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Flexing Through the Years

Check out this hot posing video! Showcases Kasie's competition career from the beginning of the flexing years to Kasie's present National Level status.

Each show Kasie has competed in for the past ten years.

Individual routines, posedowns, and placing all combined into one video.

40 minutes, $39.95

A Good Ol' Country Squeeze

Big buffed farm girl, Kasie Mae, wrassles unfortunate Lawrence Wimpie, a traveling salesman who has broken down on her Pa's farm.

Seems Wimpie is stuck there for the night, and Kasie Mae agrees to fight him for her bed.

He squeals just like a pig!...

45 minutes, $39.95


Like Cinderella, Kasie-Rella has this evil step sister - Mina. Mina wants to be just like her, BIG and MUSCULAR!!

Mina and Kasie-Rella's boyfriend Howard concoct a magic potion. Kasie-Rella realizes this and reverses the formula. NOW for the real butt whipping of both Howard and Mina.

And then POOF!!! You got to watch to see this one to see the meaning of POOF.....

Female/female & Mixed wrestling incl.

46 minutes, $39.95

Kasie Goes Postal

Kasie doing what she does best. DELIVERING! But what?? Yes, Kasie the postwoman attempts to deliver a registered package to one Mr. Herman Baker.

After Mr. Baker wouldn't follow procedure Kasie proceeded to make way into his home and enlightened him in a physical manner. Twisting & tangling holds. After realizing he was into more then just that she really took it out on him. Kasie takes her work seriously!! Wouldn't you like her to be your postwoman?

55 minutes, $49.95

Lift Off

~ "Lift Off": Welcome everybody to the Kasie/Sheila "Lift Off" competition. Featuring Kasie Cavanaugh and Sheila Burgess. Two of the strongest women in bodybuilding, using a 160lb. dumbbell for all the lifts. Unlike most lift videos, Kasie and Sheila will be competing against one another in all lifts. Each trying to better the other in ability to either perform more repetitions, or hold a specific lift for the longest duration of time. And trust me, this competition will be tough. As both of these women are VERY competitive! Some of the lifts will include, squats, push ups leg extensions, and a couple other feats of strength you may not of ever heard of. So, let the competition!

39 Minutes $49.95

The Interrogation Part I

This one is a MUST see! A real action packed video. So HOT, it is done in 2 parts. Though each part is a story within itself. Buy part I, part II or buy it in full & get 2 bone crushing, scissor squeezing & pure torture action scenes.

Frankie, a known rapist & murder, though never convicted, is once again at the precinct. No one at the precinct is able to convict or get a confession out of Frankie for his crimes. UNTIL... Detective Cavanaugh is put on the job. Ms. Kasie Cavanaugh has her own method of getting confessions from criminals. As she briefly talks her way with Frankie, and to no avail. Physcial action must be taken!!! Pelvic thrusting, head lockin, chokin, scissor squeezin and MUCH, MUCH MORE!!! Will she get the confession??

45 Minutes $39.95

The Interrogation Part II

Frankie, a known rapist & murder, never to give a confession, is now hand cuffed to a pole in Ms. Cavanaugh's torture chamber. Along with his attorney, David. Now, let the torture begin!!! First the attorney, is thrown in... make your client confess as Kasie pulverizes him with many excruciating scissors-head & body & figure 4's, she tosses him around like a scum sucking attorney he is. Now it's Frankies turn. Cuff one back up and down with the next. Who's in control here?

Detective Cavanaugh literally kicks the crap out of Frankie now. Sweat is in the air. Cavanaugh is getting control. FEEL those BIG BULGING Muscles. Is Frankie giving in?? Or just getting submissive? Back to the attorney. After brutally, having her back breaking way with the attorney - he is now dead! She looks at Frankie, he has fear in his eyes. Will she get the confession or will Frankie be a corpse?

38 Minutes $39.95

Caught in the Act

Kasie comes to visit her sister Sandy. Upon arrival at the home of Sandy, she introduces her sister Kasie to her boyfriend Bill. Sandy steps out of the room to change for the beach, while Bill is entertaining Kasie & making his moves on her. Bill then makes his biggest move (or should we say BIGGEST mistake!) Sandy, catching a glimpse of his last move, & becomes upset.

