LH-ART January 2000 List!!
Well, if you are reading this you know we have (and you have too!) survived Y2K, and even though the millennium doesn't actually start until Jan. first 2001 we're sure you've all done some celebrating. We have too. This is another LARGE list, and it celebrates the revising of our MAIN CATALOG which has been designed to last into the next century. At 84 pgs with full COLOR COVERS it is a big event by itself (And you can order your copy at the old $5.00 price with any order from this list (That price is the same for all our Foreign customers as well!). The regular price is $10.00, so you save 50% and get updated on all we have to offer. And there has been a lot of updating. So if you've been suffering with the old 1994 Main Catalog and all the supplemental listing since then, get the new catalog for just $5. and have everything in just one nice (highly) illustrated package.
The other big news is our ONLINE CATALOG! We now have most of this revised catalog up on the World Wide Web (starting in late March) at http://www.lhart.com for direct Online ordering! This site also has new art galleries and a special color art & story section. So if you are able to surf that ponderous electronic ocean check us out!
So, with those two announcements out of the way, lets get to this new list. Notice we have a new ordering blank, with some new shipping charges, so pay attention there. Also we still offer our 10% discount on orders that total (Before adding shipping & handling charges) $120.00 or more. If you order over $300.00 at one time (for you big spenders out there) you can get 15% off your total. Remember we offer ADULT MATERIAL in most of our publications and you must be of Legal Age to order. By ordering you are stating this as a fact.
Our COLLECTION LIST has been updated again (as of this January), and you can request this list with your order. Many collectors Comics and strong women magazines are available here. We also have our flyer about Custom Artwork and Stories available on request as well. Now, on to the newest publications and videos for your entertainment
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ALL AMAZON #18 B.C. brings back his big, busty, brutal Beverly (All Amazon #8) for a rematch with the equally fantastically endowed Carla. Both of these incredible babes are getting ready for this killer match to be held in the ring, and one of them is using some highly illegal and dangerous hormone enhancements! This one gets really wild with a huge tit-growth competition, and BC's airBrushed artwork is truly mouth-watering!

Then Elie Xyr returns with his Swashbuckling epic TARTVFFE and the two medieval ships are really getting into a savage high-seas battle. When the Arabs board the French ship with highly outnumbered forces, their hugely muscled female leaders quickly even up the odds! Great period battle action here! BC's Beverly is on the front cover in Full-figured color, and Elie's equally colorful Back Cover is staggering! 52 pgs. $25.00

ALL GROWTH #12 Behind Full Color covers by SCOUNDREL (FC) & BC (Back Cover) you'll get three great growth stories. Chopper Lang("It's In There" & "Big Lil's Little Strip") writes and illustrates "THICKER". Great story of a young girl cursed since puberty to grow hugely muscled every time she becomes aroused! Obviously she tries to keep this from happening. Her long time male pal has a secret too. Besides loving her madly, he really like big muscular women! "Little Sister Big Muscle" Part two by Lenny and LoSarro. She just keeps getting bigger and takes on a construction job to earn some money for clothes she keeps bursting out of. But those horny older men at the site better watch where they put their hands! Lenny also writes "Hand Me Downs", which Bill Quick illustrates. Another bigger brother overlording it over his little sister especially when it comes time to hand her down some of his very manish clothes. But little sister is about to change that situation around by suddenly getting much Bigger! 56 pgs. $25.00

FAMILY REUNION Parts 1, 2 & 3 The first two stories were originally New Items #'s 44 & 76. These have now been reformatted and in some cases redrawn for this new edition. The 3rd part is a fully new story. Little cousin Julie has grown up, WAY UP! When her 24 year old cousin Bill last saw her she was a skinny little teeniebooper he picked on mercilessly. But now at 18 years she is a body building fanatic! Six foot two inches tall, her beautifully tanned and toned body is rippling with massive muscles! Bill has a lot of meanness to answer for and Julie soon sets about humiliating him.

Lifting his smaller and weaker body all over, stripping him nude and forcing him to oil up her fantastic body. When he rebels she crushes him into total submission! HS, BS, NS + lifts. In Part Two Bill's humiliation continues as Julie takes him on an outing to the beach to meet her friend from Hawaii KYM! Another Amazon-sized teenager who just can't believe her friend Julie has totally enslaved a full-grown man! Bill soon discovers that Kym enjoys humiliating him as much as Julie! FS! In Part Three, a couple years later, Julie has brought(ordered?) her cousin Bill to come with her to visit KYM in Hawaii. There, Kym's Granny tells them a story from her youth and how she got revenge on a spoiled Plantation Owner's son. Bill is forced to listen by the girl's awesome leg-power! (Part I & II Adapted to video Starring KARLA NELSON See Video section). All three Stories by BF, Art: LH, 56 pgs.(AVAILABLE IN MARCH) $25.00

