Gail vs. Michelle in a tiebreaker.

By Michelle & Pilot

My wife, Gail, faces Michelle in a tit squeezing tiebreaker with a no rules last round.

Gail and Michelle were now tied at one win each. In the first fight, a boxing match, Gail had knocked Michelle out in the 3rd round. Their second meeting was a catfight. Gail proved to be a worthy opponent but was forced to submit to Michelle after 40 minutes of combat. The tiebreaker will consist of 6 rounds of tit squeezing. Rounds will be 45 seconds with a 2 minutes rest between rounds. If a winner hasn't been declared at the end of the 6th round there will be a 7th round consisting of no rules and no time limit until one lady submits or is unable to continue.

Gail and I had picked the location for the last two fights so agreed to meet Michelle and Steve at Michelle's club. We arrive on Friday, Steve and Michelle picked us up at the airport. The four of us have dinner together. We are almost close friends now, except for the competition between the ladies, which will be settled Saturday nite.

We meet at the club Saturday evening. Michelle has invited a small group of friends to witness her defeating my wife. Gail is nervous, she has never been in a tit squeezing contest before. Gail is wearing a black sports bra and white boxing shorts. Michelle is wearing a low cut white blouse over a pushup bra and black jogging shorts.

The contest will take place in an empty room about 15 feet by 15 feet with carpeted floor and padded walls. One end is only padded up 4 feet from the floor and is glass above for a viewing area. This room was obviously designed for this sport. The rules for the contest:

* Both ladies wear thin leather gloves.

* The ladies stand in front of each other and on signal grab their opponent's tits and squeeze.

* The fight will be 6 rounds of 45 seconds with a 2-minute rest between rounds.

* The first lady to let go of both of her opponent's tits loses the round. You must have one hand on your opponent's tit at all times. You can adjust your grip as long as your other hand stays locked on to one of your opponent's tit. If one lady manages to pull her tits out of her opponents clutches without losing her grip on her opponent's tits, the round is hers.

* No punching or slapping and no squeezing just the nipple with the fingers. The grip must be on the whole tit but can engulf the nipple.

* No tripping

* If after 6 rounds there is no winner, the 7th round will have no rules and no time limit. The winner must force her opponent to give up verbally.

Michelle's friend, Laura will be the referee. Laura calls the ladies and their husbands to the center of the room. The husbands will remain in the room during the squeezing contest to administer ice to their ladies during the rest periods. I remove Gail's sports bra, her nipples are rigid and her 40ds sag slightly but still look great. Steve helps Michelle remove her blouse and bra. Michelle's 37dds are firm with her long nipples as hard as bullets. Laura goes over the rules with the ladies, so that there is no misunderstanding. Laura instructs the ladies to strip down their panties, just in case this goes into the 7th round. Michelle doesn't hesitate to remove her shorts revealing her lavender thong panties. Gail is forced to follow and is soon standing in her panties, which are white lace. The ladies are ready to do battle.

Michelle's Thong

Gail's Lace Panties

Round 1

Michelle and Gail face each other. Laura calls out, "go for it" and both ladies seize the others tits. Gail is unsure of her grip and is slow to get started. Michelle clamps an iron grip on my wife's big tits and squeezes for all she's worth. I can see the pain in Gail's eyes which becomes more than she can endure and she pulls away at the 30-second mark. Round 1 goes to Michelle.

* My wife returns to our corner rubbing her stinging breasts. I get handfuls of chopped ice and hold it against each of Gail's 40ds. I can see the imprint of Michelle's fingers in my wife's left tit. She tells me that she's not sure that she can stand the pain. I try to get enough ice on Gail's nipples to make them numb. In the other corner Steve looks like a pro as he works on Michelle's 37dds with ice.

Round 2

The ladies again clamp on to each other's tits. I told Gail between rounds to get Michelle's large nipples in her grip, legally but get some squeeze on those nipples. The effect of the ice wears off and my wife's tits are really hurting. She has a good grasp on Michelle's tits but once again pulls away as the pain becomes too much. Another round to Michelle.

* Both Steve and I go to work with ice. Gail's breasts are showing bruises from Michelle's vise like grip. I use lots of ice to cool the hurt, again trying to freeze my wife's nipples so she can make it through the next round. My wife can't lose another round. I tell her again to get a grip near the end of Michelle's tit so her nipple receives some damage.

Round 3

My wife knows that she can't take much more so she latches on to Michelle's boobs near her nipples squeezing each like she's kneading bread. About 30 seconds into the round, Michelle cries out and pulls back. This round goes to my wife. Michelle heads for her corner rubbing her nipples.

* Gail comes to the corner with a smile but her tits are hurting. I work on them with crushed ice. In the other corner Steve works with ice on Michelle's 37dds. This round gives my wife an adrenaline rush. This is the first round where she's eager to meet Michelle.

Round 4

Michelle comes out hell-bent on revenge. She attempts to stare Gail down. I can tell that Gail is hurting, probably more than in the two rounds where she pulled away but my wife is not giving in. Gail is unable to make Michelle give or pull away before time runs out. Both ladies are hurting but neither is willing to quit. Round 4 ends in a draw.

* There is visible bruising on both ladies tits but neither is ready to give in. I'm amazed that my wife has lasted this long. I go to work again with ice on my wife's stinging tits. The ice numbs the end of her tit including her nipples. In the opposing corner Michelle can no longer hide the fact that she's hurting. Steve tries to numb the end of Michelle's tits with the ice. Time for round 5.