While Kasie goes to change, Sandy proceeds to confront Bill. Bill denies all. Sandy begins to attack Bill. Sandy taunts, teases & squeezes Bill until he is begging & pleading for mercy. SMACK! A few spankings are inflicted upon this bad boy. Sandy lifts him, spins him & tosses him around.

He finally begs his way free but only so he can put the moves on Sandy. AH...to the rescue Big sister Kasie. WHAT THE H--- is going on here?! It's a devasting 2 on 1 situation now. Both of these BIG, BEAUTIFUL, BUFFED, BLONDES, now tortures Bill....as he continues to beg for mercy.

Sandy & Kasie are off to the Tag Team game. The muscle sisters take turns beating up this BAD boy. When these girls are done with him they strip him down & dispose of him properly.

52 Minutes $49.95

Come Back When You're A Real Man

Kasie is in the ring with pro wrestler Bryan Walsh. Bryan at 6'1", 212lbs. Kasie at 5'7", 175lbs.

Kasie shows him what a REAL woman is made of and puts this professional wrestler in his place. Though Bryan doesn't take it easy on Kasie, he gets a few good moves in. Tune into this competitive match and see some Awesome Action!! Body slams, extended surf boards, back breakers, camel clutches,the boston crab and some good old fashion grappling. Filmed in a wrestling ring

38 Minutes $39.95

The Competitive one

Here are two awesome National level bodybuilders combined in one fun & exciting wrestling match. We have Kasie Cavanaugh in this corner at 5'7" and weighing 175lbs. from San Diego, CA. And in the other corner from Vancouver BC is one Ms. Sheila Burgess at 5'6" and weighing 168lb.

These two tussle. You will see some great moves to include, some deadly head locks, powerful leg scissors, full nelsons, painful arm bars - yeah, you know the ones.... many of you have been there yourselves.

41 Minutes $39.95

Fresh Squeezed

Never interfere with massively muscular Kasie while she's shopping for fruit. Chuck, a self-appointed fruit expert intrudes his unsolicited advice on her. He's also too vocal about Kasie's firm melons. Kasie knows his intentions and challenges Chuck to a fruit squeezing exhibition at her place. If Kasie wins then Chuck must submit to a special physical match with her.

Kasie starts by crushing fruit with her biceps, calves and pecs..with the final squeeze of a watermelon between her thighs. As the fruit juices run down Kasie's body. Chuck is stuck!! Kasie drags him into her special room lined with mats. She easily conquers Chuck and grinds him down into the mat. Kasie's huge bicep wraps around his neck and squeezes like it's a tomato. Kasie taunts him and applies the special "melon smother!" Kasie continues to mash, crush and squeeze Chuck into a pile of pulp. She deviously smiles as she subjects her prey to squeezing Chucks raw banana!! Should we say the "Banana Squeeze!" Would you like Kasie to squeeze your raw banana??

48 minutes.....$49.95

Kasie's Hawaiian Posing Adventure

This is one hot posing video!! Kasie is on location in Hawaii for a few days. Come along and join her on her Hawaiian Adventure. She goes to various beautiful locations and is wearing some awesome attire. And just having FUN!

52 minutes.....$49.95

How Not to Handle a Woman!


When Kasie escorted in the Legend - Killer Kolwolski in the ring, this past summer, then by the end of that match was challenged by a Pro Wrestler. Kasie accepting the challenge it was then scheduled for a live audience in Sept. 99. This tape includes the challenge and the actual match that took place in front of a live audience.

approx. 40 minutes
"A Kasie Special" @ $19.95
be sure to mention that you want the "Kasie Special" to receive this low price!

