Tinkering with Destiny and Busty Nicki Doppler

By Mike Dillon - (Converted to HTML, sloppily, by 1of4)

A close encounter of the best kind with a time traveler.


Warning*****Warning*****Warning - If you are not supposed to read material of this nature, then go away!

Steve Galahad was beat. I've got to finish it soon, he reflected. Otherwise I'm gonna go nuts. It was the novel he'd spent three agonizing years trying to write while holding down two jobs and raising a family. Consumed by the project - and trying to make ends meet - he could only shrug when he came home one evening six months ago, and his wife and three kids were gone. They'll come back, he mused, when I win the Pulitzer Prize. He looked at his personal computer but couldn't force himself to work on the final three chapters. He grabbed a can of beer from the fridge and headed down the hill behind his house. He liked to climb on a log that had fallen into the Olentangy River during a tornado years back and collect his thoughts.

A cool breeze was blowing, and he could hear the long rows of corn rippling nearby. He was chugging the last drops of brew when he heard a poof and felt a warm blast of air. He looked up and saw a silver object - shaped like a short, fat cigar - hovering above the corn field. Its only identifying mark was a large red-white-and-blue T imprinted on the side. The strange craft didn't seem to have any landing gear. Steve Galahad was numb. As the silvery vessel came to a rest, a door mysteriously opened in the side of the fuselage. "Steve Galahad, do not be frightened. I come in peace!"

Steve didn't actually hear the words. It was more as if he'd thought them.

You did think them, his brain responded to itself.

He looked at the person slowly levitating out of the craft and stifled a giggle. Maybe it's Michael Rennie, and they're remaking The Day the Earth Stood Still, he quipped to himself. No doubt about it, the joker looked just like some thing out of a 1950s B movie - Buck Rogers in a one-piece silver jumpsuit with silver boots. This has got to be some kind of joke, he reflected.

As "Buck" landed and determinedly strode toward him, Steve realized it was a woman. How could he have missed those giant tits straining inside the aluminum-foiled outfit? And she must have been eight feet tall! This is going to be a very extraordinary day, he predicted.

Feeling just a little like a fool, Steve tried to hide behind the fallen tree. He placed the fingertips of each hand on his temples and thought, Can you hear me?

Of course, he heard in his mind.

When Miss Buck Rogers got to the river - which in this part of town was nothing more than a dirty little creek - she easily strode over the narrow band of water using her mile-long legs. She stepped to the fallen tree, Steve noticed his head was well below the level of the largest breasts he had ever witnessed. Gazing down at Steve and over her stupendous bosom she intoned "Greetings, Mr. Galahad." This time there was no mental telepathy. She actually spoke. Her voice was deep, but feminine, almost seductive. "If we may retire to your place," she boldly suggested, "I will explain the purpose of my visit here!"

"This is Columbus, Ohio. Nobody visits here unless they are playing against Ohio State. I'm pretty sure I'd have heard about an eight foot tall athlete or ...," his eyes traveled the incredible length of her amazing form, "cheerleader. So, what is this some sort of a joke?"

"Not at all. This is a very serious matter, Mr. Galahad."

"You can call me Steve. So what's your name?"

"Doppler." she uttered with military precision. "Nikki Doppler. You can call me Nikki." The towering beauty crossed her proportionally slender arms and smiled confidently. "We must not waste even a precious second."

"What are you …, an ET?" Steve demanded.

"I'm no extraterrestrial, if that's what you mean." The giant woman chuckled. "No, Steve, I'm a human being born on the planet Terra - er, umm, Earth. I am not a visitor from outer space. My vessel is not a UFO. Please, may we go to your place? I promise no harm will come to you."

Regardless of her cosmic origins, Nikki was getting visibly nervous. Steve looked at the silvery object that was still floating above the cornfield. Then he looked at the girl. Trim, muscular, 200 pounds or maybe lots more , he reckoned, with hair that was almost black. It was parted in the middle and fell in soft curls to her face. Except for her gargantuan size she would have made any fashion model jealous. Her almond-shaped eyes displayed a hint of devilish mischief, and her small nose was perfectly placed above her glossy, suggestive lips.

Most prominent were the mystery lady's immense breasts, which seemed to defy gravity. Steve could plainly see the outline of the nipples and expansive areolas through the tight fabric of her jumpsuit. He unconsciously licked his lips.

"It's hot here." she said, pulling the zipper of her suit down to her navel. Her delicious cleavage grew as her huge breasts tried to break free from their confines. "Can we go to your place now?!" she beseeched.

Steve's prick was hardening as he imagined climbing this amazon. "Yeah," he said at last, "let's go to my place!"

