updated 1/10/01

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This list is meant to start where other lists of wrestlers out there on the web leave off. By city, it will list opportunities for different types of experience with muscular women.

I list strip clubs where it has been reported to me that bodybuilders or very muscular dancers appear on a regular basis and, where possible, I identify the woman with as much description as possible. Because the labor market for exotic dancers is so fluid, this list will, in actuality, represent nothing more than an imperfect snapshot of the scene. With this in mind, there is no repetitive feedback. Please confirm anybody’s presence to me as often as possible or, for that matter, their absence as well. Also, please call the clubs ahead of time to find out schedules of dancers in order to avoid disappointment. is a great site that has free information, reviews and directions to and from most strip clubs across the country and internationally. An alternative free information source is

This list does not undertake the endeavor of listing all the women that provide wrestling and muscle worship sessions. There are better and more appropriate resources for this, the best of which is undoubtedly wb270’s list which in international in scope, vigorously updated and also lists travel schedules for many of the women. His list can be seen at (at the end of this list is a list of further links most of which are agencyies that represent multiple female wresting/session providers.

With that said, this is a list of muscular women in the adult services industry that aren't primarily or only in the business of providing wrestling/muscle worship sessions like most of those on wb270's list. This list seeks female muscle alternative in escorts, massage, bdsm, exotic dancers etc etc etc. Many of these muscular women may engage in session-type activities. This list is just a resource and there are no guarentees about quality nor are there any steadfast representations by myself about any kind of specific activity any individual women may or may not engage in. When in doubt, ask; go to the source. And please always act with the upmost respectfulness. For adult service definitions and answers to questions such as what exactly is an escort and what will she do, see the following guide which is an excellent beginner's resource:

Toned means more muscular than average. This may be a judgement by looking at only one picture. It may be wrong, it may be crazy. Its a miscellaneous wildcard who knows but she looks like she has some muscle or some definition or there is some potential that she is muscular in some way more than the average. Where possible, make your own judgments.

Fitness means there is definate muscularity and/or great definition without necessarily the size and depth of quality of a bodybuilder. Its a sure thing which sets it apart from the Toned category which may only be a guess or a possible.

Bodybuilder is an impressive amount of muscle-size and/or muscle maturity. It sometimes is difficult to set bodybuilders apart from the Fitness category, but there is even more confidence in this category of the muscularity.

Birmingham, Alabama

Strip Club


Anchorage, Alaska

Strip Club

The Great Alaskan Bush Company II official site (Rikki Rife, a very muscular blonde pro fitness competitor dances) updated 11/30/00

Phoenix, Arizona

Strip Club

Amazon's Olympic Gardens (Eden-tall lean fitness brunette-works evenings)


Sedona Weaver 1 2 3

Scottsdale, Arizona

Strip Club

Babes Cabaret (Bo, a bodybuilder fri-sat) updated 12/13/00


Lake Tahoe, California



Los Angeles, California

Strip Club

Bob's Classy Lady official site (veronica fitness)

Jet Strip official site (Kacy--fitness)

Body Shop official site

Hollywood Tropicana

The Gentlemen's Club official site (April--Ms Fit 2000 LA...the link is to an escort page of hers) updated 11/30/00



Bodybuilder updated 11/13

Palm Springs, California


Sacramento, California

Strip Club

The Body Shop official site (Tommie is a very muscular's a link to a small picture of her) updated 11/30/00

Risky Business official site (impressive bodybuilder Tyler)

Embers (Madison)



San Diego, California


Fitness ($120 for an hour...sensual massage...619-276-1073 10am-6pm)


San Francisco, California

Strip Clubs

New Century Theater

Market Street Cineman official site (Jade Blue...asian fitness updated 11/8

Mitchell Brothers O'Farrell Theater official site

Centerfolds (fitness model type maybe named Paige) updated 1/10/01

Toned (ashlyn) (wrestles) updated 1/10/01



San Jose, California

Strip Club

Pink Poodle official site

Denver, Colorado

Strip Club

Shotgun's Willies (Raven--blond braided hair, big implants, kinda like Sue Price in the Nemesis movies, works nights towards the end of the week; Ellie--blondish older dancer has a fitness type body, works thursday, friday and sunday days) updated 1/10/01

The Diamond Cabaret (amazing bodybuilder works friday and saturday nights, long brown hair, fair skin and built like pillow, natural with extreme cuts all over) updated 1/10/01



