My wife's first topless match.

By Pilot

My wife boxes topless against a black lady, who proves to be a worthy opponent.


My wife had been knocked out in both her matches against Colleen. These were Gail's only losses against 6 wins, 5 by knockout. All her knockout wins occurred in club matches in the first or second round so there isn't much of a story. My wife's right hand is usually too much for most ladies her size.

The boxing club, where my wife is a member, was organizing a weekend tournament against a rival club. My wife would box in the main event on Saturday evening. Her opponent would be Jennifer, a black lady, 5' 4" tall, weighing 128 pounds. Her measurements are 36C-28-38. In contrast Gail is 5'5", weighs 141 pounds, measuring 40D-36-39 for this bout. She had put on a couple of pounds. Jenn had been boxing for a few years; her record is 15 wins, 2 losses, with 12 knockouts. Jenn should be a worthy opponent.

The bout will take place at Jenn's home gym. Jenn's club is known for being rough and tough. In fact Gail's club had only 3 wins against the other club. The bout will be 6 rounds. The ladies will box topless wearing 10oz gloves.

My wife, Dora, Bill, and I arrive at the gym about 6:30 p.m. The first bout is 7:00 with Gail's bout scheduled for about 9:00. We watch a couple of 4 round matches. The gym is full, standing room only. The ladies go to the dressing room about 7:45. Bill and I have a few beers but I'm still nervous, anxious, or erotic. I'm not sure which.

Finally it's time for the main event. My wife's club has not had a good evening, no wins in three bouts with all three ladies being knocked out. My wife and Dora enter the ring first. Gail is wearing a black, knee length, silk robe. The crowd gives Gail a loud ovation as she enters the ring. Gail dances in her corner, waiting for Jenn. Her eyes search for me in the crowd but she can't pick me out. This is butterfly time. You're alone in the ring, waiting to match your skills against an unknown opponent. Jenn is courteous; she doesn't keep my wife waiting long. The crowd gives Jenn a standing ovation as she enters the ring. Jenn is wearing a long white shirt. We are ready for the introductions.

The announcer, "Our main event will be 6 rounds of topless boxing wearing 10oz gloves. Our guest combatant at 5'5", 141 pounds, and measuring 40D-36-39 is Gail Johnson. Gail's record is 6 wins 2 losses, with 5 KO's. Let's have a warm welcome for Gail. Her opponent will be our own KO queen, Jennifer Greening. Jenn is 5' 4", 128 pounds, and measuring 36C-28-38, with a record of 15 wins, 2 losses, and 12 KO's." Jenn receives a standing ovation. "Let's hope that Gail survives better than her club mates. Your referee will be Mike Smith"

The ref calls for the ladies and seconds at ring center. Jenn removes her shirt first; revealing her perfectly proportioned 36C's. Jenn is wearing a yellow thong. My wife drops her robe; Dora removes Gail's black bra, exposing her magnificent 40D's. Gail's nipples firm up like bullets as the cold air hits them. My wife is wearing brief black panties. The ladies stand almost nipple to nipple as the ref goes over the rules, then asks, "Any questions, ok ladies lets have a clean fight, go to your corners and wait for the bell." Dora applies a generous amount of Vaseline to my wife's nipples. The ref notices this and tells Dora not on her nipples. You can use Vaseline on her face but not on her nipples. The ref conveys the same information to Jenn's corner. The bell sounds to get the action underway.

Round 1

The ladies move to meet in the center of the ring. Jenn starts quickly with a three-punch combination that totally catches my wife by surprise. The crowd cheers, as Gail is staggered. Gail hangs on to tie Jenn up. The ref says, "No holding, Let's box ladies" Jenn grins as she circles Gail. Gail moves in with a left jab, Jenn blocks, threading a firm right into my wife's cleavage. I can hear Gail groan as she backs away. Jenn stays with her, backing Gail to the corner with a series of lefts and rights. Gail is able to block some but takes a solid right to the top of her panties that causes her legs to go rubbery. My wife comes back with a left/right of her own. The right staggers Jenn. Jenn comes back as the ladies go punch for punch. Jenn is wobbled, then Gail is staggered. This won't go 6 rounds. The ladies finally clinch for a mutual breather. The ref breaks them apart saying, "Lets keep the action going." The ladies square off, Jenn with a lightning fast left/right sends my wife's left breast bouncing painfully against her shoulder. Gail squeals out, trying to clinch with Jenn but takes a right uppercut under the chin. My wife's legs give way, we have the first knock down as Gail is sprawled on the mat. My wife's eyes are glassy, she rolls onto all fours, her 40D's dangling below her, her nipples are like bullets. Gail makes it to her feet with the help of the ropes as the ref counts 7. He asks if she's okay as he cleans her gloves then motions the ladies to box. My wife's eyes are still glassy as Jenn moves in. Jenn, a hard left to Gail's left breast, a right that lands on my wife's cheek. Gail falls into the ropes as the bell ends the round, probably saving my wife from being knocked out.