They made their way up the hill to Steve's comfortable A-frame house, the delectable woman leading way. Steve was spellbound, watching her tight ass, which was the same height as his sternum, as she walked straight to his back door with no directions from him.

Entering the dwelling, she had to scrunch under the frame like an NBA player. Steve, short but athletically built motioned her to a chair in the living room while he went to the kitchen. He returned with a couple of beers, Nikki Doppler smiled as he handed her one, the can appeared small in her oversized hand. "I work at the brewery." he said, sitting across from her on the couch "They give us tons of the stuff."

"I know." she said.

"But how?"

"Let's not worry about that. I just do. In fact, I am aware of a great deal about you. Of course, you only know my name."

"You're very beautiful!" Nikki's cleavage was mesmerizing to Steve, but he still pondered the possibility of it being a practical joke.

The silver-bedecked beauty drained her can of beer in one swallow, and smiled. "I knew it would be this good." she remarked as crushed the can into sphere the size of a large marble, sitting alluringly in the chair. Then her smile turned lewd, and she rolled her tongue over her lips. "Excellent." she muttered, ostensibly commenting on the lager, but actually intended for the bulge in the Ohioan's crotch. When Steve went into the kitchen for another round, the girl looked at the wall clock. At that very moment a muffled rifle shot rang out, then another. Nikki smiled warmly and moved to the couch.

"Crazy hunters." Steve chimed, returning with two more beers. The mysterious visitor beckoned him to sit beside her. Turning, she wrapped her arms around Steve's neck, and before he knew what had hit him, she was kissing him long and hard as her titanic breasts mashed against his stomach. Steve quickly realized he was no match physically for this amazon, Nicki maneuvered Steve around as if he were a toy. Her breath tasted like roses as her tongue snaked its way into his surprised mouth and nudged against his teeth. Steve's tongue quickly reciprocated in intense oral copulation with its counterpart.

With their faces pressed tightly against one another, he discerned a hint of perfume that must have contained some powerful pheromones. His cock was now harder than it had ever been. "I do want to suck your cock." she declared, caressing his crotch.

Steve was amazed, because he had conjured up that thought as they were entwined on the couch. "If you can read minds like that," Steve whispered, his right hand fondling her mind-boggling breasts, "why bother talking?"

"I can only read your mind," she explained, "when I exert a lot of mental pressure. If I do it too much, I get a headache!"

Steve remembered his wife and her headaches. "Forget mind-reading," he suggested, and she obliged by unbuttoning his shirt and shifting her hips to give Steve a better angle at her cunt.

"Let's just get to know each other a little better;' Nikki murmured. She gracefully exited the couch and stood to her full, proud height. Nicki's smile broadened as she reached down for him. Her hands encircled his waist as she lifted him from the couch up to her beautiful face.

Steve's erection was unbelievably hard, and painful. With Nicki holding him nearly three feet off the floor, her grip was causing a constriction of his jeans, torturing his penis. His hard-on began to poke Nicki in the lower chasms of her cleavage.

Steve was greatful for the high ceilings in his A-frame house when Nicki lifted him even further in the air. His hair was brushing the ceiling when Nicki cooed, "Mmmm, is that for little ol' me?" to his penis. His eyes rolled back into his head as Nicki kissed the tip off his cock through the denim material. "You REALLY don't need those clothes right now." With delibrate slowness Nicki lowered Steve to the floor. Steve marveled at the enourmous amount of strength he had just seen demonstrated.

After slipping Steve's shirt over his shoulders, Nicki bent low so she could remove his jeans. After fiddling with them for a few seconds she gave a little sigh, "Hmmm, this isn't working." Nicki stated. A second later Steve felt her hands working themselves between his skin and his jeans. Nicki lifted her head and shook her hair out of eyes, "This might hurt lover." she said staring deep into his eyes. The pain was short and intense as Nicki snapped his 2'' wide leather belt. Next she tore the sturdy denim from his legs as though it were wet tissue paper.

Nikki stepped away from the couch and slid out of her jumpsuit like some tropical fruit from its peel. She stood in all her glory, an eight-foot tall pillar of femininity. One hand played with a giant tit, the other caressed her tan thighs, inching ever closer to the carefully shaven triangle of bush that glistened with her nectar.

She took one long stride toward Steve and rubbed her hands in small circles around his ears. The scent of her sex hung round his head like an aphrodisiacal cloud.

"Eat me" she begged in her husky voice, pulling Steve's head toward her crotch. "I'm so fucking horny. Make me come, please lover!"

