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Utopia Entertainment offer a variety of superb quality sensual female posing and wrestling videos. And you can see what these videos are like, and order them via my web site.

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Michelle the Manhandler

1 hour, stereo; slow motion and stills sections - $39.95

Michelle and Mike have been dating for about six weeks. She invites Mike home after a movie, to show him what she's about, and to see if he's man enough to take care of her. At 5'5" and 150 pounds, there's a lot of this Italian bodybuilder to take care of. Guess how Michelle decides who is man enough to take her to bed? But it turns out, Mike has a little surprise for Michelle, he was an all-state wrestler in high school.

Michelle has an even bigger surprise, she dated a two-time NCAA wrestling champion for six years, and knows every hold in the book, and even a few that aren't.

Her figure four headscissors causes him lots of distress, and so does her grapevine hold. Her massive thighs almost tear his head from his body while she works over his arm. Another figure four weakens his will to resist, and her devastating full nelson and waist scissors is too much for any man to bear.

Michelle, wearing an orange thong bikini, engulfs Mike's head and body with her enormous 26 inch thighs in a number of debilitating scissors holds. Mike fights valiantly, but this fiery dancer and gymnast wears him down; taunting him, squeezing him and in the end just tosses him out like the trash.

Eve of Destruction

1 hour, stereo; slow motion and stills sections - $39.95

This video is about a man who calls a female bodybuilder for a private wrestling session, thinking it's just a cover for a sex service. He meets Eve, the 1995 ANBC Pro Supernatural overall contest winner.

At 5'3" and 135 pounds, Eve is one built, sexy woman; her stomach is like a washboard, her fourteen inch biceps like steel and her glutes and legs are just plain gorgeous. Eve is also an excellent athlete, and learned to wrestle from her training partner when he discovered how naturally strong and agile she was in the gym. She's wearing a white thong bikini.

At first, Eve toys with her male client, but when she she discovers his intentions, she twists young Damian's body without mercy. Eve's perfect underpinnings choke her male victim with grinding scissors, her potent biceps strangle him, she uses a waist scissors in devastating combination with a headlock and her grapevines stretch Damian's legs to the limit.

Near the end, Damian begs to be allowed to submit, but Eve won't allow it. And the dramatic surprise ending makes this a unique, memorable and exciting tape.

Eve vs Kristina

1 hour, stereo; slow motion and stills sections - $39.95

Kristina and Bill live next door to Eve. Kristina comes over looking for her husband, and when she finds what Eve did to the poor guy, she goes for her. Only the introduction and the ending is scripted; the rest of the video is real wrestling, unstaged and spontaneous.

Kristina is an exotic dancer with something special - she was number two in New York State in freestyle swimming, only two seconds off Olympic qualifying time. She has incredible definition to her abs, and solid muscular thighs. Kristina is a big surprise in this match, keeping Eve off balance with her sheer speed and leg power. There are many great scissors, chokes, grapevines and even a cradle pin in this see-saw battle. And there's a surprise ending.

Anita Gandol posing

42 minutes, stereo; slow motion and stills sections - $34.95

IFBB Pro Anita Gandol poses sensually in six different outfits only two days after the Arnold Classic Bodybuilding Championships. You might remember Anita from her incredible pictures in Playboy Magazine, but since then, she's added about 25 pounds of the sexiest muscle you've ever seen. At 5'5" and 145 pounds, this beautiful woman is hot, and so is the photography.

She plays to the camera like a kitten with a ball of yarn. Anita has long been considered one of the top ten sexiest bodybuilders of all time, and here she shows why she deserves this. She has been on the bodybuilding scene since 1982, and always stays near contest shape. Two 4-minute Music Videos start the tape.

Eve Polmar posing

1 hour, stereo; camera selects and stills sections - $39.95

Eve Polmar is the 1995 ANBC-Pro Atlantic Supernatural overall bodybuilding champion. At 5'3 and 135 pounds, she possesses one of the sexiest combinations of femininity and muscularity ever seen. Eve is seen in eight different outfits; indoors, outdoors and in the gym. This tape is the best of three hours of footage.

Eve's upper body is cut nicely, but those legs and glutes are what stops the traffic. The blonde, green-eyed beauty puts on a scintillating posing routine, including some excellent dancing. Eve shows off for the camera, and you can see that clearly. There's a four minute "Music Video", followed by the best of the footage that was taken during the shoot.

