By Magik Marauder




A dark tunnel looms before her-

"Mommy, mommy, where are you?! MOMMY!"

she walks dazed and puzzled but goes on with unknown certainty-


-she sees a light at the end of the tunnel-

"Mommy, is that you? Mommy!"

-she sprints through the black tunnel and into the bright light-a figure in shadow appears and grabs her-





"Ugh-ah aah ahaaha-what the? Mommy! (huff)(puff) What a weird dream!" sounded Rini as she responded to the alarm clock that broke here nap.

"Oh, look Rip Van Wrinkle's finally awake," stated Serena in the doorway, "Hurry up and get changed, breakfast will be ready in a few minutes, then we leave."

"Looks who's talking, the snorasaurus giving advice about waking up ontime. Just shut the door (throwing a towel at the door) and I'll be ready!"


Half an hour later-


"Yum! Those were the best blueberry pancakes you ever made, Darien. You truly outdid yourself," commented Rini as she patted her full belly.

"Don't thank me, Rini, thank Serena, she's the one that made them," said Darien as he took the dishes.

"Funny, I don't feel sick-no irregular heartbeat-pulse checks out OK-"

"Can it, twerp! All I ask is a little encouragement, is that too much to ask?"

"Yes, Rini, it isn't everyday that Serena receives training from such a famous and wise teacher, like Granny," said Luna.

"Probably they were struck with her, because all of the good ones were picked! (laughing)" stated Rini.

"For your information, Granny is one of the best and most powerful teachers around, most warriors would give their right arm just to get ONE lesson of her teachings! Fortunately, I don't have to so, for Amy has finally convinced her to take me, Lita, and Raye as her disciples."

"I have a question," said Diana after she ate her last whipped creamed sardines, "What makes this Granny fellow so "great", anyway?"

"It's simple, Diana, you know how skillful Amy's fighting techniques are?...Well, she learned, developed, and perfected those moves by beginning her training with Ms. Diggers and Granny."

"Yep, me and Lita can't wait to do some heavy training and learn to develop and perfect our own techniques."

"Why in the world would want to do that? Isn't your brain too small to handle ALL that knowledge and that it might explode?" taunted Rini.

"For your information, twerp, I would like to do something better than be a housewife for the rest of my life and since I got these massive muscles on me, why not become a warrior. Maybe I would want to move to Jade one day and become an Arms-Master, just like Julia."

"Ha! Right! In your dreams! So, why am I going, I wasn't "chosen" to be yanked into another world in the first place."

"Must I remind you of that "little" incident you caused in the boys' locker room, last week, which you got  three WEEKS of ISS!"

"Hey! Those guys had it coming to them! If they had stopped treating those girls as objects, none of us would be in that predicament in the first place. Hmph-it's such a shame that this primitive attitude still goes on in today's world. Heck! What's even worse is that they allowed to gone on and when we tried to stop it, WE GET PUNISHED! It's not fair, I say!"

"Luckily, for you, Serena was able to persuade the principal to allow Serena to take you along this trip for to keep you out of anymore trouble and prepare yourself for the upcoming mid-terms," stated Luna.

"Oooohhhhh-do I have to?!" replied Rini in a whining tone.

"YES, squirt, and don't worry, your teachers gave me plenty of work for you to do at Jade, so that you won't get bored. He! He!-But Darien, are you sure you can handle BOTH Adrian and Rrr-Baby Rini all by yourself?"

"For the thirtieth time, Serena, yes," replied Darien in usual calm mood.

"Are you sure?" asked Serena with a tone of worry in her voice, "I mean you've never been alone before to take care of the children and that Rini can be QUITE a handful, you know with her superhuman strength, obnoxious attitude, and unpredictable childlike compulsions-"

"Hey!" interrupted Rini, "Who are you talking about, me or the baby?!"

"Both! (phone rings) Heh, I got it."


"Um-Darien?" said Rini with a look of an innocent child.


"Since I'll be gone for three weeks-"

"Yeah-go on."

"Yeah, I'll be gone for three weeks and anything," said Rini as she twirled her finger on Darien's shoulder, "AND that it's probably going to be PRETTY boring-"

"So, what are trying to say?"

"Well, (with the eyes of a cute puppy) could I have my Luna Watch back, ppppllllllleeeeeeeeaasssseee?!"

"--.no and the innocent girl look didn't help."

"BUT WHY! I've been a good little girl! I've done all my homework, studied each and every night, well almost, and help around with the choirs around here!"

"Hey! What's all the screaming about, you're going to wake the baby!" interrupted Serena.

"Rini's trying to get her watch back, but Darien refused!" explained Luna.

"Is that so?"

"Oh, come on, Serena, even you know by now I'm responsible enough to handle that and make decisions more maturely!"

"Like the way you handled those boys with the locker incident and how you just tried to SEDUCE Darien, yeah! There's a lot maturity there!"

"Serena has a good point. The more you do these stunts, the more it shows you're unfit to hold such responsibility."

"But-but-but what if something unexpectingly goes wrong with it?! Then, what are you going to do? Hunh! Yeah, what you going to do?!"

"Oh, I don't think that-"

"You know what Darien, it's probably best that I take the watch with me," stated Serena and making Rini feel victorious, "Just to stop the trewp's whining babble!" her victory turned to fury. 

"Have a wonderful trip," commented Darien followed by a long and loving kiss.

(OH! Give me a break!) thought Rini, "Come on you, love birds, let's get going! I want to get this over and done with quickly!" She grabs her backpack and her suitcase.

"Okay! Okay! Don't get your shorts in a twist! Do you have all your things packed?"

"Duh! What does it look like?!" answered Rini as she held out backpack and suitcase.

"Looks like we're all set, ready Luna and Diana?" said Serena as she grabbed her stuff, then the cat leaped onto their proper owner's shoulder, "Promise not to forget me, "kay?" Serena walks up to Darien and kisses him on the cheek, causing him to blush.

"So, when is Amy going to pick us up?" asked Rini.

