Gallery of Graham at the 1999 NPC Capital City Bodybuilding Championships

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First Time

A brilliant blue and gold Saturday, just a little too hot, July 10 brought a bodybuilding contest to my small town (USA, upper left). I had never attended such a competition, but I lift a weight now and then and always enjoy the way the "power chicks" doll up my gym.

So here I am front and center with more cameras than I took to Europe, hoping to get a few snaps of the women's events for the Valkyrie screens. Sad news though, in spite of the great growth of women's sports in the last fifteen years, at this event there are 31 guys but only 2 gals! Why is that, anyway? And high praise to Diana for helping to remedy this deplorable situation. Filled to capacity, a nice cool room devoted to plays and concerts holds an all American audience: a few just-from-the-gym, trainer-looking types, an impressive contingent of awards-night Hollywood dazzlers, and a majority of us in the casual middle.

Some guys did their thing. Very nice. For details, check another site.

The two gals both looked much better in person than my in my snaps I'm sorry to have to confess. New digital camera, just out of the box. Presumably the next set of photos will look a little better (after I've read the manual). Also, inexperienced, I expected more time for photographic art. The ladies, Cheryl Lynn Norton and Mary Christy, were on stage for only about eight bars of their musical accompaniments rather than for the full-tune times I recall from honkytonk bar performances. Nonetheless, this was a fine fun time, involving no broken laws, no broken cars, no hang-over; and I'll try another one for sure. (Maybe a women-only competition. Yeah.)

For a last word, a thought from Patty, one of the "power chicks" from my gym with whom I spoke in the lobby before today's contest. "It took you years of discipline to craft your body into a work of art. How did you get motivated, how do you stay that way, and how do you get back up when blue or lazy comes around the corner?"

She had heard that one before. "It starts with a dream," she said, "then it becomes a way of life. When I'm low, I go . . . I sometimes drag myself to a gym and just going through the door I start to feel better. I know the bad chemicals are going to burn off. Each step is toward a stronger and healthier Now!"

Strong and healthy is beautiful.

Respectfully submitted, Graham

The 1999 NPC Capital City Bodybuilding Championships
July 10, 1999
Washington Center for the Performing Arts
Olympia, Washington; USA
Produced by Nic Younis; Gold's Gym, Olympia; phone: (360) 352-2533

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