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Lift and carry tapes from Diana the Valkyrie

A hard man is good to beat

All these tapes were shot by Nercy of Builtmore. Nercy is a keen and enthusiastic fan of Tall Women, and his love really shines through in these tapes.

All videos are $50, and are available in VHS NTSC (US and Japan) and VHS PAL (Europe).

Review of the TALL001 video

TALL001 60 minutes Rose 5'11"
Susan 6'0"
Heather 6'2"
Chandra 6'2"

The video begins with Rose (5'11") and her friend Susan (6'0") walking down the street flanking a muscular man who can't be any more than 4'6", if that. In their swimsuits, these towering muscular and leggy Amazons dwarf this little guy (no pun intended). The last time I saw a sight like that it was of a tugboat between two enormous ocean liners. Even though it looks like these two women could end the man's existence by simply coming together to hug each other, the little fellow appeared happy to be walking between them. In fact, he even got admiring comments from gawking passersby who marveled at his company. One man on the street was overheard to say, "He's got all the luck and a bag of chips!" Following along behind these three we are stunned to see the man's little muscular shoulders at the same height above street-level as these two Amazons' fantastic and curvaceous rears. We watch as the women walk along, each holding the little man by the hand as though he were a child. In their high heels these women each push 6'4". What an experience this must have been for him! There are also some fine shots following the feet of these big girls as they walk firmly along in their high-heeled sandals.

Next we are treated to Heather, who at 6'2" (make that 6'6" in her heels), dwarfs her sexy female friend by nearly a foot. Heather is a stunning blonde with fantastically long legs. The camera follows her and her friend as they walk about town, their high-heeled sandaled feet pounding the sidewalk with a force reminiscent of the hooves of horses. And why not; these are big women with muscular calves and powerful legs who are proud of their power. There are also some good height comparison scenes in which we see how Heather towers over her powerful and well built friend.

After this walk about town, Heather enters the studio to briefly show off her statuesque body for the camera. Sitting in a chair she crosses and uncrosses her lengthy legs a number of times.

Now Rose returns, entering the room with a man riding piggyback upon her! He appears to be about 5'9", but Rose carries him with ease, even pausing for some deep knee bends with him aboard. After putting the man down she next picks him up in her powerful arms and carries him about as though he were a baby. Next, Rose puts him high up upon her powerful shoulders and walks about giving the startled man a ride. She looks happy, but he looks nervous. Rose then lifts him into a fireman's carry and easily walks about the room with him making it seem like he weighs nothing. Then, once again, she carries him about in her arms like he was a little boy and gives him yet another piggyback ride!

Rose takes a break after a time to show off her powerful muscles, flexing her arms, abdomen and back for the camera. This is one powerful blonde, guys. You wouldn't want to tangle with her if she were angry! She'd pick you up and snap you like a stick.

Next Rose and her male companion have what seems to be a real arm wrestling match. He has strong arms, but hers are also very muscular. They go 4 rounds, splitting them evenly, (which is why I think it was a real match). Even when he won, though, he looked like he was going to pop a vein for his efforts. A real wrestling match then ensued. The man lifted Rose and spun her around. But once on the mat, Rose went for her power and used her legs on him. While he often had the advantage, she would take over whenever she got his head or body between her large thighs. She must be able to create a very impressive squeeze between them!

Following this romp the real fun begins as Rose and Susan play. Susan starts by giving Rose a piggyback ride. While doing this, Susan stopped to do deep knee bends showing off her lifting power. As a crush lover I couldn't help but wish that the little man from the beginning of the tape was there on the floor so that Susan could have stood on him with Rose riding on her back. That poor man would have squished like a tube of toothpaste! Those two women together in one package have to be near or over 340 pounds!

To prove her carry power, Susan next had Rose ride up upon her shoulders. And, once again, Susan did deep knee bends with the Amazon riding on her. Then Susan picked up Rose in her arms and finally put her over her shoulder while she carried her about the room. Finally, the women locked arms back to back and took turns bending forward to lift each other into the air.

Following this, there was an interesting wrestling match. Interesting, because the women were so evenly matched. I won't give away the outcome but leave it for you to discover.

We next see Rose walking about town with her beautiful friend who is only about 5'7". Five-foot-seven might normally be thought of as average, but next to Rose it seemed small. However, I know you won't be disappointed by the shorter woman because she has a gorgeous rear (if I say so myself). Her beautiful backside hangs way out of her shorty-shorts and pumps away as she walks along. Men whom these women pass on the street, no doubt lost their minds. Once again the camera follows closely at ground level as these two beauties heavily tromp their spike-heeled sandals along on the pavement.

Next we get to watch both women show off their strength. The smaller woman is amazing in that she is able to lift and carry the Amazon Rose in her arms and upon her shoulders. That much power for only 5'7" is impressive! There are a lot of lifts and carries as both women take turns showing off their strength. But the wrestling match is the most amazing. The smaller woman dominates Rose! She obviously knows something about how to wrestle; using all sorts of fancy maneuvers to get out of holds the Amazon puts her in. After winning, she even laughs and says, "Perhaps I ought to do this professionally!" Hey, perhaps she ought to!

