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Ingrid Marcum is an Olympic lifter and strength coach from Virginia. She earned a fifth-place finish at the 2001 Nationals after just one year of training and hopes to compete in the 2004 Olympics.

You can often find Ingrid in the chatroom, she's the Iron Valkyrie.

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Powerlifting vs. olympic lifting

Olympic lifting requires good technique, speed, agility, strength, and flexibility. The sport includes 2 lifts - the snatch and the clean and jerk. For both lifts, the bar starts on the floor and finishes overhead. The snatch requires a wide grip, and the bar travels overhead in one movement, with the lifter catching the bar in a full squat position, and standing up with the bar remaining overhead. The clean and jerk is broken into 2 parts: the clean - bringing the bar from the floor to the shoulders (again caught in a full squat position), and the jerk - driving the bar from the shoulders overhead. These lifts are done as quickly as possible, and actually require more power than powerlifting.

Powerlifting should be called strength lifting, as that is the most important requirement. There are 3 lifts - squat, bench press, and deadlift. (I believe most people are familiar with these lifts, so I won't explain them). These lifts are usually performed much more slowly than olympic lifting, and rely much more on brute strength.

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