Strap-on ballbusting torture

By Severin

WARNING! The following account contains extremely cruel ballbusting.

He'd asked her to wrestle with him and to hurt him. He'd also asked her to hurt his balls, and to be cruel to him when he wanted to submit. She was happy to oblige and had gone along with relish. She was as tall as him, much taller with the heels she'd chosen to wear, but was much more heavily built - wide shoulders and hips, sturdy heavy legs, arms thick with natural muscle.

She easily got him into a variety of submission holds, making sure to hurt every part of his body but returning again and again to his balls. One favourite move she repeated was to force him to the ground, then to lie face down and reversed on top of him, clamping his neck high between her terrible thighs. Her full weight pinned him immobile and she crushed his neck and jaw, remorselessly increasing her power until he desperately submitted, his head feeling as though it was about to be wrenched from his body. When she got him to this point of agony she eased the pressure a little then took a firm grip on his balls which she then began to squeeze in repeatedly harder pulses which again brought desperate cries from him.

All this time her weight lay crushing him, constricting his breathing. But now she would suddenly grasp his balls in a sickening grip and would push herself up. The combination of her powerful grip and the heavy weight of her body being carried mainly by his wrenched and stretched balls brought a new note of panic and pleading to his screams. She would then re-apply those crushing thighs at full power to his neck, focusing all the strength of her powerful frame into pushing his balls away from his body and stretching and crushing his neck. She could feel the vibration of his screams on her clitoris which was forced hard against his throat, which gave her even more pleasure and encouraged her to continue for longer than was necessary.

When he was recovering from these extreme demonstrations of her power and cruelty, she continued to put him through more minor but still painful holds - his arms and legs were twisted first one way then another in a variety of wickedly creative holds. Sometimes she's just force him to submit then would let go. Other times she's maintain the hold or increase it until she knew she was about to damage a limb or dislocate a joint. She enjoyed using her superior strength to inflict pain, and loved to hear the genuine notes of fear in his desperate begging.

She had just finished another combination headscissors and ball-wrenching, which had left him curled up and sobbing in pain. She decided to move on to a new torture she'd planned for this session. She took a piece of cord from the corner of the room and returned to her victim. He groaned as she forced him face down and took both his arms straight behind his back, sitting across him. He expected her to begin some more arm-locks or to force him into a back-breaker but he didn't expect her to tie his wrists and forearms together firmly.

She stepped off him and grasped the tied wrists with one hand. She couldn't resist putting one foot on his back, digging her stiletto heel in, and pulling up on the arms until he screamed and she smiled. Then she removed her foot from his back and brought him staggering to his feet by lifting his arms. He was forced to bend low as she raised them further. She led him along in this position to one of the walls, then released him so that he could stand upright, his shoulders on fire. He looked up into the face of his tormenter, fearful of what she had in mind. He couldn't help glancing into the ample cleavage in front of his eyes created by her leather basque.

She strode across the room to a small cupboard and removed a metal device. She returned, crouched down in front of him and attached the clamp around his scrotum so that his balls protruded from one side of the plate. Then she picked up one end of a cord attached to a ratchet on the wall, passed the cord between his legs and attached it to the plate. She crossed to the opposite wall and came back with the end of another cord which she fastened to his wrists still tied behind him, then went back to the far wall. She began to pull the other end of the cord and the ratchet clicked ominously as the cord was pulled taut. She continued to pull and he was forced to cross into the centre of the room until prevented from going further by the cord which was attached to his balls, which were pulled behind him.

She continued to pull, feeling more resistance as she increased the pressure. Soon he was having to twist awkwardly as the cord attached to his arms behind him pulled him around. She went to him, forced his head down and pulled his arms straight up behind him, pulling the cord taut to keep him in that position. She held onto the cord, returned to the wall and took up the slack with the ratchet. He was now trapped in that uncomfortable position. She pulled on the cord some more until he began to moan in pain. His arms were being pulled hard against his shoulder-joints and his balls were being pulled back hard against the metal plate. She walked slowly over to him and crouched to look into his face. She could see him struggling to cope with the pain.