You might think that this would be enough for one tape, but if you know Nercy you know that he always gives you extra. That "extra" comes in a 6'2" package named Chandra. Chandra is a very strong woman although she doesn't look exactly like a body builder. She has a good figure and is attractive. I doubt you'd guess her real power from just looking at her. But Chandra can press about 600 pounds with her legs! Lying on her back near a wall, she demonstrates the most amazing scene on this tape. She raises her foot into the air so that a good-sized man can lie down on the sole of her foot with his pubic bone. Then, with ease, and I mean ease, Chandra gives him an up and down ride by using just one leg! She lifts him up and lets him down again and again as though he were made of straw. Using both legs, the sexy and pretty Chandra raises him up and down like he was a stuffed toy animal. Chandra also does deep knee bends with the man on her shoulders and goes up on her toes as well. She then takes him outside for more rides on her feet while she braces his hands in hers. Back inside, she uses her feet to lift the man up into the air from off of the floor again and again as though he were her exercise weights.

If you like "lift and carry" or just like to look at strong, long-legged woman, this full one-hour videotape is for you. I really have no complaints to make about "Tall Models, Inc.," other than the early scenes with the Amazons and the little man seemed to go on a bit too long. But for many of you it might not be long enough!

Review of the TALL002 video

TALL002 60 minutes Dragana 6'2"
Dana 6'2"
Zrinka 6'5"

I just bought the latest video from BuiltMore Productions.It is called alt.amazon.supermodels. That is the name of the video. It opens with 6ft2 Dragana, a knockout woman walking and standing next to a petite woman more than a foot shorter. There is a segment of 6ft2 Diana Meier with a much shorter woman and it has lots of hand comparisons, feet comparisons and strength comparisons. Great footage. There are other terrific tall models. It ends with the incomparable Zrinka who is 6ft5 and is wearing 3" heels. She is shown in a doorway where her head touches the top of the doorway. Very good video.


Let me tell you all what a pleasure it has been to view the builtmore productions tape called "alt.amazon.supermodels"...and let me say up front, these women are truly "amazon supermodels"...

I first encountered DRAGANA...6'2" tall...175-180 pounds of pure feminine amazonic pulchritude...this girl is huge...huge...but totally sexy! I would estimate her at 6'6" tall at least, with her heels on...and the height comparison between her and a "little woman"...4'11" Tamara, is awesome...

DRAGANA absolutely towers over Tamara...and she dwarfs her in size...you have got to see the comparisons of the women standing back to back...the top of Tamara's head comes all the way up to DRAGANA'S armpit...and not a centimeter further!! awww...too bad...DRAGANA'S body is full, and round, and so well built...that she makes the "little one" look like a child...and the smaller woman is fully grown! imagine yourself putting your arms around the small woman...very nice!! and then do the same with DRAGANA ...no comparison...she would totally encompass you...she would be hard to hold..she is so statuesque..its hard for her to get in and out of a sports car...a very interesting segment of the tape...i still can't believe the size of DRAGANA'S thigh, compared to the "little woman".

The next segment has an amazon that has to be one of the best built women i have ever seen...she stands approximately 6'2" in her heels...that may not sound tall for a woman...compared to some of builtmore's amazons...but come on...picture yourself with a woman 6'2" tall in heels...whew!!! and the body is incredible!! she walks back and forth before the camera, and what a wiggle from behind...not many women i have ever seen with legggggggs like these...strong..thick..but totally a woman...

Also a segment with Diana Meyer...another 6'2" amazon..who totally steals the show from her height comparison partner...and the partner is a compact, well built little woman...who just can't cut it in the comparison segment...her arms are too thin...her legs are too short...and her body is so small...compared to the amazonic diana...who stops at nothing to tell the little model that she is insignificant by comparison...i love the part where the little woman tries to push diana around...it would be like hitting a brick wall...the body size comparisons...(thigh,ankle,wrist,arms,) etc...are very exciting!

Finally, my favorite builtmore girl of all time comes back to visit...Zrinka...and get this...she is 6'5" tall...barefoot...really, no lie...6'5" ...and with her 4-5 inch heels...she is only as tall as the doorway she stands in...her head can touch the top...just how tall is that? go stick your head in a doorway and look up..and up..and up...Zrinka has probably some of the longest leggggggggs i have ever seen...i would estimate an inseam of 38 inches or more...any idea how long that is...most women probably are 26-28 inches...Zrinka is legggggs on top of leggggs...

Review of the TALL003 video

TALL003 50 minutes Bunny Glamazon 6'3"
Connie Waikle 6'9"
Veronica Lyday 6'2"
Cheryl Baldinger 6'2"
Lori Garrett 6'0"
Louise Ross 6'3"
Julie 5'11"
Ev 6'2"
Heather 6'0"
Cindy 6'2"
Elise 6'2"
Sarah 6'4"
Tanya 6'2"
Sabina 6'4"
Katya 6'1"
Pat Opal 6'1"
Erin Wieda 6'3"

The tape begins with a segment from the Montel Williams Show that obviously has to do with very tall women. Believe me, the women on this show tower over the 6 foot tall Montel. Who are they? In Amazon Supermodels #2 you will find out who they are and meet a number of other amazingly tall women as well.

