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These pictures come from the Liftfit web site, thanks to Pete Bliss for these.

If you wanted a video with three beautiful strong gymnasts...THEN HERE IS THE VIDEO.

Violet who is 5' 2" at just over 100 very cut pounds, but she is comparatively as strong as the others. Amber who is 5' 7" at 125 pounds. Melissa, who is back for another video, and is 5' 7" at a very solid 125 pounds.

We put these girls through their paces, starting off with Violet who challenges Melissa to stand on her stomach as she easily does sit-ups, showing off her incredibly strong stomach. At first, Melissa hesitates, thinking she will hurt Violet, but Violet easily shows us what she is made of.

We then have Melissa, who easily picks up Violet and does full squats and lunges with Violet held upside down. Then Violet does the same lift, and watch as he leg muscles explode with power as she lifts Melissa easily. Melissa is then challenged to pickup Amber.

Next it is Amber's turn and you will see why this girl is called "The Strong Gymnast". She is what they call "the base" and you will see why. She easily squats, lifts and carries Melissa.

The girls take their turn at picking up the 215 pound photographer. He seems to enjoy this and especially the extended lifts Melissa does with his weight. Melissa continues showing off by easily lifting the photographer, from a full squat, into a shoulder carry to show off her enormous strength.

We then go to all three girls lifting as doubles to lift the cameraman. They do shoulder carries, angel's lifts and full squats with ease. They then do a "10 minute lift" Between the three of them, they accomplish this task with ease, keeping the photographer in the air for almost 10 minutes. We are pleased to announce that Melissa has added 5 more pounds of muscles since our last shoot, so she is bigger and stronger now.

The time of this video is approximately 1 hr.

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