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The Cosmic Amazon Red Silver
 Red Silver is a kosnik amazon, who has come to Earth to help mankind and to have some fun with them. She can change shape between a kosmik amazon and a normal size schoolgirl with a little pink star on her left cheek.
 On Earth she meets Three boys, Jack, Micheal and Bob. They decide to help her on how to act in their school and they gave her a name, Dirate Redsil.
 Powers: She can change between a girl and a cosmic amazon. She can increase muscle mass and strength. Near invulnerability.
 Weapon: Red Silver has a magic wand that can change into a little red ball.
Amazon Heroines
 About fifteen years from now mankind wil finde a unstable mutant gene in some female DNA called the amazon gene. 
 This is recognizable that female muscle mass to the size of a professional bodybuilder and beyond, and then back again, and they also get somekind of superpower. The amazon gen can be activated in any possible.
 Some of these women are aware of this metamorphosis and others creat another personality.
 Anny Jakkiens discoved that her power by pushing her belly button. She is very happy for her huge muscle and powers, but she is afraid that they would scared her boyfriend away.
 Henriette Zolander is little and shy by nature, but when she touches her nose she becomes a cheeky, high musclet, super amazon.
 Ena Neumenni is one of the smartest girls in school, but a bit self-centred. Whenever she sees the moon( in a picture or on TV) she transformes into a loving, affectionate, super musclet, werewolt.
Note: There does existe male heros, but not many.
(More text and art coming soon)
(If you have any ideas for a story for either The Cosmic Amazon Red Silver or Amazon Heroines I would like to hear them, so I maybe can make artwork for them)
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