Crushed by Kasie

1 hour - $39.95

This is the story about a female bodybuilder that comes home to find a man breaking in. When she confronts him, a dramatic fight ensues leading to the thief being drowned in her hot tub via a crushing head scissors. When she goes inside to dry off, the man's partner surprises her at gunpoint. Kasie, at 5'8" and 170 ripped, contest shaped pounds, doesn't screw around. She immediately disarms him, then tortures his existence with some of the best wrestling we've ever seen. There is only one word that can adequately describe this beautiful, muscular, blonde wrestling machine, and that is "Dominant." Her scissors can leave you breathless and on the verge of passing out in 5 seconds. Her grapevines can tear your knees from their sockets, and her chokeholds can snap a neck at her whim. You'll love watching Kasie dish out some of the best punishment ever recorded on video. A great "Surprise" ending is in store and as a bonus I include Kasie's phone number so you can experience her huge 16" biceps and steel 25" thighs for yourself. 1 hour with Stereo Sound.

Annihilated By Anita

1 hour - $39.95

If you're like me, ever since pictures of Anita appeared in Playboy, you've dreamed of one day having the pleasure of wrestling her. Having your head squeezed off by her beautiful shapely legs. Well, the next best thing would be Anita knocking the snot out of some poor guy in a wrestling story. Guess what, that's exactly what we have. A Utopia Entertainment exclusive! Anita successfully defends her little sister's honor, when Lisa's boyfriend beats up on her. Anita is told about the beating backstage after an excellent guest posing routine and immediately goes over to his house. When he refuses to talk with her she pushes her way in the door. When the boyfriend makes the mistake of throwing a punch, Anita delivers a swift knee to the groin, a knee lift to the face, and when the slime ball tries to slither away, she kicks him square in the face. The rest of the tape features Anita squeezing and choking him senseless. I always considered Anita to be one of the nicest, sweetest women around, but I found out, this tigress has a temper. Another "Surprise" ending will live you wanting more of this dynamite women that many consider one of the top ten sexiest women bodybuilders of all time. 1 hour with Stereo sound.

Eve In New Eden

1 hour - $39.95

So many of you wrote in and raved to us about "Eve of Destruction," that we tracked Eve down to see who she was tormenting next. After she killed Damian in Florida, she moved to Ohio and this is the story about what happened to her in the first week in her new home. Eve now lives on a golf course and in the first scene she is playing rather poorly and being verbally abused by her caddy. Eve throws him down and delivers a punishing head scissors. The stunned caddy breaks away finally, but let's just say he has a new respect for women. Later on Eve is tanning in her backyard, when the next door neighbor pops over to introduce himself. This guy won't shut up for a second, so Eve runs out of patience. The poor man is pounced on and wrestled to within an inch of his life and beyond. There is also some excellent posing by Eve as she shows us she still "Has what it takes." Here at Utopia Entertainment we like gorgeous, strong, muscular women, and Eve is a non-stop "Hard-on." Her upper body and abs are chiseled, but her glutes and legs are amazing, always leaving a trail of open-mouthed drooling gawkers as she passes by. Eve is a master at wrapping her sexy body around men who don't show the proper respect, and this video is a true squeeze-fest . Another phenomenal ending leaves the viewer wondering, what might be next for Eve. Find out in the sequel, Eve vs. Kristina. 1 hour with Stereo Sound.

Blind Date Blues

47 Minutes - $39.95

Kasie goes over to her blind date's house for what she thinks will be a trip to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Instead, Her date insults her muscularity & tries to call off the whole thing. Kasie, at 5'8" & 170 ripped lbs. becomes enraged & squeezes him from every conceivable angle & position. Her thighs crush the air from his lungs and the blood from his head. Escape is impossible because her arms capture what's left to insure his demise. Kasie literally has the strength & skill to kill a man with her body at any given time & comes close here. Her victory is so complete, she fleeces his pockets for the tickets & goes herself. Last we heard he is out of the hospital and doing fine. 47 Minutes with Stereo sound.

