Awefilms' codename: female - operation sergei part one

by kj

a deadly assignment for Awefilms' secret agent Rowena, star of their upcoming video

Night. Crickets, some cars passing by in the distance. Maybe a dog barking. The usual. Quiet - too quiet.

Can it be this easy? I mean, are we talking about the same guy here?

Rowena leaps down from the wall and lands in the corner of the lawn, where the shadow of the hedge will hide her from the cameras.

She hopes.

A toss of her jet black hair, she scans the yard. Nobody.

Anyone would think this house was unprotected.

Well, it should be. We just cut the phone line, and the alarms were taken out an hour ago. Now it's just the one guard, and of course, our friend Sergei. That should be interesting, if the stories about him are true, that is-

Ah, there it is - the camera, mounted on the back porch. This is the blind spot, where I am. That's why the extra alarm-Carl, I sure hope you got that one. Well, I'll know pretty soon if you didn't, won't I?


I love you, Carl. Never doubted you for a second. Hah!

Another moment, and she is by the back door, her broad back pressed against the wall, the rough brick chafing against her bare shoulders.

Is that all? Can they really be that stupid? Well, maybe they are. Or else they wouldn't have fucked with us. (so obvious, too) And I wouldn't be here.

Boss-man wants me to take my time with this one. Make an example. He gets Rowena's special treatment-

Well, first things first - the guard. I'm going to need time alone with Sergei. No interruptions.

Rowena checks her watch. Another minute-

Click. The sound of the bolt sliding open. The handle turns.

Rowena twists the fishwire tighter around her hands-wait-.

A tall man emerges from the house, walkie talkie in hand. His back is to her, but she can see his large adam's apple jutting out, a bulge in his pale throat. She can feel her fingers tense around the cord, slick with her sweat. Wait till he makes the call-wait-

"Vsyo horoshevo"

As he turns to go back in she is on him, her arms pass over his head, and in a second the wire is biting into his throat. Instantly he throws himself backward, his large body throwing them into the wall. A gust of air escapes her as she absorbs the impact. His elbow shoots back like a rocket, but she twists his body and it glances off her ribcage. Ouf! The wire bites deeper, and now he is pushing her against the wall, trying to find leverage.

"Oh, no you don't, pussycat."

Her leg snakes between his, her thigh sliding up and down against his, as she searches for a weak spot. He twists his legs around hers, trying to find a flaw in her balance. She twists her hands around in circles, drawing the line tighter and tighter around his neck. A trickle of blood slides down from beneath the wire as it slices into his adam's apple. He can feel her warm breath against his ear, a soft breeze past the stinging pain. His feet are planted firmly, and his legs work like pistons as they slam her again and again into the wall. Her foot snakes around his ankle, sliding up and down, until finally his foot shifts. That's all she needs, and she hooks her foot around his and pulls his leg out from under him. He wheezes in alarm as his body caves in, the weight of it tugging his neck against the wire. Still, if he can find his balance-

"Now what do you think YOU're doing?"

Anchoring her back against the wall, she wraps her leg around him, holding him tighter, keeping him off balance. Her massive biceps bulge against his weight as she cradles his head, wrapping the cord tighter and tighter. His arms start to lose their coordination as he gropes wildly behind him. The wire, slick with his blood, eats deeper into his windpipe. A smile spreads across Rowena's lips as she watches him lose control. She brings her face close to his, her breath smelling of peppermint.

"You win some, you lose some, huh, hon?"

She slides herself against the wall, shifting her legs to contain his struggling. His eyes are darting back and forth, and his tongue, swollen and blue, bulges from his mouth. She bites her lip in concentration and heaves back on the wire. This one is taking longer than planned.

"Die motherfucker. Just die already!"

He twists frantically, his eyes staring blankly now, as half-formed sounds issue from his throat. She has to admit, these tough ones are more fun to kill. Suddenly, the strength leaves his muscles, and his body is shuddering. A stream of drool runs down his shirt, and his eyes roll upward. Rowena squeezes her eyes shut and bears down, pulling the wire deeper and deeper into his throat. Gritting her teeth, she pulls the wire back and forth, sliding it along his neck. A cluster of air bubbles oozes out of his mouth as the wire eats into his windpipe. Jesus! At last, he convulses and is still. Rowena's heart is hammering against her chest. She stares at his twitching corpse in amazement as the sweat glistens on her heaving bosom. The roof of her mouth is tingling with the rush of adrenaline.

Fuck me! Thank God I didn't actually have to fight this guy!

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