FEM-FURY #7 Start out with a great story by George Rand "LockDown" illustrated by Allesandra pitting two women alone in a holding cell, one an oriental fitness girl, the other a big blonde biker-chick. Intense action in a small place here! A great fem vrs fem classics from the past by Glen. "BIG BETTY" with two healthy honey's going at each other with leather boxing gloves in an old barn. And we continue in this vein, but in an office setting with Robin Ator's "CAT'S AT WORK". A ripping catfight in the copier room. That's not all! MS's Sweet Sue character makes her first appearance (Formly New Item #62) in the "BARNYARD BUST-OUT!" Some extreme breast mistreatment is featured here. 48 pgs. of action! $20.00

FEM-FURY #8 Yes, we have another issue almost ready . This one has a great BooB Fight by Dai (Artist on "Black & Blue" Fighting Folder series) entitled "B vrs J". Then Constantine gives us a very brutal fem on fem fight with "Private Match" and these two girls supposably like each other!?? Extremely violent. Then Sweet Sue returns to take on another big, busty babe in "The Secretary Spread" by MS. Bill Quick gives us a fight between two well-built teachers in "The Teachers Meeting" and that rounds out a very well-rounded issue of great femfighting stories. 48 pgs. $20.00

FEMJOCKS #10 Special Actresses in mixed action issue! Starting with THE PRICE OF TREASON! (#66N) That comely, Communications Officer from Star Fleet is back! This time shuttling a male supremacist to a remote starbase. She question her prisoner in her own personalized style. She takes great pleasure in physically taking him apart, and even gets some answers before he passes out! FS and HS! Art & Story: MS and LH. BAMBI & THUMPER( #75N) - A remake of that famous 007 film scene from DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER. The way we'd like to see it. Poor Bond gets thoroughly trashed by these two muscular fem-foxes who take their pleasure from his hopelessly outclassed frame! Total humiliation for the "world's Greatest Spy!" YVONNE'S STORY (#86N) A very athletic starlet of the sixties. Fondly remembered for her campy Batgirl character. This is a What-If story set in the early 1970's where a nighttime intruder breaks into this built woman's motel room and meets with some very strong resistance! Great head/neck scissors here + some leg worship! Art and story: LH. + New Allensandra story RODEO DAZE where a group of muscular gym babes decide to crash a nearby Rodeo and thoroughly tame all the 4 legged and 2 legged beast! Text by LH. + Pinup pgs by Maxi Dickey! 48 pgs. of sexy TV actresses in Mixed fight action! $20.00

A FATHER'S DEMISE (original title WHO WEARS THE PANTS) Reprint of 148N + new segment that goes between part one and two(#163N see NEW ITEM section). An adaptation of a long story by SAPPER Jr. Beth is big buxom housewife who finds herself very frustrated with her husband. To their teenage son it seems his parents are always fighting. And they really fight! The husband has always won when things got physical, but Beth has started working out and she starts putting up more of a showing against him. When she finally faces him without her skirt hindering her muscularly made legs she wins! Soon she's winning all their fights each one easier than the last. The son suggest that his Dad box his Mother as this a truly male-dominated sport. Dad almost pulls it off, but Beth is just too big and strong for him. Things just go down hill for old Dad from here on out. He's Face-sat, Ass-whipped and made to wear only an apron around the house. The neighbor lady is witness to him getting a beating . The man is totally degraded and the son loses all respect for him and finds himself suffering a sexual identity problem. Enter the neighbor-ladies strongly built teenage daughter Zoe uh-oh! Sapper Jr. expands on story of Son's eventual loss to younger girl next door in New part. Art: LH & David C. Matthews, 40 pgs. (New second part by LH & Lee Burks)(AVAILABLE IN MARCH) $20.00

LH-ART VOL. 6 New Item #69N "Mangled By Mandi" gets a fantastic redo by Popular Italian Artist CST. This is a story of an incredibly built woman starting at the bottom in a rich man's business and soon raising to the top and taking it over. Along the way she also physically dominates and eventually enslaves her ex-boss and the business' owner. The art is astounding here! Then LH brings us a new story in his Legman series. In fact this is the first of four sperate stories all dealing with a legman's "Lust for Lethal Legs!" + Reworked versions of #30N "SUZY SCISSORS SPECIALIST" a Kandor story, and #47N "KAREN'S EDGE" by LH & Robin Ator. 52 pgs. (NOTE NEW PRICE) $25.00

LH-ART VOL. 7 Second half of CST's redo of "Mangled by Mandi" Where-in the sexy Mandi really starts to take her boss apart. First on a wrestling mat and then in the office as she makes her move to take control of his business like she's taken control over his life! This is some of CST's best art to date! Part two of new LegMan series "LUST FOR LETHAL LEGS" by LH (The Big Legged Teenager, she seemed so innocent at first, but she perhaps has the deadliest legs of them all!). Reworked 49N(Mary Lou takes out larger a male gymnast big time! by LH & Robin Ator) and 52N "My Niece The Body Builder" another look at a firmly built young woman taking down an older man and really putting him in a world of pain. Punishing BS & HS here. 56 pgs. $25.00