"Picking us up?"

"You mean she's not coming over!?" said a shocked Rini.

"Of course not, we're jogging all the way there. All right, twerp, shut your whining and starting lifting those legs. 1-2-1-2-1-2-1-2!" shouted Serena in a tone of a military sergeant.

"Give it a rest, MEATBALL HEAD!"





The four travelers stepped out of the portal, carrying their suitcases, from Amy's mansion into an enormous dojo with walls of furnished wooden planks, floor covered in tiles, and a huge blue mat, the size of a football field, lying in the center, and weight training equipment surrounding it.

"Yyyiiippppeeee!" joyfully shouted Serena, "We finally here!"

"Amy, are you sure were in Jade?" asked Lita concernedly, "I mean the last time I was here, there wasn't a dojo THIS big in the house." However, Amy remained silent and ignored what Lita said.

"Hello, Amy, it's nice to you again," said a female voice, the woman wore a tight, white work-out suit similar to Amy's design and from her physique and looks, she appears to a muscular and skilled warrior.

"Nice to meet you to again, Julia," commented Amy in a pleasant and courteous tone.

"So, these are the new disciples. You must be Serena, right?" said Julia as she pointed at Serena and she replied by giving a nervous nod, "I thought so. Amy was right, when I look into your eyes I do see a bright hope within them."

"Oh, shucks, it's nothing!" Serena blushing.

"Well, if you look deep enough you'll see clutz failure as well!" commented Rini.

"Grrrr-you might want to check again!" said Serena in a stable, but rageful tone as she stares at Rini.

"(giggling) Let me guess, you're Raye."

"Hunh, sorry, wrong nuisance, this is my niece, Rini," stated Serena.

"What? Isn't Raye with you? Did see get lost somewhere or sometime?"

"Unfortunately, she can't make it. Something came up at the last minute, and so she had to cancel."

"How unfortunate, but as you Earthers say, "you snooze, you lose'. Anyway, I still have you two to deal with, are you ready?"

"Yep, WE- ARE-READY! So, bring on the challenges, "cause I'm ready with what you can dish out! Let the training BEGIN!" energetically and enthusiastically shouted Serena.

"Training?...Amy, did you forget to tell them?"

"Tell us what?" asked Luna in a suspicious tone.

"Yeah, Amy, what's the big deal?"

"-I'm sorry that I deceived you, but I had to, it was part of your training."

"Part of our training?"

"Yes, a warrior must be able to overcome any obstacle that stands in their way even in the most unexpected times. (closes her eyes and bows) Forgive me."

"Well, at least you could warn us ahead of time, but I guess it's too late. So, what's this unexpected obstacle that you had planned?" said Lita.

"Granny wasn't sure you were "skilled' enough to qualify as her student, so she made a deal with Amy, that she'll accept you as students if you defeat me in combat," explained Julia.  

"Defeat you! I don't know if I can with you being an Arms-Master and you seemingly look stronger the last time I saw ya," said a doubtful Lita.

"Don't kid yourself, Lita. You are, by far, stronger than I am with the help from Amy's training, so this should be an easy task compared what you been through," commented Julia, "So, let's get this over with! First one to land on the mat two times loses, okay?"

"Fine, I guess," replied Lita.


The match went quicker than expected, the two warriors each gave a descent fight and show by matching each other blow by blow and a few lucky punches. Even though Lita was a little uneven at first, but the rush and energy of her fighting helped overcome it and Julia, with only breaking a few drops of sweat.

"All right! Lita won!" cheered Serena as she jumped up and down in joy.

"Are you okay? Did I break anything?" asked Lita as she helped Julia up.

"I'm fine, it'll take more than a few bruises to keep this warrior down for the count," commented Julia giving Lita some relief.


"Okay! It's my turn!" enthusiastically said Serena.

"Calm down, Serena, it's not best to be overconfident when facing an opponent," stated Amy with concern in her eyes.

"Just because you have big muscles and superhuman abilities, doesn't mean she can't kick your butt," compiled Luna.

"Yeah, meatball-brain, if you lose this match, I wonder what excuse you'll give to the principal for LYING to him!"

"Don't worry, it's in the bag!" said Serena, (I'll let that one go, for now!)

Serena ran towards the middle of the mat, as she got there she began phantom punches into the air, trying to show off to Julia and acting like one of those overconfident macho boxers, then finally took a fighting stance to one of an average boxer with the fists guarding the face.

(Her fighting stance-it's common,) thought Julia.

"Break a leg, Serena!" commented Lita.


Julia made the first move and sends out a barrage of fast punches, however Serena guarded against every last one and began retreating back little by little to allow herself some space. Julia kept up her punching barrage and increasing the speed and the power, landing a few punches on the face, but Serena still held a guarded stance until she leaped out of the way, catching Julia off guard. Then, she leaped into the air and attempted a high jump kick, however, with good reflexes, Julia grabbed her foot and began spinning her like a bucket of water, leaving Serena to yield to the spinning force. Serena summoned as much strength as she could to overcome it and grab onto the floor beneath her, putting a halt to the spin, and used her captured foot to fling Julia onto the mat.

"Point to Serena!"

"Okay, one more to go, just hang in there!"

Julia got herself on her feet and launched another assault at Serena, back in her defensive stance, however she took a different approach, she began using a series of punches and kicks, aimed below Serena's bustline. Leaving Serena, now helplessly moving back very quickly and leaving her mind in a confused and unfocused state.

(Just as I thought,) thought Julia, (That kick wasn't intended to hit me in the abdomen, it was because she can't see over her huge breasts.)

The mighty Arm-Masters pulled a fake right, then swiftly punched with her left into Serena's stomach leaving the Moon Amazon stunned for the moment. Then, using both her arm and her leg, she grabs, kicks, and sends Serena spirally into the air and crashing back down.

"Ugh-point to Julia."

"Ooohhh-what happened?" moaned Serena as she picked herself and narrowly dodges Julia's charging kick, then puts herself back in a defensive stance, trying to dodge and block Julia's swift actions.

