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Here's what the video vendors say about their videos. You might also consult the reviews written by various people.

You can phone credit card orders to Impulse on 1-900-454-hard and 1-888-flex

Stills from various Impulse Productions videos

If you go to the Movie Theatre, you'll find clips from most of these videos.

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Bill Wick Videos specialise in scissors and other wrestling

Competitive Enterprises, specialising in mixed fighting

If you visit the Competitive Enterprises web site, then you can see what videos they have on offer. If you do order from them, make sure that you include the information that you found out about them from this web site, and when they send you the video, they'll tell me, and I'll send you the AWAA Archive CD Rom, containing 9500 pictures, sorted alphabetically, as a free extra (usual price to non-members is $40).

Competitive TV II is finally released! Narrated by the stunning Stephanie Gleason, it features five separate vignettes: Competitive Adventure, Competitive Workout, The Right to Fight Society Report, Competitive Lifestyle, and Competitive Date. The list of female fighting stars appearing in this production is a long one: Sass Lynn, Athena Worthey, Sonya Anderson, Tami Frazier, Rosa-Lyn Monterroso, Mika, and Bobbi Blackford, in the photo (on the web site above) taken live on the set of the Competitive Date segment.

There's something in Competitive TV II to please almost everyone who appreciates bare-fisted fighting action. Rosa-Lyn and Mika swap blows to compliment our regular diet of fierce mixed action.

Kasie Cavanaugh, the sexy goddess of our 1993 release, Side Work, returns to the video spotlight in this power-packed release. Kasie Times Two combines two vignettes, The Apology and Bad Penny, into one 30-minute, high energy video. She tantalizes the camera with her posing and exercising routines, and then demonstrates the dominant fist fighting and wrestling skills that we expect a woman of her size and muscularity to project.

Competitive TV sets a new standard of quality, even for us. Hosted by the spectacular British bombshell, Julia, it's a fast-paced, hard-hitting video that has the look and feel of a network TV show. It features a "competitive workout" segment, excerpts from our Right to Fight Gathering at Gemini Manor, and plenty of mixed, bare-fisted action.

A female fight promoter, on the brink of losing his house, risks everything on the fighting skills of a beautiful genie. There are five fights in all, four mixed, and one all-female encounter between the powerful Raven Skye (pictured above) and the tempting Tanya Qualls. If you're looking to watch beautiful women really sock it to their male opponents, this is the video for you!

Monique, the perfect blend of a huge bustline and sinewy-fine muscle, sends her fists into battle against a powerful male foe in the video classic, Pickup.You'll be mesmerized as this body gyrates through two ultra-sensuous dances, and then hurls itself into bare-fisted action!

Women's Physique World do a great range of videos.

You can visit their web site.