Michelle vs. Gail in a catfight

By Pilot

My wife's 40ds reluctantly face Michelle's 37dds in a catfight.

My wife, Gail, had accepted Michelle's challenge, 40ds against 37dds. Gail had chosen to box and had knocked Michelle out in the 3rd round. Michelle wanted a rematch, which would be a catfight. My wife was nervous about getting into a catfight, not having been in one before. I encouraged her to meet Michelle. This rematch is three weeks after the ladies first meeting at the same lake resort in northern Minnesota. It's the off season for the lodge so it wasn't difficult to obtain private use of the gym for another weekend.

We all arrive Friday evening and plan to have dinner together. My wife is wears a black sweater, which accents her large breasts and a short black skirt. Steve and Michelle arrive. Michelle is wearing a low cut blouse over a pushup bra and a black leather skirt. I have trouble not glancing at those 37dds. We have a quiet dinner with Steve and I doing most of the talking. The ladies kept eyeing each other's breasts, probably thinking about the damage they will inflict on their opponent tomorrow night.

The match is scheduled for 7:00pm on Saturday. Saturday, each couple keeps to themselves, as our ladies prepare to do battle. The evening arrives. I help my wife into her bra and panties. Let me tell you that there are some vital parts of my wife that are barely covered. Gail is apprehensive about getting in the ring. I assure her I'll be just outside the ring. We did set a few rules but Michelle is in the habit of having no rules in a catfight. We did agree to no punching to the face and no kicking or stomping. Everything else is fair game and that's what my wife is worrying about. There will be a lot of unprotected Gail out there.

Gail and I enter the gym area just before 7:00. Michelle and Steve haven't arrived yet. Gail continues to stretch out, she knows that this match will start quickly and be very demanding. Michelle and Steve enter about 7:10, fashionable late. Michelle likes to play mind games. We greet each other with Michelle saying, "Gail, you look a little pale," I say, "Are we all ready" I get nods all around. "Ladies, let's get this underway" The ladies have each bought a new bra and panties from Frederick's. Gail removes her robe first revealing her lace demi bra & matching panties.

Gail's bra and panties


Michelle isn't to be outdone as she removes her robe revealing her Hollywood Kiss bra with matching lace thong.