LH-ART COMIX & STORIES #24 This series returns with three great new stories. "Trouble Doubled" by Marty & LoSarro is along the lines of #18's Picnic Pain with guys suffering humiliating superior strength and defeat from two very innocent and un-muscular looking girls! Then more ultra-Violence from Constantine with "Take My Daughter" Oh did I mention she has a black belt in Karate? Sorry about the busted jaw old man. Lastly a growth revenge story by Maxi Dicky in "Thelma's Revenge" She gets big and gets really even with this low-down thug. 32 pgs. $15.00

ROXY BOOK ONE This one collects the first Roxy story (#118N) Roxy's Cheerleader girlfriend is cheating on her w/ a big muscle-head jock. Roxy takes care of them both! + a New roxy story (THE FILTHY HOLE!) that takes place somewhere in her mind as she lies comatose after her run in with an Android duplicate of herself! Ever wonder what Roxy was like as a little girl? Well, we did too, so let's go back to the early 1970's somewhere in Arkansas naturally Roxy has the hot's for a girl she plays tennis with, but she's rebuffed. Roxy finds herself alone in the woods and fantasies the girl a lesbian's creamdream that gets interrupted by some horny country bumpkin named Billy Clinton! Roxy really shows him where he should keep his head both of them!(146N) HS & NS! Art & Story:LoSarro, 52 pgs. $20.00

ROXY BOOK TWO Collects ROXY MUSIC parts 1 & 2 (#125N & 130N) , Roxy is having a photo-session with a famous New York Art photographer who is absolutely bonkers over her fabulous physique. He can barely contain himself throughout her hot session in front of his very extended telephoto lenses. The Roxy's Fine-brown girlfriend arrives and they start to give him some female on female fight action which totally pops his cork! + New story where Roxy finds herself in an out-of-body experience with one of her past ancestor's a French Prostitute, who must battle a brutally big pimp Apache Style! This new story was suggested and plotted by LH and drawn by ROXY's creator LoSarro! Art & Story: LoSarro, 48 pgs. $20.00

RUBY BROWN's BACK IN TOWN Collecting both New Items #53N and 84N plus a new story of this statuesque black beauty and protector of human rights! The first story tells how we first met up with this incredibly built woman in the 1970's while working at a welfare office. She completely enslaves us in a very painfully physical way! In "WHAT MY POLITICS ARE" we find the tall, statuesque black beauty as a very successful lobbyist in the nation's Capital. Where she uses her own special methods of convincing these hi-powered politicians to see her point of view, and to FEEL IT TOO! The incredible muscular persuasion of this woman is something to behold! HS, BS & FS, and some good ol' ass whippings! Art & Story: LH, Inking: Bill Quick (on last two). 48 pgs. $20.00

THE Ms LOO TRILOGY This book collects the whole series (New Items #67N & #105N) + a new 16 pg. story by LH & Lee Burks as well as a photo pin-up section (front & back covers) of Female body builder Leilani Dalumpines as Ms Loo in great high-kicking action! She portrayed Ms Loo in the DEADLY AMAZONS video production (See Video Section under BuiltMore Productions). Great story of a young girl from war-torn Vietnam putting her survival skills to good use on the battle field and for the CIA and then in the US. In the new story, her husband is killed and she must again fight to find the trail that will lead her back to Vietnam in "SAIGON CALLING". Killer HS! Art by LH, MS & Lee Burks, 48 pgs. $25.00


FEMME MUSCLEANIA Conversion video Volume 3 - Additional rare Regular 8 and Super 8mm film footage along with some video from the OJH Collection. Includes rare Circus performance footage of LA NORMA, VICKY UNUS, PRINCESS TAJANNIA etc. Early Body Builders, and B&W mixed wrestling matches. Video coverage (with sound) of Women's Wrist Wrestling championships (Some great close matches here) from Petaluma CA, and Female Body Builders at Wally Boyko's Expo VII (Early Lori Fredrick and Jackie Paisley) from the DisneyLand Hotel in Anaheim CA. Big Legged trackstar Gayle Olinick, Circus Vargas from the early 1970's + some old Women Wrestlers from the early 1950's! Ringling Bros. B&B circus in 1980. Irene Piotrowski competing in Track Meets(Great Legs!). Just under 2 hours of great stuff! $35.00 (VHS) or $40.00 for (PAL-VHS)

LH-ART Video #4 -The Cohen Bros. return with a new Strength Feats/Physique treat video. This time the star is none other than the incredibly muscled KARLA NELSON! To start out Karla takes you on an astounding guided tour of her fabulous body.

From her bulging cut calves on up to her towering blonde head! She'll explain everything to you, including what each massively muscled limb could do to you if you were caught in their crushing embrace! Then after a change into something even more sexy, they bring on the steel! Karla keeps needing bigger and bigger hunks of metal to challenge her super-powered physique. Some times she just bends the smaller stuff (which isn't really that small either!)over on itself until it is folded up 3 or 4 times! This tape is a true delight for fans of big muscular women showing and telling you what they can do with all that muscle! 55 minutes. Color VHS $40.00 or $50.00 (PAL-VHS)