"This-is bad," stated Luna.

"Come on, Serena! Don't tell me from all the enemies that we faced, you're going to let this weakling take you down."

(Weakling?! She wouldn't say that she we're in this perspective! Whoa!) thought Serena as she helplessly tries dodging the barrage of punches and kicks, however in her unusual and wacky attempts, she leaves an opening allowing the Arms-Master to land a striking blow and using the same move, hurls Serena into the air. As the Crystal Queen falls helplessly, the atmosphere of disappointment filled the air, however the body did not land-

The viewing audience and even the Arms-Master became shocked as they peer up, dumbfounded, at the Moon Princess flying in midair with wings, giving a silvery glow around itself and Serena.

"Is it over?" said Serena as she peeked out of one eyes, "Whoa! Hey, why am I still up here? How come I'm falling down!? Did time stand still?! Huh? What's this? Wings-I grew wings!"

"She-she did grew wings, amazing, you don't see things like that everyday," commented Diana.

"Yeah, but they're a bit smaller than the last time I saw them," stated Lita.

(Hmph-lucky break,) whispered Julia, then leaping up to the air, luckily caught wind of it, Serena desperately and irregularly flew away. The Arms-Master attempted again, however as her assault ended in failure, Serena quickly grabs the warrior's leg and began twirling her around as Julia had done on Serena. With a sudden throw, Mrs. Digger's fell onto to the ground like a meteor crashes onto the earth.


"-and that's game, Serena's wins!" stated Luna with confidence.

"Hey, Serena, you won!"

"I did? All right! (wings fading away)  Hunh-AAAAAHHHHHHHHH-Owwwwww-my buttock."

"You okay?" asked Lita as she helped her friend up.

"Yeah-(ouch)-I'm fine-is Julia OK?"

"No need to worry," answered the Arms-Master as she stood confidently beside Serena and lend out her hand, "You putted up quite a struggle, not many could that. Also, let me guess, you are a mother, right?"

"Why should you ask? Didn't Amy tell you already?"

"Unfortunately, she left that piece of information out, but I could tell by the way you were fighting," explained Julia.

"By the way I was fighting-?"

"(nodding) Mothers become very protective "cause they want to protect their offspring, however they also gain tolerance from their children's annoying antics. That's how I could tell, you were always on the defensive side, you must put up a lot of things at home."

(In ways you would never believe,) thought Serena.

"Anyhow, you both beat me, so, you guys will receive Granny's training after all, but, for you, Serena, you're going to need some extra training. We need to work on how to avoid your opponent's attacks when you can't see over your breasts and learn to be on the offensive."

"Not that's a bad offer, 2 trainings sessions for the price of 1, I'll take it!" shouted Serena enthusiastically.

"Now that we settled things here, can WE GET TO JADE ALREADY!...(gulp) sorry-" said Rini.

"I guess she has a point, this delay has cost you some time, let me get my things and we'll resume our course," said Julia.

"FINALLY-we're going to get the training we so desired."

"Uh-huh, UNLESS there are other surprising obstacles, right Amy?" nudging her elbow against Amy.

"Not so-but, maybe-"






"Did you see her?"

"Yeah, I did, and I got to say, she's pretty good looking, for an Amazon Breeder that is."

"She wasn't alone either, a couple of her companions were also just as "nice', and you wouldn't believe me if I said that THE Julia Diggers, the Arms-Master, was with them."

"NOW I remember! The blue-haired one used to be her student and once participated in the tournament years back, however she was banned for using magic, even though it meant saving lives. Such a shame! But she did get a LOT bigger last I remember!"

"Anyhow, I heard that she going to take the new Amazon Breeders as her new students."

"(cough)(spat) WHAT!? You mean she's taking more than one student! Where do you get information like that, huh?"

"Yeah, I was just wondering the same thing."

"So, SPILL, what you know and how much you know! (revealing a dagger from under his fur)"

"Fine! You don't have to ask twice! When I was passing by old Demetrius' place, I overheard him and the Amazon Breeders talking and then, something extraordinary happened."

"Well, they wanted that old gambling smith to make weapons for her two students, one of them was bigger than the other, emerald eyes, and she said she wanted to rely on her fists than a weapon and the other one had sky blue eyes and yellow hair dangling down, like ears of a rabbit or something-.."
"(laughing) Let me guess, the next thing you're going to tell us that she ACTUALLY hops! (laughing)"

"I'm serious! Unless you guys want to know the extraordinary thing, I'll leave."

"Wait a minute, (giggling) we DO want to know, so go on."

"Anyhow, they said they needed the weapons for the big tournament coming up in two years."

"Is that your "extraordinary' thing?"

"NO! There's more. Old Demetrius' accepted the offer and gave each of the NEW Amazon Breeders TWO HUGE metal bars and he told them to bend them as much as they could."

"Eh-two bars?! He must see something special or unique about those two."

"Of course he can! Being the best weapons maker to the Arms-Master, he would know what weapons is suited for each of us unless we had the money. Go on, tell us more, tell us what the Amazon bunny and her friend did next! (laughing)"

"-not wasn't necessary, ya know?-Anyhow, after they got their bars, they amazingly and easily bended BOTH bars and their muscles and breasts began to GROW at an alarming rate. Heck, even the arms of the small one were bigger than a mountain, and their chest, OH SWEET MERCY, their nipples became somewhat "pokey' and grew to great distances! Heck, I could hear the sound of their cloth struggling to keep itself in one piece, incredible! The scary part of it is that they were actually enjoying it!"

"And that's your "extraordinary' thing?!"


"If it's not that, then what is?"

"Just hold on, I'm getting there! After they gave their bended bars back to Demetrius', the smaller one began jumping up and down, in cheer, however the pink-haired girl with the two cats said something that ticked her off-"

"I'm guessing she went HOPPING MAD! (laughing)"

"Do you want to know the "extraordinary' thing or what!?"