Hartford, Connecticut

Strip Club

Gold Club Connection


Strip Clubs

Canton Inn official site (Kali) updated 12/13/00

Clearwater, Florida

Strip Club

Diamond Dolls official site

Daytona Beach, Florida

Strip Club

Shark's Lounge official site (Kicksy a very cut muscular fitness type brunette, also an ex-kickboxer who you wouldn't want to meet in a dark alley...VIP dances are 20 bucks and well worth it in a totally private room) updated 1/10/01 verified by fistman

Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Strip Club

Booby Trap (local bodybuilder) updated 11/8/00


Miami, Florida

Toned (Vanessa)

Fitness Jessica updated 11/13

Orlando, Florida

Strip Club

Club Juana

Tampa Bay, Florida

Strip Club

Mons Venus (Jennifer--bodybuilder, bodybuilder Tempest)

Seven Seas (Terri Dean - tan blondish bodybuilder also does escort work)

Ybor Strip official site (bodybuilder Shay has good size) updated 12/10/00

Deja Vu (hardbody Cheyenne)

Toned (good wrestler)

Fitness updated 11/10 (was a bodybuilder, but not anymore...still muscular)

Bodybuilder updated 11/14 (5'4, 150...good review)

West Palm Beach, Florida

Strip Club

The Landing Strip (Justice, a lean bodybuilder with a Marylin Perret type look (tattoos, piercings and a bad girl image) with great muscularity, great skin, and great strength...a 10 dollar high contact dance makes this place a great way to spend an hour or two with Justice, also a bartender into fitness) updated 1/10/01 verified by fistman

T's Lounge (pretty oriental dancer Treina w/ long black hair with a very friendly personality gives a good dance for 20 bucks, she has exceptional thickness especially in her back and quads for a beginner with weights) updated 1/10/01 verified by fistman


Atlanta, Georgia

Strip Clubs

Follies official site (Amy) updated 12/1/00

Boomer's (highly ranked famous bodybuilder---name yet to be determined)

Gold Club (bodybuilder, fitness)

Cheetahs III official site

Toned/Fitness (Kat)

Chicago, Illinois

Strip Clubs

Admiral Theater (Fantasy a fitness type) updated 11/30/00

Heavenly Bodies




Grin and Bare It (blonde bodybuilder Shelby--outcalls--not listed on site)

Misc., Illinois

Strip Club

Big Al's (Peoria, IL)

Heavenly Bodies (Elk Grove Village, IL--numerous hard bodies, particularly: IVY - local competitive bodybuilder, blonde, 5'6", 135 lbs, nice muscles, good definition; NINA - incredible body and senuous dances, brunette, personal trainer, massage therapist) updated 1/10/01

Indianapolis, Indiana

Strip Club

Club Rio (Selena--an absolutely beautiful black fitness level muscled dancer) updated 1/10/01

Babes West


Strip Clubs

Jezebel's (Wichita)

T-Zer's (Topeka)

Michelle's Beach House official site (Wichita -- a couple of fit girls...Misty, Essence) updated 12/1/00

New Orleans, Louisiana

Strip Clubs

The Gold Club official site (Gina--competitive blonde bodybuilder, quite lovely) pic added 12/3/00

Maiden Voyage

Boston, Massachusetts

Strip Club

Cabaret Lounge official site in Peabody (Champagne--bodybuilder...actually Bethany Bryan an up and coming bodybuilder that has been featured in WPW) updated 11/30/00

DB's Golden Banana in Peabody updated 11/30/00

K2U Southside official site (Tess)



Detroit, Michigan

Strip Clubs

Hardbodies Cafe (Jo, 5'2, 115 cute and cut and likes to flex) updated 11/8

Wild Mustang Bar and Grill (Randy, late nights, great and getting bigger, now with 15 inch arms) updated 1/10/01

Flight Club official site (formerly 747: Taylor still there 2-3 nights a week, world class bodybuilder with a lot of size) updated 1/10/01

BT's official site (Marissa, not that big, but very fond of flexing...she may be Anita Gandol, some nice girls during the day)

Landing Strip (M-T-F daytime, a pretty large gal)

Mannequins official site (Lonnie tall older large gal been there a while, Aaliyah a gymnast type physiqe, Jo with great abs, ) updated 1/6/01


Silver Cricket updated 1/10/01

Warren, Michigan

Strip Club


Minneapolis, Minnesota

Strip Club

Shiek's Palace Royal official site (Torrie, a fitness/bodybuilder) updated 11/21

Kansas City, Missouri

Strip Clubs

Bonita Flats in Olathe, KS (Armwrestler, bodybuilder Ruby, Waitress Jill Fitness Muscle, natural muscle Beau) updated 11/30/00

