Little Sister

by AK.

Another girl discovers the wonders of the Feminox Super-Vitamins.

This is more or less an unofficial continuation of the story started by Femgrowth in The Health Food Store and continued by David Annand in Addiction. Actually, 'continuation' might be a little too strong, since I'm not actually continuing the story, merely borrowing the initial premise and a character or two. Still, you'll definitely want to read those before reading this.

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Part 1

My name's Amy Morgan, and it was a couple of weeks after my sixteenth birthday when the Feminox Super-Vitamins changed my life.

On the last Friday before spring break of my sophomore year in high school, Mom picked me up after my last class and then drove us to the airport to pick up my big sister. Despite living in the next town from the state university, Nancy had chosen to go out of state to get her business degree.

Even though there were five years between us --- or perhaps because there were five years between us --- Nancy and I always got along well. The gap meant that we were never at the same school together. I'm sure that cut down on the sibling rivalry, because we were never in direct competition. Only occasionally would a teacher say anything about how well my big sister had done in a particular class.

Not that I was a slouch in any of my classes. After a year and a half in high school, my grade point average was actually a bit higher than Nancy's had been at the same point.

I also didn't get too many of her clothes handed down to me. Rather than keep them in storage, my parents would let me pick out whatever I wanted and then donate the rest to charity. When I needed new clothes, my parents would buy me new clothes. That should tell you that our family wasn't poor, though we weren't exactly rich, either. But we had everything that we needed, and that's what really counts.

And because of the difference in age, I never had to worry about Nancy stealing my boyfriends away from me. Besides, she'd always been perfectly capable of finding boyfriends on her own without any help from her baby sister.

Not that I had all that many boyfriends. While I might have gotten more brains than she did, she'd definitely gotten the body. I still wasn't as tall as she had been when she was only fourteen. And I'm sure that she wore larger bras then than I do now.

But she never lorded that over me. She never lorded anything over me. Well, almost never. I couldn't have wished for a better big sister. Or for a better best friend.

So it was with much anticipation that I waited for her flight to land and the passengers to deplane. She hadn't come home for the Christmas holidays, so I hadn't seen her since the previous fall. Oh, there was always the phone and email, but that's just not the same as being face to face.

Finally, her plane landed and taxied to the gate. I was on her as soon as she came through the gate, wrapping my arms around her in a sisterly hug. Mom's not big on public displays of affection but she joined us a few seconds later.

As we separated, I noticed that Nancy was now a couple of inches taller than Mom was. Mom's a tall woman; the two of them had been just about even the last time I'd seen Nancy. Dad's even taller. And of course I'm the runt of the family.

I knew that Mom had put on a sensible pair of shoes for the drive, so I didn't bother to look at Nancy's feet, merely assuming that she was wearing heels with her blue jeans.

Nancy was looking great as usual. But then, my big sister always looked great. Together, we went to pick up her luggage.

I recognized Nancy's old battered suitcase as it came out onto the carousel. "Here, I'll get it," I offered. I'd been working out some over the winter --- not that I was ready to be a bodybuilder or anything like that --- and wanted to show off a little.

The suitcase was heavier than it looked. I was just able to get it off the moving belt before I had to set it down again. "What do you have in there?" I asked.

"Oh, just a little something I picked up at school," my big sister replied, giving me a smile. She winked with the eye turned away from Mom. "I'll show you when we get home." With that, she reached down, grasped the handle, and picked up the suitcase as if it was empty.

Mom led the way to her minivan in the parking lot as Nancy and I walked along behind her, catching each other up on what we had been doing over the winter. After the debacle with the suitcase, I didn't mention that I'd been working out.

I kept looking down at the suitcase, wondering what mysterious goodies she had in there. And wondering how she could carry it so easily. I mean, she is my older sister and everything --- she's always been bigger and stronger than I was, but I didn't think she was that much stronger. With a long-sleeved blouse on, I couldn't see her arm.

Dad was already there when we got home, and had dinner almost ready to go on the table. Don't get me wrong, we're not one of those inverted families where Dad does all the housework. He's the primary breadwinner in the family and Mom does most of the cooking. But because of the timing of Nancy's flight today, Mom drew the chauffeur duty and Dad got the dinner duty. And it wasn't as if he'd done much cooking --- it was all take-out.

Nancy took her things up to her room --- we'd kept her room pretty much as it was while she was gone, only occasionally using it as a guest room --- while Mom and I finished setting out dinner.

The conversation around the table that night was pretty much what you would expect when a family member returns after six months away from home. Though somewhat surprisingly there was no mention of boyfriends; in the past Nancy had always talked about the guys at college. She did talk about doing some part-time work as a bookkeeper for a small Internet startup. After doing the dishes, I went with Nancy up to her room.

