My wife, Gail, accepts a challenge from Michelle.

By Pilot

The battle of the 40Ds against the 37DDs, Gail vs. Michelle, who will prevail?


The fight between my wife Gail and Michelle was on. We had exchanged a number of e-mails and phone calls to settle on a time and place. I know this lake resort in northern Minnesota that would be perfect. The rooms are large, each has a hot tub, and the gym/weight room has a ring. It's the off season for the lodge so it wasn't difficult to obtain private use of the gym for the weekend. Gail and I arrive first, check in, and then go to the airport to pickup Michelle and Steve. It's warm enough that Gail is wearing black shorts and a white low cut tank top. We meet Michelle and Steve for the first time. Michelle is just as she described herself, 5' 6", weighs about 130lbs. Shoulder length black hair. She quoted her measurements as 37dd-23-37, and looking at her in a white blouse and green shorts, I have to agree. In contrast, my wife is 5'5", 141lbs and 40d-36-39. I can hardly wait to see Michelle's 37dd's bare. I have a feeling that the other three can read ! my mind. I did catch Steve stealing an eyeful of my wife's cleavage and I think Michelle noticed to. We drive to the resort making mostly small talk. I can feel the tension building between the ladies. I ask Michelle if she'd like to box this evening or tomorrow. She replies quickly that she is ready now, "give us an hour and we'll meet you in the gym." "Ok ladies, 8 oz or 10 oz gloves?" Almost simultaneously from both ladies, "8 oz" Steve and I exchange knowing glances, one of these ladies is going to be out cold on the canvas.

The ladies have been shopping at Frederick's and would box in the thongs pictured below.

Michelle's Thong


Gail's Thong

Gail and I enter the gym first. Gail is in a robe over her bra and thong. My wife sits quietly on the corner stool while I tape her hands, then begin to lace her gloves. Steve and Michelle walk in and enter the ring. Michelle asks if I can tape her hands and lace her gloves. I nod yes. I finish Gail's gloves, then turn to Michelle, who is sitting in the opposite corner on the stool. She has removed her robe and is wearing a bikini. Her bare 37dd's are superb; her nipples are like bullets. I kneel in front of this lady to tape her hands and lace her gloves. I'm inches from her breasts, with my hands occasionally brushing against her tummy as I tape her hands. Let me tell you that being this close would make any red-blooded man get hard. I can see that Gail is a little annoyed with the attention Michelle is getting. My wife stands to remove her robe, then asks Steve to unsnap her bra, which Steve is more than willing to do. Gail stands with her back to the corner so Steve has! to reach around her to unfasten her bra. My wife's 40d breasts sag slightly but are magnificent. Gail's nipples snap erect as the air hits them. They certainly catch Steve's attention. Michelle now looks infuriated.

Are we all ready? Steve and I will take turns being the referee and timekeeper as well as attending to our wives between rounds. I start as the ref. Ladies, I know you both want to prove you're the superior woman but please keep this clean. Go to your corners until Steve rings the bell. My wife stands nervously in her corner. I nod to Steve who rings the bell.

Round 1

The ladies move in front of each other, jabbing and blocking to feel each other out. I think my wife should dispose of Michelle quickly. Michelle is 11 pounds lighter but 6 years younger. My wife jabs then shoots a right into Michelle's left breast. Michelle whimpers but comes back with a combination into Gail's breasts. My wife squeals, backing away. Gail moves in with a jab, followed by a right, which Michelle quickly sidesteps, then drives her right into my wife's left tit. Gail screams out, clinching to tie Michelle up. "Come on Gail no holding, let's keep punching" I get an icy glare for my remark. Gail moves to meet Michelle with a left to her tummy and a right to the top of her thong. Michelle groans then half doubles over. Gail unloads a left, then a crushing right to Michelle's 37dd's. Michelle screams out trying to cover up but my wife finds her cheek with a big right. Michelle is staggered but remains on her feet as Steve rings the bell to end! the round.

Round 2

Steve will referee and I'll keep time. The ladies move out quickly to meet for a toe to toe exchange. Grunts and groans from both as they hit each other. Gail gets a heavy right away that lands square on Michelle's erect nipple. Michelle cries out, grabbing Gail to tie her up. Steve calls out, "No holding Michelle" as he breaks the ladies apart, then steps aside so Gail can continue punishing his wife. Gail with a left into Michelle's head, followed by a right that Michelle sidesteps, then counters with a solid left into my wife's thong. Gail grunts as her legs turn to rubber. Michelle with a left then right into Gail's breasts. My wife tries to clinch but Michelle sidesteps, then snaps a right under Gail's jaw. My wife's legs give way and she crashes to the canvas. It was supposed to be Michelle on the canvas. Steve is not sure what to do. Count, I yell. Gail is on her back rolling over, legs spread apart. Steve is looking directly into my wife's crotch! ; her thong is wet from perspiration, displaying the outline of her labia and pubic hair. Gail gets onto all fours as Steve counts 6. He's now looking at her 40d's dangling below her. My wife makes it up by 8, but is still wobbly. Steve cleans her gloves, then lets Michelle move in. I show 30 seconds but have to be honest with the time. Michelle hits Gail with numerous punches but can't put her down again. Finally, it's time for the bell.

Round 3

I'm in as the ref. Michelle moves out quickly to meet Gail. Michelle throws a left to my wife's cleavage, then a right that misses Gail's head. Michelle is open. Gail connects with a right that lands on the top of Michelle's thong. That punch hurt Michelle. Michelle's hands drop to her injured area. My wife seizes the opportunity, ripping a left/right combination into Michelle's tits, followed by a right to her jaw. Michelle drops to the canvas, rolling onto her back. I start the count but not to fast. 1..2..3..4, I can see the pain and the determination in her eyes. 5..6.. as she is on all 4's. Her firm 37dd's, with nipples like bullets are dangling below her. she makes it unsteadily to her feet. I clean her gloves as she leans against me. I step back and my wife mercilessly nails Michelle's 37dd's with another left/right flattening both her tits against her ribs. Michelle screams out. Gail with an uppercut drops Michelle to the canvas again. This time I think it! 's over. Michelle is flat on her back, legs spread, her wet thong has pulled to one side uncovering part of her labia. A great view for me as I count. 1..2..3..4..5..Michelle is not getting up, 6..7.. she begins to struggle onto her hands and knees, 8..9..she collapses back on the canvas, 10. Steve goes to Michelle's aid. My wife gives me a big hug. Gail's big right hand has proved to be too much for Michelle's 37dd's. Gail of course will give Michelle a chance to even the score.


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