Gallery of Erotic Wrestling Cartoons from The Yahoo club

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Thanks to the club for these

In order to join one of the many Yahoo adult Clubs:

Firstly enter Yahoo, then search for "Yahoo clubs directory" or alternatively search for "Yahoo clubs"

you'll see links to the adult lists, click into the area that interests you; there are loads of them.

Click on the name of the club you would like to enter.

Click the "Join" link in the upper right-hand side of the page

Fill out the information on the "Join document form" and click SEND

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then go to the Web address listed in the email

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You have now joined the Yahoo club! Once you've joined you can then join other clubs quite easily you only have to fill in the "Join document form" once.

This can be quite complicated for people not familiar with Yahoo; unfortunately you just have to be persistant, but to basically recap first you must enter Yahoo and then search for the "Yahoo clubs directory" or alternatively "Yahoo clubs"....happy hunting!

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