Little Sister

by AK.

Another girl discovers the wonders of the Feminox Super-Vitamins.

Part 3

My big sister's coming home this weekend for the summer, but she's not flying home. She's going to be driving home in her new car, a Nissan four-wheel-drive sport truck.

Okay, it's not really new; she bought it used. Who can afford a new car on a student's budget? And okay, it's not really a car but a pickup truck. Still, it's got four wheels and it drinks gasoline and it moves on roads --- as well as off. That's close enough in my book.

She'd emailed me a couple of pics. It's got a few minor dings and scratches on it, but what do you expect from a four-wheel-drive sport truck? She didn't buy it just so she can sit above the other cars on the road; she bought it so she could also take it off the road.

I was insanely jealous from the moment I first saw my big sister's truck, and she knew it. She teased me by not letting me drive it. I pleaded with her, I begged her, I invoked our sisterly bond, I offered to give back her TV and VCR. I even offered to let her have her pick of my stuffed animal collection --- yes, I still have a lot of stuffed animals even at my age. Nothing worked. She absolutely refused to let me drive it. She wouldn't even let me sit behind the wheel while it was parked in the driveway.

At least, she let me sit in the front seat whenever we went somewhere, instead of making me sit in the back like a piece of baggage.

Ah, summer vacation. No school. Not just for a weekend, or a couple of weeks like spring break. Months of no school. Months of nothing to do but hang out with my friends. And with my big sister.

Almost every day, there'd be a group of guys down at the park. Sometimes, they'd be shooting hoops, other days, they'd be tossing a football around. Invariably, there'd be a group of girls sitting around, watching the guys and talking amongst themselves.

It was an interesting feeling, sitting with my big sister and watching the guys out there, knowing that either one of us was far stronger than any of them.

Of course, my big sister and I didn't spend all of our time together. I was still dating Joel Perkins, and we went out quite often. Nancy was seeing some guys herself, though we never double dated. I think she didn't want her little sister along, cramping her style.

Of course I knew about the birds and the bees; Mom and I'd had that discussion ages ago, but that was all theoretical. My big sister and I had talked about it at earlier this summer; she knew first-hand what it was like to have the Feminox in her, to be several times stronger than her partner. But knowing about it and actually doing it are two completely different things.

A couple of times, my big sister asked me whether Joel and I had gone all the way yet.

I had to tell her the truth. Joel and I weren't quite there yet, but he had finally figured out how to unhook my bra. His hands had gotten to know my body pretty well, though I made sure that his hands stayed above my waist.

Nancy didn't say much after I had told her, simply smiling at me in that knowing big sister way.

We're not anywhere near an ocean, but we do have a good lake. It's nothing like the pool at the city rec center, of course. It's not indoors nor is it heated, but it's got a decent beach that's a pretty popular spot in the summer. Even the out-of-state tourists come by to swim or windsurf or just sit on the sand and soak up some rays. It's even big enough for some water skiing, though I'd never gotten up the nerve to try it. And of course, there's absolutely no fear of sharks or stinging jellyfish or anything like that. Not even snapping turtles. My big sister and I spend quite a bit of time there every summer.

It was a hot, clear day, and the beach was fairly crowded by the time we got there.

My big sister looked great in her bikini. And I like to think I didn't look too bad in mine.

I'd bought myself a new swimsuit for the summer. With the two Feminox pills I was taking every morning, there was more of my body than there had been last summer, and some of it was in different places from last summer. Even though there was more of me, there was actually less of this new swimsuit covering it.

There's certainly nothing wrong with Joel Perkins' body. Yet there was no comparison.

Oh yeah, that lifeguard really was a hunk. And I know I wasn't the only one who thought so --- there were other girls trying to catch his eye.

"Like what you see?"

I turned my head to see my big sister standing next to me, also looking up at the lifeguard on his high perch. "Don't you?" I retorted.

"Not bad," she replied casually, turning her face back to me. "But you know your muscles are stronger."