The first of the women whom we meet as she exits the show is the awesome Bunny Glamazon. She enters the scene on the arms of two average men, both of whom she dwarfs with her size. Bunny tells us proudly that she is 6'3" standing in her bare size 12 feet and that her measurements are a stunning 63-28-38. She also wears a remarkable FFF cup bra! As she says (while squeezing her massive breasts together with huge hands that sport long red fingernails), "Most men stand eye to tit." I believe it. She looks like she could smother a man to death with those twin mounds. Bunny goes on to say how much fun she has had going about the country "terrorizing men." She describes how she likes to pick men right up out of their seats at her shows, toss them onstage, and then tie them up with their own socks and belts.

The next post-show interview is with the stunning and beautiful Connie Waikle who stands a towering 6'9" in her stocking feet! By and large (no pun intended), Connie enjoys being tall. We get to see some good height comparisons of men standing next to her. Connie's 6'3" boyfriend looks like a midget as he stands alongside his beloved.

Speaking of midgets, in the next segment a beautiful black woman named Veronica Lyday, who is 6'2", dances with a midget. Their dancing is interspersed with parts of the Montel show in which these towering Amazons all discuss how they enjoy wearing 3 or 4" heels and how upsetting it is for so many men who then find themselves dwarfed even further by their stunning size.

It's fun listening to all four women on the show discussing their height and how it affected their lives. For example, we hear how when men challenge Bunny about having a 63" chest she asks them to guess the "real" size of her chest with the understanding that it will cost them one dollar for each inch under 63" that they are off. With her imposing size, broad back, and gigantic breasts (all natural), Bunny has made quite a few dollars proving that she is indeed 5'3" about the bust! A 6' tall man is just barely able to embrace Bunny and touch his finger- tips together behind her back if he squeezes tightly! Wouldn't you like to try? Heaven only knows, though, what Bunny would do to a man who tried to give her a bear hug. If she hugged him back those triple F giants could certainly make for some deadly weapons!

Next, this tape gathers in other amazing women who weren't on the show. In any Nercy tape you know you are going to meet more than four stunning Amazons. So now we meet Cheryl Baldinger. Cheryl is strikingly beautiful and stands 6'2". She shows off her magnificently long legs in a miniskirt as she walks about in high heels alongside of a short man. She is also seen training as a tri-athlete and we see her pumping her bicycle about a racetrack with those long, strong, legs of hers.

Tall Clubs International is a worldwide club for tall people. Nercy next introduces us to 3 beautiful women from Germany who are members while a man describes the club. But we have to wait for later to explore this line further. Frankly, I would have edited this short section and put it later.

But no matter, we are soon introduced to 24-year-old Lori Garrett from Oregon. She is a 6' tall body builder. She has a strikingly beautiful figure but wow, is she solid. In her miniskirt you can see how fantastically powerful her legs appear. Even so, I was surprised when she said that she weighed 190 pounds! I guess muscle does weigh more than fat! And Lori shows off her muscles, flexing her powerful arms and even flexing her busty chest. When we see her walking alongside of her average sized girlfriend, Lori looks like some sort of superhero. What a body! She shows off her legs by slowly walking up and down the stairs and even lifts her girlfriend up in her arm and carries her about as though she were a little kid.

Louise Ross has the most beautiful eyes. We see that immediately when we meet her. She is a 20-year-old Englishwoman who likes to work out in the gym. Her measurements are 38-32-38 with a 34" inseam! She is shown exercising and describes how she loves to wear high heels and mini- skirts. In 4" heels she stands 6'7" and towers over all others. She is a member of the British chapter of the Tall Clubs International. She tells about loving her height and how she does everything possible to emphasize it.

The next segment comes as a real shock. I almost hate to spoil the surprise. It begins with a white limo arriving. You wonder who the passenger is, or perhaps who the passenger will be. But then the chauffeur gets out in her black miniskirt uniform with heels that bring her up to 6'3". At 155 pounds and wearing shades, Julie looks like every billionaire's dream driver. She is a competitive swimmer, which explains her wonderful figure. All she need now are a black belt and some weapons training and she could give James Bond a run for it.

What's that you say, you love huge woman? Well, look no further. Meet huge breasted 260 pound Ev from Las Vegas. At 6'2" barefoot, she is a true giant woman lover's dream. In a close up we see that the giggling Ev's calves simple dwarf those of an average man.

Next we see 6' tall, 150 pound, Heather, who is walking through a mall. Her brief segment is like a little refreshing repast between real Amazons, because we quickly move on to visit Cindy in her elegant home. Cindy is 6'2" and tells a story of how she finally had to dump her 5'5" boyfriend. She adds that she was tired of him having to get on the top step every time he wanted to talk to her. Cindy prefers people her own height, like her beautiful girlfriend Elise who joins her at the end of this segment.

Elise tells us about herself and what it was like growing up tall. Unlike Bunny Glamazon, Elise doesn't like to dominate and prefers men who are taller than she. Sitting in Cindy's elegant home, next to a polisher rosewood table, Elise crosses her long legs encased in sheer white stockings while she describes her wish to be a concert pianist. Elise is a nice touch of tall class.