Bazooka's Showgirls official site (Ricci--bodybuilder, Maria--fitness)


Las Vegas, Nevada

Strip Clubs

Crazy Horse Too official site (Heidi the bodybuilder who is tall young and a knockout, Celina a fitness competitor nice muscles and willing to flex, Mikki who is fitness level but a bit moody, Sable the blonde bodybuilder who now only rarely appears, Sugar the ex-bodybuilder who is a great arm wrestler, Veronica who lifts) updated 11/01 verified by fistman

Cheetahs (Jackie with bodybuilder biceps and loves to flex, Zoey fitness competitor muscle everywhere and VERY willing to flex, Tawny fitness level, Kae Lani with fitness level muscle and gorgeous and strong, Gigi with good muscle too) updated 11/01 verified by fistman

Paradise Club (Alison the blonde the ex-gymnast who has fitness/bodybuilder muscle thickness, Kendra a blonde who looks to be an amatuer bodybuilder) updated 11/01 verified by fistman

Olympic Gardens official site (several have been spotted including a dancer named roxy who is very busty and willing to flex)

Deja Vu (Dante, very muscular and dances here on and off...will be there in February) updated 1/10/01



South Jersey (NJ)

Strip Clubs

Delilah's Den (Atlantic City -- a fitness type...just a great club) verified by fistman in 8/00

Playground (Atlantic City -- Lisa--fitness)

Strip Club

Fantasy Showbar (Camden --a real shit hole-- turquoise--kinda big, might armwrestle)

North Jersey (NJ)

Strip Club

Squeeze Club (Weehawken, NJ) (Sabrina, a 21 year old 135 lb fitness competitor with blonde hair, big triceps, quads) updated 12/5/00

Breathless 2000 official site (Rahway, NJ -- couple of low fitness level girls--one's stage name is veronica r)

Stilleto official site (Carlstadt, NJ -- Monica Wilson a bodybuilder and/or fitness competitor) updated 12/1/00

Lace (Wayne, NJ -- a black bodybuilder dances)

Satin Dolls (Lodi, NJ--fitness model Doris Dany dances here) updated 1/10/00

My Fair Lady (Elizabeth, NJ--fit Arabella and Pilas)

Buffalo, New York

Strip Club

Club Diamond Dust

Long Island, New York

Strip Club

The Tender Trap

New Paltz, New York

Strip Club

The Blue Moon Cafe (Bodybuilder Blaze...word is that Blaze is actually Sandra Fass) updated 12/1/00

New York, New York

Strip Clubs

New York Dolls (bodybuilding bartender) updated 11/28

Flashdancers (pro fitness competitor Vanessa, Karin a muscular ex-gymnast, Dante a very muscular dancer here on and off but here in January) updated 1/10/01

Scores (a black fitness competitor who armwrestles well, a couple of other fit girls) updated 8/00 verified by fistman

Gallagher's II (Flushing)


Toned updated 11/10 updated 11/10 updated 11/10 updated 11/13 updated 1/10/01 updated 1/10/01


Bodybuilder (dakota from tempest) updated 11/10

Nanuet, New York

Strip Club

Stilleto (strong muscular busty blonde Makayla) updated 11/21/00

Yonkers, New York

Strip Club

City Lights

Charlotte, North Carolina

Strip Clubs

The Men's Club official site (Bodybuilder Jessica---blonde, short hair, big and buff and will flex and armwrestle, an amatuer 6 ft tall brunette bodybuilder Alexis who enjoys muscle related activity, and a tall black fitness type Rebecca, and others) updated 11/22 verified by fistman

The Diamond Club (two is Robin who likes to flex and the other is an attractive young blonde) verified by fistman 5/00

Uptown Cabaret (has potential...its a nice club with lots of healthy looking girls) verified by fistman 11/00

Temptations (a girl who lifts a bit and has some good sized biceps...kinda strong too...its a small backwater place with very cheap dances and very cheap girls) updated 12/15/00 verified by fistman


Fayetteville, North Carolina

Strip Club

Mickey's official site (Renee)

Greensboro, North Carolina

Fitness verified by fistman 9/00

Bodybuilder updated 11/21/00 verified by fistman

Raleigh, North Carolina

Strip Club

Thee Dollhouse official site (two muscular girls- one blonde with nice arms and a tall buxom brunette (shana) who is really muscular, but neither will flex much or like to talk about it) updated 11/00 verified by fistman