"Fine, fine! Continue-"

"It looked liked the two were about to fight until an extraordinary thing happened-"

"-and that is?"

"The cats talked! Yes, you heard me, THE CATS TALKED!"

"-that's it! That's your "extraordinary' thing! I think you took to many hits to the old noggin'."
"No, I heard them, I actually heard them with my own ears and they didn't talk in meows that spoke clearly and somewhat snobbishly, heck their owners understood them from what I could hear."

"Nigel, I believe you had one too many ales tonight, you talking in mere nonsense, no Amazon Breeder, even if she is the strongest, can stand up to the might of my sword! HAH!"

"Like the way you lost in the preliminary rounds last time."

"That's it! (snatching money bag)"

"Hey! Give that back!"





"What cha making, Lita?" asked Serena as she peered over her shoulder.

"Some nutritious and healthy stew," replied Lita as she prepared the campfire food.

"Yuck-don't you have anything tasty and less cardboard, like a double cheeseburger with pickles or something."

"I don't think they have any hamburger stands in the wilderness, even in Jade, but don't worry I added some herbs and spices to give it some taste, you can have one if you like. (handing Serena the ladle)"

"Mmmmmm-.delicious! No one can make food taste this good, like you can. Now, I won't have to pick berries and shrubs."

"What's the matter, meatball-head? Is mother-nature too much to handle?" said Rini in a babyish tone.

"grrrrr-.shouldn't you be hitting the books and yapping up your MOUTH?!" replied Serena while suppressing her rage.

"Fine, whatever?!"

"You shouldn't say such things, Rini," interrupted Julia, "Knowledge is a very important tool, even to a warrior, such as, myself. At times, it can become more powerful than the fiercest blade could ever inflict."

"But I don't get any of this stuff, it's all gibberish to me!...Could you teach me?" asked Rini curiously.

"Ehhh, I don't do very well with Earther knowledge, but my husband is. He's at my mother's house and when we get there, I'll ask him to help with your studies," said Julia finishing with a smile.

"STEW'S READY!" shouted Lita as she bagged the pot.


"I'm going to catch some sleep, good night," said Amy.

"Why this early? Don't you wanna try some this delicious stew?" replied Serena.

"No, I don't have much of a appetite right now, besides it's a big day tomorrow and like you, I have many tasks to tend to," explained Amy as she walked behind a pile of bushes.

"(gulp) Hay, Ami! (gulp) I was wondering if you mind-EEEEEEEKKKK! I'm so sorry! I shouldn't have barged in like that!" shouted Rini as she covered her eyes and quickly ran out.

"(giggling) That's all right, I not offended," replied Amy from the bushes and judging from the light of the campfire, it appears she is naked, "Good night, everyone."

"Amy, are you really going to sleep naked?!" asked Rini in a concerned and slightly embarrassed tone.

"What's your problem?! I sleep naked in bed, too, and I don't hear you complaining about it!" replied Serena.

"Well, it's-it's just-it's just tha-doesn't it get unbearably cold when you're sleeping in the wilderness with no clothes on!"

"Don't worry," interrupted Julia, "Amy can handle herself just fine." As the Arms-Master stares at Amy's figure behind the bushes, she recalls back to the day, when Amy last visited.




"It's nice to see you again, Amy!" said Julia as she and Amy gave each other a hug, however, to Julia, it seemed a little less energetic and fulfilled than the usual ones, "So, what brings you to Granny's castle?"

"I just persuaded Granny to accept my friends as her disciples under one slight condition."

"I see, hey about we put on some sexy clothes and visit the malls, let's see how many men gawk at us," said Julia, however, shortly after, she could tell that Amy wasn't as enthusiastic as she was and began to see her gloom, "What's with the long face? You usually say yes, when I ask you."

Amy lowered her head to avoid eye contact, as if she's ashamed to look her in the eyes, "It's-it's just-", but the Arms-Master could tell that something was weighing her mind down, "If there's something you want to tell me about, go right ahead, and don't be afraid, we're equals remember."

Those words were like relief to Amy as her head raised and she and Julia sat down to the closest place. Amy told her of the events that had happened at her last reunion, James McDirkden, and the blue void. (A.N.: See Reflection Story)


"Interesting story-I must say that has never happened to me before-but, Amy, I have always told you to respect your body and don't hold anything back," commented Julia putting her hand on Amy's shoulder showing that she cares.

"Thank you, Julia, but the problem isn't that I don't have respect for my body, (sigh) the problem is I don't have any respect for myself," explained Amy and as Julia was about to respond, Amy cuts her off and continues, "I know what you're going to say: don't say things like that OR you're an excellent warrior to have doubts about yourself. The truth of the matter, what was showed to me was correct-(sigh) before I got this body, I had doubted the future that I had chosen for myself, then I began to doubt myself. So, by taking this body, I was only running away from that fearful fate, like a coward, and in the process, I began to lose pieces of myself."

The room turned silent as the blue-blonde Amazon stared upon into her equal's eyes, which she could tell, were in deep thought.

"Now what are you going to do?"

"I am not sure exactly, but right now I'm trying to find who I was and hope to make amends with it and myself."

"So, we won't have men-gawking at the mall, but I bet you can't beat me in a 5-mile race," stated Julia.

"We'll see who eats who's dust!" commented Amy.




Amy awakens to the sound of fighting from a close distance and as she peeks out of one eyes, she finds both Serena and Lita, both in their training outfits, practicing their fighting skills, "(yawn)-What are you guys doing?" asked Amy then she looks up at the sky, with an early morning scenery and noticing a few rays of sunlight, "Do you know what time it is? (yawn)"

"Sorry, we woke you up. We got too excited to sleep, so we agreed to practice our fighting styles to let out some steam," explained Lita.

"Could you do that farther away? Julia, Rini, Luna, and Diana are still asleep."

"Well, the brat does need to wake up early, BUT if I did, she probably nag and complain more than usual. Come on, Lita, let's take our practice someplace else," suggested Serena as she ran deeper into the woods.

