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Roberta Pedon is well-known to many baby boomers, and those of the generation immediately following. She appeared on the scene in southern California in late 1970 or early 1971, seeking work as a commercial artist. At that time, she was 18 or 19 years old, which would mean that she was born around 1952, and would put her in her late 40s today.

Everyone who worked with her both during her original career, and later, during her modeling days, agreed almost universally that Roberta was amazingly genuine, kind, and open. She was trusting to the point of naivete, and in many ways embodied the relaxed attitudes of the late 60s towards sex, drugs, work, and life in general, which she saw as an unfolding adventure. Photographers and others with whom she associated have entered conflicting claims about her national origin, with some claiming that she was Italian, while others staunchly defend the notion that she was actually Argentinian. It remains in dispute to this day.

In typical fashion for the whole LA modeling/porno scene, Roberta was taken in by the lure of easy money, and by 1972 had developed the most-photographed model of the time. Rather than becoming a mainstream, Playboy/Penthouse model, Roberta's career was supported by the second-tier publications, most notably Gent and smaller magazines concentrating exclusively on buxom models. Her career flourished during the early 70s, until she suddenly retired in late 1975.

The reasons for her sudden departure are unknown, but various hypotheses have been floated throughout the years. Some have offered that she became disenchanted with the LA scene, and returned to commercial artistry, while others maintain that she was modeling merely to gather the money for a breast reduction. It's hard to credit the latter theory, as one or two weeks of posing sessions would have covered those costs, and Roberta worked for over 4 years, producing a mountain of imagery. Since her retirement, claims of her being spotted in northern California in the mid 1980s have competed with other claims that she returned to Italy, and now lives there with her family. It's difficult to choose between the two, and both might well be true. Roberta was, and will probably always remain, a will-o-the-wisp, going where life takes her. In addition to her dominant public name of Roberta Pedon, (which was often misspelled as Pedan), she was also commonly known as Melody O'Hare, in addition to a handful of "one-issue" names. Whether her name actually was Roberta Pedon or not, is also in some dispute, but it sounds believable to me, especially if for no other reason than it sounds so unlike what a Hollywood agent would've chosen.

Her movie credits are limited to Delinquent School Girls (1974), in which her role is too limited, and fails to take much advantage of her incredible biological gifts, as well as a few "cheesecake" loops of 5-10 minutes duration. She did no hardcore or softcore pornography of any type.

Her physical statistics are clouded by hype: magazine models were given intentionally misleading measurements in the amazingly lame copy that often accompanied the layouts of the time. However, this much can be reasonably claimed: Roberta was petite, under 5'5", and very slim, well under 120 lbs., and probably near 110 at different points in her career. Her measurements have most reliably been documented at 48-24-34, which would necessitate a bra size of roughly 34EEE, depending on too many factors to list here. It goes without saying that her gifts were natural, and without the enhancement of surgery or even any serious exercise.

She was simply a woman blessed with a compelling face, lighthearted but not airheaded disposition, with beautiful strawberry blonde hair, and a truly mind-bending figure. And because of that, Roberta Pedon was the peak of her generation, the ultimate 60s girl, and has set the standard for all models before and after her.

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