Mangled Again

55 Minutes - $39.95

The 5'6", 150 lb. gymnast, bodybuilder punished Mike so severely the last time, all he can think about is her. He trains every day & when he returns, he vows she will be his. Michelle is on her way out, dressed to kill, & does she ever. Mike proposes marriage, but the rules are the same, he must beat her at wrestling. Michelle is more muscular than ever & so aggressive, both verbally & physically. Those 26" thighs engulf Mike's body & neck constantly. She's so active on the mat, she doesn't even hear or feel him beg his submission. Michelle delights in feeling the helplessness of her victim imprisoned in her strength. Now, the only bells Mike is hearing are the ones in his head. 55 Minutes with Stereo sound.

Photographer's Punishment

60 Minutes - $39.95

Guys, this one is easy! Simply the most beautiful & sexy muscle woman ever to grace a wrestling video. Karen is not just another pretty face. Her 5'4" 125lb. (5% body fat) physique & awesome fitness talents just won her the 1998 North American fitness championship. You're going to see a lot of this woman in all the national mags, soon, but we've got her wrapping that lithe, muscular body around her cocky photographer. This tape features posing, arm wrestling, head & body scissors galore, grapevines, bondage (what she does with her stockings must be seen) and this fantastic lean, hard, dominating, fitness athlete. 1 Hour with Stereo sound.

Truly Competitive

38 Minutes - $39.95

Our first ever ring wrestling mixed match features Kasie Cavanaugh. Who better to pit against a male in an all out wrestle than this 5'8" 170 lb. blonde bodybuilder? We've featured Kasie in videos before, and there is no mistaking the punishment she dishes out to two different male opponents. Ed, a 6'2" 172 lb. triathlete with wrestling experience is game, but ultimately Kasie's superior strength & wrestling skill prevail. Kasie wants more, so Ed & the ref switch places for more kick-ass competitive action. We felt the men would test Kasie & even win out, but a few bruising headlocks, crushing scissor holds & pins, show who's really in charge. 38 Minutes with Stereo sound.

Maid of Muscle

45 Minutes - $39.95

What can we say about Colette Guimond. Glutes? Calves? Thunderthighs? Well that's what we feature as the 5'1" 150 lb. sexy French Canadian woman plays a French Maid cleaning Mike's house. This is a great story with Mike following Colette around the house watching that amazing rear end from nice, close, low angles. When Mike makes his move, Colette decides to crush his head & body with her infamous underpinnings. We found out Colette has a real temper, as Mike's taunting causes her wrestling domination to become "Personal." She's so strong & her scissors & chokes are so tight, Mike's neck hurt for a week. 45 Minutes with Stereo sound.

The interrogation

78 Minutes - $49.95

In this FEATURE LENGTH wrestling movie, Kasie plays Police Detective Cavanaugh, the interrogation specialist. When Kasie's partner and then the Captain cannot get murder suspect Frankie to talk, they call for our muscular heroine. Kasie enters in contest shape and when Frankie is unimpressed his fate is sealed. In this two-part movie, Kasie dishes out the most brutal beating of two different men ever caught on video. Originally a two-part movie, this video is now available on one tape, so you SAVE BIG! Get Kasie's address and phone number for direct contact on this new tape. 78 minutes with Stereo sound

Slow Swedish squeeze

36 Minutes - $39.95

Swedish bodybuilding bombshell, Marika Johansson, takes on Glen, a member of a men's wrestling club, in her first-ever wrestling video. He meets Marika at the gym and propositions her for wrestling. Marika at 5'7" and 170lbs. strips off her sweats and shows Glen her biceps and thighs, but Glen is still willing. She doesn't want to wrestle, because every time in the past she's wrestled, she would humiliate the boys and send them home crying to their mommies. But they start with armwrestling and Marika quickly asserts her dominance. Glen, angry and frustrated, goes after Marika, but she totally overpowers him with a variety of scissors, chokes, and grapevines. One figure four head scissors has Glen on the verge of passing out. Marika taunts Glen repeatedly about being a "Momma's boy", then wraps those big, muscular limbs around her victim and slowly, sensually squeezes him senseless. Licking her lips with pure joy, Marika asks him to submit several times, and finally makes him say "I give" in Swedish, with a 5 minute long front head scissors from the couch that must be seen. 36 minutes with Stereo sound.

