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The Story of AltaWoman

There are as many mysteries surrounding the existence of AltaWoman as there are facts. In Cyberville, we know she exists. In fact, there may be more than one AltaWoman, some claim that there may be a whole army of these super beings. But let's start with what we do know first.

AltaWoman's mission in Cyberville is to protect its citizens from harm and battle all that is evil. She has been selected by the supreme powers to be the guardian of justice and protector of the weak. Whether she is saving the land from devastation and destruction or simply rescuing a cyberdog from an elevated extension, she is always there to save the day.

One of the most interesting and intriguing characteristics of AltaWoman is her amazing transformation from a "normal" person to a woman with extreme powers. The physical transformation is truly a thing of beauty. Of course, very few have actually witnessed this because in her normal state, AltaWoman carries on a distinct and separate personality and lifestyle, her secret alter-ego. But it has been said, that this transformation occurs when AltaWoman becomes sexually aroused, either by herself or others, which charges her body over 100 times her normal strength. Her normal frame grows into the body we are accustomed to seeing as AltaWoman. Her muscles and particularly her breasts grow quite larger and become super-charged with energy. Her usually short trimmed hair grows to a long luxurious mane of blonde

This sexually charged energy also creates an invisible barrier that protects her body from harm. Any deadly force that comes in contact with her body (bullets, laserbeams, bombs) is instantly deflected.

When AltaWoman is in her super-charged state, she is said to have a pleasant buzzing in her ears and her entire body. She uses this altered state for her strength, her ability to fly and her increased mental and sensory facilities. She remains in this state until she is no longer sexually aroused, usually ending in an orgasm. She sometimes needs to re-charge herself when involved in an extremely strenuous activity such as a prolonged battle with a very strong opponent.

As you can see from some of the images, AltaWoman doesn't have a set uniform that she wears. She does prefer a certain style and often wears similar clothing.

AltaWoman is by and you can see the full AltaWoman web site for the latest in the story.

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