"Yeah, I know." I've proven myself to be stronger than any guy I've ever met. Several times. "But still," I said, looking up at the bronzed hunk, "he sure looks good." I unconsciously ran my tongue across my upper lip.

"Yeah, but shop around first. There's plenty of other guys out here." She made it sound almost as if we were simply shopping for a pair of shoes.

But of course, my big sister was right. We resumed our stroll down the beach, checking out the guys in their swim trunks. And letting them check us out in our bikinis.

It was a heady feeling. Oh, I've had guys check me out before, but never like this. Even the fact that my big sister was next to me and the guys' eyes usually settled on her after checking me out didn't diminish the pleasure.

We didn't stop when we got to the next lifeguard tower. This lifeguard could have come straight from the set of Baywatch, with the red suit hugging her body like a second skin. It felt good to see the guys hanging around her look around and catch sight of us. We were showing more skin than she was --- and more muscles.

Looking back over my shoulder, I couldn't help but giggle. Some of the guys were actually following us. I turned my head back to the front and tried to put a little more sway into my hips as I quickened my pace to catch up to my big sister.

She finally decided to stake out a piece of sand. We laid down our towels and sat down. I dug my suntan lotion out of my bag and started putting some on my legs.

"I can help you with that."

I turned my head toward the voice to see a guy squatting down next to me. He was definitely looking at me, not at my big sister.

I've had guys put suntan lotion on me before, and I've done it guys. It's never been that big a deal, as long as I do my front myself. "Sure," I said, handing him the bottle and rolling over onto my stomach, pillowing my head on my crossed arms.

He kneeled beside me and began rubbing the lotion on my back, below the strap of my bikini top. Skipping over my bikini bottom, he worked on my legs. Then he came up and did my shoulders, gently moving my hair out of the way. I uncrossed my arms and let him do them as well. "Thank you," I said, turning my face toward him and taking the bottle back.

He fetched his things and lay down beside me.

He hit the light switch inside the door, moved aside to let her enter. I went in and I looked over the place. He was really living it up on his vacation; his hotel room was one of those home suites, with a kitchen, living room, and what had to be a bedroom through that door over there. I wouldn't mind having an apartment like this, even without the maid service.

He went to the fridge and pulled out a couple cans of beer, handing me one. Opening his can and taking a sip, he then retrieved the remote and turned on the TV, flipping through the channels. "Anything you want to watch?"

I shook her head, making no move to open the can. It wasn't just because I was too young to be drinking beer --- not that I was about to tell him that --- but because beer wasn't what I had in mind for tonight. Instead, I went to the window and looked out at the twinkling lights below.

I could see my face reflected in the glass, frowning back at me. Except for his not-so-subtle hints back at the beach and over dinner, he'd shown absolutely no interest in throwing me on the floor, ripping my clothes off, and ravishing me.

I considered tearing off my own clothes and throwing myself on the floor --- just to jump-start the whole thing --- but ruled it out as being a tad forward. Bummer.

So, how on earth does a girl get a guy to move from point A to point Bedroom?

I must have been thinking real hard, because I had no idea how he'd managed to get so close without my realizing it, but there he was. He moved up behind me, kissed the back of my neck, took the unopened beer can from my hand to set it down on a small table.

She smiled and turned in his arms. There he was. Just three little inches of air separated us. Just air between me and those teasing lips and strong, firm hands.

He moved even closer. The sound of his breath, the beating of his heart, the rustle of his clothes as he moved closer all made up a symphony of erotic sounds designed to drive me crazy.

The passion in his eyes was unmistakable. He moved closer, and I felt a surge of power that had nothing to do with Feminox and everything to do with being female. "Are you sure this is a good idea?" he asked.

"What do you mean?" My words came out as a squeak, but I didn't care. I wasn't about to let him back out on me now. "It's a great idea."

He smiled, intense and provocative. "So we have a wild night, I leave in a couple of days, and we never see each other again?"

