Gallery of Rambler at the WSE part 2

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Rambler and Dragon went to the Women's Strength Extravaganza; you can read their report on it elsewhere on the web site. Here's the pictures that Rambler took, or got Dragon to take.. The guy with the blotchy face is Rambler, but he's a bit shy.


0000, 048: Cathy Connors
0001: Denise Girard doing squats
0002, 032: Monica Mercedes. Great fitness routine.
0003, 039: Vicky Cole. Dragon sat next to her at dinner. Lucky guy!!
0004: Cathy Connors doing squats
0005, 042, 055: Dawn Whitham
0006:Lindsey Hennesy, former fitness competitor. Looks like Miss America to me!
0007, 035, 056: Marianne Kolmos
0009, 014:Vicky Walker-Shay. Biggest competitor there. 175lbs!
010, 043, 054: Gayle Moher
011, 015, 025: Tammie Simpson, middleweight body builder. I think she won her class
012, 013: Lisa Smith doing pullups. Too bad we can't see her eyes!
016-019: Fitness competitors. More beautiful than Miss America, no contest!!
020: Lisa Smith. Still can't see those eyes!
021, 022: Annie Rivieccio: 166lbs of solid muscle! Awesome! You should see her smile!
028,029: Vicki Anderson, winner of the fitness competition
041, 057-059: Amy Pazzo
046, 047: Christy Wolf, the eventual winner
049: Here it is, some old Rambler being lifted my Nicole! Talk about flyin' high!!!
050: And here they are with their "feet on the ground." Is she big, or is she BIG?!
But she's very nice. A real lady!!
051: The famous Cheryl Harris of Iron Belles fame. We had a nice conversation, and here she's
Giving me a bearhug! She was busy all weekend with appointments.
052: Here's the Strength Competition winner again, Christie Wolf. Look at those muscles!!
053: Annie Klepacki. This picture does not do this gorgeous lady justice.
At 5'9" and 167lbs, she deserves her own gallery on Diana's site. If anyone out there
knows her whereabouts, get your camera and take some poses for us PLEASE!!
060/062, 102: Gayle Moher
068: Tammie Simpson on the left, Dr. Christine Lydon on the right
069, 106: Denise Girard
071, 074: Marianna Komlos
072, 075, 076, 077: Dr. Chris Lydon
073: Unknown, but I think she was heavyweight bodybuilder winner.
I think she's the right side of the "Blonde Sandwich" later on.
078: The first "Blonde Sandwich." Lady on left was with Security, I think.
(Arrest me! Arrest me! Please!!) Lady on right I think was heavyweight
bodybuilder class winner. A moment in my life I'll never forget.
079: The second "Blonde Sandwich." Amy Pazzo on the left, and the lady on
the right was Debi Lascewski, a designer for Victory America. She's from
Wisconsin, though. That's where they made Ramblers! Anyone know
who she is? Another moment in my life I'll never forget!
080: Christa Bauch. Without a doubt the hardest lady there! Lovely!!
081: Strength Contestants receiving their awards.
082: Heavyweight bodybuilders. Lisa Smith on right. Ahh!! Those eyes!!
083-087: TAZZIE and her breathtaking routine. You had to be there to experience it!
088-090: Christa Bauch's routine. Eyepopping! Hard as a rock!

091-092, 101: Christie Wolf, the winnah!
093, 098-099: Cathy Connors
094: Amy Pazzo and Annie Rivieccio. Ever see so much muscle side by side?
096-097: Annie Rivieccio
100: Vicky Walker-Shay
103-104: Dawn Whitham
105: Amy Pazzo
107-111: Tammie Simpson

Hope everyone enjoyed my photos. Those of you who didn't attend the WSE, well, I hope you're GREEN with envy. Just to let you know, the pictures don't do any of these lovely ladies justice. See you there next year!


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