but not the page that Lucretia is watching. If your site is like that, then let me know a good page to watch for changes. Secondly, the site might not be changing, but there might be something on the page (like the date) that changes all the time, but that isn't a very interesting change! Thirdly, Lucretia isn't very patient with web sites. After waiting for a short while, she's smoke. Most web surfers are the same; if a site doesn't seem to respond, it's on to another one.

OK 301 means that the page reports that it's permanently moved, 302 that it's been temporarily moved. "Password needed" means that the page demands a password, and Lucretia doesn't know any passwords, Forbidden means that the server simply won't let her see that page (or you). And "Not Found" is the usual message that you see when you try to access a page hat isn't there any more. Either the page doesn't exist, or it's been renamed or moved.

Lots and lots more links

The categories aren't entirely seperate. For example, a muscle web site might sell videos, or a video site might also offer wrestling.

Links to Fighting women and wrestlers

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Links to places where men can be trained

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Other links

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Recently added or updated links

These are links that either I've added recently, or which the web site reports it's had a recent update. To discover about updates, I look at the date on the main page on the web site; if pages within the web site have been changed, that won't show up. And, of course, if some very minor change was done on the main page, that will still show up as an update

Links with a date within a day or so

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You can use this handy little form to tell me about a great new link that you found or about your own web site.

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