Steve gladly allowed his head to be drawn into the sopping-wet jungle, and his tongue instinctively sought and easily found her clit. It dwarfed any he had encountered before. He flicked her flaccid go-button, which immediately grew even larger. As he sucked it, he could hear her squeals of pleasure. Then he chewed on the nub, pulling on it playfully as he inserted several fingers into her pussy.

Inevitably, Nikki shuddered with climax. "Oh, God, yes!" she whimpered, rocking her hips back and forth on the couch and pressing her thighs tightly around Steve's skull. His face was literally being sucked into her twat.

He was still lapping away at her cunt when the statuesque vixen stood up and said, "My turn. Here, babe, just sit on the couch!' Steve did so, and the girl knelt supplicantly between his legs. Rubbing her hands in his pubes, she began licking the underside of his engorged cock as if it were a huge lollipop. As she adeptly fellated him, Steve tenderly stroked the woman s incredible breasts, rubbing the long, rubbery nipples to stiffness.

She's good, Steve thought to himself, and he could see her smile as she sucked tightly on the shaft, then eased it back out so she could lick the bulbous tip.

Steve clamped his hands over her ears and pushed her head down. His entire penis was stuffed in her mouth, and he vigorously face-fucked her for a few heavenly minutes until he felt the buildup of jism in his swollen balls.

The big girl's whimpering urged him on. 'That's it, baby, take it, take it, take it all;' he chanted in time to his thrusting. Nikki's fingernails dug into his ass as her powerful arms drew her face onto his groin. Steve could feel her teeth dragging along the sides of his cock now, tantalizing the tender underside of his meat. While she milked his balls, he pumped a couple of more times, and a geyser of sperm cascaded into her throat. She eagerly swallowed all but a few drops, which trickled down her chin.

Panting, sweating, he watched as his prick plopped out of Nikki's mouth. "Let's go into the bedroom" he suggested.

"I want to make love again," Nikki said, under the cool sheets of Steve's bed, "but first I think I should tell you the purpose of my mission!"

"Mission?" Steve asked, caressing his bedmate's fleshy pillows. "Just who and what the hell are you? You float through the air, read minds and have to be the best cocksucker in the universe. After what went on in the living room, I can't believe you're an earthling. And your mode of transportation certainly looks like a spaceship!'

"I'm a time-traveler!" Steve was about to interrupt when she stopped him with a gently placed palm on his cheek. "Please, let me explain. Mankind has simply evolved, and I am a perfect example of that evolution. We're bigger, stronger, more intelligent, and all of us are physically very attractive. Through research and telepathy, we are now able to utilize more of our mind's powers. For us telepathy and levitation are no big things"

"Time-travel into the past is impossible" Steve muttered.

Nikki wrapped her arms around his firm, naked body, and his rejuvenated penis pressed against her belly. "To go back into the past, one must travel faster than the speed of light' Nikki went on. "Even Einstein and other physicists in your era had theorized that"

As she spoke, Steve marveled at the mountainous breasts of his remarkable lover. They were splendidly resilient, and he couldn't resist tweaking a nipple as the woman continued her astounding narration. "As I said, physicists thought it impossible to reach the speed of light - that's more than 186,000 miles per second, you realize. But in the year 2525 a scientist named Isuko Nakomi conducted a successful experiment with black holes and the density of - "

Steve took a nipple into his mouth. "Ooh, that feels good:' Nikki cooed. "To hell with physics. I'm here, and that proves that time-travel is indeed possible"

"You mean that machine travels faster than light?" Steve asked, releasing the nub for a moment.

"Exactly, Steve."

"Aren't you afraid that someone else may have seen it?"

Nikki smiled. 'Actually, you were the only person who could see it. I was able to hypnotically blind anyone who might have seen the ship either physically or on radar."

"Hah!" Steve chuffed, still teasing Nikki's humongous pair of pleasure mounds. "I've got you, Nikki!"

"Yes, you do, and please, don't let go;' she stammered.

He leaned on his elbows and looked the gorgeous creature straight in the eyes. "You can't be here because of the grandfather paradox!"

"You mean, interfering with events in my grandfather's life so that he doesn't meet my future grandmother, say? She never would have borne my father, so in turn I couldn't have existed to go back in time in the first place."

"Another paradox in this situation;' Nikki continued, her voice returning to its lower, husky sexual mode as Steve casually fondled her ample chest flesh. "Because I'm a time- traveler, I can't stay here very long." She wrapped her long, slender arms around his neck, and the intermingling odor of her sex and perfume took his mind off time-travel.

"I want you inside me so badly, I ache:' Nikki murmured, rubbing Steve's cock. Responding, he buried his face between her knockers. He licked, nibbled and sucked all around her large tits, teasing her pleasurably before clamping down on a rubbery nipple. "Oh, God, yes!" she whimpered, guiding his hand down between her legs.