But it's now time to get even taller! Sarah Thamer is 6'4" in her stocking feet, but here we see her in a short blue dress and 3" heels! She is a professional basketball and beach volleyball player and weighs in at 170 pounds on a pair of stunningly long legs. In this segment, Sarah chats with us as she crosses and uncrosses her legs and then stands alongside of an average man for some amazing height comparisons.

Back to San Diego for that tall singles meeting where we once again join the 3 mysterious tall women from Germany. There is redheaded 6'2" Tanya. The tallest is Sabina and stands 6'4" in a very skimpy bikini she is almost wearing. And finally, there is Katya, the shrimp of the group at 6'1" tall. These women are all taped in a grassy park where they are turning heads!

Pat Opal is an interesting woman who is also there at the tall club picnic. She is 6'1", barefoot, and having fun with her pet, a pot- bellied pig. Pat is obviously a weight lifter and packs a whopping 199 pounds into a curvy and powerful frame.

The tape comes to a close with a brief interview with Erin Wieda, who plays a jungle woman on a different tape also available from Nercy. (For those inclined to violent Amazons that tape shows Erin, who is 6'3", squeezing a number of bad guys to death between her massive and muscular legs).

Amazon Supermodels #2 is 5 years old but it could just as well have been filmed yesterday. It is yet one more of the "gotta have" tapes for lovers of tall women. Keep up the good work Nercy, this one rates right up there with the best of them.

La Moduleuse

Running time: one hour; video format: VHS.

Review of the TALL004 video

TALL004 60 minutes Susanne Eriksson 6'0"
Melissa Ford 6'5"
Miky Schaife 6'4"
Dana Massengale 6'3"
Deanna Gorton 6'0"
Karin Torger 6'3"
Katrin Bowen 6'0"
Sandy Allen 7'7"
Tracy Robinson 6'0"
Merlelynn Lange 6'6"
Jacqueline Wilson 6'1"
Kristine Roberts 6'4"

"OUTSTANDING WOMEN" or Amazon Supermodels, Inc. (Volume 3) is the search for some of the tallest and sexiest women alive.

Volume 3 includes:

Susanne Eriksson 6’0"

The classic Scandinavian model -- tall, with long blond hair, finely-chiseled features, girlish smile, like an angel (if angels were sexy!).

Melissa Ford 6’5"

A voluptuous runway model with killer good looks (see pictures above -- no, not the short one!) and incredible long legs. This poised lady is one class act!

Miky Schaife 6’4"

If you can take your eyes away from her legs long enough, you’ll see that she’s an athletic, slender, and fit woman you’d be happy to date. Miky describes to us people’s reactions to her height.

Dana Massengale 6’3"

An athletic coach with a sturdy frame and broad build who can look down to most men, Dana is very much the amazon variety of female. A must-see for those who like the big-sister type.

Deanna Gorton 6’0"

By contrast, Deanna looks fragile; she’s high-fashion-model thin, which emphasizes her look of stature. An executive secretary with interests in the arts and, of course, a model.

Karin Torger 6’3"

Long tall Karin is friendly, fun, and a knockout. See her as she reaches way, way up to the higher branches of an orange tree to get the fruit her male companion can’t reach!

Katrin Bowen 6’0"

A TV show host who’s athletic and a kickboxer, Katrin demonstrates her fighting skills. We assure the SPCA and PETA that no live men were harmed in the preparation of this video sequence.

Sandy Allen 7’7"

You’ve heard about her, read about her, now see her -- the world’s tallest living woman, according to the Guinness Book of World Records. She describes her experiences in life, in movies, on TV and so on.

Tracy Robinson 6’0"

A lovely fashion model who could give Naomi Campbell serious competition. More long, shapely legs to ogle -- uh, admire.

Merlelynn Lange 6’6"

A former UNLV Lady Rebels basketball star and Canadian Olympic team member. Beautiful, robust, cuddly, and fit.

Jacqueline Wilson 6’1"

U.S.-born, German-educated, and of German descent, Jacqueline is blond, big, slender, girlish and cute. She’s adorable!

Kristine Roberts 6’4"

Brunette, pretty, fit, with L-o-o-n-g legs and a high hemline. Kristine was a candidate for TV’s "American Gladiators," yet she’s nonthreatening, friendly, and an amazon you’d love to date.

Running time: one hour. Video format: VHS.

Review of the TALL005 video

Sexy Six Footers

Amazon Supermodels, Inc. (Volume 4) is tall modeling with Suzan, a lingerie model; Anne, a German Valkyrie, who shows light and playful wrestling moves with a shorter male and female wrestling partners; Cheryl, a former American Gladiator; Laura, a female bodybuilder; Catherine, a leg model; Vicky, a exotic dancer; and feisty Gaeleen and sisters. This volume features a reiteration of Tracy at the Single's Bar, which was a favorite from Amazon Supermodels, Inc. (Volume 1).

Amazon Supermodels are six feet or taller.

Running time: one hour. Video format: VHS.