Gym rat

40 Minutes - $39.95

IFBB Pro fitness competitor Karen returns to dominate a guy who is bugging her at the gym. First he steals her weight bench, then while she's at the mirror posing, he takes her weights. Karen treats us to a sizzling HOT posing routine in several outfits including slingshot bikinis and dresses. When Karen asks the guy "What's up?" he replies "Get lost!". Karen doesn't get mad, she gets even. She plays it cool and invites the guy to her house for dinner, but he doesn't know he's the main course. Arguably the most beautiful woman in mixed wrestling videos, as well as one of the strongest fitness women out there, Karen really knows how to "strap it on you". Karen is a whirlwind of strangulating pressure. Her workout routine regularly includes an hour of aerobics a day, & Karen defeats her victim by head scissors, body scissors, figure four head scissors, head scissors, strangles, reverse head scissors, grapevines, head scissors, and well, you get the message. Awesome muscularity on a gorgeous blonde fitness girl and amazing wrestling action... what more could you want? 40 minutes with Stereo sound.

Thrashed by Th-resa

40 Minutes - $39.95

Th-Resa Bostick treats Utopia Entertainment fans to a glimpse into a private wrestling session. Th-Resa just won her IFBB Pro Card by blowing away the field at the '99 USA Bodybuilding Championships. Here, she blows away Craig, with the hardest physique in women's wrestling. Her physique is so thick and packed with muscle, just having Th-Resa's thighs wrapped around your head is cause for panic, even without her squeezing! But Th-Resa's awesome, sexy, bronze, muscular body is only half the story, because Th-Resa is a wrestling machine. Always in constant motion, Th-Resa systematically punishes Craig with a fantastic array of wrestling holds, including collegiate, ju-jitsu, and pro-style moves. When Th-Resa pressures a hold she takes it to the extreme. A backbreaker nearly snaps your spine, a scissors crushes your head to passing out or beyond, and a grapevine almost tears your knees from your legs. Th-Resa wipes the mat with Craig and he knows the match is over when she hoists him overhead for a standing backbreaker and then several real bodyslams. 40 minutes with Stereo sound.

Loan shark slaughter

45 Minutes - $39.95

Beautiful bodybuilder, Tami Frazier, is back and she's in ultra-sexy fitness model shape. Tami is 5'10" tall and a streamlined 150 lbs. She hasn't lost an ounce of strength, and in fact has honed her physique, endurance, and wrestling skill to pure science. Tami starts out posing sensually as her ex-husband snaps some photos. He claims he's now clean, sober and not gambling anymore, so Tami squeezes him senseless just to make sure he's telling the truth. Then a naked Tami gets treated to a sensual oil massage for all those beautiful muscles. However, when the ex's loan shark busts in to extort money from him, a new fight begins. Tami's ex splits and she is forced to protect herself using her thoroughbred body to squeeze her loan shark prey in a variety of holds. When Tami uses that long, lean body in her inescapable head scissors, her quad muscles bulge dramatically. Tami repeatedly tortures the loan shark with chokes, grapevines, and scissors, making him beg for his life. Watch 2 men get taken apart by Tami, and a surprise ending makes this video a true slaughter. 45 minutes with Stereo sound

Screen test torture

40 Minutes - $39.95

We at Utopia heard that captivating IFBB Pro fitness competitor Charlene Rink was an excellent wrestler. We sent our man Pete to conduct a screen test with this fitness beauty. What Pete found was a woman who was not only eye-catching, but had a feisty, competitive attitude to boot. Pete makes the mistake of insulting her muscularity, and that was all Charlene needed to get started. Fortunately our camera was rolling and we found out that Charlene is a tremendously powerful and technical wrestler. Not only did she counter every move from Pete, she manipulated him into every possible submission hold we can think of. Charlene takes Pete down repeatedly and her hip thrust grapevines nearly rip his legs from his hips. Her scissor hold is devastating and positively unbreakable. She clamps on several "Police Style" sleepers that have Pete on the verge of passing out. The final debilitating figure four scissor sequence is over five minutes by itself. Awesome closeups highlight this action packed tape featuring this dominating beauty. 40 minutes with Stereo sound.

