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Peek-a-boo, I can't see you, isn't it nice to hide?

Maybe you want to access a web site without that site knowing which URL you're coming from. For example, if you have an account with Demon, then any web site that you visit, gets told your server name, and that includes your Demon account name, which means they can send you email whether you give them your address or not!

Or maybe you're subscribed to an ISP where some officious official has decided that some web servers are too naughty for its customers to look at, and the thought of arguing with that official leaves you unkeen.

Either way, here's some ways round the problem of A) people knowing who's surfing their web sites, and B) officious officials practicing censorship.

Anonymizer and Safeweb

Safeweb is a free service which hides your IP address.

Anonymizer is another free service which hides your IP address.

AltaVista Translator

You can use the AltaVista translator to hide your IP address. Here's how it works:

  1. First get the URL of the page your trying to access
  2. Then goto the translation page at AltaVista by clicking here
  3. Then enter the complete URL (including the "http://") in the translation text area.
  4. Set the translation mode to "French to English." This way the page will remain in English, so you can read it.
  5. Click on "translate"!

Make a new ISP Account

Simply set up an acount with one of the free internet service providers.

Use a Proxy server

  1. First decide which proxy server you're going to use. You can find one on the Hypermart web site
  2. Then, if you have Netscape, open up Netscape. Click on Edit on the top bar, then select preferences. Double click on advanced, then proxies. Now check the box for "manual proxy", then click on "configure" or "view".
  3. Now fill in the info of the proxy server and its port. Note: it is important for you to fill in both the HTTP section and the Security section. This will ensure that you can goto secure order forms.
  4. For most people, this should be enough. But you might want the site you're browsing not to know you're using a proxy.
  5. After you have configured your proxy server settings in step 2, goto http://www.tamos.com/bin/proxy.cgi and look to see whether it says "Proxy server detected."