Review of the TALL006 video

TALL006 60 minutes Shaneen Cinema 6'3"
Anne 6'3"
Susan 6'4"
Rhonda 6'2"
Heather 6'1"

Valkyrie and Flying Dutchgirl

Amazon Supermodels, Inc. (Volume 5) features the painfully beautiful Shaneen Cinema (her real name) and Anne L. They are 6'3" and from Europe. Anne is from Germany (Valkyrie) and Shaneen from The Netherlands (Dutchgirl) and they will send your heartbeat flying high. This work inlcudes a fifteen minute exotic dance routine by Shaneen; lifting and tossing around a much smaller man (the referee) by the two superwomen; as well as a fantasy wrestling match between the two. Surprise bonus: "Amazon Supermodels Summit" with Susan 6'5", Rhonda 6'2", and Heather 6'1".

Builtmore Productions has gone out on a "limb" and taken a "tall order" to task in the making of Amazon Supermodels 5. This sixty minute amazon lust-fest features some of the world's most attractive women, all of which stand over six feet tall. This video is most certainly not for viewers that are insecure with their height, because the beautiful women which star in this film can easily humble the biggest of egos with their imposing physical presence. While no emphasis is placed on heavily muscled women, it is apparent that all of the girls featured here are in excellent physical condition. One girl is particularly proud of her body and reveals all in an erotic and highly entertaining scene, with plenty of topless action thrown in for good measure.

Featured first is an extraordinary model from the Netherlands, named Shaneen Cinema (that's not a stage name folks!) This six foot, three inch beauty has long, flowing blonde hair, beautifully chiselled facial features, and a body that rivals that of any supermodel in the mainstream media. She gives a brief description of her height and weight (she's about 165 pounds) and then presents an amusing posing routine, complete with a white, see-through lace top, and a pair of high heels (as if she really needs them!) The segment progresses at a relatively slow pace for about five minutes, which gives you plenty of time to admire her awesome physique, complete with long, shapely legs, tight abs, and well toned arms. I would have enjoyed viewing some muscle shots, such as bicep poses, or calf shots (she does have some nice shape to her calves, which you see later on in the nudity segment!) Overall, a very sensual routine, which will definitely keep tall women lovers on the edge of their seats.

Joining Shaneen is the German amazon, Anne. This girl also stands six foot three, and weighs about 165 pounds. She has dark hair which contrasts nicely with Shaneen's blonde locks. Possessing a very similar physique to that of Shaneen, Anne poses alongside her vertically gifted friend wearing heels which add even more height to her already impressive measurements. However, the real fun begins when the two tall goddesses are joined by a little man, no more than four feet tall! He poses alongside the two "towers of power" in a variety of manners, including amusing footage in which the women make funny faces and place their elbows on his head, and lean against him. It is very easy to see just how tall they really are, because they still out-height him even when he stands on a tall pedistal, surrounded by these sexy and sensual amazon beauties. Following the height comparisons, the women take turns carrying the tiny man around in their arms. It is absolutely stunning to view him in the arms of women which dwarf him more than a young child being held by his or her mother. This segment alone is reason enough to view this tape.

After dispensing with the formalities of posing, the two women, introduced by the little man (now sporting a referee's shirt) get into a hot and heavy wrestling encounter! That's right...picture two 6'3" beauties rolling around on the mats in a battle to determine the supreme amazon! Well, don't worry about the competitiveness of the encounter. Both women are very friendly, even while taking each other down with various maneuvers. Throughout the match, they speak a foreign language to each other, so it's difficult to know what they are saying, but I'm sure you won't be listening to their words anyway. At the conclusion of the match, with both women exhausted, we are taken to a series of scenes in which they demonstrate various wrestling holds on each other. From full nelsons, to bearhugs, both girls apply some great maneuvers to each other. Chances are you'll be trying to figure out which girl is the better of the two, however, don't bother because they are very evenly matched in every way.

The Dutchgirl, aka Shaneen begins a highly erotic segment, in which she reveals more than just her great calves and nicely toned arms. That's right, for adventurous fans who need their fix of topless modelling, Shaneen bears her voluptuous breasts on camera for all to see (and drool over!) This segment, which goes on for about 10 minutes, is complimented by some romantic music, in the form of Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata. She shows off her entire physique in a highly seductive manner as the music provides the perfect backdrop for her risque posing. Following this, the music livens up with Mozart's Overture to the Marriage of Figaro. Of course, you won't need to worry about keeping glued to the screen as Shaneen will capture your attention with her erotic antics!

The final segments of the tape includes footage of three towering goddesses of amazon femininity, in the forms of the 6'4" Susan, the 6'2" muscular Rhonda, and the 6'1" blondie, Heather. These three women all possess unique physiques, from Susan's extremely slender endomorphic body, to Rhonda's mesomorphic package of muscle and height. Heather carries with her tall frame, an attitude which lights up the screen. While the earlier segments provided us with a great deal to look at, the personalities of Shaneen and Anne left something to be desired, however, Heather and Rhonda in particular provide a nice dose of humour and excitement with their charismatic attitudes. You will thrill to their antics as they dance to some lively and energetic music, and compare their height to each other. The use of all three girls at once makes for a much more exciting routine, which contrasts nicely with the slower paced opening of the tape.