"Hey, wait up!---.Did you think you could outrun me?!"

"Serena the Great never thinks, she does!" the overconfident Moon Amazon leaped up behind Lita and held her in a headlock. Lita decided to play along with Serena's "game" and breaks her headlock and threw the overconfident warrior overhead, however Serena lands safely back on the ground and places herself in her boxer stance. The two were caught in a long staredown, each closely watching the other. Serena made the first charge, giving a swift punch and kick, but neither made its mark. She persistently followed with a series of furious punches and fast kicks, all were easily dodged by the Jupiter Amazon. The Emerald Amazon turned to the offensive and grabbed hold of Serena's legs while she attempted a high jump kick and held her upside-down like a side of beef.

"Julia was right, you can't see over that huge chest of yours, hunh?" commented Lita as she taunted.

"Never underestimate what the Great Serena can do, gochy-gochy-gochy-gooooo!"

Lita burst into a wail of uncontrollable laughs, then is placed in a headlock by Serena's legs and thrown clear across to the other side of the meadow. Serena made an overhead charge on Lita, however, the Jupiter Amazon ducked beneath and flipped, with all her might, Serena into a tree, breaking it in two.

"Ah! Serena, are you OK? I'm sorry, I kinda over did it," said Lita as she helped her friend back up.

"Did anyone get the license plate on that planet?" said a dazed Serena. (A.N.: her eyes are anime-like swirls turning around and around and Lita has a drop on her head.)

"Can you stand up by yourself?"

"Hunh?!...sure! Looks like I need more practice on my timing."

"Not everybody is perfect," commented Lita as put her hand on Serena's shoulder.

"LITA! SERENA! WE'RE LEAVING!" shouted Amy from the other side of the meadow.


"Grrr-the nerve of that girl!"

"Hey, why try your tickle technique, betcha she won't last 2 minutes?"

"Let's test that theory out, betcha 30 seconds?"

"You're on!"




"It's nice to see you again, Amy," commented Granny with a smile, then Amy replies with a bow, shortly after, the others did the same with Serena being the last, "So, these are the pupils that you recommended me to teach, have passed the test?"

"Yes, they have both fairly and honorably defeated me in combat, mother," answered Julia while kneeling, "We have signed them up for the tournament coming in two years."

"I see, as I have agreed, I will accept your friends as my new disciples."

"WOOOO-HOOOOO! We did it!" joyfully shouted Serena as she jumped up and down.

(Odd, why do I feel the urge to laugh out loud? Could it be that this individual gives out a sense of joy and happiness, as Amy could bring out hidden emotion and energy of others-interesting?) thought Granny, "Due to your lives in the Earther world, you could manage to stay here for only short intervals of time, that being the case, I may begin your training immediately, if that's what you wish?"

Lita and Serena dumbfounded, stared at one another for a moment, then came to the realization of a quick opportunity and their faces lighted with joy like children on Christmas morning


"S-Sure! We can start right away!" replied Serena.

"Of course! We've been waiting for this for a LONG time, but we've been warned of the obstacles that you gonna put in our way. So, who's back are going to get on first, Serena's or mine?" stated Leeta.

"Of course, I did expect that you would have some knowledge, so I had planned some "alternatives". (snap)"

The ground shook after the sound of two heavy objects made contact to the floor and the new students peered to one side of the room to what appears to be two very large metal statues of Granny in close exactness and by telling from the many cracks on the floor, this was no simple task.

"Are we (gulp) we going to carry these things on our backs?!" asked Lita nervously.

Granny gave a nod, "Not only that, but you have to take them from here to the mountain range and back before sunset or you do it again."

"Sunset?! But-that's only an hour away," stated Serena.

"THEN I SUGGEST YOU GET GOING!" shouted Granny in a harsh tone making the new recruits quickly taking their training statues and bolted out of the castle, like high-speed jets, "That's always get "em every time."




"WOW!" replied Rini as she gawkingly peer her eyes at the huge selection of books and scrolls, all neatly stacked and rowed in long stretches of distance, containing enormous amounts of knowledge from spells and magic to historical events to legends of famous cities and warriors, even Luna and Diana were shocked by its sight alone.

"You must have every nook and cranie of information about Jade stored up in this place," replied Rini.

(That I'll agree! This place must hold more information than the Crystal Archives,) thought Diana.

"What? This place?" replied Granny humbly, "Oh no, it contains only but a small fraction of knowledge."

"Really?" replied Rini filled with curiosity.

"There are many secrets about worlds that cannot be entirely explained, even by science or magic," explained Granny.

"That's an important lesson to think about Rini when seeking knowledge," stated Julia while placed her hand on Rini's shoulder, "Now, where's that husband of mine? The servants said he was here."


Ahead of the group were a pile of disorganized books and scrolls left on the ground and from the base of the pile, came out Dr. Diggers, holding a particular book and focusing his attention in the reading as if he's glued to it. He keeps on crawling until he comes to a pair of feet and looks up to find his wife and the others looking down upon like people watching animals at the zoo.

"Oh, hello Julia!" replied Dr. Diggers as he got himself up and patted off any dirt on him, "Hello, Amy! Back so soon?"

"Only you would literally get yourself trapped in a pile of books and have no intention of getting out," said Julia, "Let me introduce you to Rini. Rini, this is my husband, Dr. Diggers."

"It's nice to meet you, sir," commented Rini with a bow.

"Likewise, I'm sure," replied Dr. Diggers, "Are you Amy's other friend that wanted Granny's training?"

"Oh no, I think you mistaken me for somebody else," replied Rini with hands lifted up half-way.

"Rini is the cousin of Serena, Amy's other friend and her parental guardian, and you are going to help her with her Earther studies," explained Julia.

"Why me!?"

"Because you have more extensive knowledge and it'll keep you occupied from PEEPING," explained Julia.

(But, isn't she (pointing toward Rini) just as "voluptuous',) whispered Dr. Diggers.