"Well, yeah." I frowned realizing that it sounded like all I wanted was a wild night of passion to get this thing over with. Which was absolutely true --- really it was -- but that didn't change the fact that it sounded awful to put it so bluntly. I tried to soften the tone. "What do you want?"

His examination started at my toes, and by the time it reached my eyes, I was on fire. This man did things to me. Marvelous, erotic, wonderful, terrifying things.

"What do I want?" he repeated. "Let me tell you exactly what I want." He leaned forward until his mouth was just a breath away from my ear. "I want to throw you to the floor and make love to you until you beg for more."

The words were low, dangerous, and a shudder ripped through my soul. "Oh."

With a look that told me he knew exactly the effect he was having on me, he moved in front of me. The heat from his body warmed me, pooling somewhere in my middle. He put his hands on my hips and pulled me closer and closer until I could tell just how much he'd meant his words.

"Oh," I repeated stupidly.

"What do you want?" He whispered the words, his breath hot against my ear, wicked and tempting.

I tried to answer, but my mouth had gone dry from the heat. I swallowed and tried again. "I... uh... I want you to throw me to the floor and make love to me until I beg for more."

"Well, there we go. Looks like we're on the same page."

Maybe it wasn't the sophisticated thing to do --- and I certainly wasn't playing it cool, but I flung myself at him. He caught me lost his balance, and we both tumbled to the floor. I straddled him, my thighs pressed against his waist, my knees on the floor. My face was right above his, my lips so close...

"Amy..." With one hand, he stroked my face, then tucked a stray strand of hair behind my ear.

Reaching behind my head, I unbound my ponytail, then scooted aside to look at him, awed by the raw masculinity of his body. I ran my hand down his leg.

He pulled me closer and I groaned, the pleasure of his touch nearly driving me mad. "Please," I whispered, closing my eyes.

"I guess I win," he said. His voice was still soft, but it was laced with humor, and I opened my eyes in question.


His smile broadened. "We're on the floor. And you're begging."

I couldn't help it. I laughed, then tried to swat at his chest, chastising him with a hearty, "You bum!" The swat made me lose control, and he flipped me over so that suddenly I was under him, with two hundred pounds of pure, delectable male balanced right on top of me.

"Well, now you've gone and done it," he said.

"Done what?"

"This." He lowered himself over me, his lips brushing against mine with the most infinitesimal of caresses --- the tiniest of touches, yet enough to set off a chain reaction of pyrotechnic sensations that exploded through my body with the power of ten thousand bottle rockets.

I couldn't talk, couldn't think. I could only shake my head and silently beg for his touch, wanting to lose myself in his heat, to be baptized in the living flame of his touch. My skin tingled, the tiny hairs on my arms humming with electricity, my pulse throbbing against my skin.

"You're so beautiful." He was murmuring soft words as his hands skimmed over my body, my skin sizzling in his wake as he skillfully removed me from the clothing I no longer wanted, no longer needed.

His fingers grazed down the side of my neck, dancing over the curve of the collarbone, and I was burning up --- sweltering in the thin summer dress. My skin was flushed. I felt so hot, so alive, I wasn't sure I could stand the sweet torment.

He leaned closer, his scent --- earthy and primitive --- assaulting me, sending my head reeling, urging me to let go and fly, to burn up in some sort of celestial flame.

Part of me wanted to run away, to get free, to calm down before I lost all control. Another part of me wanted to lose control. To lose it with this man.

"I'm so hot," I whispered as my blood boiled.

His hand trailed lower still, stopping to cup a breast through the dress. "Do you want me to stop?"

I gasped. "Yes... no... never stop."

Sweet torment, but somehow I knew that he was the cure. That I would come near to incinerating before I'd be released from his spell. And --- oh God! --- how I wanted to burn.

An arctic cold rippled against my skin, the sensation surprising me in the wake of such perfect heat. I shivered and realized he'd managed --- I had no clue how --- to get me wholly out of my dress. Now I lay before him in nothing except my panties. He had pulled away, taking his heat with him, and now he was kneeling over me, gazing down with something akin to wonder in his eyes.