It was sort of a ritual with us. Whenever she came home from college, we'd stay up most of the night in her room just talking. Just the usual girl talk, though we'd also talk about stuff we wouldn't even talk to Mom about. Maybe she'd tell me about her latest boyfriends.

And then, there was whatever she had in her suitcase that she was going to tell me about. Before I could even ask her about it, she tossed the suitcase onto the bed and opened it.

At first I didn't see anything unusual, just the usual clothes and stuff. Then she pulled aside the top layer. The suitcase was filled with glass bottles containing little white pills, with socks and underwear between them to cushion the bottles.

I was aghast. What had my big sister brought back with her? "Nancy! You... you're not dealing drugs, are you?"

Laughing, she picked up one of the bottles and handed it to me. "Drugs? Of course not."

I turned the plain glass bottle over in my hand and looked at the label. In simple, old-fashioned letters, it read:

Feminox Super-Vitamins

Just One a Day for

That was it. No company name. No list of ingredients. No ISO number. Not even a UPC barcode. Just a little marking at the bottom telling me that each bottle contained five hundred capsules.

"Feminox? Super-Vitamins?" I asked, looking up at my sister's face. "For," I looked back down at the label, "strength and vitality?" I looked back up at her face. "Does it work?"

She rolled up her sleeve and flexed her arm.

It wasn't the arm of a bodybuilder, not by a long shot. Still, there was quite a respectable peak to her biceps.

"What do you think?" she asked me, lowering her arm and rolling down her sleeve.

"These did that for you?" I asked, holding up the bottle of the super-vitamins.

"And more." She started telling me about these super-vitamins. How they only worked on women. How taking just one of them doubled a woman's strength, before wearing off after twenty-four hours.

"So you're now twice as strong as you were?" I interrupted her explanation, remembering how easily she had carried her heavy suitcase.

She smiled at me. She could still do that superior, big sister smile, as if I was still just a child. I think she got that from our mother, though of course I was sure she'd deny it if I said so. "Four times. I normally take two every morning," she said. She went on to tell me that the effects were cumulative, each pill doubling her strength. And not only stronger, but she could now run faster and farther than she could before. "Probably fast enough to make the Olympic team in both the hundred meters and the marathon," she said with a big grin.

She also told me about the company for which she was working. They make videos of girls taking these pills. Videos of muscles growing in size. Videos of girls using those muscles to easily lift weights that big college football players couldn't. Videos of girls wrestling --- and beating --- those football players. Videos of girls... well, she wouldn't spell it out for me since I was only sixteen, but I was pretty sure what went on in those videos.

Before I could ask, she told me that she wasn't actually in any of those videos. She was working as an accountant, though she still had hopes of eventually getting into marketing.

"This one's our best seller," she said, pulling a tape out of her suitcase.

We had to relocate to my room, since I'd laid claim to her TV and VCR about two seconds after she left for college the first time.

The video was incredible. Especially the demolition scene. Two huge girls --- a redhead and an Asian --- come up to a site where a crew was working on demolishing a building. They actually stop the crew that was doing the demolition by picking up a pair of bulldozers and carrying them a dozen or so yards away before putting them down. They then proceed to demolish the building with their bare hands. They finish off with a shower scene using fire hoses on each other, the huge jets of water splashing off their gigantic physiques.

We watched the video several times while Nancy told me more about her experiences.

"How many pills did they take?" I asked as we watched the girls pick up the bulldozers again.

"Heidi and Connie?" Nancy lay back on my bed, propping her head on a pillow so she could continue to watch the screen. "They once took ten each."

I didn't have to do the math. Two to the tenth is a K. One thousand. One thousand and twenty-four, if you want to be precise. I didn't need that kind of precision right now.

Nancy was still talking. "There's apparently a side effect when you take that many at once. When it wore off, they were about twice as strong as they had been before taking any."

It took me a couple of seconds to parse that statement, but I think I understood. "But that bulldozer took a lot more than double normal strength."

Nancy picked up the remote and rewound the video back to the beginning. She then showed the first scene, the one where the two girls show tremendous muscle growth. "They took ten pills each for this," she said.

Ten pills on top of their already doubled strength. Each of those girls had over two thousand times the strength of a normal girl. And with two thousand pounds to a ton, a ten-ton bulldozer would feel like it only weighed ten pounds.

I could go for that. I reached for a bottle and started to twist off the cap.

Sitting up, Nancy grabbed my wrists and stopped me. Since she was already taking the stuff and I wasn't, I didn't stand a chance.

