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	Pandra is an special kind of superpowerfull woman.
They are much more stronger and fierce that any normal human.
The pandra's has some parts of her bodies icreased at absolutely
unatural size. Her heads are unaterable, torso and arms usually
(and at begining) mantain her normal sizes, but her tits, butts and
legs, grows at exponential ways.
	The pandras feel no pain, are almost fisically invulnerable,
her skin is inpenetrable despite their baby skin appearance. They are
imune against any kind of disease, and can feel a pleasure much, much
bigger than any kind of orgasm.
	But usually they aren't inteligent. Some of then is just a little
bit less inteligent that normal but others can became completely isane.
	They usually are bad, really cruel bicthies!
	They think and worry only about her power and pleasure always
want more energy through even more brutaller facesits.
	When the "pussy hungry" attacks or she feels rage, they became
absolutelly insane and got by an uncontrolable necessity of more
sexual power, near from a pandra no one is safe!
	The limits to size and power of pandras are unknow, but there
are pandras with more than 10 meters of tall (where 9 are legs and butt)
, Hundreds of feet of butt circunference, breasts with meters of diameter
and pussies able to completely swalow the entire body of a person, 
situation where they feel the most powerfull pleasure possible.
	Facing a pandra no one can escape, defeat, or be safe from her
brutal pussy hungry, no chance to changing her mind, no words, no arguments, 
no laws, no mercy. There aren't absolutely no one chance to resist against 
that giant pussies!


	To become a Pandra, a woman must dominate the art and technic
of suck sexual lifeforce from their victims through her pussy.
	At principle the woman suck this power from men's at normal
sexual act, with a dominating posture, special technics, concentration
and feeling much pleasure.
	In this process her sexual matrix (the utere) concentrate and
distribute the power for all parts of her body in equal proportions
wasting the excessive energy.
	But there is another way, any human being also lose force
though the face, specially mouth and noose, by a slower way.
	Then they use facesitting, putting her nude pussy directly
in contact with the victim face. This and others special techinics
does the womb receive the power slower, concentrate and spreading it
more in the sexualler parts, the crocth, tits and legs to suport the
increasing of size and weight.
	By this process the woman can not only energize but really
increase this body parts became much more powerfull and feeling a
much bigger pleasure.
	But there is some colateral effects. Usually the woman lose
inteligence and changes personality.
	They usually became bad, even womans with golden heart and
purity spirit can became a really cruell bicth!
	The pandras feel in power absortion process and uncomensurable
pleasure, much bigger than thousands of orgasms. And the most part
of then works like: more pleasure is more power, more size, more hungry,
more cruelty and insanity.



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