Suddenly shy, I crossed my arms over my chest.

"Don't you dare," he whispered, gently moving my arms to my sides. "I want to look at you. You're beautiful."

He looked at me with not just his eyes. He leaned closer, his legs pressing against my hips. His hands grazed over my naked flesh, testing and teasing, drawing circles on my stomach until I wanted to cry out in frustration and demand that he touch me elsewhere... everywhere.

His hands continued to work on me, blazing paths down my sides, over my hips, making it difficult to think. Then those miraculous hands were on my breasts, stroking and caressing and kneading, and through the material of his pants I could feel the hard length of him press against me. A rainbow of colors shot through me --- blue mating with yellow, red having its way with green --- copulating colors, dancing and spinning like so many fairies, and oh, how I envied each and every one of them.

His mouth was now near my nipple, the caress of his breath softer than an infant's hair.

I gasped, my back arching of its own accord when he closed his mouth over my nipple, his tongue dancing on the sensitive skin. Rockets ignited in my soul.

He pulled away, but his hands continued to work miracles on my body. "You're the most beautiful girl I've ever seen."

Smiling at his words, I arched my back, raising my lips to meet his. "Kiss me. Make love to me. Make a memory with me that I can hold on to forever, no matter what happens tomorrow."

His arm swept behind me, pulling me closer. He pressed against me, his chest against mine, our hips rocking together, our lips joined as we shared breath and soul. When he laid me back against the carpet, tucking a throw pillow under my head, I moaned. His fingers played cruel, delightful games, dipping under the band of my panties, the sensation pooling between my thighs, warm and liquid and needy. I squirmed, trying to urge his fingers lower, needing to feel him inside me, on me, everywhere.

I whimpered when he stood up.

"What do you want?" he asked as he let his pants and briefs fall to the floor.

I stared up at him. He was stunning. And he wanted me, that was certainly obvious. "I want you," I said, unable to remember ever speaking truer words.

The corner of his mouth lifted into the slightest of smiles as he lowered himself over me. "Good answer."

His fingers danced intimately along my skin, teasing me in places I'd only imagined being touched, igniting the fuel of a thousand rockets deep in my soul.

I couldn't speak, could only murmur soft sounds of pleasure as he stroked my secret places. My body tightened as a rainbow swallowed me, reds and purples dancing on my skin, oranges and blues shooting from my fingertips, yellows and greens crackling and sparking in my hair.

The rocket in my soul burned hotter.

I grabbed his shoulders and pulled him closer, losing myself to the feel of his skin, his musky male scent.

He rolled me over on top of him. His hands trailed down my back, his kisses covered my face, and I shivered, losing myself to the sweet sensation of his touch.

With a low groan, he rolled over until my back was against the floor again and he was straddling me. He kissed my breast, kissed my belly button, and lower still.

I moaned as he kissed me intimately, his mouth moving lower and lower as my temperature spiked higher and higher. I was frantic, needy, writhing with desire. Silently urging him on. Silently begging him to touch me, caress me, take me.

He was tasting me, and I shivered as he brought me to the brink of an explosion, burying my fingers in his hair, trying not to scream, but unable to withstand it any longer. I'd thought it was pretty good having that rapist in the park do this to me, but there was no comparison.

Afraid I might do something with my Feminox-induced strength that I'd regret later, I urged him back to me and kissed him hard on the lips, tasting myself on his mouth, running my hands over the strong muscles of his back.

"Now." His whisper caressed me, gentle but intense.

"Oh, yes." Oh, yes, please.

I spread my legs in silent invitation, which he accepted with a low moan. A sharp burst of red exploded through me as he entered me, and I bit back a cry. I moved with him, slow and languid, trying to quell the pain of being filled by him.


"Don't stop," I whispered. The red was fading, the colors cooling, dancing on my skin. And then there was a different kind of red. Not pain, but heat and need. I arched against him, and he pulled me close as we moved together, more frenetic, more needy, and --- oh God! --- how I needed him.