"Wait till morning," she said, taking the bottle from me and putting it into a pocket. "In fact," she yawned, though I was sure she faked it, "we should call it a night and get started early tomorrow." Standing up, she walked across my room to the door and opened it. "Good night, little sister," she called back, before stepping out.

"Good night, big sister," I called out before she closed the door behind her.

It wasn't easy getting to sleep that night.

What would it be like, to have that kind of strength? Picking up and carrying a bulldozer? Tearing down brick walls with my bare hands? Beating a couple of football players at arm wrestling --- together? Heck, skip the arm wrestling, just get down and wrestle. With even ten times my current strength, I should be able to beat up a professional wrestler or boxer.

Opening my eyes, I discovered that I had completely beaten my pillow into submission but the covers had my legs completely pinned. Untangling my legs from the sheets and sitting up, I fluffed the pillow back up and put it where it belonged. I then snuggled in and put my head on it, pulling the covers back up. Finally, I got to sleep.

Our parents knew better than to bother us on Nancy's first morning home from college, especially as it was a Saturday. As soon as I got up, I threw on an old tee shirt and an even older pair of jeans and went into the bathroom.

And through it, coming out into my big sister's room. I've always been an early riser, and so was Nancy. She was sitting on her bed and doing some stretching exercises.

She was also topless, wearing only her panties.

It wasn't the first time I've seen her like this. We are sisters, after all. And the sight of a naked female body wasn't something that usually got me aroused. After all, I see one in the mirror every time I take a shower. Still, I'd never seen a body quite like this one before. At least not in the flesh, only in pictures.

She'd obviously already taken her morning dose of the super-vitamins.

Hearing me coming, she got off the bed and picked up a bottle from the nightstand. Opening it, she shook out a pill and handed it to me, capping the bottle and putting it back.

I looked at the little white pill in my hand. It didn't really look like an ordinary vitamin pill. It looked more like an ordinary aspirin. I guess that was because it didn't have the smooth coating on it that most vitamin pills have.

I popped it in my mouth and swallowed it dry. Nothing happened. I sat and waited. Still nothing. Then as I stood up I felt a rush throughout my body. It was unbelievable. I'd never felt anything like it. I could feel energy surging through my veins, feeding my muscles.

I could see my arms fill out a little where they stuck out from my tee shirt and I could feel my chest begin to rise. The rush subsided and I looked in the mirror. I saw that I now had a more natural build, still a bit on the thin side, but definitely better than before.

I wanted more. I reached for the bottle.

"Not yet," Nancy told me, snatching the bottle out of my reach. "Just one the first time, until you get used to it."

My big sister was being a big sister again. But I saw that she did have my best interests in mind. Nearly tearing my tee shirt apart as I stood up and pulled it off, I stared at myself in the mirror. My muscles were definitely bigger. Not as big as those of my big sister, of course, but definitely bigger than they had been just a couple of minutes ago.

Still not much in the breast department, they were a bit bigger, but that didn't matter. These super-vitamins were for muscle. Besides, the larger pecs did make my breasts look a little larger.

After dressing and joining our parents for breakfast, we had to do something to try out my new muscles. For probably the first time in my life, I wished we had a brother. A brother with a weight set.

Lacking a set of weights, we puttered about in the garage for a while, lifting heavy boxes of books and stuff like that. I knew I was stronger, but we had no good way of measuring my new strength. What we needed was a gym.

The high school gym would be closed for spring break. We weren't members of the Y. We decided to go down to the city rec center. They don't have much in the way of a weight room, but they've got racquetball courts and a pool. Gathering our stuff together, we went down to the garage and got our bikes.

We puttered around in the weight room a little. I was definitely able to do more than I've been able to do before. My big sister showed me some of what she could do, but she had to be careful doing it since there were other people there and we didn't want to draw attention to ourselves.

We then played a couple of games of racquetball. My older sister had always been able to beat me at it, and today was no exception. In fact, I think she was actually holding herself back a little bit. Even then, both of our shots were rocketing across the court, the smacks resounding from the walls.

Two games against Nancy would usually leave me completely exhausted. Here again, the Feminox was having effect. Don't get me wrong, I was tired; my body knew that it had just gone through some serious exercise. Still, I felt as if I could have played another game. We didn't, though. Instead, we went swimming.

I've never been a particularly good swimmer, only doing it for recreation. Thus, I don't know if my laps were any faster. Still, it felt good.

After simmering in the sauna for a while, we came home.

I had a date with Mike Roberts that night. Mike's the closest thing I had to a steady boyfriend the past few months. Ever since I turned sixteen --- or maybe since about a month before that --- he'd been trying to put his hands where they didn't belong. I'd tell him to stop, and he would --- for all of about a minute, before his hands would return. I really wasn't looking forward to spending another evening telling Mike to keep his hands to himself.