Fans of tall women will definitely not be disappointed with this video. If for nothing else than the unique height comparisons between the 6'3" amazons and the little man, Builtmore's Amazon Supermodels 5 is a sound addition to your tall women video collection. The nudity featured in this video makes it appropriate for a more mature audience. While some of the segments got monotonous after a while, there is enough substance here to keep the discriminating viewer satisfied, while bringing a new "heightened" awareness of the beauty of tall women to the novice viewer of this genre. Pick up your copy today by visiting Builtmore Productions at www.builtmore.com.


Running time: one hour; video format: VHS.

Review of the TALL007 video

Amazon sex symbol Emily, 6'5" (195 centimeters), in a lifts and carries story. She has killer good looks and a superbly toned, well-conditioned muscular body with 36" inseam and 80" wingspan. Emily catches a Peeping Tom neighbor drooling over her legs and pulls him over the wall to teach him a lesson that he will never forget. She humiliates him by lifting and carrying him around as a hopeless male, including balancing him on one leg and using him as a weight for squats. The many lifts and carries were choreographed by a leading liftologist. Also included is a physique modeling segment, and scenes of her being photographed by a professional photographer.

Running time: one hour. Video format: VHS.

Review of the TALL008 video

TALL008 60 minutes Eulaique 6'3 1/2"
Ester 5'0"
Joanne 6'3"
Arden 6'0"
German woman 1 6'4"
German woman 2 6'8"
German woman 3 6'6"
Heather 6'2"
Bodybuilder 6'0"
Suzanne 6'0"
Heiki 6'2"
Gabriele 6'1"
Linda 6'0"

Altitude Adjustment

The seventh in this amazing video series developed by Nercy at Builtmore Productions begins with a shocking size comparison. Standing against one another is the beautiful and exotic 6' 3 ½" tall Eulaique (pronounced "You-la-eek") and her 5' tall girlfriend Ester. Ester is at eye-level with Eulaique's stomach! With ease, Eulaique then rests her elbow atop Ester's head and the two women tell tall and short jokes. Eulaique then discusses setting up Ester with a 7' tall man and what that might be like. (You can imagine!) Following this, there are some amazing hand size comparisons. Eulaique says that her daughter, who is a child, has larger hands than Ester does, and Eulaique's are twice as large. Next, Eulaique makes Ester sit in her lap so that the two women can extend their arms and compare lengths. Eulaique arms outstretch Ester's by an amazing amount. Finally, the two women compare feet. Eulaique size 10s dwarf Ester's little feet. Eulaique laughs and asks, "What are those, a size 3?" You can't help to imagine what it would be like to watch these two women in a fight. It would be so one-sided. Never one to disappoint, however, Nercy makes sure that that is just what happens! In the very next scene, the towering Eulaique appears in a bikini under a sheer pullover top and accuses little Ester of trying to steal her boyfriend. Ester actually looks frightened (she probably had no need to act, considering how scary the giant Eulaique looks when angry). Eulaique grabs Ester's arm and threatens to pluck out her eyebrows with her fingernails if she doesn't confess. As the fighting escalates, Eulaique says, "I am going to pound you like a thumb-tack" and "I am going to squeeze the life out of you." Wrapping her gigantic legs about the child-sized woman, Eulaique holds little Ester tightly while she slowly strangles her with her bare hands. Perhaps the most amazing view is of the "dead" Ester is the one from Eulaique's vantage as she places her enormous foot on Ester's little stomach. You know it is all pretend, but this one scene will convince you that Eulaique really had the power to crush Ester like a bug if she had wished to. It is a shame that this scene isn't longer or better acted (both women look like they are being somewhat careful…probably because both are aware of how easily the giantess could do real harm to such a little person as Ester).

Next we meet the beautiful model, Joanne, who stands 6 foot 3" in her sexy white 3" heels and who looks great in her bikini. She even gives her agent's phone number should you wish to hire her. She strikes many sexy poses for the camera showing us exactly why men do hire her. She has an impressively curvy figure and shows it well in her slinky black minidress.

Then this video makes a dynamic switch to Arden, a sexy 6' tall body builder. Arden is solid muscle and as she says, her body is "a work of art." She strikes many power poses in a sexy one-piece leather bodice over seamed pantyhose. You ought to see her legs, guys, no kidding. They look like they could crush a bowling ball. She also flexes her powerful calves for the camera. Throughout, there is some really good music; too, showing the improvement of production skills as this series of videos has progressed. Arden is soon joined by a blonde girlfriend who looks like her, but shorter. These two women strike classical poses to some lovely music blending together art, form, and beauty. It is as lovely as it is erotic. As a woman, I found these sections very appealing. But I have no doubt that men would love them as well. What's not to like? There is even a close up of Arden's biceps that will pop your eyes!

Next we go to Europe for a ridiculous segment showing a towering woman walking about a small room while being admired by a little oriental man who seems to follow her about aimlessly. The music reflects the comic aspect of these scenes. It is eye-catch nonetheless, because this German model has to be at least 6'4" so she towers over the small man who follows her about. This silliness stops soon enough to take us to the home of another German model who is 6'10" in her 2" heels! We see her walking about the interior of an apartment, taller than any of the doorways and dwarfing her stunningly sexy girlfriend who is herself about 6'6". I guess they grow them big in Germany! Oh-oh, it's that little oriental man again, this time walking about Sonya. His eyes don't even come up to her boobs, no wonder she pushes him away. In an Axis nation face-off of German vs. oriental, the little man walks about the towering Sonya as she blithely floats throughout the room, her blonde hair lightly grazing the ceiling. But soon they begin to dance. If she isn't the girl of his dreams you would have to wonder what he is waiting for?