Now. Needed him... needed something... now.

And then, when I needed it the most, he thrust again and found release. Our bodies melded together, my soul bursting as a thousand bits of me exploded in a fiery mass.

We drifted back to the floor and I sighed, thoroughly satisfied, thoroughly sated.

It was the morning light streaming in through a gap in the curtains and tickling my nose that eased me out of the sweetest sleep. I woke to find myself trapped --- but it was a nice trapped, safe and warm in the circle of his arms. Somehow we'd made it to the bedroom, and now he was sprawled out upon the king-size bed, managing to cover all but the tiniest sliver of mattress. Laid out on his back, softly snoring, he was about the sexiest thing I'd ever seen.

Idly, I wondered if all men were like this, the snoring and bed hogging. I didn't think so, and frankly, I really didn't care at the moment. I'd put up with a lot from men if it was going to be like this. After all, Mom had been putting up with Dad for all my life, and longer. And my big sister was putting up with her men.

Or maybe she was still looking for the right one. I didn't think about that, only about this man.

Over and over last night I'd lost control, abandoning myself to this miraculous experience, my soul bursting with the power of a million supernovae. And each time, I'd come to back to myself to face the wonder in his eyes, he desire and passion reflected there nearly enough to bring me to tears.

He had to have noticed my inexperience, but he had shown neither surprise nor disgust. Instead, he'd gently guided me, never getting too rough nor too exasperated with my clumsy efforts to satisfy him, to give him back at least some of the pleasures he was giving me.

I gently extricated myself from his arms, propping myself up to look at him, and only then realized that I had a goofy grin plastered on my face. Well, after the night I'd just experienced, why shouldn't I grin? Maybe this had started out as Amy Morgan's way of testing the sexual waters --- but that didn't mean I couldn't feel something real now. Right?

Everything was moving so fast and furious. It was only when I looked down at my arms that I noticed the Feminox had worn off. I quickly dug the bottle out of my purse and retreated to the bathroom to swallow two of the little white pills.

Fortunately, the pills kicked in before he woke, or else he would have woken up to a different girl. And he liked last night's girl fine enough, thank you, as he proceeded to prove it to me all over again.

I had thought that it was going to be a one-night stand. That only goes to show how young and naïve I was. My big sister and I were just going into the food court at the mall early the next afternoon when I heard someone calling my name. I turned my head in the direction of the voice and saw a man stand up and start coming toward me, the remnants of his lunch still on the table behind him.

I called his name and took a step toward the man from my one-night stand of the evening before. He came up to me and took my hand. "What're you doing here?" I asked the first thing that popped into my mind and then immediately felt silly.

"Having lunch," he answered, gesturing at the table behind him. "Would you two," he nodded to Nancy, "care to join me?"

"Sure. Why not?"

He was a real gentleman about, buying lunch for both my big sister and myself even though he was already half finished with his own.

"So, what are you going to be doing the rest of the afternoon?" he asked, sitting back and watching as Nancy and I finished our lunch.

It wasn't as if my sister and I had any definite plans, we were just hanging out at the mall for a change of scenery after spending yesterday at the lake. And last night... Well, last night was last night.

When we told him that we didn't have any plans, he immediately asked me to accompany him the rest of the afternoon and invited me to have dinner with him.

"She's my ride home," I told him, gesturing in Nancy's direction.

"I can drive you home," he said.

I glanced over at my big sister for support. "You two have a good time," she said, with a knowing wink directed at me.

Well, that was that.

His first touch was a tentative, delicate stroking of my cheek with the back of his hand. I drew in my breath, silent and shivering, as his fingers traced their way along the base of my neck. He pulled me to him and kissed me, and the delicacy of his touch was soon abandoned. His hands grew rough and demanding, exploring my body, his kisses covering my face and neck. Finally he broke away and looked down on me with a shaky smile. "Amy?"

The whispering of my name gave me chills, and I could not speak. But I could give him the answer we both wanted. With trembling fingers I reached up and began to unbutton my blouse. Only when I unfastened the bottom button did I look up.

