Bill Dobbins, photographer

Bill Dobbins took many of the photographs of female bodybuilders that you see in magazines and on the internet. But a 50kb jpeg file doesn't do justice to his photography.

There's two books you might like to order.

Cal 96 Women : Photographs of the Top Female Bodybuilders by Bill Dobbins (Photographer) Published by Artisan, Publication date: July 1995,
ISBN: 1885183194

The Women : Photographs of the Top Female Bodybuilders by Bill Dobbins, List: $27.50. Paperback, 127 pages
Published by Artisan on November 1, 1994
Dimensions (in inches): 11.42 x 9.44 x .63
ISBN: 1885183011


Photographer Bill Dobbins presents 50 full-color and duotone photographs of top female competitive bodybuilders. It is a stunning visual exploration of our changing perception of the potential of the female body as we approach the 21st century.

Customer Comments, 02/15/97, rating=10:

Outstanding collection of photographs

This book contains an outstanding collection of photographs of some of the most exquisite, stunning female bodybuilders in the world...a must have if you have a differing view of feminine beauty. Also includes an article about womens' bodybuilding, and about the sport's struggle against the prevailing standard of femininity.