Awefilms' codename: female - operation sergei part 3 (illustrated).
By kj.
a deadly assignment for Awefilms’ secret agent Rowena, star of a new video.

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"Say it again."

"Die screaming."

She wrapped her legs around him, feeling his pulse quicken beneath her thighs as she flexed them. Her hand snaked up and clasped his throat. She saw the surprise finally register, and her own pulse began to beat faster in growing satisfaction. Bastard!

"Ow! Take it easy. Save that rough shit for Carl."

Save it for Carl. Like that night in Miami. The whole night spent smothering each other, blacking out, and starting again. How many braincells wasted? But that was the point, wasn't it? Pure bliss. Carl had always been good about that. Word got out about Miami and nobody let her hear the end of it. "Smotherena" was the best they could come up with. She looked down at the Boss.

"You're still sweet on him, aren't you, Rowena? What would you do if I sent you to take him out?"

"I'm not sleeping with Carl now. I don't sleep around. That's your department, Ray."

"I told you I was through with that. Lighten up."

Maybe Boss-man'd had a few too many. Hadn't he caught on yet? This was going to be good.

"We'd better finish up, Rowena. I've got a plane to catch."

"That's what you think."

"I can't afford to miss this meeting - it'll be bad for the outfit."

"Oh, yes...your meeting - you mean the one with that bitch?"


"You know that's really the worst thing Ray, after all this time I've been working for you - you still think I'm that stupid?"

Her fingers tightened - a lump slid past them as the Boss swallowed.

"What? You mean Conchita? Don't tell me you think - ack!"

"I can't get over you. I mean this is what we both do for a living - and you're actually surprised that I'm onto you?"

His arms twisted between her legs. She grabbed him by the ear and yanked his head back.

"Give me one good reason I shouldn't send you to join your stringy little puta, you lying sack of shit."

"What do you mean 'Join her?' Rowena, you didn't – aw, fuck, Rowena! I needed her!"

"Oh, you weren’t finished with her yet? Poor baby. She did have a nice scream - I'll give you that. I made her scream your name before she swallowed her tongue, Ray."

"Okay, I admit it. You got me. Is that what you want to hear? But that still doesn't give you the right to go killing my informants."

"Informant my ass. Try finding some informants that don't look like Playboy bunnies, Ray. They'll blend in better. Believe me, I know."

"Oh, come off it, Rowena. She didn't mean a thing and you know it. Why do you always have to take this shit so personally?"

"Who's taking it personally? You're just being a sore loser, Ray. Think about that when you wake up. If you wake up. I'm still deciding."

His body writhed in her grip. She locked her ankles and squeezed harder. His throat pulsed as her fingers dug into it. His bulging eyes stared up at her, and he spoke again.

"B-bet this reminds you of Miami, huh?" And he was out.

That had been a year ago. It had gotten to be sort of a routine with them. Ray strung her along, making bets with himself about how long each new mistress of his would last. But this had been the last straw. Rowena was sick of it - she had enough cheating bastards to deal with in the field without coming home to it. These days it was Carl again, and strictly business with Boss-man. What was it about these manipulative pricks that attracted her? Maybe it was imagining them when they fucked up. How they'd look with their pants down, when she had them by the balls. That face they all made. Now Sergei looked up at her with those same bulging eyes, just like Ray had. Only on Sergei they looked kind of froglike. Plus his cheeks puffed out as he pulled at his restraints. She stifled a giggle. His eyes darted from her to Larissa, who was crouching above him like a hungry vulture - her ankles still chafed from the shackles he'd made her wear. He turned to Rowena.

"How much is Bosanko paying you?"


"I remember you. You killed Kostya, no? You do good work."

"Glad you noticed."

"Whatever he's giving you, I double it. Come work for me."

Oh yeah. Hook up with your sorry ass. Just what I need.

"That's very nice of you, but I'm satisfied with my present employer."