Then there is Heather Anderson, a beautiful 20-year-old, with long blonde hair. At 6'2" in her bare feet, Heather makes for an eye-full. She is soon in 3" heels bringing her up to a whopping 6'5" and making for a powerful height comparison as she stands back to back with a woman of slightly less than average height. The top of the shorter woman's head doesn't even reach Heather's sexy shoulders! Next, Heather puts on a leg show. In her summer print minidress and red high heels, Heather with rock your world as she extends and flexes her fantastically long legs. Her legs go about halfway to the ceiling, guys. At 5'10" I thought I had long legs, oh well. Hers are definitely in a different league.

At 6 foot in height, 180 pounds, with 17" biceps and 26" thighs, the next woman we meet is able to bench press 285lbs and leg press 900 lbs., 8 times. We get to watch her work out and get to see some amazing close-ups of her powerful muscles, but what we don't ever get to know is her name. Oh well, a little mystery can add spice. Who ever she is, she's interesting to watch. The next 6 footer, however, is named Suzanne, a platinum blonde Swede in a black minidress. Suzanne crosses and uncrosses her fantastic legs for the camera and then strips down to her undies and bra (keeping on her heels and earrings, of course) to cavort about on her bed while the camera eats her up. This is truly a case of, "Oh, God am I beautiful and boy don't I know it!" In her skimpy panties, Suzanne shows off her gorgeous butt, firm and large and sexy.

Well, after a nice romp with Suzanne you boys deserve whatever Nercy has in store for you. This, of course, means a visit with Mistress Heike, a 6'2" leather clad Amazon who like nothing better than to treat grown men like they were little boys while breaking their bodies in every way imaginable. You deserve no less! Her victim, a German man who stands about 5'7", dares to walk up to the towering Mistress and say, "Hello." That was his first mistake. There is no fooling around here or fake acting. Heike simply lays him out with a smash to his face that made me wince. She is speaking in German, but no matter…you know what she is telling him, anyway. He makes the mistake of getting back up which leads to a few more smashes in the face from Heike's huge hands and then she ties his hands behind his back. Thrown to the floor by his ear, the giantess then forces him to his knees and plays "nutcracker." In this game, his head in the "nut" and Heike's powerful knees are the "cracker." I can't look!

Well, time to rest your bruised body. It's back to Arden striking classical Greek and Roman poses again, only this time a taller girl- friend, Gabriele, has joined her. The dusky and powerful Gabriele stands 6'1" and can match the fantastic Arden muscle for muscle. If you just happened to walk in on these two as they showed off their magnifi- cent bodies like this you'd probably swallow your gum. A lovely piano and violin duet wonderfully accompanies these woman as they pose for us.

Now we meet Linda. She is a dark-haired Swede who is 6' tall and weighs 180. She is a soccer player, so that 180 pounds turns out to be solid muscle. If you like your woman powerful as well as tall, Linda will fill the bill. In a mini-jumpsuit she shows of those powerful kicking legs of hers. The section following is discordant with the music and somewhat odd. Linda is suddenly joined by a like-dressed female friend who appears to be about 5'10" and 240 pounds. They Indian wrestle for a time and then the larger woman gives Linda a piggyback ride. It would take a powerful woman to give the solid Linda a ride on her back, that's for sure.

Finally, we spend a little time alone with Gabriele. At 6'1" this muscle woman makes quite an impression as she walks along the street in her fire-engine red minidress and matching 3" high-heeled boots. Weighing in at 202 pounds, it is no wonder that Gabriele is greeted with cries of, "You go, girl!" as she walks along the sidewalk. In the studio, Gabriele wears a similar black outfit and flexes her powerful muscles for the lens. Back on the street, the camera gives us close-up views of Gabriele's enormous calf muscles and shows her posing atop a brick wall so we can get a good view of her powerful. Gabriele is a woman you will not soon forget. As always, in this videotape Nercy has provided the goods!

La Moduleuse

Running time: one hour; video format: VHS

Review of the TALL009 video

TALL009 60 minutes Carina Thompson 6'1"
Nicky 6'1"
Dot Jones 6'3"
Els Veerman 6'2"
Rose-Marie 6'8"

Amazon Supermodels, Inc. (Volume 8) has the meanest, baddest and most muscular women in the series. It featues drop-dead raven tressed beauty Carina Thompson 6'1", 190 lbs.; Black Magic Woman Nicky 6'1", 190 lbs. in mixed race domination; plus, muscle domination and mixed wrestling with Dot Jones 6'3", 235 lbs., and Els Veerman 6'2", 185 lbs., a young and attractive European bodybuilder/wrestler. This work includes height comparisons with vertically challenged individuals; plus, a cameo appearance by France's talles woman, Rose-Marie 6'8" (202 centimeters). "Height Report" has reviewd this work as "A Blitzing Power Work Bar None."