Steve's hands recklessly roamed Nikki's exquisite body, kneading her inflated breasts, squeezing her firm ass, stroking her satin-smooth thighs until his middle finger slid slowly up and down her tender, wet pussy lips. He dug a little way inside and found her hard, swollen clit.

Moaning as his finger rippled through her amazingly tight vagina, Nikki spread her legs to accommodate a second digit, and then her hand was over his, helping and guiding him. Her other hand stroked his pink, pulsing penis, and a drop of pre-cum fell on her flushed thigh. "Now, Steve, I want you:' she begged huskily.

Grabbing Nikki's hips, Steve turned her over, and his aching, engorged cock zoomed into her tight folds. Tugging on the sheets, Nikki gasped in delight as the long and thick ramrod slid in and out of her honey-dripping slit. Steve plunged deeper and deeper into her twat, his hands grasping Nikki's hooters. Moaning, she bucked back, and soon he felt the juices stirring in his sac. Before long they were howling as he shot a generous portion of cum into her pussy.

Later, after a shared shower, they returned to the living room. "Have you thought of a title for your first book?" Nikki asked out of the blue. She was wearing one of Steve's robes.

"No, not yet:' he said, wearing only a pair of jeans. "First book? How many am I going to write?"

Nikki pondered the question. "I can't tell you that, but the book you are writing now, your first, about the futility of war as seen through your eyes in Vietnam, will be published early next year. The book is critically acclaimed and will reach No. 1 on the New York Times' Best-Seller List. Over the centuries it will have more of an impact on human affairs than any book except the Bible and Koran.

"You see, Steve;' she added, pausing for effect, "time is an absolute only in a sense. Think of time as a piece of thread. Each year, day, nanosecond is a corresponding length of that thread. It is always there. You can go back to a given point, or move ahead to another point in the future."

"What about free will?' Steve asked. "And won't my having met you change my future and your past?"

"The scientists of my era have thought of all this before they sent me to you. Free will is taken care of because there's an infinite number of realities, an infinite number of threads. The actions we pursue determine which thread our own personas take." Sitting alluringly on the couch, her robe now opened invitingly, Nikki smiled. "You will have no recollection of my having been here, I can assure you, although you'll awaken tomorrow morning with a dreadful hangover:"

"Do you really think I can forget the most extraordinary person I've ever met?"

"I'm afraid that's already been determined" Nikki chimed. "Now let me continue. In the year 2084 United Arabia - a union of the countries that presently occupy the Mideast and North Africa - is a superpower. Its leader, a fanatic named Mi Subai; launches nuclear missiles on North and South America, Europe, Asia and Australia to rid the world of imperialism and 'heathens'. Of course, his own people will be doomed as well from the ensuing fallout."

"That is one line of thread' Nikki continued, "and that is the thread Earth will take unless Au Subar reads a translation of your book in the year 2056, when he is a student at a Western university." Nikki looked around the room and smiled. "My mission - as far as it concerns those who sent me - is completed. Soon you must complete your first book."

"What the hell did you do?" Steve inquired.

"I saved your life, lover. I kept you in your house for the last couple of hours. You see, on the particular line of thread I was talking about, you'd have been sitting on that log in the river when a hunter's stray bullet would have struck you right between the eyes. Remember those gun shots before? If that had happened, you would have died before getting your book published, and Au Subar never would have had a chance to read it. Life on our planet would end in 2084."

"And that's it?" Steve interjected. "You travel back in time to fuck my brains out and then forget me?"

"Steve, your book is going to save the world and, no, I won't forget you." Nikki Doppler stood up and discarded the robe, her two globes seemingly floating in midair. "There's nothing more I can say, but there is something we can do before I leave. Fuck me senseless."

Steve Galahad, 20th-century man, smiled luridly as he led towering time-traveler Nikki Doppler into the bedroom. Destiny, he thought, I'm tinkering with destiny.

On Saturday morning, Steve awoke in a tangle of damp sheets, his head throbbing painfully. He was thankful that he didn't have to go to work, but he was also baffled. His prick felt raw, as if he'd been screwing all night, and the musky scent of pussy lingered in the air. But he'd been alone, as he had every night since his family had deserted him. Strange, he thought.

Almost as if some unseen force were tugging on him, Steve made himself a strong pot of coffee, ambled into the study and sat down at his PC. By Sunday evening the voluminous manuscript was completed at last, and as the computer printer whirred out sheet after sheet, the exhausted Vietnam veteran took a deep breath and muttered, "Yes!" he said just as noticed a pair of his jeans lying in a corner. Steve walked over to examine them, "What the ..." he exclaimed as he found them to be shredded.