Michelle's bra and panties


The ladies move to lock hands in a test of strength. Gail has the weight advantage, Michelle the height advantage. The ladies force each other around the ring. My wife bends Michelle over the ropes, then brings her knee up into Michelle's stomach. Michelle groans releasing the hold. Gail is able to drive a right uppercut into Michelle's left breast spilling it from her pretty lavender bra. This brings a squeal from Michelle as she turns to face the ropes and protect her breasts from Gail. Michelle replaces her tit in her bra, turns to my wife and says, "OK, your turn" Gail looks a little worried as Michelle stalks her, backing her into the corner. My wife puts up her fists in a threatening gesture. Michelle takes one of Gail's punches but unloads one of her own low into my wife's panties. It's Gail that utters half a cry as she looses her wind. Gail is momentarily helpless and Michelle takes full advantage by throwing a right in! to my wife's cleavage. "Ugh" is all Gail can get out as she slumps to her bum in the corner. I'm screaming at her, "get up, get up!" as Michelle moves into the corner. Michelle places a knee against each of Gail's breasts and exerts all her weight on those beautiful 40ds. My wife shrieks out in pain, she trapped in the corner at Michelle's mercy. Gail punches upward with her right fist delivering a glancing blow to Michelle's crotch. It's Michelle's turn to scream out as she falls backwards to the middle of the ring. Gail on her knees, moves towards Michelle, grasps her bra ripping it off, and then delivering a right to Michelle's left tit. Again Michelle squeals out, rolling onto her front to protect her breasts. Gail grasps Michelle's pigtails dragging her to her feet. My wife clamps a headlock on Michelle, then proceeds to dra! g her bare 37dd's over the ropes. Michelle squeals out as her erect nipples are dragged across the ropes. Gail uses her weight advantage to pin Michelle down on the ropes. This action is happening just above us. I have a great view of Michelle's erect nipples, which are about 3/4 of an inch long and the thickness of a pen. Michelle has had enough and propels Gail forward slipping out of the headlock. Michelle grasps Gail from behind as she comes off the ropes and takes her to the mat. Both ladies are sitting on the mat, Michelle behind Gail with a body scissors around her. Michelle unsnaps my wife's bra allowing her 40d's to spill loose. Michelle lifts Gail's bra up around her neck pulling it tight restricting my wife's air supply. Gail has a look of terror in her eyes as she gasps for air. Michelle keeps my wife immobilized with the body scissors and holds the bra tight around Gail's throat with her left hand. This leaves Michelle's right hand fre! e to massage of my wife's breasts. Gail's nipples are now huge. Michelle clasps my wife's nipple between her thumb and finger, rolling her nipple back and forth as she lifts upward. Gail squeals out, stomping her feet on the mat to take her mind off the pain in her nipple. Michelle squeezes her thumb and finger together, my wife screams out franticly kicking the mat. Gail brings her knee up into the back of Michelle's head momentarily stunning her enough to break the hold. Gail bails out of the ring rubbing her sore tit, her nipples now almost as large as Michelle's nipples. Michelle complains that my wife can't leave the ring. "No rule against it", I say. Gail walks around outside the ring, catching her breath. Michelle becomes impatient and charges out of the ring after my wife. Gail squares off in a boxing stance challenging Michelle. Steve is closer to Gail, so holds back my wife and yells at me to restrain M! ichelle. I'm not sure how Steve felt holding my topless sweaty wife but holding Michelle with those sweaty 37dds bouncing around was almost too much for me. "Ok ladies, let's get back in the ring and finish this match." The ladies have been in the ring for 30 minutes. I didn't think my wife could last this long. She has actually been a threat to Michelle. The ladies get back into the ring. They wrap their arms around each other in a bear hug, trying to squash each other's breasts. They struggle back and forth before falling to the mat with Michelle being winded. Michelle sits up but my wife is waiting for her. Gail punches Michelle, first in the left tit, then the right. Michelle screams out, falling flat on her back. Gail straddles Michelle's stomach pinning Michelle's arms under her knees. Michelle realizes her 37dds are about to be ravaged. My wife grasps Michelle's beautiful 37dds with a vise like grip. Michelle shr! ieks out in pain as she struggles in vain to free herself. Gail takes hold of Michelle's almost inch long nipples and begins twisting. Michelle lets out a blood-curdling scream, then Steve, Steve, meaning for Steve to end the match. The pain must have released some adrenaline, for with one great heave, Michelle sends Gail sprawling across the ring. My wife gets to her feet to be greeted by a right hand into her panties, knocking the wind from her. Michelle pushes Gail into the corner hanging her arm over the top ropes. Michelle sinks a fist into each of my wife's gorgeous 40ds. Gail tries to scream but is still trying to regain her breath. Michelle grabs my wife by the hair tossing her onto the ropes. Michelle traps my wife's breasts between the 2nd and 3rd ropes. Gail's is on her knees; tits are trapped between the ropes, erect nipples pointing at Steve and I. Michelle uses my wife's legs t! o pull her breasts against the ropes. Gail screams Robert. She wants me to throw in the towel. Michelle with one last hold slides her hand into my wife's panties and takes a firm hold of my wife's plump labia, then squeezes for all she worth. Gail shrieks out, "no, no. Robert, Robert, stop her." Michelle says, "Gail, tell me who the better woman is." Michelle squeezes and say, "say it, say it" My wife squeaks out, "you are" I think at this point, my wife almost fainted. Steve and I almost simultaneously, "Michelle, let her go" Steve and I rush into the ring. Steve goes over and hugs Michelle. I go to assist Gail.

These ladies are going to have their tits in ice water for a long time. I doubt either will be wearing a bra for a week or so. I doubt I'll be having sex tonight, I'll be holding an ice pack on Gail's sore and swollen pussy.

Do you think we need a tiebreaker? Boxing or catfighting?



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