Review by La Moduleuse

On this tape Nercy has pulled out all the stops to find some of the most powerful and amazing women I have ever seen. As proof, this video opens with musclewoman Carina Thompson who is 6'1" and 190 pounds. We see her looking slender in her sleek black mini-dress as she walks toweringly through a group of shocked Japanese tourists. When Carina flexes her mighty biceps we can see where she is packing all that weight. Yes Virginia, muscle does weigh more than fat; a lot more.

In this video we are treated to many scenes of Carina working out in the gym. She has a very pretty face and feminine voice, but those muscles would make Hercules envious. Tanned and luscious, Carina shows off a snake tattoo on her ankle and also does full cartwheels on the beach. We also see her walking through more crowds on the street. It is funny to see people trying not to look surprised while, at the same time, sneaking wild-eyed glances at her towering muscled form.

Training at the Hard Rock Gym, Carina has built herself up to win the overall title and first place in woman's heavyweight division in the first body building contest she entered. I can believe it, too. It is just amazing to watch Carina exercise in her little purple top and cut-off white shorts. Her musculature is smooth, supple, and rippling. I have to wonder if men might not fear getting too much on her good side; she looks like she could hug a guy to death.

There is a lot of Carina flexing in this video, perhaps too much (assuming you can get enough of those amazing muscles).

But for those who like their women taller still, there is Rose-Marie. At a shocking 6'8" in here bare feet, Rose-Marie is the tallest woman in France. Young and blonde, we see a brief segment of her walking about her apartment ducking under doorways as she goes from room to room with her head brushing the ceilings. We also see her being fitted for clothes and there is even a little section showing the shocked reaction Rose-Marie gets from other women while walking through the streets.

Ah, you say, okay….but I want to see a woman dominate a man…really dominate him. Well, wait no more. Next we meet a man who looks to be about 5'7" who comes across Dot Jones; a 6'3" 235 pound wrestler who plays the part of a Russian named Titania.

A friend of his talks him into having a match with the powerful Amazon. Dot's Russian accent is great and she laughs at the small man, calling him "little boy" at every opportunity. Watching this poor guy being tossed about by Dot's mighty arms and being crushed between her powerful legs I have to say that "little boy" is an apt description. With ease she lifts him into the air and carries him about. "What you do now, little boy, huh? Titania will break you. You are just a toy for Russian woman to crush."

Again and again he is pinned and made helpless. It also looks like he is really trying. But she has about 70 pounds on him and is about half a foot taller. With his head trapped and crushed between her might thighs she says, "I put you to sleep now, little boy. You are just a baby." He looks like he really goes out, too.

After a rest he tries again. But she lifts him right up by his neck so that his legs are left kicking helplessly in the air. Then he is thrown to the ground and crushed beneath her full weight. At one point during the wrestling he manages to roll her over and get on top. But she gets him into a crushing bear hug and says, "You are on top, but I am in control." Soon enough another leg scissors subdues him. After a lot (and I mean a lot) of wrestling it ends with her foot planted on his unconscious body and the camera moving in close so we can see her flex her mighty 19" calves.

You want more domination? Then meet a black Amazon named Nicky? At 6'1" and 190 pounds, this ebony goddess totally dominates and out-wrestles a 6' tall man. She rides him like a pony, his back swaying low under the crush of her massive thighs. Over and over he is forced onto his back so that she can sit on him or lie on him with all her weight. She teases and humiliates him while overpowering him. She rules him with the power of her long legs and massive thighs. When she puts him into a head scissors you have to wonder if he didn't see stars because she squeezed so tightly. It is too bad, though, that she didn't go further and do more to him.

Lastly we meet Els Veerman, a sexy body builder from Europe. She is 6'2" and 185 pounds. While not quite a muscular as Carina (but almost), Els shows off some amazing flexibility by doing splits. If you have never seen a 6'2" woman do splits I have to say that it is an eye-opener. Wow, her legs are long. Soon enough we see her pitted against a man who is about her own weight, but at least 5" shorter than she is. Too bad for him that Els knows some real holds. With her long flexible muscular legs and strong arms she wraps her towering body about him again and again like a powerful python and pins him in one helpless position after another. He, too, seems to be really trying, but to no avail. She is simply bigger and stronger than he is and there is not much that he can do about it if she wants to dominate him. Els' head scissors seem to be especially frightening. She knows to lock her ankles, but she also knows to arch her back and fully extend her long body to get the most powerful squeeze. At one point the poor guy's head looks like it might pop and he gives out a terrible groan. Els is quite a beautiful woman and I think most of you men would want to be her victim even if it did mean placing your head between her long, strong thighs so that she could treat it like a walnut in a nut-cracker.

All in all I would say that this was one of the best videos of its type. The women are, as in all Nercy's videos, nothing short of amazing. Still, I can't help but wish that there had been more of a personal touch in the camera work (most scenes are just shot from a 10-12 foot distance and seem uninspired).

Also the wrestling gets somewhat redundant after a time and one can't help but wish that it had been more intense. How much more wonderful this tape would have been had it been filmed and edited like a Hollywood production. For example, when Nicky sits on her victim's chest it would have added so much if shots looking up at her from his viewpoint and down at him from hers had been edited in. Even so, this is a great video for anyone who loves tall dominant women.

Running time: one hour; video format: VHS.