He made no move, he only smiled as I began to work on his shirt. My hand brushed against the heated flesh of his chest, and he flinched slightly and sighed. When I tugged his shirt of his pants and undid the last button, he pulled the blouse down over my arms and unfastened my bra.

His mouth nuzzled at my shoulder and I gasped. He moaned quietly as he worked his way down my breasts and stomach, and knelt to ease my skirt and panties down my hips and legs. I followed his silent urging to lift first one leg and then the other. When I was completely naked, his mouth and hands fastened on my with hunger and passion.

I called his name again and again, flinging myself against him when he stood up. His eyes, reflecting the sunlight streaming in the windows, met mine, and he scooped me up in his arms and carried me to the bed. Hurriedly, he removed his own pants and we lay naked, side by side, our mouths and bodies rediscovering each other.

After what seemed an eternity, or a second, he entered me and his breath on my neck was labored and hot.

"Amy, oh Amy," he whispered.

I said nothing, but clasped him to me, careless of his crushing weight, careless of my sharp nails and teeth. Abandoning all thought, I felt my body pulled into the vortex of passion, swirling ever upward into him, into the union of our bodies. Regaining the use of my voice, I whispered his name hoarsely.

He supported himself on his arms above me and opened his eyes. The merging of our glances was electrifying, a more intimate moment than any that we'd had the night before, if that was possible. The strength of that look alone brought our building orgasms to their peaks. I shuddered and cried, feeling myself dissolve in his arms. He collapsed against me, spent, his fingers tangled in my hair.

When our breathing returned to normal, he rolled from me. Reminding him that he had yet to drive me home, I got up and started to dress. He threw back the sheets and picked up his clothing to do the same.

It hadn't been quite as good at the previous night had been. That didn't mean that there were no fireworks, just not quite as many. But there had been more than enough so that it was a very, very happy girl who kissed the man on the front porch before going in.

I felt a little twinge of guilt when Joel Perkins came back from his grandparents' place and I went out with him the next weekend. I couldn't exactly say that I've been unfaithful to him, since Joel and I weren't exactly lovers. Still, I'd had sex with somebody else. Twice. Never mind that I'd never see him again, I'd still gone ahead and done it.

We had dinner, sitting side by side in a booth, our legs occasionally brushing against each other. A couple of times, I was tempted to tell him what I had done. Both times, I quickly dismissed the thought. I didn't know whether he was a virgin or not, nor did I care. And he didn't need to know about my first time, though I'm sure he wanted to be the one to claim my virginity. That's just the way guys are, at least according to the talk among the girls at school.

When the lights went down, I snuggled against him in the theater and his arm went around my shoulders. I didn't object when his fingers began stroking the side of my breast.

I really didn't pay much attention to the movie that evening. Instead, I was thinking about how it good it had felt. And thinking about how good it would be to do it with Joel. His fingers on my breast kept reminding me of the other guy's hands on my body.

We ended up at his place after the movie. His parents were out, so we had the place to ourselves. We settled onto the couch for our usual necking and groping. After getting rid of my blouse and bra, he pushed me down onto my back.

I became acutely aware of the difference between a boy and a man. Sure, Joel's been getting a lot of practice on me, but this just was nothing like what I'd experienced the previous week. Before, I' d had nothing to compare it with, but now his hands felt so clumsy as they touched my breasts, making me understand why they call it 'groping.'

Things didn't improve all that much when his mouth joined the fray, kissing and licking first one nipple and then the other. I bided my time, caressing him back while waiting for the magic to happen again.

It didn't.

Rolling us over, I unbuttoned his shirt halfway and pulled it off over his head. Lying on top of him, I began kissing and licking his chest, filling my nostrils with his male scent. His hands found my breasts again and resumed their clumsy caresses.

There still was no magic.

"Joel, I can't." Pushing myself off of him, I found my blouse on the floor and picked it up.

"Amy..." His grasping hands tried for my breasts.