Actually, with my first dose of the Feminox in me, I would rather have spent the evening with Nancy, continuing to explore my new capabilities. But we'd set up this date before I ever heard about the Feminox, and I'm not the type to break a date for anything less than an emergency.

And maybe I should have asked Nancy to stay out of sight, but how could I ask my big sister to do that? I mean, she does live here and all that, at least when she's not off at college.

Mike came a little early, before I was completely ready. Nancy met him at the door and kept him entertained while I finished getting ready. I had my hair done up in a braid --- a friend and I had been practicing French braids over the winter --- instead of my usual ponytail and was just finishing up my makeup. I normally didn't wear much makeup, but I wanted to do something a little different today. Not much, just lipstick and a touch of eye shadow. Finished, I went downstairs to see how Mike was faring with my big sister.

No, Nancy wasn't entertaining him that way.

Mike and I had started dating in the fall, so the two of them had never really met. They were just talking, sitting on the opposite ends of the couch, when I came down. I couldn't quite tell from my angle, but it looked as if Mike's eyes were focused somewhere about a foot below Nancy's face.

It was a few seconds before Mike started to stand up, keeping his eyes on Nancy. He was really enjoying looking at my big sister, probably thinking that I'd look more like that in a few more years, if he could just wait.

He finally peeled his eyes off Nancy and turned around. The look in his eyes as he looked at me told me that he could see some kind of difference in me. He's seen this dress before, but of course tonight it didn't quite fit the same way. His mouth opened and closed a couple of times but no words came out.

I stepped into the breach. "Sorry I'm late, Mike. I see you've met my big sister."

He finally got something to come out of his mouth. "Uh, yeah." I'm sure his conversational skills must have really impressed my big sister.

"We had a nice chat," Nancy said, rising to her feet and turning toward the kitchen where my Mom and Dad were staying out of sight but not hearing. "Nice meeting you, Mike." She nodded to me, whether in approval of my braid or of my date, I didn't know. "You kids have a good time." With that, she was gone.

Was she my big sister or my mother?

"Ready to go?" I asked Mike, draping my sweater over my shoulders. The evening wasn't cold yet, but it certainly wasn't going to get any warmer.

He had been giving me a good once-over. "Sure," he said, going to the front door and holding it open for me.

Mike's an average guy. Not a jock, but not a nerd, either. And despite his earlier display of conversational skills --- or lack thereof --- he is a fun guy to be with.

At least most of the time. His arm brushed against my chest when he opened door so I could get into his car. His mother's car, actually, but let's not quibble; he's driving on a date, so it's his car. He's a couple of months older than I am, I could still remember going out on the first date after he got his license.

We had already agreed to see a movie first, then go have dinner. Once the lights went down, his arm came around me as usual and I leaned into him, resting my head on his shoulder. His hand rested on my shoulder for a while, then started to explore. I could feel his fingers through my blouse and bra as they stroked the side of my breast. I grabbed his hand and tried to move it back to my shoulder.

I was surprised at how easy it was; usually he plays with me, making me try harder. Then I remembered that I had taken a Feminox Super-Vitamin pill that morning and so was about twice as strong as I normally am.

A little groping is okay, I think. It's kind of fun, and shows me that the boy is interested in my body. But the boy also has to show the girl some respect and stop when she tells him to. Tonight, Mike didn't. Usually he quits after about two or three attempts to cop a feel. Tonight, his hand kept trying to wander. Maybe he was still thinking of my big sister. Or maybe it was the Feminox. I remembered how he had looked at me after I had come down the stairs. I know I filled out my blouse a little better than usual, and the legs below my skirt were a little more rounded.

Finally, I'd had enough. His hand had worked its way down to the underside of my breast. I clamped my hand over his and squeezed. I didn't think I had squeezed his hand too tight but I had forgotten about the increased strength due to the Feminox. He gave a little yelp of pain --- causing some of the other people to turn their heads to see what was the matter --- and pulled his arm back as soon as I released my grip. He leaned the opposite way in his seat, away from me.

I tried to take his hand, but he kept evading me. I finally gave up and settled back to try to enjoy the rest of the movie.

We held hands as we walked from the theater to his car, and again as we walked from the car to the restaurant. He tried to put his arm around me both times, but since his hand always slides up my side and tries to cup a breast, I simply kept my grip on his hand and kept our arms between us.

At least he kept his hands to himself while driving.

Something had definitely changed between us. He was polite but aloof all through dinner, hardly saying anything at all. He wouldn't take my hand when we walked from the restaurant back to his car. When he took me home, he didn't kiss me good night on the porch. I'd always let him get in a good smooch after a little show of resistance, but he didn't even try tonight. And we hadn't even talked about arranging our next date. Still being too much of a traditionalist, I didn't even try to ask him out.

