Diana the Valkyrie

Problem with McAfee Security Center and Newsthumbs thumbnails

What is McAfee Security Center ?

It's a general-purpose security product.

What does it actually do?

I haven't evaluated it from a security point of view, so I can't say anything about how well it works. But in order to do it's job, it sits between your browser and the internet, and blocks whatever it's been told to block.

What's the problem?

All of my thumbnailing is done the same way, using "image maps". This isn't Java, Javascript or Active-X. It's just standard HTML. The thumbnails are a single JPG file, rather than 30 separate files (that's a lot faster to load). And then, when you click on the one you want to see, your browser looks at where the mouse is, and requests the corresponding full-size picture.

In the Newsthumbs, McAfee Security Center can't handle the image maps.

Really old browsers (Netscape 1.1, and the browser that came with AOL 2.0) couldn't handle that. But all browsers for the last six years have been able to handle it just fine. I doubt if there's any browsers in use today that can't handle it.

You need to go into "Internet & Network Configuration" where there will be a tab that says "Web Browsing Protection is Enabled"... From there, you need to "Configure" and then uncheck a box that says "Block Web Bugs on this computer".