Akron/Canton, Ohio

Strip Club

Chasers official site (Rootstown, OH) (Lacy) updated 12/13/00

Moran's Nite Life official site (Dover, OH) (Clarrissa/Chrissy 2) 12/13/00

Cleveland, Ohio

Strip Clubs

The Circus and Sideshow official site

Tiffany's Cabaret

Columbus, Ohio

Strip Clubs

Colombus Gold official site (Tiffany a muscular blonde and reports of others) updated 11/30/00

Kahoots (reports of a couple of fit girls)

Club Secrets (bodybuilder named Tori)

Dayton, Ohio

Strip Club

Flamingo’s Show Club (bodybuilder Stephani)

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Strip Clubs

Night Trips official site (Brooke a very muscular bodybuilder who has appeared in Oxygen and Flex and won 2nd place in local Ok and TX bodybuilding shows and is very willing to flex...she works tue-thur and saturdays, Camille who is an ex-bodybuilder that still has good muscle) updated 11/22

Portland, Oregon

Strip Clubs


Fitness (comes highly reccomende) updated 1/10/01

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Strip Clubs

Cheerleaders official site (Teri Mooney a fitness competitor, Vilma Caez a bodybuilder dancing as "Xena" most tuesdays and fridays, Celia Romanian gymnast type) updated 11/00

Day Dreams official site

Delilah's Den official site (a small unknown amateur bodybuilder, a fitness level natural girl) verified by fistman 7/00

Purple Orchid official site (Joie) updated 12/13/00

Club Risque official site (Chanel) updated 12/13/00

Erv's official site (Allentown, PA -- brunette bodybuilder Christine, blonde fitness)

Toned updated 11/13


Columbia, South Carolina


Sullivan’s Island, South Carolina


Tami (massage) 412-2243...very muscular...willing to do a little wrestling

Memphis, Tennessee

Strip Club

Tiffany's Cabaret

Austin, Texas

Strip Club

Show Palace official site (blonde fitness type dances at night) updated 12/10/00

Yellow Rose official site (Ashlynn a very muscular blonde, muscular Ricki, others) updated 12/15/00


Dallas, Texas

Strip Clubs

Baby Dolls (Mary--brunette with great abs) updated 11/8

Cabaret Royale (2 fit girls)

Fare West (brunette bodybuilder -- 13 inch arms, 24 inch legs)

The Dallas Gentlemen's Club (Fitness competitor level Erin who is very enthusiastic about her muscles 5"10, 145, fit blonde) updated 11/8

The Lodge official site


Houston, Texas

Strip Clubs

Rick's Cabaret



Salt Lake City, Utah

Strip Club

Million Dollar Saloon

Richmond, Virginia

Strip Club

Redlight Inn

Seattle, Washington



Washington DC Area

Strip Clubs (lame in this city)

Camelot Night Club official site

JP's NightClub (muscular Melanie)

Good Guys official site


Bodybuilder verified by fistman 12/3/00 (beautiful and very personable...a great experience)

Lake Delavan, Wisconsin

Strip Club

Clown's Lounge

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Strip Clubs

Encore (3 muscular women)


On The Border (1 very muscular girl)

Sydney, Australia



Lee, a full service natural bodybuilder #61-2-9318-1516 (however, she doesn't like to flex at all) updated 1/10/01

Jamie at Victoria's Secrets (61-2)9411-6858 full service muscular girl will flex, armwrestle and wrestle updated 1/10/01

Misty (61-2) 9697-0212 tall with good biceps does erotic massage and is a good armwrestler updated 1/10/01

BC, Canada


Calgary, Canada


Mississagua, Canada

Strip Club

Million Dollar Saloon

Montreal, Canada

Strip Clubs

Club Super Sexe (many girls in great shape, lots with muscular legs, many with muscular arms..including Wendy a former bodybuilder with crushing legs, Tracy who is heavy into fitness and has a well balanced physique) updated 11/22

Chez Paree official site (Bianca who has heavily muscled arms and legs, Christina is a fitness/bodybuilder who works Thur-Sat, and others) updated 11/22


Ontario, Canada

Strip Club

Famous Flesh Gordons official site (London)

Jason's (Windsor)


Fitness another pic updated 1/10/01 updated 1/10/01 updated 1/10/01

Bodybuilder updated 1/10/01

Winnipeg, Canada

Strip Club






Toned (Mandy)



Toned (Nikole)

Bodybuilder (Melony) updated 12/1/00

Other Links

For your further information, here’s a list of links to agencies that represent multiple female session providers: (CA) (CA) (CA) (CA) (CA) (CA) (FL) (FL) (DC) (DC) (MO) (NY) (NY) (NY) (NY) (NY) (National Dom Listings...includes wrestlers) (directory of links)