Mom and Dad were already upstairs, but my big sister was curled up on the couch reading a book. The TV was on, showing a black-and-white movie, but she had the volume turned down low. She looked up as I came in. "How was your date?" she asked.

"Okay," I answered automatically. Normally, I would have sat down with her and told her all about it. Tonight, I just wasn't in the mood. "Good night," I said, walking past her to the stairs.

"See ya in the morning," she called out. "Remember, we'll try two tomorrow."

"Yeah, sure." I waved and went up the stairs.

Undressing, I climbed into bed. But I didn't sleep. Just what had happened tonight? I don't think I really hurt Mike's hand. I mean, with only one of the little white pills, I couldn't be strong enough to actually break any bones or anything, could I?

Ego. I'd probably bruised his ego. He'd always been strong enough to force himself on me if he'd really wanted to. He'd always stopped short, knowing that he was still in control.

Tonight, he'd lost that control. I'd shown him that I was strong enough to stop him. What would happen if I took two of the little white pills?

Oh well, there're plenty of other guys out there. Some of them would be willing to go into an equal relationship. Or even one where the girl was the stronger, physically, of the two. I finally fell asleep, trying to imagine what it would feel like after taking two pills.

In the morning, Nancy kept her word and let me have two Feminox pills. The rush was like yesterday's, only more so.

I sighed in pleasure as the rush ebbed. In the mirror I saw my chest had risen even more as the pectorals thickened, my shoulders had grown rounder and wider. My skinny arms began to look toned like a large fitness girl and there was this vein running from my shoulder down the arm to my forearm. I could see the changes in my legs as they filled with muscle.

I ran into a bit of a problem when I returned to my room to dress. My clothes didn't fit as well. But it wasn't that bad. I mean, two pills didn't change me into Arnold.

I had to let my bra out a notch. It wasn't that my breasts were that much bigger --- maybe half a cup size --- but my pecs were a bit larger now. I usually wore tee shirts a size too big, so there was no problem there.

And I was definitely taller --- maybe an inch or so. My jeans still fit, though they were a bit tight around the waist and hips. A bit more of me stuck out the bottom, but again, it wasn't too bad.

We went back to the city rec center in the afternoon. In a tee shirt and a pair of shorts, it wasn't obvious that I'd grown in height, though my muscles certainly were noticeable. The weight room was rather crowded, and the racquetball courts were all in use. We signed up for a racquetball court in an hour, and then passed the time on a couple of stationary bikes.

The bikes have one advantage over weight machines; you have to be right there in order to see how much work you're doing. We both cranked up the resistance beyond the normal setting and pedaled for most of the hour before going to play racquetball.

We really made the ball fly. I was now convinced that my big sister had been holding herself back yesterday. I still couldn't beat her, though I was sure I was hitting the ball harder than any tennis ball had ever been hit at Wimbledon.

We played three grueling games, with me never taking more than ten points from my big sister. I took some consolation in the belief that no professional could have done better.

As grueling as the racquetball had been, she still went for a little swim before going home.

For the first time since Nancy had gone off to college, our spring breaks coincided. That meant that we had the whole two weeks together, without school getting in the way.

Two weeks to scour the health food stores in the area for the Feminox.

That first Monday, we were able to borrow Mom's minivan for the day. I got a chance to one-up my big sister when Mom handed me the keys even though it was Nancy who had asked for them. Even though I'd had my drivers' license for less than a month, I'd learned to drive on that minivan and I'd been driving it every chance I got. Nancy had bought herself a car, but she had left it at college, planning to drive it home for the summer break. She'd emailed me some pics of it, but naturally I hadn't actually seen the real thing.

Any way, we started with the nearest health food store. There was one across the street from the high school. The clerks there had never heard of Feminox.

Nor had any of the other stores in town. We worked our way across the county, heading toward the city and the state university.

We must have hit every health food stores in our half of the county. I was beginning to lose hope when we spotted another store in a strip mall a couple of blocks on the other side of the state university campus. I wasn't very hopeful --- having been disappointed so often already --- but what did we have to lose? Besides time, that is, and we had plenty of that. I pulled into the lot, parked the minivan, and we went inside.

The only person inside the store was an older woman. Short and slender, with graying hair pushed back in a bun, she seemed more appropriate behind the desk of a library than behind the counter of a health food store. Nancy showed the bottle to her and asked if they had any more of it.

"That junk?" she said with scorn in her voice. "I can't get rid of it."

"How much do you have?" Nancy asked.

