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Andrah currently works as a linguist/translator; previous work includes vehicular maintainance and hairstyling...a genetically enhanced soldier created by AEGISS (Arcturan Elite Galactic Insurgency Strike Squad)

To understand Andrah one needs to have some knowledge of Arcturan society. Many years ago, the Arcturans were at war with an as yet unencountered alien species, bent on conquest. The war lasted for years, but eventually the Arcturans, with their superior numbers and military efficiency were able to push back the threat. However, the enemy was not to be beaten so easily, and had a contingency plan. In a final act of defiance, they detonated a warhead with a bio-contaminant in it's payload. The biological agent was a synthetic virus designed to attack and disrupt male DNA sequences. With no effective countermeasure, every last male arcturan was infected, rendered sterile, and died a premature death as their DNA molecules were torn apart. The nature of the virus would also seal the fate of any future male Arcturans as well. So although the attacking forces failed to take the Arcturan homeworld, they would be able to return in a generation and take advantage of a dying civilization's decreased numbers.

But the fighting didn't stop there. As a result of their apparent loss at the hands of an unknown enemy, Arcturan society split into two groups. The Royal Arcturan faction was representative of Queen Astarsha III, kind and benevolent ruler of the Arcturan star system and her loyal suppoorters. The AEGISS faction was the result of General Tallah, Supreme Commander of AEGISS, turning on the queen and accusing her of not taking more precautions to avoid the fate their species now faced. Tallah had a lot of sympathizers who believed as she did, so thus Arcturan society was split. Although most still supported the queen, AEGISS, being the primary military presence, had the distinct advantage in ships and weaponry. Thus, Tallah, seeing the chance to depose the queen, staged a massive coup that saw the capital city and the palace fall almost overnight. The queen managed to escape to her flagship, and with a small number of escort ships, fled the system.

What Astarsha wasn't aware of was the fact that AEGISS scientists had perfected genetic alteration and cloning techniques and were using these to develop a superior breed of with increased strength and endurance as well as exceptional intelligence. With these advanced soldiers she would track down and destroy Astarsha and any remnants of the Royal Arcturan Star Navy, thus eliminating the possibility that she might someday return. Andrah was one of these hunters.

The genetic alterations performed on Andrah increased her size and strength dramatically...however, her intelligence had not accelerated to the demanding standards set by General Tallah. Andrah was deemed defective and scheduled for termination. Andrah's abilities were grossly underestimated, however, as was proven when she escaped her holding cell unarmed and was able to proceed unhindered by AEGISS forces to the nearest starport, use her supposedly inadequate intelligence to steal a heavy fightercraft, and escape from the system. Not knowing where to go next, Andrah attempted to find any ships associated with the Arcturan Star Navy, to no avail.

Her search brought her through several nearby systems, and it was only by a chance collision with an Earth manufactured satellite that Andrah ended up here at all. The impact caused extensive systems damage, and Andrah ended up drifting through the Sol system until being caught in the moon's gravitic pull. The slingshot effect accelerated the damaged craft toward the Earth, and it entered the atmosphere at an extremely high velocity. Most of the ship had burned up on re-entry, fortunately much of the fuselage was still intact when it splashed into a nearby lake.

Enter Otto. As a professor of various sciences at PCU (Polymer City University), he was more than curious about whatever it was that crashed into a lake close to where he was attempting to do time-lapse stellar photography. When he investigated the area, this is where he came upon a dazed and disoriented Andrah pulling herself up onto the shore, where she summarily collapsed.

She awoke at Otto's rather small apartment where he had been keeping an eye on her for several days. She was instantly able to communicate after hearing a few short phrases, an ability granted by the genetic alteration. Her conversations were fairly short though, as injury seemed to affect her short-term memory. To this day she is aware of her planet's history and her origins, but she is unsure of her current purpose or why she's even where she is. Needless to say, Andrah was surprised to see a male, let alone one from another species, and was somewhat pleased to have one near again.

Otto was more interested in Andrah from a scientific standpoint than anything else. This probably wasn't very consoling for Andrah, who was cut off from her home with no way to contact or get back there. Even though she had new friends here on Earth, she still felt alone. This all changed in a heartbeat one afternoon when Otto and Andrah were caught in the middle of a botched heist and Andrah attempted to intervene. Unaware of Andrah's ability to withstand extreme damage, Otto took a shotgun blast to the back while attempting to push her out of the line of fire. Otto survived the experience, and it was at this point that they both realized how much each other's presence had changed their lives.As is often the case, it took a near death experience to get her to admit that she had feelings for him, and him to admit that maybe he had a little more than just a scientific interest in her. She admired his open-mindedness to those different than him, his sense of curiosity, his somewhat misguided enthusiasm, and lastly his willingness to risk personal injury and even death to protect her. He admired her stoic presence, her ability to see past outward appearances, and the stark contrast between her ominously massive exterior and quiet inner soul.

As time went by, the two had quite a few obstacles to overcome to get their relationship to work, but two years later (1991), they were married. The two now work as investigators of paranormal and extraterrestrial occurances, which coincidentally seem to have become more common in Polymer City since Andrah's arrival. She has become quite comfortable in her new home and has become somewhat of a local celebrity. She has helped Otto perform various modifications of existing technology to assist in their daily work-related endeavors, creating new vehicles, weapons and sensory equipment, among other things. Although happy here, she wonders what has become of her people...

Andrah's physiology is based on nitrogen as opposed to water, but a hypermetabolic rate keeps her body temperature at about 101 degrees fahrenheit. This same metabolism is responsible for her daily intake requirement of 20,000 calories. Her body allows for ingestion and processing of both organic and inorganic substances. She has the strength of approx. 25 strong human males, and is highly resistant to all but anti-vehicular weapons.

As previously mentioned, she has the ability to comprehend and translate any written or spoken language. She has a slight phobia concerning unexpected loud noises (thunderstorms are particularly traumatic). She loves monster truck rallies.


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