Gallery of the NPC Junior Nationals, 2001

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2001 NPC Junior Nationals. These are of the lightweight class

Thanks to Tre for these pictures.

Here are the official results:

Fitness short:

1) Lorie Kimes
2) Ashley King
3) Claire Morris
4) Jamie Ansley
5) Sandie Ward

Fitness tall:

1) Kristy Robbins
2) Sara Waide
3) Christina Golden (photographer's favorite)
4) Alana Hernandez
5) April Jacobs

Fitness overall:  Kristy Robbins


1) Kristy Robbins
2) Sharon Christian
3) Lorie Kimes
4) Claire Morris
5) Angela Semsch

Bodybuilding lightweights:

1) Angela Irizarry
2) Jamie L. Stopp
3) King Raub
4) Connie Everton
5) Tina Ponchillia


1) Tracy Mason
2) Teresa Moore
3) Toni Norman
4) Pamela Wentz
5) Cheryl Sumner


1) Dre Dillard
2) Mercedes Bazemore
3) Alley Miesch-Nie
4) Audry Peden
5) Kay Lynn Perroni

Bodybuilding overall:

Dre Dillard

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