She nodded to Larissa, who reached over and dug her fingers into the knife wound she'd inflicted on his shoulder. He gritted his teeth against the pain. She sank her fingers down to the bone, scratching it playfully. The tendons in his neck were stretched tight, but he grinned at them.

"You get no fun out of me, bitches - argh!"

Larissa had grabbed the edge of the wound and abruptly torn it back. He turned to her.

"Sdelai li ti eta – dumai o tvoyei syemye. Mama i papa, fsye - myortvie!"

Larissa recoiled in horror. "Nyet! Mama!"

He gestured toward his restraints "Pomogai minye, durak. Schas!"

Larissa looked confused. Oh, shit. Rowena didn't feel like killing this woman. "Nobody will know if you help me. Your family safe. Mama safe." She picked up a phone and showed Larissa that it was dead. "You, me, Sergei - alone. Nyet problem." Larissa looked up at a camera in the ceiling. Carl had severed all connections between this house and the outside world. Rowena waved her hands in front of the camera. "Nichevo. Nyet problem."

Finally, she seemed convinced. But she was still afraid to go near Sergei. He glared at her fiercely, but didn't seem surprised. "Bah! Davai!"

Did this macho prick expect to die like a man, that his dignity would outlast her? Rowena reached over and slid her hand over his cock, which rose in response to her touch. Sergei trembled.

"Stop! Chto eta takoye?!"

She beckoned to Larissa, who, with one last baleful look at him, took his dick from Rowena and started stroking him. He tried to stay focused, but his face quivered with the effort.

"Now we can hurt him. Don't stop."

Larissa fell into a steady rhythm. Rowena leaned over her captive – how to begin? She grabbed his head and shoved it between her breasts. Sergei tried to hold his breath, but found this impossible with Larissa working on him. Rowena felt the vibrations of his muffled cries against her damp skin. She tightened her grip, pulling him against her. His chest began to heave as he tried to suck in oxygen. Occasionally, he would find an opening, and a brief gust of air would tickle her before she snuggled him closer to seal it off. His gulping grew faster, and his back arched from the pleasure down below.

“Don’t let him come!”

Larissa looked up, not understanding. Exasperated, Rowena made a shooting gesture with her fingers. “No bang bang.”

“Oh. Okay.” The Russian paused in her efforts, allowing the temperature to settle.

During the respite, Sergei was regaining his resolve, so Rowena leaned back and looked at him again. Then WHAM! she drove her fist into his nose, which broke under the impact. Blood gushed from his nostrils. BAM! again, shattering his front teeth. She sent a barrage of blows directly into the center of his face. His head snapped back repeatedly into the pillow (the one comfort they’d allowed him), which absorbed the shock and kept his neck from breaking. The crunching grew fainter as his cartilege softened beneath the pummeling. Another crack, which might have been his sinus cavity, and his right eye clouded over in red. Rowena let up again, worried that she might send bone fragments into his brain. She looked down at his ruined nose, which now looked like a squashed cabbage leaf spread across his face. Then she started on his jaw, smashing it from one side to the other, sending more teeth clattering across the room. A right uppercut landed with another sickening crack, breaking his jaw. She continued to pound him from either side, and bright red bubbles emerged from his mouth as he wheezed. She started to concentrate on the right side, where it was broken. Again and again, her fist slammed into bone, working the spot where it had cracked. One last blow sent the jaw off its hinge, dislocating it. Sergei lapsed into unconsciousness. His thick lips were torn and swollen, shards of broken teeth buried there. The bedsheets around his head were splattered with blood.

Rowena massaged her shoulders. Her muscles tingled from the workout, and her knuckles throbbed where fragments of Sergei’s teeth had scored them. Still, she was hardly out of breath. She brought the smelling salts to his face – he came to with a start, his eyes out of focus. Rowena turned to Larissa, and the Russian woman began sliding her fingers up and down his limp member. That got his attention.

“I think you need the soft touch now. How’s that sound?”