"Is that uncomfortable?" she asked in a concerned voice.

"Yes, Mistress" he managed in a strained voice.

"I'm sorry, I'll loosen it a bit. Would you like me to do that?"

"Yes please, Mistress" he gasped hopefully.

She returned to the ratchet and loosened it by a few clicks. He breathed a sigh of relief as the pain lessened. He was able to adjust his position so that the pain in his balls and shoulders was bearable. She moved back to him and stood to his side. He was bent over before her, his torso horizontal. She slammed a knee up into his stomach, then again. He cried out for mercy. She moved to his other side and repeated the cruel blows. The force of these blows kept knocking him aside and off-balance, so as well as being painful in themselves they wrenched his shoulders and balls.

She came back from the cupboard carrying a long heavy rubber strap-on which he gazed fearfully at. The fake glans was oversized on the thick knobbled shaft. It looked as though it was designed to give pain rather than pleasure.

She crouched before him, fondling the dildo suggestively.

"Would you like me to fuck you?" she purred.

He knew any answer he gave was going to get him into trouble.

"Not really, thank you Mistress" he pleaded.

"OK, not if you don't want me to" she said in a reasonable tone. He gulped with relief. She walked behind him and caressed his buttocks, balls and anus with the fearsome dildo.

"Are you sure you don't want me to fuck you?" she asked softly.

"No thank you Mistress" he replied, knowing that if she wanted to, she would.

"OK" she again said and once more massaged his balls which were protruding through the metal plate which was stretching his scrotum. Then she raised the heavy dildo over her shoulder and brought it down hard onto his trapped balls. If she had just let it drop under its own weight it would have been a painful impact. But she used her strength to add considerable force. The taut cords thrummed in the aftermath as his knees buckled in pain which in turn increased his problems.

She sat on the ground before him, spread her strong legs and massaged her clitoris with the dildo as he moaned and sobbed in agony. She studied his face with pleasure. After several minutes he was beginning to regain some sort of composure. The tears on his cheeks were dry. He was still in evident pain.

"Do you want me to fuck you-" she asked softly, "-or hit you in the balls again?"

"Oh Mistress!! Please don't hit me in the balls again!" he begged.

"That's not an answer to my question, is it? Do you WANT me to fuck you or do you WANT me to hit you in the balls again?"

"Please please don't-" he began. "I want you to fuck me" he said in resignation.

"It doesn't sound like you want me to fuck you. Did that really hurt you?"

"Oh yes Mistress! It was-horrible, it really really hurt". He was on the verge of crying again.

"And you don't want me to do it again?"

"No Mistress, please don't" he sobbed. She began to stand up.

"The trouble is-I want to do it again" she said as she moved behind him. She waited while his pleading and begging grew more desperate, then with a sigh of pure delight she brought the heavy dildo crashing back down into his balls. She waited patiently until his screams became moans then did it again. She returned to her splay-legged position on the floor and pleasured herself as his sobs and groans became less intense.

"Now, do you WANT me to fuck you?" she asked quietly.

"Yes please Mistress," he sobbed. "Please please fuck me!" he begged.

"OK, if you want me to"

She stood and slowly attached the monstrous dildo around her wide and heavy hips. She took a jar of lubricant and smeared the thick shaft and glans, moaning softly as the clitoral stimulator began to push against her. He looked on in fear. He knew she wouldn't be gentle.

She moved behind him and stepped one leg over the cord which attached his balls to the wall. Suddenly he realised it was going to be worse than he'd thought - it wasn't going to be easy to get that huge object into his anus, but she had the strength to do it. But in the process he'd be pushed forwards relentlessly. He wasn't physically in a position to have the leverage to push back, and wasn't resting against a solid surface. The only necessary resistance there'd be to the power needed to push that huge thing in would be his balls attached to the wall.

She placed the tip of the dildo against his clenched buttocks, which he tried desperately to relax. She leaned one hand on his back, which caused an agonising pain in his shoulders.

"OK! Here goes! I'm really looking forward to this!! This will really fuck you!"

He screwed his eyes shut and began uselessly screaming.