Lieutenant Lindsay

34 Minutes - $39.95

Gorgeous, long-haired Lindsay Mulinazzi (an NPC National fitness competitor) climbs into the squared circle as Lieutenant Lindsay. Lady Victoria is training her for her first Pro Wrestling match, but her investor Joe is standing ringside and is insulting her by telling her she can't wrestle. Lindsay has enough and tells Joe to "Step inside and we'll see who knows how to wrestle". Joe makes a fatal mistake and accepts. Lady Victoria becomes the ref, as sexy muscle goddess Lindsay embarrasses Joe. It's obvious from the start who the stronger and more skilled competitor is as Lindsay, clad in an ultra sexy camouflage outfit, applies brutal hold after brutal hold on the over-matched Joe. These guide photos are direct lifts from the tape, but are only a sample of the scissors, grapevines, cradles, camel clutches, arm bars, hip throws, sunset flips, clotheslines, knee lifts, etc... that Lindsay inflicts on poor Joe. Joe gets a few licks in, too. However, in the end, his humiliating submission makes him realize he made a great investment in Lindsay after all. 34 minutes with Stereo sound.

Crime doesn't pay

45 Minutes - $39.95

Ultra-muscular bodybuilder, Robin Parker, is ripped 5 weeks out from the NPC US Nationals. Robin is away on business and a thief breaks into her room. She comes back to her room, strips down to her sheer bra, panties, and stockings and he attacks her. Big mistake for him, as Robin butchers him in one of the most powerful wrestling displays we've ever seen. Every curve is a muscle as Robin's quads border on 25" and her calves are in the 16" range. Robin's biceps are awesome too, and he is made to worship her muscles as she crushes him in a variety of scissors, chokes, and grapevines. Once trapped between her legs, escape is impossible, and he suffers to her amusement. Robin strips him down to his underwear, then squeezes him rhythmically and makes the thief admit "Crime Doesn't Pay". When Robin thrusts her hips into the man's stomach held within her grapevine, we thought she would tear his knees from his legs. Robin performs her own type of rehabilitation service when she sends the thief packing wearing only his briefs. 45 minutes with Stereo sound.

Fitness girl challenge

41 Minutes - $39.95

Awesome IFBB Pro Fitness competitor, Karen Konyha, is stretching her luscious physique in preparation for her upcoming fitness show when she finds out her roommate, Charlene Rink, (also an IFBB Pro) has now entered the same show. Charlene is cocky about winning the upcoming event and this leads to an arm wrestling contest to settle the issue of who will do the show and who will sit out. The two fitness beauties trade victories then decide to escalate to an all out wrestling match. Both of these super hot women are in excellent pre-contest shape and look absolutely incredible. Charlene has 3 inches and 10 pounds over Karen, but the sexy blonde is extremely strong for her size. This fitness challenge features many muscle straining submission holds like head and body scissors, grapevines, sleepers, and even and even a few schoolboy pins. In the end, one of the women is forced to submit her humiliating defeat to the other and withdraw from the contest. 41 minutes with Stereo sound.

Dancer's dilemma all

90 Minutes - $49.95

This video has been totally repackaged with all the action of DD1 and DD2 at an outstanding new price. Three gorgeous exotic dancers, soaking in a hot tub, discover they share the same gentleman client. An argument starts as to who's client he should really be. Along comes the bouncer, and he quickly convinces the women the only true way to settle the argument is to wrestle, and winner takes all. Before the match, our trio treat us to an ultra sexy striptease dance down to tiny G-strings (sorry, no nudity). If you've ever been treated to a table dance, you'll feel "this is the next best thing to being there". The bouncer is the referee as the women hit the mat. First Alex wrestles Cat. Both women are fitness enthusiasts and have quality muscle and wrestling experience. Several amazing scissors, grapevines, chokes, and reversals highlight the match before the final pin. In the second match Cat tangles with Raquel. Raquel is clearly the largest, meanest, and most experienced of the 3 women and that's why the winner wrestles her. These girls are roommates, so there's a little added dimension to this part. The match is fast, furious, and intense as the women trade holds. Cat surprised us by holding her own against her tough opponent. When the ref butts in to disqualify one of the women, all hell breaks loose. Cat and Raquel join forces to mash him 2-on-1 into oblivion. Some incredible throat-crushing, rib-and-knee-bending double holds are applied, as the girls prove who really are the true winners and losers. A full 1 hour and 30 minutes of awesome female action with Stereo sound.

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