"I probably have half a dozen cases in the back," she replied, waving a hand toward a door in the back. She made no other move to leave her position in front of the cash register.

"How much do you want for them?" Nancy put her purse on the counter.

"That depends on how much I have." She still made no move to leave the register.

"Ten bucks a case, or fifty for the whole lot." She started to open her purse.

She finally started walking toward the door. "Deal. But you've got to haul it away yourself. We don't deliver."

Nancy closed her purse and we followed her to the door and then waited while the woman unlocked the door to the storeroom.

She was wrong. She didn't have half a dozen cases of the stuff back here. She had an even dozen wooden crates with Feminox Super-Vitamins stenciled on them in the same old-fashioned letters as were on the labels.

Nancy pulled out two twenties and a ten from her purse and handed them to the woman before she could think about changing her mind and raising the price. "You have a loading dock?"

The woman made her way through the storeroom and opened a door. Going out the front, I brought the minivan around. Parking it in front of the open loading door, I got out and opened the back of the van.

I was glad I'd taken two of the pills in the morning --- those crates were heavy. Without the Feminox, I don't think I could have lifted even one of them. With the Feminox, it was a completely different story. I could see the look of surprise on the old woman's face as my sister and I each carried two crates at a time from the storeroom to the minivan.

It was a tight fit, but we did get them all inside. Getting home, we carried the crates inside, taking them down to the basement and stashing them in the crawlspace.

Of course, we did do other things besides hunting down more Feminox. Mom needed her minivan on Tuesday, so we couldn't go looking for more Feminox. So, after taking our morning dose, Nancy and I took a bus into the city. I tried to talk her into letting me have three pills this morning, since we'd hit a good-sized jackpot the previous day. No dice, she only gave me two. But that didn't stop her from taking a third one herself.

With no particular destination in mind, we ended up on the university campus. Walking more or less at random, we ended up outside the football team's clubhouse.

There was no need for words. We looked at each other with that telepathic communication that only siblings share, shrugged our shoulders, smiled, and went up the steps to the door.

The door was open, but there seemed to be nobody inside. A sign pointed us to the weight room. There was nobody in here, either.

Scooting onto a bench, I gripped the bar and tried to press the weight.

I got the bar off the rack, but couldn't extend my arms fully. I was still struggling with it when I felt myself losing control.

Dropping her purse, Nancy reached out and caught the bar before I completely lost control of it, putting it back on the rack.

"I guess I'm not quite that strong yet," I said, getting off the bench and standing up.

She looked around as if to make sure we were alone. "We can do something about that." Retrieving her purse, she pulled out a bottle. Uncapping it and shaking a pill out into her hand, she offered it to me.

I sat down on the bench and popped the pill into my mouth. Moments later, I felt that familiar surge throughout my body. With two pills already in me, this really felt good.

When that was over, I lay back on the bench again and reached up for the bar. This time, I was able to bench press the weight without too much trouble. I ripped off ten reps before racking the weight.

"Let's put a little more on there," Nancy said.

"How much more?" I asked, sitting up on the bench and catching my breath.

"Well, let's see..."

She was looking over my shoulder. I turned my head and saw a big board on the wall listing the team records for the various types of lifts.

We had to put eighty more pounds on the bar to match the record. Getting back on the bench, I knocked off another ten reps before racking the weight.

Of course, my big sister then had to show off. Standing at the head of the bench, she curled the weight ten times.

Moving around the room, I had little trouble matching or exceeding the team records in every category. Of course, my big sister had an even easier time doing it all. Still, all in all, I don't think I put together a bad performance. Imagine, a high school kid matching or exceeding the weight records of a major college football team. A sophomore! A sophomore girl! What a trip!

And I hadn't even worked up a real sweat.

And that was probably a good thing, too, since we weren't about to risk using the football team's showers and having somebody find us in there. Though the workout had gotten me a little aroused. From what Nancy had told me, that wasn't an unusual reaction.

In fact, it was probably a good thing for them that we left before any football players found us. Nancy had also told me about some of her experiences with the football players at her college.

And as for me, well, I've never, you know, done it with anybody, but the way I was feeling after that workout, I don't know. If anybody had found us in the weight room, some big strong guys might have gotten... well, let's just say that they wouldn't have walked out of their under their own power too soon.

We managed to sneak out the way we had come in without seeing anybody.

With all of the Feminox stashed away in the basement, we debated giving some to Mom. As it turned out, the decision was taken out of our hands.

She waited until after Dad had left for work before sitting the two of us down on the living room couch. Sitting down across from us, she began without any preliminaries. "Okay, what have you two been up to?"

My big sister and I exchanged glances but neither of us spoke.

Mom looked at each of us in turn. I could feel myself shrinking under her glare.

