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Dawn Whitham

Dawn has her own website, called My Personal Dawn Whitham Website. She does graphics design, corporate advertising, DTP, web site design and bodybuilding. And you can write to her at At Dawn's website, you can get all the pictures that are in these Galleries, plus information about her career and progress through bodybuilding from an 80 pound teenager to as much as 180 pounds. You can find out about her training and diet, her statistics and information. She can leg press 1200 pounds, and lots and lots more.

And guess what? Dawn is an Iron Belle. She is available for wrestling, but fun to fantasy ONLY! Muscle worship is also available - oil her down and give her pumped full muscles a message, posing, flexing, fun fantasy outfits, wild outfits, sexy outfits, lifts and carries and show of strength, squeezes, holds, heels and lingerie, light domination, submissions.

Dawn is 5'5" tall, weighing 170 pounds off-seaon. She can bench 325 pounds, and curls 185. But it's her legs you should be wary of. That 1200 pound leg press translates to a devastating crushing force on your body, waist, chest, or wherever else she chooses to inflict pain.

Dawn also allows still or video cameras (as a Special Session only). Dawn also offers Sexy fantasy appointments, topless muscle worship, domination and posing only. NO topless wrestling! [Any topless fantasy work is extra, and will be discussed and negotiated with Dawn in detail prior to the appointment. Fantasy is not a usuall appointment, so please e mail dawn and discuss the full details with her! In your e mail header, please put "Request Appointment Information"] Once you read through the info, email Cheryl.

Dawn is one of the Iron Belles of America, and she's touring the US; if you look at the calendar, you might find her visiting a town near you. Or you could go to Connecticut and visit her. If you want to know more, write to Cheryl Harris, and ask.

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