Round 2

My wife's eyes still appear glassy but she moves out quickly to meet Jenn. Jenn again with a quick jab and a right into Gail's breast. Gail emits a loud gasp but comes back with a left into Jenn's breasts, then a right to the side of Jenn's jaw. Jenn staggers into the corner, Gail pursues her. My wife takes a jab going into the corner. The ladies clinch to tie each other up. Jenn pinches my wife's nipple in the clinch. Gail squeals out, jumping back, then complains to the ref. Jenn shrugs as if she doesn't know what Gail is talking about. The ref "Okay ladies, lets keep this clean" The ladies square off, Jenn a jab which is blocked by Gail. Gail strikes back with a solid right to Jenn's chin. Jenn's legs collapse; she falls hard onto her tight butt. This brings a response from the crowd. Jenn struggles to her feet at the count of 8. Jenn's eyes look okay but she seems a little dazed. The ref cleans her gloves, then says "Lets box" Gail moves in quickly, too quickly, and takes a right to the top of her panties. Gail lets out a loud grunt, then clinches to tie up Jenn. The ref separates the ladies. Jenn smiles as she moves in to meet my wife. Gail fakes a left, then brings her right high to Jenn's left cheek. This drives Jenn to the corner, Gail follows scoring with a left/right into Jenn's breasts. The ladies box/wrestle in the corner with the ref calling, "lets box out" My wife ends up with her back in the corner, Jenn, shielding her movement from the ref, gives my wife a thumb to the crotch. Gail screams out, dropping to sit on the middle rope. Jenn delivers a flurry of punches to Gail's breasts driving her out of the ring between the ropes. The crowd is now in an uproar, not because of the foul but they sense another knock out. The ref gets Jenn to a neutral corner, my wife crawls back into the ring as the ref counts 7, on her feet by 9. The ref cleans Gail's gloves, then calls for the ladies to box. My wife looks a bit woozy as she squares off with Jenn. Gail unloads a right cross, Jenn blocks, then uncorks her right that flattens my wife's left breast. Gail squeals out clinching with Jenn as the bell ends another action packed round.

Round 3

Gail's corner complained to the ref about the fouls. The ref replied this is a fight, not a Sunday school picnic. This ref doesn't mind a rough fight and this one is rough. I know that my wife can't take 6 rounds of this. The ladies square off, both jabbing until Gail nails Jenn in the left eye with a harsh right. Jenn will have a shiner for sure. Jenn shakes it off; both ladies unload a number of punches. My wife staggers Jenn with a right but takes a right on her left eye. She'll have a shiner. Defense is thrown out the window. Gail with a thunderous right drops Jenn on her backside. Jenn shouldn't get up from this one but she does, barely beating the count. The ref can hardly clean her gloves before she moves toward Gail. Jenn is most dangerous when she's hurt. My wife staggers Jenn again with a right but Jenn comes back immediately with a left into my wife's panties, followed by a huge right that just misses Gail's chin. If that one had connected, it would have been all over. Gail hangs on to slow the action. In the clinch, Jenn gets a knee up between my wife's legs, which goes unnoticed by the ref. The color drains from Gail's face, she goes pasty white. The ref separates the ladies saying, "Come on ladies, no holding, box it out, let's have a winner." My wife tries to shake the foul off. Jenn charges in but is met with a big right to the chin. Jenn drops like a stone to the mat. She can't get up from this one, can she? Jenn makes it up again just beating the count. What does my wife have to do to put this lady away? The ref cleans Jenn's gloves, her left eye is swelling shut, he asks if she's okay. My wife's left eye is also badly swollen. The ladies move together throwing left and rights at each other. My wife gets careless, she's wide open, and Jenn goes for the fight ending punches. A left low on my wife's panties followed by a blistering right to her chin. Gail lands on her bum, coming to rest flat on her back. The movement stretches Gail's panties, allowing her pubic hair to be displayed around her crotch. My wife is slow getting up from this one. Gail does begin to move by the count of 4, on her knees by 7, she won't make it. I have the rear view this time; my wife's black panties are exposing a generous portion of her ample bum. Gail makes it up as the ref is going to say 10, a slow 10, I might add. The ref is trying to please the crowd by prolonging the action. The ref cleans Gail's gloves, asks if she's okay. She nods yes. My wife's eyes are glazed over as she moves in front of Jenn. Jenn is able to score two punches on Gail's breasts before the bell saves her from further punishment.

Round 4

I really didn't think we would get this far. Both ladies look drained. They square off; Jenn mashes my wife's right breast with a right cross. Gail squeals going to her knees. Jenn tries to uppercut Gail's chin as she's going down but misses. Gail makes it up slowly, the ref cleans her gloves, then says, "lets finish this ladies" Gail is drained but moves to meet Jenn. They exchange punches from close quarters, both ladies grunting and groaning. My wife connects with an uppercut to Jenn chin. It lifts Jenn up, depositing her flat on her back. 1..2..3..4..5..Jenn attempts to get her knees under her, 6..7..8..she's on her hands and knees, 9..10. Your OUT!!!!! Jenn flops back to the canvas. The crowd is wild. A great match. My wife staggers to her corner and flops on her stool. I don't know how she did it. It takes a few minutes for Jenn's second to bring her around and get her to her feet.

The announcer, "Your winner by way of a knockout at 1:15 of the 4th round is Gail Johnson." Jenn congratulates my wife. Gail leaves the ring with a little help from Dora. My wife will require a lot of ice, so will Jenn. This was a great fight, requiring a rematch to give Jenn an opportunity to avenge her defeat. The ladies will need about three weeks for their bruises to heal.


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