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Polyglot says:

I call this one "M&M&M's" as all the photographs are of women with their last name beginning with the letter "m".

The Lenda Murray audience shot was taken before she had won any big contests. Bill Wick tapped me on the shoulder and pointed her out in the audience to me. During a lull I went back, took a shot and made arrangements to photograph her after the prejudging. The other shots are from that shooting.

Madusa (Debbie) Micelli, in case you don't know, is a professional wrestler (aka Alundra Blaze). She is very strong and very good. She also loves to fight. She participated in real kickboxing in Thailand and, when I took the photographs, she was training in regular boxing.

Linda Messina actually won the USA Lightweight class one year. Unfortunately, the score sheet (which I have) shows her name crossed out as she failed the drug test. Under the crossing out, the first place finish still shows. I don't think she ever competed again.

You should be familiar with the others. Sara Moore is a Canadian. I shot her in Toronto in front of a couple of restaurants owned by ice hocky icons Wayne Gretzky and Don Cherry - wearing rollerblades, of course.

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