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Please make the file names as meaningful as possible. So, if it's a picture of Jane Doe, call the file doe_jane_003.jpg. If it's a modification of Jane Doe, then doe_jane_mod_003.jpg. This naming will help me tremendously in sorting the files out.

If you have a collection of related files, it's easier for you and me if you use ZIP to bundle them together.

Please don't use spaces in filenames; your computer might be happy with them, but many computers aren't.

If you send me a file and want to ask or tell me something about it, please tell me the filename. I get hundreds of files each week.

There's lots of different ways, they all work fine

If you're using Netscape, click on this link then drag-and-drop the file (or files) you want to upload onto your browser. This won't work if you're using Microsoft's Internet Explorer.

Don't worry about not being able to see what you've sent, that's just a security precaution. I can see them, and I'll check them out before I repost them.

If you're using Windows, you can use the ftp that comes with it.
ftp ftp.thevalkyrie.com
cd incoming
put filename
put filename
put filename 
mput *.jpg

You can either use put, or mput does a multiple put and you can use the usual wildcards. If you use mput, and don't want to be asked about each one, use the prompt command. Help is another useful command.

If you want to send me a lot of files, then it would be better to use FTP. For Windows, I use and recommend CuteFTP, which you can get from the usual shareware sources, but any good FTP program will do.

For the Mac, the thing to use seems to be Interarchy, which you can get from their web site, your browser should be able to download it. A lot of people use Fetch

My server is                   ftp.TheValkyrie.com
The directory to use is        /incoming

If you can't use FTP, then you can email things to me. Ideally, zip everything into a big file and email it to

If you can't do that, then I can handle MIME encoded files. If you don't know what that means, just email me however you can, and I'll tell you if I can't handle it.

If you have a really huge amount of material, send me an email and we'll talk about the best way to handle it.

The act of anyone sending any information to us in the way of photographs, manuscripts, drawings, charts, designs, videos, etc. shall constitute an absolute warranty by the contributor that the material is original and does not infringe upon the rights of others. Furthermore, if you're the copyright holder, then unless you specifically say otherwise, then anything you send to me includes permission to put it on any part of my web site, including the pay areas, for whatever period of time I consider appropriate. You do this in the knowledge that members pay a subscription for access to the web site.

My email address is

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