Diana the Valkyrie

Diana the Valkyrie's Web Site Map

A hard man is good to beat

How this site is organised

Valkyries like to be organised - even more, they like their men to be properly organised and straightened out. There are several main areas to this site. When you come in the front door to the site, then you see a simple screen to warn minors that this is not for them. That leads to /main.html That is the main menu, with the main areas listed.

The Magic Carpet

This is a very useful artifact; it can get to to all the important areas of the web site in a trice, two trices if you're unlucky, a triple trice (which is called a tricycle) hasn't been needed so far. Bookmark it. Maybe even tell your browser to use it as your home page, so when you start up your browser, you get straight to the Magic Carpet.

Diana's Page

That's mostly about me, and it should answer most of your questions about me. There's my biological details (everyone seems to want to know height and weight and suchlike), there's The Way of the Warrior, which is really a manual for young Valkyries, and there's Diana's Sagas, which will tell you a lot if read carefully.

The Chat Room

Live chat - this could happen at any time, because it's permanently open, but I set times when I'll be there, so we can talk real time. This is for Silver Members.

The Club House

This is the central location for all sorts of social activities, where you get to interact with other people.

The Message Boards

This is for discussions of several related topics. You can add to the discussions, say what you like. We have freedom of speech here. And the discussions get very lively.

The Library

This contains stories you can read and enjoy. You can spend months just reading. A few of the stories are illustrated.

Listen with Diana the Valkyrie

This contains stories that are read to you, by a sexy Valkyrie

The Valkyrie Channel

The channel you always wished your TV could get

The Art Gallery

There's thousands of pictures here. Female bodybuilders, organised alphabetically, categories such as scissors, lift/carry and some art galleries of drawings and paintings. You need to be a Member to access most of them. Each Gallery leads to up to 60 thumbnails of pictures. You click on a tiny picture to see the full size version.

The Movie Theatre

This is for short video clips, in AVI, MPG and MOV format. Wrestling, boxing and bodybuilders flexing. You need to be a Silver Member to have access to these.

The Links

Related places on the internet that you can visit.

The Office

This has useful things rather than fun things. Like the way to send email without having to disclose your identity, the way to upload files to me, technical support for using the web site, and Membership stuff. And what to do if you lose your password!