She started in on my big sister first. "Nancy, you're too old to be having a growth spurt. Yet you've put on two inches since the fall."

Before Nancy could answer her, Mom turned to me. "And you, Amy. You've put on two inches since your sister came back, and that's too fast for any teenage growth spurt."

My big sister and I exchanged glances again.

Mom continued on. "And those crates in the basement. Just what are they?"

Mom's no dummy. My big sister and I had to have gotten our brains from somewhere. No, forget I said that; that's not fair to Dad. They'd both been to college themselves, were helping to put Nancy through, and had promised to do the same for me.

I looked at Nancy again. You're the older one, I thought at her, you can answer for us.

"They're not drugs, are they?" Mom asked.

Okay, so maybe we had gotten some of our brains from Dad. Or maybe not, I'd reacted pretty much the same way when I first saw those bottles in Nancy's suitcase. "They're not drugs, Mom," I blurted out, forgetting my intention to let my older sister do the talking for us.

"Just what are they, then?"

"They're vitamins," I continued, digging a bottle out of my purse and showing it to her.

She continued to react much as I had. Nancy gave Mom pretty much the same spiel she'd given me.

There was only one thing we could do after that. Opening the bottle, Mom shook out a pill and swallowed it.

I'd had first-hand experience with these things, and I'd seen them hit my big sister. The effect was pretty much the same on Mom.

It's amazing how easy the housework is when we each have two or four times our normal strength. Clean under the couch? Just pick it up and move it. And we weren't even tired at the end of it all.

The Feminox was great even for the things you normally don't associate with strength, like cooking. The extra height made it a bit easier to get things out of high cupboards. I kind of wished we had something like a side of beef in the freezer, just to give us something to handle.

Anyway, we spent the day together just doing stuff. Finally, it was time to start preparing dinner. Mom really seemed pleased with what the Feminox had done for her. "Well, your father's going to be in for a surprise tonight," she said as we laid out the table.

It's funny. I'd never thought about my parents having sex. I mean, I know they've done it, they've got two daughters to show for it. Still, the thought of those two going at it, well, I closed my eyes and tried not to imagine it.

After dinner, my big sister and I retired to my room to watch TV. We had to turn up the volume a bit so we couldn't hear what was going on in the master bedroom.

Okay, I'm just kidding. I didn't hear anything. Not that I was listening particularly intently.

I don't know if it's because she was older --- okay, so she's only in her forties, to a teenager that's ancient --- but Mom didn't get as big a kick out of the Feminox as my big sister and I did. I'm not saying she never took any more, because she did. But she never took more than one, and usually on days when both Nancy and I were going to be out of the house in the evening.

Dad always looked a little tired the morning after, but he also looked quite happy.

Of course, not everything we did those two weeks was related to the Feminox. Nor did we do everything together. My big sister visited her friends from school, friends her age. She even went out a few times. And I spent some time with my own friends and classmates.

Though Mike was not one of them. I'd hoped he'd call me for a date the intervening weekend but he didn't. Nor was he at the one party I attended during the break.

Nancy and I also went down to the mall a couple of times. We probably should have shopped for clothes, since mine were feeling a little tight not, but for some reason we didn't. We browsed the book and video stores, listened to new CDs, and sampled the new offerings in the food court.

We also went back to the rec center a few times. The weight room wasn't as crowded on weekdays, so we got a chance to try out my new muscles. One Feminox pill really did double my strength, and a second quadrupled it.

One morning, the weight room was completely deserted. We each took a third pill and then got to work. Even maxed out, we could do any of the exercises on any of the machines. It was a really heady feeling, knowing that we were lifting more weight than any man in town could.

A teenaged girl and her big sister, each pumping more weight than any man in town. What a kick!

We were still going at it when two guys walked in. I didn't recognize them, and they certainly didn't recognize us.

They were certainly impressed with our muscles, though. "Wow! You ladies must work out a lot," one of them said, walking toward us.

I was quite pleased to see that he was looking more at me than at my big sister. I returned the favor by checking him out. He was a bit shorter than his companion but wider; they both had light blond hair. I wondered whether they were brothers.

"We do some," Nancy answered for us.

We introduced ourselves, Nancy stopping me before I could mention that we were sisters. The two guys weren't brothers. The shorter one was Larry and the taller one was Jack. They both worked at the factory just outside of town, though they had the day off. Neither side gave out last names.

We mixed in a little small talk as we worked out. Of course, we had to set the weights down and be careful not to lift more than they were. I thought about challenging them to a game of doubles, but they didn't look like the racquetball type. Instead, they asked us to lunch.