He glowered at her with his one good eye. The ravaged lower half of his face had doubled in size. She slid her thighs onto the bed near him and cradled his head tenderly. She caressed the right side of his head, her fingers searching, until they settled on one pressure point. Then she brought her right thumb down into it, digging it into his temple. Flashes of pain shot through his body, and he convulsed. Gritting her teeth, Rowena squeezed his head against her, keeping it steady, as she twisted her thumb, working it into the spot. His nerves jangled as if under electric shock; the remains of his jaw quivered, and his eyes rolled back into his head. Rowena closed her eyes, feeling the naked body quaking against her. A cool feeling of exhilaration washed over her, tickling the back of her mouth. She began to make small circular motions with her thumb, teasing the sore spot. Then she bore down, and an incoherent wailing sound escaped his lips. Larissa cried out and jumped away from the bed as he lost control of his bodily functions. A smell of ammonia filled the room. Rowena was used to this, but she’d forgotten the effect it had on bystanders. She let go of Sergei’s head, which hung limp to one side as his body continued to shudder.

“Well? Clean it up.” It was nice to have someone else take care of this for a change.

Again the sting of the smelling salts, and Sergei woke to find Rowena massaging his shoulders, settling his nerves. A string had been tied around his dick, sealing it off, but Larissa still eyed it suspiciously. She moved up to join Rowena at the head of the bed.

“I think we can start wrapping this up now, Sergei. The smell’s starting to get to your girlfriend.”

Larissa reached over to his jaw and placed her hand over his mouth, sealing it, and pinched his nostrils shut. His head pulled against Rowena’s grip, and he began gulping for air again. With a shudder, he swallowed. Larissa grinned devilishly – “Tibye nravitsa, moi lyubov? Stari kielbasa!”

Suddenly, Larissa released her hold, and Sergei’s mouth shot open in a flash to swallow air. Almost as quickly, Larissa took a long jeweled spoon from his dinner tray and shoved it into his mouth. His body rocked back and forth, and his gagging rose in pitch as she twisted it around, driving it deeper. A stabbing pain coursed through his gullet – he began to retch, and then the sound of the ocean filled his head. Larissa applied more pressure, turning it right and left as she forced it further and further down his gullet. His legs kicked out spasmodically and his torso flopped, like an enormous beached cod. His stomach heaved with more force, but he had already emptied its contents before, under the influence of the chloroform. Now his belly lurched in vain to dislodge this unwelcome object. When the spoon got stuck, Larissa whacked the end a few times with her palm. Then she shifted her position, sliding her damp bare leg over his belly so she could bring more weight down on the spoon. Grunting heavily, she grabbed it like a dagger and clamped her thumb over the tip, biting her lower lip with effort as she continued to twist it deeper into his throat. The sturdy bed rocked as the large man’s body arched in protest. A trickle of blood ran down Larissa’s chin as she chewed her lip, but she ignored it, focusing all her energy on the spoon, drilling it deeper. Her body was drenched in sweat, her face clenched like a fist, the grotesque doll makeup he’d smeared on her face now running down in creamy rivulets. Sergei’s retches escalated into inhuman croaking sounds, and, as if in concert with them, Larissa’s own grunts rose into alarming moans, as if she were about to give birth. They lurched together in obscene unison, like a pair of rutting animals. Suddenly, something seemed to give and the spoon sank in easily, as if through butter, sending Sergei into new convulsions. She pushed it in all the way, and by now his face had gone past blue to an almost blackish hue. Finally, his one good eye glazed over and his wild thrashing subsided into a soft quivering. Letting go of his head, Rowena stood up and looked down at the body. With a howl, Larissa released the spoon and set upon the corpse, tearing at it with her nails. Rowena watched this for a moment, then grabbed the Russian in a bearhug, clamping her arms against her sides. Larissa struggled briefly, snarling, and finally collapsed in a heap and fixing her gaze on the floor. Rowena took a small camera from her pocket and snapped some pictures of Sergei from different angles, so Boss-man could have them framed, or whatever it was that he did with them. She took the girl by the arm.

“Ever been to Miami?”



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