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David C. Matthews does not play guitar or sing in any band that might bear his name. He is, however, an Orlando, Florida based artist and comics illustrator who's been fantasising about muscle-women before he even knew they existed in real life! His comics credits include "Maxwell Madd and his Wrestling Women" (Outside Comics 1989) and "Lorelei" (Starwarp Concepts, 1994; unfortunately no muscle-women here), and a bunch of stuff for LH-Art including "The Ad", "Killer Workouts", and "Growing Pains Part 2". His pet project is "Satin Steele", who has her own gallery here. He's also created other super women comics characters which haven't been published yet, such as Muscle Girl (a circus strongwoman), Starburst (his "version" of Supergirl) and Tetsuko (his "Japanese manga version" of Supergirl). He's always interested (so he says) in reaction to his work, so feel free to e-mail any comments to

David has been known to do commissioned artwork; his prices start at about $25 for 8 1/2 by 11 size pencil sketch and go up from there depending on the size, complexity, and media involved. He admits to being better at black and white than colour, but he is working to improve his colour skills. For more info, e-mail him at

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