(I know you wouldn't sink that low to even a teenage girl, BUT (holding his chin tightly) if you do, I'm going to use you as my personal mop and clean this castle from top to bottom til it's SPOTLESS!)

"Okay, Rini! Where shall we begin?!" hastily said Dr. Diggers.

"How about Pre-Calculus?" suggested Rini with a worrying smile.

"Pre-Calc, aye? I'm little rusty in the subject but I believe there are books over there that might help."


"Diana, make sure she sticks to one problem till she gets it right!" shouted Luna, startling Julia.

"A talk-talking cat?!"

"I was wondering when you're going to open that mouth of yours, you have an unique aura that compared to other animals that stood out, much like Diana's, am I correct?" stated Granny.

"You got me there," answered Luna with a dumbfounded look, "At least, I don't have to keep my mouth shut."

"It's almost sunset," stated Amy as she pointed to the dim, orange beams of sunset, "shouldn't Lita and Serena be back by now."

"Don't worry they won't die on a simple exercise," said Granny, (That's if they get here on time.)

The sounds of two thundering thumps gained their attention as they went to the main entrance of the castle, along the way they find both Serena and Lita. Both of them looked horrible, their bodies were covered in scratches, some bleed a little, bruises as red as cherries, their workout clothes nearly shredded, their hair were a mess, and they appeared too exhausted to do by the show of their feet being dragged and the pain-filled moaning.

"Guys! Are you all right? Who did this to you?" said Amy as she examined their wounds.

"Oh, Amy, it was horrible! Just horrible! There were coming from the left of us, then from the right-"

"Take it easy, Serena! Now, take a deep breath, relax, and tell us what happened?"


The two tried to remain calm as possible to get their facts straight, if they could, they told them that when they were coming back from the mountain range, with record time. When suddenly they began to felt something amiss, at least not at first, the cargo began to weigh little more. They thought it was their muscles getting tired, so they gave it a little more "umph", but it just kept on getting heavier and heavier to the point of which it required the use of all their strength.


However, it still wasn't enough and their arms and shoulders began to soar. This only preoccupied them from the changing scenery growing bigger, which they shortly notice, and finally came to the conclusion that it was not the scenery that had changed, it were themselves as they shrank to the size of insects. The wind had easily blown their bodies in a patch of tall-bladed grass, where they had fought hordes of charging ants, prey mantises, and wasps, however out of the blue, they find themselves on the ground, back to their normal size, and covered in many bruises and cuts.


At first, they thought it had to be real, but indication on finding themselves on the road near the statues may have indicated that they were sneak attacked by some powerful force and had dreamt the whole thing up, but the wounds indicated strange markings for a knife or sword to inflict. They didn't have much time to think on it for at first glance of the setting sun, told them they had to hurry. Their bodies were too soar, tired, and aching to even hold the heavy statues let alone carry them, but with little strength they had, they pushed bodies to the bare limit just to make it on time.


As the two made their way to the bedroom, Serena faints and collapses, but was caught and carried to her room by Amy with Lita resting on the other side.


"I didn't know you used magic on them," said Julia.

"I didn't-"




The next morning, the two new students felt refreshed after a goodnight's rest, however some wounds still ached much. Despite that, their rigorous training still continued with a regular routine of jogging in the country after breakfast followed by some weight training in magic workout room before lunch. After that, they practiced their fighting moves by summoning magical warriors, an idea thought up by Dr. Diggers himself, and sparing with one another. For Serena, she received special training from Julia on how to deal with opponents attacking beneath the bust line, after a week, she quickly learned the basics, but could use some tuning up and at times, attempted to help Serena form those silvery wings of her, however she can't seem to remember how she did it.


After one week of training, Amy and Julia left the Granny residence for Gadliopolis to obtain Serena's and Lita's weapons and other errands. Amy had full confidence that the both of them will be fine.


"Finally time to for some fun," replied Rini as she stepped onto the magical workout area and began lifting the Graviton Bars. To her, this was the most amusing to do, seeing that she's a dimension away from "modern' civilization and that she has, at times, these unbearable urges to feel her body grow.

"Get of the my way, puny," Rini was shoved to the ground from behind.

"What's the big idea?!" shouted Rini as she took a good at her attackers. They were a trio of warriors, one male and two female, the one that stood in front was a tall redhead with a nice muscular build, stood confidently straight, wearing shiny and reflective armor with glamorous jewels embedded to try present herself as mighty and famous.

"The big idea, hunh? Only those who are trained under the mighty Granny's guidance can train in THIS special area," explained the warrior with a tough and radical tone.

"Well, my cousin and her friend are currently her students! So, nnnnaaaaaaahhhhh! (sticking her tounge)"

 "Grrrr-.those two, huh? You mean the ones that nearly torn the south wall for they believed they were being attacked by woolly knights! How disrespectful can you get! I'm still surprised they're still around and breathing. I'm sure Granny will find someone with more grace, strength, class, and respect, someone like me! So, puny, get your stuff and get out of here, because I'm coming in!"

The overconfident warrior attempted again to shove Rini, but instead ends up falling flat-faced. The warrior's confidence and rage were shattered as she witnessed the teenage amazon not only countered her most-trusted attacks, but how quickly her arms were restrained by Rini's amazing strength. It was like they encased with bedrock. The redhead gave out a loud whistle, which signaled the other two to draw their hidden swords and attack her from behind. Rini hurled the redhead into one of the them, while the other frantically swung his heavy sword. With little ease, his hand was caught in stone-hold grip and the grip began to compact forcing the male warrior to yell and scream in agony and pain until he dropped his sword and was flipped next to his other two companions with Rini standing proudly in front of them and looking down upon them.


"That's enough!" shouted Granny before the trio made another move and they firmly stood still like soldiers in the presence of a general, "That is all!"

With a wave of her hand, the trio bowed and left Granny and a dazed Rini alone.

"You took care of yourself pretty well," started Granny with a smile, "-for a young one."

