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Polyglot says:

I'm calling these scans "Ahhhs". (All the women have surnames with either "a" or "h".)

I expect that people will know of Michelle Andrea, Arminda/Latia, Jan Harrel, but not the others. Jennifer Abel was married to bodybuilder Scott Abel prior to his success as a trainer and his "alliance" with Laura Binetti. Krista Anderson was a very photogenic pro in the early days of the sport. Marie-Therese Hamel is a Quebecoise who I believe loved powerlifting more than bodybuilding. She owned her own gym and competed at 155 pounds in bodybuilding. Alanna Handel won the Western Canadian Championships one year, then got a job handling airline baggage and was never heard from again. Lisetta Hansen won the Canadian Championships one year and was eager to enter the pro ranks. Her fiance was a football player named Mandarich who developed cancer and died. She never competed again.

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