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Lutz meets Sonia

Here's what Sonia says: "I do Domination/semi-competitive/fantasy/competitive/pro style. I am not a bodybuilder, but I am extremely strong, my legs are my deadliest weapon, my favourite holds are headscissors, figure 4, bodyscissors, sleepers and grapevine combined with breast smothering. I weigh about 150 pounds, I am 5-8 tall, I have lived in England for a number of years. I am very good at wrestling.. I can also travel"

Lutz read this on the Big List of Women Wrestlers and decided to try his strength against her. You can see from the pictures above what happened; there's also some video clips in the Movie Theatre.

Sonia has a web site

If you want to get in touch with Sonia, phone 07850 835864 (outside England, that's +44 7850 835864). Sonia is located in Wantage, Oxfordshire, and also has a place to wrestle in South East London


Here's what Lutz said

The pictures of this gallery are showing Sonia Fernandes wrestling with Lutz. Sonia is not a bodybuilder, but she is very strong and good in wrestling techniques. Her very strong legs are her deadliest weapons, how Sonia likes to say. She loves a playful wrestling style, and she loves to dominate you. You may experience with her how a powerful headlock feels like and you have to submit to her various types of head scissors and to her powerful body scissors, too. Also you may experience her breathtaking breast smoothering, and at the same time you may experience how a legspreading grapevine hold works. Or how a facesitting feels like. Sonia has a great sense of humor and a playful wrestling with her includes a lot of fun. And if you are perhaps strong enough and have some good luck to pin her, she also enjoys to try struggling free from this. For further contact information and to read comments of men who have wrestled with her, refer to her entry within the big list of female wrestlers. Also, Sonia has produced some female/female wrestling and catfight and a few mixed wrestling videos. Short descriptions and pricing information of these videos are available in the brochure Fabulous women wrestling, which Sonia will send to you on request.

Here's another comment

I wrestled Sonia when I visited England. She is a thoroughly delightful and generous person, and a terrific wrestler. Wrestling men is not just a job for her - she truly enjoys it. As to her wrestling prowess - I think she can beat just about any other woman wrestler out there in a competitive match, as well as the vast majority of men. She is not a bodybuilder but just as strong if not stronger. I never experienced scissor holds as powerful as hers from any other wrestler, bodybuilder or not. She is a student of submission wrestling and has great technique. She loves all types of wrestling, from competitive to domination. If you like to be knocked out, she can and will do it any number of ways, from a choke hold to scissors to facesitting. She was very nice to this stranger to England and showed me my first English pub after our match. I very highly recommend her.

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