Round 5

The ladies tear into each other both attempting to make the other say uncle. I can see a tear run down my wife's cheek. Michelle whimpers as Gail stretches her tits. The round is almost over when both ladies pull back simultaneously. Laura calls it a draw.

* The men work on their spouses with ice. Michelle just has to survive the last round. My wife has to make Michelle pull back or submit to force round 7. I didn't think my wife would become the aggressor but she tells me, "I'm going to crush those 37dds until she cries for mercy."

Round 6

My wife moves out to meet Michelle prepared to do some major damage. Gail applies a vise like hold on Michelle's tits before she has her grip. My wife crushes and stretches as Michelle grimaces in pain. It's too much pain and Michelle squeals out, "let go, let go, I give" as she releases her hold on my wife's tits and drops onto her knees. We have a tie and will be going to round 7 after the 2-minute rest.

* I apply ice to Gail's bruised breasts. Steve works on Michelle's sore tits with ice. The ladies are ready for round 7.

Round 7

No rules, no time limit but Laura will still act as referee to prevent the ladies from being seriously hurt. Steve and I leave the room to view the battle from behind the glass. The room is equipped with both audio and video, so we'll get to hear all the groans, moans and squeals. My wife meets Michelle with fists up in a boxing stance. Michelle squares off to face Gail, this could be a mistake. Gail fires a quick right that flattens Michelle's left tit. Michelle cries out as she drops onto her bum. My wife doesn't go after her but challenges Michelle to get up and box. Good move on Gail's part. Michelle gets to her feet squaring off with Gail. Michelle with a left jab followed by a solid right into my wife's tit. Gail drops onto her ample buttocks. Michelle dives on top of Gail, causing her head to hit the carpet. Gail is woozy and Michelle takes full advantage. Michelle drags my wife to her feet by her hair, then sla! ms her tits into the padded wall. My wife squeals out as her bruised 40ds are flattened. Gail moves off the wall trying to rub the hurt from her boobs. Michelle smiles as she moves to meet Gail. They lock together, wrestling along the padded wall, finally falling to the carpet tangled together. Gail has the wind knocked from her as they hit the floor with Michelle on top. Michelle remains on top straddling my wife's stomach, then grasping each of Gail's stiff nipples between her thumb and finger and squeezing like there's no tomorrow. Patented Michelle move. My wife lets go with a blood-curdling scream. I have a look of concern on my face as my wife is in excruciating pain. Steve looks a little smug, as Michelle has my wife in trouble. Michelle asks Gail, "Had enough yet?" Gail, having regained her wind, ! grabs Michelle's tits but the pain in her own tits is to great and she grasps Michelle's hands in an attempt to stop the pain. Michelle again asks, "Enough?" My wife is able to roll Michelle off and both ladies get to their feet with Gail trying to rub the hurt from her nipples. The ladies lock together again, each trying to throw the other down. My wife manages to throw Michelle into the corner. Michelle hits the wall with a thud, then slumps to her knees. My wife seizes a woozy Michelle by the pigtails, dragging her to her feet. Gail slams Michelle's big boobs into the wall. Michelle cries out. Again my wife slams Michelle's tits into wall or I should say the glass, as Michelle's 37dds get squashed against the glass. Michelle screams this time. What a sight for us in the viewing area, the look of pain on Michelle's face, then her long hard nipples engulfed by her tits flattening to the size of a dinner plate against the glass. Gail pulls Michelle backward from the wall and onto her waiting knee, which is between Michelle's legs. Michelle's mouth opens, we hear, "Uh", as the color drains from her face and she slumps unconscious to the canvas. Gail works Michelle's huge nipples between her thumb and finger but Michelle is still too woozy to realize what's happening. A woozy Michelle makes it to her hands and knees. My wife, leaning on Michelle's back, slides her hand inside Michelle's panties. Gail takes a firm grasp of Michelle's swollen genitals. This is the same hold that Michelle used to force my wife to submit in their last meeting. Michelle's shrieks out in pain as Gail squeezes. Steve looks very concerned, but Michelle even in pain is still trea! cherous. Michelle lurches to her feet, breaking Gail's hold. Their heads collide, the back of Michelle's head contacts Gail's forehead splitting my wife eyebrow. Gail goes out like a lite. Now it's Michelle's turn to dole out some pain. She stretches my unconscious wife out on the floor, then drops a knee across my wife's tits. This will bruise my wife's beautiful 40ds. Gail begins to regain her senses as Michelle brings her knee up between Gail's legs. My wife cries out. Michelle straddles Gail's stomach with her knees pinning my wife's arms, thus rendering her almost helpless. Michelle goes to work pinching Gail's swollen nipples. Gail grabs for Michelle's hands but squeals out in pain as Michelle rolls my wife's nipples between her thumb and finger. Michelle asks, "Had enough?" Gail tries to say no but shrieks out as Michelle works on her engorged nipples. My wife can take no more and screams out, "I give, I give" Michelle, "Who is the better woman? Say it, say it." My wife still in great pain as Michelle continues to work on her nipples, cries out, "You are the better woman." At that, Laura pulls Michelle off my wife. Gail rolls onto her knees rubbing her sore nipples, which are swollen to three times normal size. I rush to Gail's aid with the ice. Michelle has won the tiebreaker but I don't think the rivalry is over.

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