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Diana the Valkyrie's Technical support

The fastest way to get help, is via one of these links.

If none of those help, then email me. I want you to be able to use my web site, so whether the problem is on my server, or on your computer, or with your ISP, or my ISP, then I want to sort it out. Email me at

If you need to contact me and you can't use email, then write to me at:

Diana the Valkyrie
PO Box 791
Chalfont St Giles

How to report a problem.

To help you, I need to know four things.

  1. Who are you?
  2. What did you try that didn't do what you expected?
  3. What did you expect (sometimes that's obvious to me, but not always)
  4. What happened, and what did your computer say when it failed?

For example. "I am member wek927. I tried to click on jane0023 on the page for Jane Doe in the Galleries, and I expected to see the image full size, but I actually saw it very long and narrow".

Or "I am member jtad43, I was using the "Favourite newsgroups" feature in the Newsthumbs, but when I clicked on the link for "Todays pictures" for "alt.amazon-women.admirers" it said that the page is not available"

Also, please give me any extra details that you think might be relevant.

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