Gallery of Phubar's Physiques, California State Champs 5-22-99 part 2

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Phubar specialises in physique shots, and, as you can see, he records the muscular woman extremely well.

The contest took place in Redondo Beach CA at Aviation Auditorium.

Dawn Reihl is the lady shot outside. The other photos outside are as follows:
Brunet in red against black wall is Tonya Villalobos
Blonde lady with short hair is Tracy Sackmann (pro bodybuilder)
Brunett with white lace up front of dress is Denise Hosier

No.Name Placing/ ClassWeight
91Terry Martinez 2nd LW117
92 Kelly Dobbins 1st LW115
101Dawn Riehl 1st MW123
103Kathy Firkins2nd MW120
103Holly Howard 3rd MW125
111   4th HW  
112 Tasha Ochsner 2nd HW140
113Barb Harmer Garcia3rd HW 135
114Tyra Risby 1st HW148 (Overall contest winner)
115 Roslyn G Rivers 5th HW 150
141Sandra A Smith  130
142Barb Garcia   
127Angela Bixel   114
131 Shandra Crawford   115
135 Amanda F Doerrer    
125Jennifer Harris  120
128Nikole Hobbs  106
134 Cindy Melton 135
124Cathy M Miller   110
132Loredana Nesci  
122Gigi Taylor 110
133Kristine Ward 130
126 Laurie Zarate 115
123Erika Lockett  
129Brenda Granado  

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