"Hunh?! Oh-ah, yeah-well, that was easy! Yep! Yep! Yep! Just a tiny bump in the road for such a great fighter such as myself! (laughing)" standing like a overconfident giant.

(Oh really!) thought Granny with a sign of wonder, "Oh, Rini, could you help with something? I believed I dropped an important item of mine while I was coming here. Would you mind carrying me back there, my ankle is paining me?"




A week and so passes by-


Amy and Julia were welcomed kindly with their return from Gadliopolis as Dr. Diggers was the first. Julia gave him a hug followed by a short yet sweet-loving kiss that will make any man melt, despite that, he had a concerned look in his eyes. Amy noticed it when she got first glance from afar, and the two stared at one other in a cloud of silence as if were exchanging thoughts. The cloud dissipated as Dr. Diggers told them to come in and freshen their memories of the past events of strange occurances.


"It's been paranoia for them, restless nights, malnutrition, harsh training and fighting, even you have your limits, Amy. It's been so bad, even your mother has suggested they take it easy, but they keep asking more!"

"How could you?" shouted Julia, pinning her husband up against the wall "Why didn't you or my mother stop them?!"

Dr. Diggers struggles to get the words out, "Didn't you-think were TRIED!...(huff)they were so-(puff) so determined-that even Rini and Luna backed away-(huff)(puff)"

"Dr. Diggers" Amy gently moving Julia's arms off of Dr. Diggers, "Where are my friends?"

"(puff) They should be in the-(huff)(cough) the workout area."

"Thank you," Amy giving a slight bow, she bolted outside. When she arrived at her destination, Lita and Serena were lifting training harshly at a setting that even beyond what their body could endure, she could tell by the expressions in theirs faces and the time it took to do one rep, while Granny, Rini, Luna and Diana were standing at the edge of the area watching them curiously and horrifyingly. When the Blue Amazon made her way on the platform, Serena and Lita halted their exercise and approached her with a bow. However, she knew that they were not at the best of health, the once hopeful face of Serena became a mess of distortion, her eyes were nearly red and worn out and one of them was twitching a little, bags appeared under them, the face appeared to cave in from the lack of food, her skin was roughed up, and the same went for Lita even she noticed the shaky hand that Lita's was hiding from her.

"If you excuse us, we have to get back to our training schedule-huh? HEY! What are you doing, Amy?!," shouted Lita as she tried to arm of Amy's powerful bind, then caught herself in Full Nelson, "This isn't funny?! LET ME GO!"

"AMY! (umph)-"

"Sorry, Serena, but you were destroying yourself or you would have dodged that," stated Rini as she carried the unconscious Serena inside.



"Ugh-what the-OOOWWwwwwww-" Serena reacting the spiking pain covering her body especially in the abdomen with every movement intensifying the sharp feeling even more, but it didn't took her long to realize where is was and what had happened. Amy gently pushes her back to lay back down and telling her to rest up.

 "It wouldn't hurt to get some "R & R"  as long as I don't sleep," stated Serena making Amy burst out into a barrel of laughs, "What's so..OW-funny?"

"You voluntarily chose not to sleep, I guess there's always a first time," replied Amy, it made Serena burst into laughter, even though it hurts like hell but was well worth it,  to think that she ever say something like that, at least for her. Amy wasn't too far behind, but the atmosphere changed as she slowly stopped and began to have that concerned and focused expression on her face, Serena slowly and surely stopped afterwards.

"Why-" Amy began, "Why did you keep going?"

Serena appeared to be puzzled but deep down she knew the answer exactly and struggled to sit up and beside her friend. She looked her deep in the eyes, then she smiled, turning the mood of the atmosphere into a sense of joy and happiness as well as determination, this was the same one that Amy has seen many times over and knows when you see that look, everything else didn't matter.

"It's because we owe you, Amy," replied Serena as stared off into space.

"You or Lita don't owe me anything, Granny would have eventually recognized your skills sooner or-"

"It's more than that," interrupted Serena, "(sigh) we owe you our lives."

"I don't understand for what? Yes, I have given you better bodies, but-"

"You did more than that, if it weren't for you, I would be dead and Lita would be living on the streets. It was YOU that made our lives anew and better, and that's why we did it, we're indebted to you greatly. We thought it could be are chance to start repaying, but it looks like we're indebted to you-once again."


Their surroundings tremble suddenly, shaking at rates beyond that of a 3.0 earthquake. As the two tried to get up and keep their balance, they hear echoes coming from outside yelling, "Were under attack!" One of the walls of the chamber were destroyed revealing a gigantic hand which was attached to 50-feet green monster with 4 powerful arms, horns reigning on its head and down its back and teeth that can tear through titanium easily. Arrows, cannonballs, fireballs, and everything else were launched in an attempt to lure it away or stun to allow the others to use their melee weapons, however they were all swept away in a strong gush of wind within a swing of the giant ogre's arm.

"Quick! We must get out of here!" shouted Dr. Diggers as he and Rini entered the chamber, however the ogre released a loud and havoc roar that caused the door to collapsed and seal them in, "I guess going that way is out of the question."

"Stand back, everyone," suggested Amy as she held a firm stand between the ogre and her friends, "MERCURY BUBBLES-FREEZE!"

Four bubbles materialized before her and floated hastily yet gently toward the creature, but, to everyone's surprise, the bubbles mysteriously went through it.

(Is this an illusion?) first thought Amy, she flew at the brute at full speed in order to drive it away, likewise, she went through it was well, heightening her suspicions, but they were decimated as the ogres slammed into the castle wall with ease. During its rampage, the creature attempts to catch Serena, as it were it goal, using its many and quick arms. Serena nearly dodges each time, however her body's lack of health and closed space, it was a difficult task to do until the creature mistakenly grabs Dr. Diggers.

"Hey! Put me down! I'm afraid HEIGHTS!!!"

The ogre did as he said and allowing the doctor to fall to the ground below with him screaming like a girl as he called for help. His eyes opened to see Serena carrying him in midair and flying with the same silvery wings in her fight with Julia.