Muscles & Cream

Jack, a man who loves muscles on women, invites stunning 138lb bodybuilder Lynn over to what she thinks is Jack's palace. Lynn tantalizes him as she poses for him in a thong bikini & bra that reveal her charms. Lynn then begins to put on a series of sensual squeezes on Jack. Now, Kasie appearing home earlier than anticipated, heads towards HER bedroom. Only to find her boyfriend "Jack" entangled in another woman's legs!! As the two of them looked quite surprised....Jack ran and hid in the bathroom leaving Lynn to face it off with Kasie. After a tussle in the bed between the two women, Lynn finally convinces Kasie that Jack is the culprit behind all. Jack, now reappears into the scene trying to talk his way out of it.....both ladies declare him the "Jack Ass"! Kasie then carries him, as Lynn is spanking him, into the special matted room. Kasie drops him down & does a jump-thump down upon him! Her awesome muscles are applied in an assault of punishing pelvic thrusts, smothering and ferocious crushing squeezes. Lynn then gets the next round of Jack. Kasie then slips out of her dress, now in her bra & stockings, hits a few flexes for him. Within moments, Jack becomes a lamenting victim trapped between two awesome luscious, ladies of muscle who squeeze, crush & squirm all over his hopeless anatomy. Lynn departs, but soon returns with the whipped cream, and puts it everywhere you can imagine - perfect ending to this turbulent evening.

53 minutes....... $49.95

The Beverly Hills Brawl

Starring Kasie Cavanaugh, & guest star, Ziggy female vs. female competitive wrestling match.

Watch these two Buff Babes Brawl `n Bash in Beverly Hills within a posh studio setting.

Featured are two beautiful, nationally & prominent female bodybuilders, both of whom are highly reputed for not only tremendous muscle structures, but also for their outstanding wrestling skills.

Ziggy, at 5' 5", weighs in at 140 lbs of pure muscle. Challenges Kasie to a match for survival. Ziggy is quick, strong & assertive. Her 14" biceps, 14" calves, & 22" quads, become weapons of destruction when her aggressive nature becomes activated. She demonstrates deadly instincts to intimidate & coerce her opponent.

Kasie, at 5' 7", enters the ring at 175 lbs of raw, solid muscle power. She possesses huge, thick, 16" biceps, 16 1/2" calves, & quads 24 1/2". KC brings her incredible iron pumped power & ring experience to this match. Kasie possesses a rare combination of strength, & wrestling techniques, plus an inexhaustible source of energy.

This exciting match is a demonstration of Intensity vs Power, Technique vs. Muscle Mass, & Serious Squeezing You won't want to miss these results:

 Round #    Result
     1    A merciless, powerful neck scissors, and
     2    A crushing torso scissors & grinding headlock, and
     3    A torso torture scissors & crunching headlock, and
     4    Watch this round and you be the judge, and
     5    Pinned for the count.

Watch all 5 rounds of crushing, twisting, squeezing, scissoring and of strong, slippery and sweaty action.

Muscle intensity at its best! 35 minutes..............$39.95

Muscle Enforcer

FOR HIRE - Muscle Enforcement Services

Muscle Intimidation included via Kasie's BIG thick muscles. 2 credit risk losers borrow from the local mob & default. Big mistake! Boss Tweedo declares it's time to bring in Kasie to use her menacing massive muscles to settle those accounts.

Miniature Melvin runs an ineffective numbers racquet. Nonperformance results in a trip to Boss Tweedo's office. Tweedo calls for Kasie & she is ready for business. She flexes those awesome agressive arms. She intimidates Melvin. Then she goes at him!! Will Melvin pay up? Will he survive??

Sammy Sleazeau produces porn films that are box office flops. He appears in Tweedo's office and uses the phone but is unaware that Kasie's powerful physique silently glides across the floor towards him. Sammy hits the floor & is subjected to Kasie's strength and fatal wrestling skills. Thick thighs squeeze his little torso. He becomes tortured and squeezed unconscious. Kasie easily carries him into a special bubbling hot tub. What is Sammy's fate?

50 minutes...........$49.95

Tag team Tussles


Watch these strong women put on the moves....... While the other ones struggle to get away! Submit! Submit!! or Tag.... Who will be the reigning team!