I took a couple of steps away from him and thrust my left hand into the sleeve.

He sat up on the couch. "What's wrong, Amy?"

"I'm just not in the mood tonight, Joel," I told him, putting my other arm in my blouse and then buttoning it up and tucking it into my jeans. Picking up my bra, I stuffed it into a pocket. "Can you take me home, please?"

"Sure." He didn't sound very happy about it, but he picked up his shirt and put it on. "Can I see you tomorrow?"

Tomorrow was Sunday, and my big sister and I had planned to go mall crawling again. But since we had no school on Monday, I had the evening free. We made plans for another date. No movie this time --- since there wasn't anything we wanted to see --- just dinner. He then drove me home. At the door I put a little extra good night kiss, hoping to at least partially make up for things.

Going up to my room, I went right to bed but I didn't go to sleep. I realized that I was being unfair to Joel. We were both still feeling our way around --- they really don't teach this at school --- and we were both still rather inexperienced.

Not that I was completely inexperienced. I just couldn't tell Joel that.

I was still taking two pills every morning when September rolled around. My sister went back for her senior year of college and I started my junior year of high school. I was probably the strongest person in the school, though of course no one else knew that.

No 'probably' about it, actually. I wandered through the gym one day and found the school weightlifting records posted on a bulletin board. Naturally, those numbers weren't as high as those at the state university, and I'd easily beaten those records last spring.

It was a bit frustrating at times, sitting in the bleachers and watching as our school lost another football game, knowing that with another pill or two I could be stronger than our entire offensive line.

Heck, it wouldn't even take an entire bottle of the little white pills split among the cheerleaders and they could take on any football team in the state. Not just any high school team, but any college team. Probably any NFL team, come to think of it.

Of course, my big sister and I had discussed sharing our bounty. For the time being, we had decided to keep it to ourselves. Of course, Mom had access to our cache, but I don't think she took more than one or two a week. Nothing like the two I was taking every morning before breakfast.

Last year, I wouldn't have imagined anything like that. But then, last year I hadn't heard of the Feminox, let alone had taken any. Those pills were definitely making a difference in my life. Even though I was careful not to openly show off my strength, I couldn't hide the changes in my body. Boys were definitely paying more attention to me now.

Mike Roberts never asked me out again, but that didn't mean that nobody did. Of course, I didn't go out with just anybody who asked me out. It was kind of exciting, knowing that I could have gone out with any boy in school. I could just walk up to him, ask him out, and not have to take 'no' for an answer.

That was another benefit of the Feminox. I had a lot more self-confidence now.

Too bad that same self-confidence couldn't rub off on the other people at school, especially the guys on the football team. It was the same old story this Friday night. The game was competitive through the first quarter, then the other team scored two quick touchdowns in the second from which we couldn't recover. Two more touchdowns in the third quarter put the game away. The stadium was emptying out by the start of the fourth quarter, and I was a part of the exodus.

Getting up early the next morning, I took three pills instead of my usual two, scarfed down a quick breakfast, borrowed the minivan from Mom, and went in search of more Feminox.

The invasion came before dawn on Monday. They swirled in the wind, dropping out of the sky in millions, billions. When I got up the wind had died and the yard wore white. The clouds were coming from the north in great gray waves like billowing poison gas. Or else some giant monster was lurking in the mist, ready to spring out and flatten the city.

My imagination was jumping out of control. I had never seen poison gas, and no giant monsters have ever been spotted anywhere near the city. Well, at least not since the dinosaurs were last here.

It was only the middle of October, not even Halloween yet. Snow.

The snow was unbelievable. The cars were stirring it into slush, girls were wearing it in their hair like a Bing Crosby Christmas movie, and boys were throwing snowballs in an effort to get more snow into the girls' hair. Down south, they'd probably close school for an entire week if they got half this snow. Here, things didn't slow down one bit. Well, not much. I pushed my bike to school, hoping things would improve enough for me to ride it home in the afternoon.