"Hunh? What in the world? Wings? How can that be?" responded Dr. Diggers with a hint of curiosity and disbelief, however his question turned to panic with the ogre trying to crush the elusive Serena like swatting a fly to death. The ogre's red-eyed attention turned to the trio of Julia, Granny, and Lita behind a battalion of defending soldiers. The indestructible giant charges toward its new target, easily conquering over the weak obstacle that stood before him. From out of nowhere, Rini, out of a fit of rage, strikes the giant with a fast and powerful kick causing it to, shockingly, stopped in its feet. The ogre was shaking terribly, the sound of moans and groans it made could be heard by miles away, and the eyes were wide-WIDE open, staring into empty space, then suddenly, it began hopping up and down, lashing onto to its wounded leg, as it cried out in agony. The mere sight of this made most soldiers drop their guard and stare at it so surprisingly, even embarrassed, as it deformed and shrink down to tiny size in a form of a 1-foot person wearing black robes revealing only his hands and mostly its face, a pointy hat that's bended down behind its head, and a wide hooked snout as a big as an apple.

"So, YOU'RE the one that caused us so much trouble!" shouted Lita holding by a grab of his robe, but Lita was caught off guard as a spark exploded in his her face.

"Take it easy, I'm not that kind of elf," responded it.

"Alright, men, we got him now!"

"Are you sure?(snap)"

"Ah! It's the ogre again!"

"He's-he's even BIGGER than before and UGLIER!"


"-ugh, who-what in the world are you?" asked a dumbfounded Lita.

"He's an elf mage!" interrupted Dr. Diggers, "You could tell by the crest on his chest that he's-a high archmage!"

"What's that?"

"They're-they're-they're the best of the best in the fields of magic! Sorcery, spells, enchantments, curses, even illusions!"

"So, he's cause of all this trouble, but-why would someone like that be interested in us? Was he attracted by their magical strength?" asked Julia.

"No way, most elves are not interested in things like that, especially elf mages, however they do ride in the jurisdiction of revenge due to the fact that we destroy forests for our own sake and so they avenge them on their behalf."

"We didn't do anything to it, so why is it bothering us for?"

"Grrr-.BECAUSE YOU WRECKED MY HOME!!!" shouted the elf mage.




"Here," pointed the elf mage to the broken tree in the meadow which Lita and Serena were training in, "It is my home, or what it used to be til' these gorillas showed up!"

"Who are you calling gorillas?!" shouted Serena.

"You, GORILLAS! (snap)"

"Oh, they're so cute!" remarked Rini as she carried the one that looked like Serena.

"Very strange, elf mages like him usually live in those trees that are the size of a castle, however this one lives in a plain, ordinary tree," stated Dr. Diggers.

"The reason I chose this tree is to be truly one with the forest and, yes, you are correct, mages of my stature do live in ones built as fortresses for it easily controls the flow of the forest, for they believe they are one with it. However, my way follows the flow to further understand the ways of the forest and its mysteries."

"But why not go to another tree?"

"(sigh) I must confess, this tree has a special flow that gives a sense of peace and serenity, a place to let the mind relax and search for meaning."

"I see, so, in some way, you are a scientist seeking knowledge, as I, myself, am, if would be honor to know some secrets of life," remarked Amy making the mage blush, "However, I would like it, if you can change my friends back. I may have an idea."




"It was a pleasure meeting you," commented Serena giving a firm handshake to Granny, "I can't wait til next time."

Granny can't help but smile and giggle a little at the sight of Serena's glowing smile, "I went easy on you, don't expect anything less next time."

"I'm looking forward to that, you name it anytime, anyplace, anywhere!" shouted Lita enthusiastically in one of her fighting stances.

"Be careful, I may be that obstacle," stated Amy.

"What? You got to be kidding!" Lita caught off guard with a worried look making everyone else laugh, "Hey, what happened to Dr. Diggers? Doesn't he want to send us off?"

"Oh, that husband of mine, he said he needed to analyze some scrolls, like a child to candy," commented Julia.

"Probably looking up some Pre-Calc problems for the next time Rini flucks a test," stated Diana.

"Ha, ha, ha, very funny, can we go NOW! I would like to get back to modern civilization, please!" replied Rini hesitantly.

"You're not the only!" interrupted Luna, "I'm glad that at least that all of us got out of this in one piece, it was a clever idea of yours, Amy, to adjust Rini's watch to zap the tree and restore it like new. (Amy

After everyone had said their goodbyes, Amy opened a portal backed into the living room of her mansion and before the portal closed behind them, Granny shouted, "Don't forget, Rini, you've still some ways to go before becoming Jade-Master, there's still more I need to teach you."

"What's that all about?" asked Serena as her curiosity just to turn shock, "Don't tell me that you've her students as well?!"
"Uh-huh! Granny is giving me super-special training for she saw I had great potential to be Julia's replacement. Jealous?" said Rini with a taunting grin.

"No way! No daughter of mine is going to become a Jade-master before me! So, don't count your chickens just yet, little miss big shot!"

"You want a piece of me! Come on, I'll fight you here and now!"

"You're on!"

"Oh boy, here we go again!" stated Luna.




Dr. Diggers stares off into the library's only window looking deep into the sunset and the place, where the ogre battle took place.

"Um, Master Diggers, sir," interrupted a servant breaking Dr. Diggers focus.

"Yes?" replied Dr. Diggers as if his mind were someplace else.

"Your wife tells me that she'll be leaving soon, do you wish to go with her or does have to drag you out?"

"He, he, (sweating) Just tell her I'll be down in a few minutes," replied Dr. Diggers as he sat down and began analyzing an ancient scroll, "Atlantis, a wondrous metropolis inhabited by people with the ability to grow wings that of an angel, however the great city was lost during a catastrophe and its people mysteriously vanished?...........Serena-could she be one of them?"


THE END (Get going!)(snap)