Gallery of Gymnasts part 8

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The Gymnast

Her body is flexible, yet powerful. Her muscles are long and lean, strong and hard. She can bend her body into remarkable positions, and if necessary, she can bend a man's body in ways he wouldn't have thought possible. Her arms are strong enough to support her weight and a lot besides, her legs are like hard steel columns of muscle.

She can do one-armed push-ups, she can chin the bar one-handed, she can support another gymnast bigger than she is on one arm.

You can watch her perform on TV, you can watch her in the Olympics. You can see her at your local gym, and every time you see her, the adrenaline rushes to your heart, your throat becomes full, and your blood pounds in your veins.

She's well aware of the effect she has on you, and if you're lucky, she'll smile at you as she does for the fiftieth time, the feat that would be impossible for you.

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