Once again, the weatherman had lied to us. Things hadn't improved by the end of the day. There was snow again, like confetti. I pushed my bike home past the snow-covered cars and bare trees, and decided the snow wasn't like confetti. God was giving a tickertape welcome to winter.

The snow was gone by Friday. In at least one other respect, this Friday was just like the last one. I left the stadium before the end of the third quarter and went home.

Getting up early Saturday morning, I once again took three pills instead of my usual two. I couldn't borrow Mom's minivan today, so I took the bus into the city instead.

I wandered over to the state university campus. Their football team had an away game today, so I figured I could sneak into the weight room for a little undisturbed workout. Sure enough, there wasn't a soul in the weight room. Taking off my tee shirt and jeans, I stripped down to my bikini and got to work.

The weights here were heavier than anything in the high school gym. Though of course, the weights weren't enough to really test me. Still, I was able to get a good pump, though I sometimes had to use just one arm or leg instead of the two the exercise was designed for.

I didn't hear any footsteps. Nor did I hear the door open. Fortunately, I had been facing that general direction as I did some curls so I saw the large man walk in, blond hair cropped so close to the skull that it was almost white, wearing nothing but sneakers, shorts, and an Ace bandage around one leg. Even though the team was gone for a road game, I hadn't taken into account the injured players staying home for rehab.

Of course I recognized Brian Jensen from his pictures in the newspapers. He'd made second-team All-Conference last year at fullback and great things had been predicted for this season. Then he'd blown out a knee in the season opener, ending the season --- and possibly his career --- as far as he was concerned.

The workout had gotten me seriously aroused and the sight of that gorgeous hunk of manflesh was enough to make my mouth water. Before he could see that I was curling a weight that most of the players wouldn't have been able to bench press, I put it down and walked toward him.

"Who...? What are you doing here?" His eyes gave me the once-over before settling on my chest. He drew in a sharp breath.

I didn't know whether he was admiring my pecs or what was on front of them, though I could take a good guess. "You like what you see?" I asked, raising my arms.

His eyes followed the motion and then bulged out, though of course not nearly as much as my arms did when I struck a double biceps pose. "You... you're beautiful," he stammered out.

That was good enough a response for me. Lowering my arms, I grabbed his left arm and pulled him closer. My right arm went around his waist, pulling that piece of beefcake even closer.

I guess I hugged him a little too hard, even though I was only using one arm. Or maybe it was his bad knee. In either case, he grunted as his big chest smacked against my mine. I relaxed the pressure. "Oh, sorry. Am I hurting you?" Before he could answer me, I reached down and got my left arm behind his legs and picked him up. "Let's get the weight off that bad knee."

I easily carried him over to one of the mats on the floor and laid him down. Before he could say anything, I was on top of him, my chest against his, my lips against his.

I may have been a little too rough on him. It was nearly two hours later when I stopped and put my bikini back on. Leaving my exhausted and barely conscious partner lying there on the sweaty mats, I put on the rest of my clothes and left the weight room. It was a good thing no one else had come in during that time.

Looking back on it later, I realized this might as well have been rape, for I was using my greater strength to force him to get my rocks off. When I first mounted him, he may actually have been trying to push me away. Still, he had been a willing partner by the end of the session.

And it had been a physical session. Completely different from my brief fling over the summer. I'm not saying that one was better than the other, just that they were different. And I'm glad I had that fling first, otherwise I might have been too clumsy and really hurt the poor football player.

Unfortunately, just like that summer fling, this was probably something that wouldn't happen again. I mean, I can't hang around the weight room and accost the football players as they come in.

I felt a pang of guilt as I rode the bus home. I've been dating Joel Perkins for quite a while now and we still hadn't had sex. I know he wants to, but I've been holding him off. And yet I'd just had my second fling with another man.

Maybe it was time I gave him a shot.

Spring break came and went without my getting it on with Joel. It also marked the first anniversary of my introduction to the Feminox Super-Vitamins. It's really made a change in my life. And not just for the strength and vitality like it says on the label. It's been a terrific boost for my self-confidence.