I glanced over at Nancy, not quite sure what to make of this. I mean, we'd just met these guys. What did we really know about them? She didn't seem concerned, however, immediately accepting for both of us.

After showering, we met them in front of the building. We didn't go far, just to the deli a block away. The guys paid for our lunches and we sat down to eat and talk. I don't really remember what we talked about, I was still a little worried about accepting lunch from two stranger guys whom we'd just met.

Just as we finished, Jack asked us if we'd like to go see a movie or something tonight.

I thought this was the end. Surely Nancy wasn't about to go out on a date with a stranger, and drag her little sister along with her. It just goes to show how much I know.

"I'd like that," my big sister was saying. "And I'm sure my friend would, too." There was just enough emphasis on the 'friend' to tell me that she didn't want the guys to know we were sisters. We look different enough to pull it off, Nancy taking after Dad while I took more after Mom.

We made arrangements to meet that evening at the multiplex next to the mall. Well, my big sister made arrangements to meet them, I hung back.

"Nancy! How could you?" I asked her as soon as the guys had left.

"C'mon, Amy, nothing's gonna happen."

"You can bet on that! I'm staying home!"

"C'mon, Amy, it'll be fun."

"But we don't know these guys."

"And you're not going to know them by sitting at home."

Well, I couldn't argue the logic of that. "Maybe I don't want to," I retorted.

"I think they're cute."

I couldn't argue with that either. But weren't they a little old for me?

"C'mon, it's just a date," Nancy continued. "Nothing's gonna happen."

"I suppose you're gonna protect me?"

She gave a very unladylike snort. "C'mon, Amy," she grinned. "You know you're stronger than the two of them put together."

That reminded me of the Feminx we'd taken that morning. And the session in the weight room, where we'd been careful not to let they guys know that the two girls could easily outlift them.

I also remembered how I'd put a stop to Mike's groping on our last date. And that was with only one Feminox pill, far short of the three we'd each taken today. So if Larry did try something, I should be able to take care of myself.

I still wasn't too keen on the idea, but since Mike hadn't called me since our last date and I didn't have anything better to do tonight, I eventually let my big sister talk me into joining her. Or maybe it was because I didn't want to leave her with two guys. Sisters do have to stick together, you know.

Walking back to the rec center and getting our bikes, we pedaled home.

My big sister told Mom we were going out tonight. Mom asked the usual questions, which Nancy evaded. She didn't lie, exactly, but she didn't exactly answer the questions, either. Not that she could have, since we really didn't know much about these guys.

Mom'd had enough personal experience with the Feminox and could see we'd taken a few today, so she didn't seem too concerned. Still, she charged Nancy with making sure nothing happened to her little sister.

We went upstairs to talk about what we were going to do tonight. And of course, about what to wear. I started to have second thoughts again when she mentioned hair and makeup. "I'm really not old enough for this," I told her, though I hated to admit it.

"That's why we're going to do your hair and face," she said.

I ended up putting myself in her hands, letting her do my hair and face. When she finally let me take a good look at myself in the mirror, I almost didn't recognize myself. I looked, well, maybe not older, but certainly more mature. Yet, she had done it without turning me into a carbon copy of her. Sisters we are, but we don't look all that similar, and she had built on that.

Nancy borrowed Dad's car for the evening so we could go out to the multiplex on our own. We certainly didn't want to give the guys a bad impression by having a parent drive us.

The guys met us in the lobby, bought our tickets, and allowed us to lead the way into the theater. My big sister and I sat together in the middle with our dates on either side of us. I had a bad moment when the lights went down and Larry put his arm around me. Remembering Mike Roberts' hand from our last date, I was ready to clamp my hand down over his. However, Larry's hand stayed put on my shoulder.

It felt pretty good, just the physical nearness, without trying to get nearer, without the groping. Without anything really sexual.

The time my big sister spent on my hair was wasted. The sky was dripping when we left the theater. We made a mad dash for the cars, but my hair was drenched by the time we got there.

We'd agreed to take two cars to the restaurant, to save somebody an extra trip to pick up the other car. The dinner was at a new restaurant, one that had opened since my big sister had left for college in the fall. Well, she'd been in the building before, but it had been an Italian restaurant then. Now it was a French restaurant.

I'd only been here once with Mom and Dad, and Mike Roberts had never brought me here. We talked a little more over dinner, though I don't remember what we talked about.

It was a pleasant evening. We actually got their phone numbers without giving them ours, though I didn't think I'd ever call them once my big sister went back to college. And I didn't.

All in all, it was probably the best spring break of my life. But all good things must come to an end, and spring break was no exception. Sunday morning, Mom let me take the minivan to drive my big sister to the airport for her flight back to college. Then the next morning, it was back to the old grind for me.